Sunday, March 25, 2018

Tiresome Tie-downs

Somehow I cut my finger with the pruner blade (another forced fumble) just after they had been sharpened, and then they pulled a phlegm emitting cough, then pulled another bowel sensation, related to the post radio-therapy side effect issue now four months long. I find it fascinating they can script all these bodily sensations/events within a minute. This has happened in the past, again, phlegm related as it seems it can arrive in one's through without benefit of cold or any lung congestion sensation.

I then got a band-aid from my vehicle to then slow me up and the other guy caught up and then passed me when his row was shorter, so he went to the adjacent row, instead of us alternating rows. All these games over who starts what row, and the relative timing with respect to co-workers has been going on for over a decade of farm work now.

As for vineyard work and tying down; every year it is the same; this activity requiring lots of fine motor coordination gets dithered and fumbled to piss me off. In 2015 and 2016, the boss lady was a productivity maven and was on my ass both years as I wasn't fast enough. In fact it is the perp assholes who are misdirecting the tool, pulling my hand off the cane (and having it hit me in the face), moving the cane so it isn't held down, breaking the tie down wire etc., so of course it takes longer. I average about 4-6 mis-directed events per vine; sometimes the delay is minimal, sometimes longer, but it adds up when one is doing this all day long. No wonder no one gets a tying machine that would be faster, then there would be considerably less opportunity to harass the victim.

The vine on the right is pruned, but not tied down to the trellis wire, but the others are, except those of the yellowish color in the background which have not yet been pruned.

Tying down, not nearly beset with forced finger fumbling as yesterday. But instead, an increase of an extant problem; the bowel damage from last fall's radiotherapy is still a problem, and was made worse today. Am I ever fed up with pissing and poo-ing problems, something the perps have hammered me with since they first went berserk/overt in 04-2002, nearly 16 years ago. And of course, they exploit the side effects of the radiotherapy treatment, just as I predicted. Its just that it was four months ago and should be getting better. Had I a spare $85k USD sitting around, I would of got proton beam therapy and avoided this latest exacerbation of the ongoing shit show.

Can we have enough pit-lamping the victim when in his vehicle having lunch? Apparently not, as the assholes laid on two pickup trucks who offloaded insulation from a delivery truck that ferried the smaller loads to the house being built, 200m away on a muddy road. As if that wasn't obvious, one pickup was white, the other red, all in keeping with popular gangstalking vehicle color combinations. (And emulated by backup lights and brake lights on together). And to make it more obvious, one pick up truck had some items in it, and the driver placed them 6" from my parked vehicle while I was inside having lunch. One item being a ladder, an exceeding popular gangstalking accessory.

A rainy day today, on and off, and then it got serious at 1630h, just when we were about to finish up at 1700h. The boss man joined us, and we then finished tying down this block of vines. I did not have rain gear on, though a ski coat which is breaking up (somehow) held up for the most part. The driving rain of the last half hour ran through my pants, long johns, and into my boots. Well done; any earlier and I would of got my serious rain gear.

Some strange emanations are coming off this LCD display tonight, and last night. Back in 2005-2006 this was especially noticeable when I returned from a hike, usually 5 hours. They would just hammer my eyes with some kind of emanations off the LCD display to the point that I could not read it at times. Though this time, in keeping with the latest BS stream of ceasing hostilities "soon" (they say), they are winding me down, as in diminishing my level of being charged. I don't know of course, and couldn't give a shit, with the usual rejoinder of; leave me the fuck alone and everything will be just fine. Though with a lifetime of covert harassment, these assholes don't have a concept of that in the least. They keep using the word "soon" in all of this, and I keep telling them that "soon" means tomorrow to me, so quit using this ridiculous generality. After nearly 16 years of this intense abuse, aka, abuse-athon, another day of it is too much. So if they are telling me they are dialing down the irradiation (of whatever kind it is), it probably means they are really increasing it again, just like in the days of 2005-6 for increased rounds of whatever nonconsensual research they are doing. The increase in pit-lamping since early 2018 seems to support this. But as always, this is one big poker game, and the deception plan is as important as the real plan, even if I don't know the difference.

And onto the long game prediction; I see that the black colored ski jacket I purchased for winter time vineyard work is breaking up; that is, the seams are somehow wearing out and the whole thing is going to literally fall apart at the seams. So... after extensive looking at my usual sources and coming up with nothing, I go to a reputable manufacturer and find a suitable ski jacket on sale. And in three colors, and lo, if the all black version, my preferred color as the work scuzz won't show, isn't available in my size, but blue and black combination is. And lo, if it isn't the same blue as the solid color ski jacket I have for street wear. (Which was purchased for vineyard work, but I liked the color and realized that it would get scuzzed up). So it would seem they are preparing me for next year's vineyard work in the winter time by wearing a jacket that is the color combination of two of my former solid color ski jackets. All in keeping with their infernal and relentless games over which color of clothing I wear.

 This jet black ski jacket has the sleeves folded together to show the wear, (imposed wear IMHO) on the sleeve seams and cuffs. The fabric is worn through where it is light colored, yet nowhere else on the garment. Can we have enough ski jacket fuckery?

Can we not have enough interruption games in the morning. I am one minute into vineyard work when the boss man comes to chat about nothing much. I just get going again, with the headphones on, and my co-worker comes to work on the tying down, to then interrupt me again. So I wore my headphones at my neck, and chatted while we worked near each other as we were starting a new block. All in keeping with the perps' long running habit of interrupting me when I start a new clone or varietal block at every vineyard I have worked in the past 6 years. After a half hour of working and chatting with my co-worker, the assholes then grind me to need to take a shit, so off to the crapper I go. This is highly uncharacteristic for me to need to go then, especially of late with the 3x/evening games that have gone on since 01-2018. Two more pit lampings from traffic passing by on their way to the house construction, then I go to my vehicle after my crap to get Immodium, and lo, if there isn't the vineyard owner there putzing with the garbage cans she somehow "forgot" to attend to when she has been absolutely on top of it every time before, as the garbage cans are out when I get there every Friday morning. Then she decides to putz with the adjacent landscape plant and prunes the part that is passing through the fence. Does this intense victim coverage ever fucking end?

Sunday, and I did 6 hours of work on tie-downs in the vineyard. Only because it was nice weather, unlike two days ago when the snow was flying, and the day before that, when the rain came down sideways. A relatively calm day from the gangstalking coverage, though someone next door saw fit to pit lamp me as I was leaving and was momentarily held up when finding a vine that wasn't tied down, and then attending to it for all of a minute or less. The perps' timing is impeccably precise, every time. And if they go off time, say I speed up, they will dither my fingers to then slow me down again.

A calm day in the vineyard, but the vehicular gangstalking was on in streams of black vehicles, then white ones, then black ones. They were all over my ass two nights ago when I set off to the grocery store, so it seems that vehicular gangstalking is playing big. (And exposures to headlights are inevitable).

Last night when in bed they were keeping me awake and agitated (turning over and over) and I told them out loud to let me get to sleep and leave me the fuck alone. It was most astonishing, because within two minutes they let me fall into sleep. I cannot count the number of times they have kept me up for hours, and I tell them, and scream at them, that I want to get to sleep, all to no avail. And sometimes they have me stay awake all night for whatever reason. (And I routinely don't suffer a sleep deficit either). This would be the first time EVER that they have respected my request to let me sleep.

Back in the high disruption days of 06-2003, it was very noticeable that I was being kept awake and it occurred after swimming at the pool with the swim club. I was staying at my perp abetting parents then, (somehow couldn't find a place) and after an hour of thrashing around in bed, my father would go downstairs to the half basement and putz there for a minute, and come up the stairs with someone else, either following or beside him. The configuration of the stairwell was that it passed by my bedroom (other side of the wall), turned on the main floor, and then passed underneath my bedroom. Within five minutes of these peculiar excursions, with outside "help" (gangstalking by an external operative/shill- maybe someone I would of known), I would routinely fall asleep for the night. There were at least ten of these events and they were exactly consistent. It was only in 09-2003 when the new swim club season started, and after they took my fees for the year, that it was apparent that the swim club members were gangstalking too, that is, closing in on me uncharacteristically. So I gave up that. My discussions with the treasurer of the swim club were such that I indicated that I was getting gangstalked (like I had been in Seattle), and he said "hang in there, its worth it". Not that he returned my fees of course, all in keeping with the financial screw-over component of this senseless and relentless abuse-athon.

As mentioned in prior blog postings of late, and above, I am consistently getting the "vibe" (aka, planted notions, even momentary and passing ones) that all the perp hostilities are going to cease, "soon". (Perhaps 150x/day, rather high.) Again, it is a notion that I routinely reject as I have been through many of these imposed scenarios, and all have come to naught.

Given the mouse sabotage of late on this PC, even after I cleaned it out of gobs of debris, it is time to call this posting done for the week.

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