Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sixteen Years On

Yesterday marks the 16th anniversary of the Psychopaths going berserk/overt on me, and turned my life into a harried existence of abuse, clinical care obstruction and re-direction, and last, but not least, the infernal gangstalking that plagues me everywhere. And stares too; just what is it that everyone knows about me in advance, or in the present, that causes them to stare and also be so hesitant, and if not, scared shitless? I have no idea, but it still continues all the time.

Also came the relentless fuckery over being able to control anything in my life; my fingers cannot operate in the manner I direct them, an abuse method that has increased of late to great vexation, as if 16 years of this shit wasn't enough.

So who were those assholes who ransacked my apartment on the eve of this atrocity, not seeming to want to find anything, but yet moved clothes in the closets, left drawers partially open etc.? There wasn't anything illegal there, or even close to it.

The apartment invasion with all manner of high tech and highly unconventional weapons was on a Monday then. I had seen Ms. C on Saturday night, who tipped off this episode with at least three "that wasn't supposed to happen" statements that evening I visited her at her place. One was with respect to someone modifying the front end of my vehicle to fix it seemingly, even though the garage had affirmed it to be OK a few days earlier, but it still has some peculiarities, though safe.

I was obviously tailed by these dudes at the 24 Hour Fitness that Sunday night, one seeming to have a peacemaker on his person at 0200h while running on the treadmill. So when the invasion came Monday, I had fallen asleep on my floor, and six men were carrying me into my apartment. I seemed to fall asleep some more, and then was treated to a barrage of noise, simulating a dogs barking and being inside a cage, I was beamed with brown plasma beams that immediately caused me to collapse on the floor and not be able to get up, though awake, there were masers, in the form of flies that would buzz around and come at each other and cross paths, and a normal steel screwdriver that bent like spagetti in my hands without any obvious conventional manipulation such as heat. There were AA batteries that would roll in on the carpeted floor, appearing from nowhere, powered by some unseen force. I could go on at length, but you can read it in the The Story (27pp). So just what is it that the Psychopaths/perps want to know and why cannot they just show up and have me cooperate instead of 16 years of hell on earth? I don't know, but that particular method/approach is also attributable to the extraterrestrials. And of course, I was given a full involvement treatment as to some of their methods on that fateful day of harassment onset (aka, perps going berserk/overt).

And so all that bullshit is over.... Being planted with planted notions, 100's of times per day for four months, that this relentless and senseless barrage of hostilities would suddenly end on this 16th anniversary. As mentioned in prior posts, I have been through this before, and didn't believe any of it. These assholes just don't give up.

Monday, and yoga; the choreographed proximity show never ends, never mind the curious rotation of other yogis. Today.a new dude next to me seemed like he has never been to yoga before. The woman in front of me had a serious tattoo problem down her bare arms, and was the "blocking agent", as I had to see past her to the instructor who is less than fully explanative. On the other side of this "blocking agent" was an attractive young blonde girl. though, the most watchable female was off to my left, and I had to look past the adjacent dude to view her. I cannot count the times they put the "fuglies", aka, Unfavored specimens next to me and I am forced to view past this individual to see someone more attractive. Today was more obvious as they placed two people in my usual mat location, who were the only ones to arrive before me, and thereby forcing me in the back row and having to look past the tat-act.

They put another dude in the back, whom I did not know was there, and who revealed himself during class by heading to the front to retrieve a block. He of wild afro-like hair do, this large mound of curly wool on his head was peculiar, as he was Caucasian.

The post class lobby gangstalking rotation was equally predictable; place the watched blonde babe to my R, 10' away to stand there talking for 3-5 minutes, and then swap in an Unfavored specimen to stand in exactly the same spot. This time it was the afro-headed male, while my adjacent mat male "happened" to sit next to me on the couch while I changed into my footwear.

Tying down vines today, a hailstorm came up for 10 minutes, making for cold wet vines for a following 20 minutes, and of course, cold bare hands. Later, some ladder work helping the owner get to some ornamental vines. Here we are 3 weeks late getting the vines tied down and another interruption. Yesterday, an interruption due to cold wet weather, so we stained boards for two hours inside and cleaned out the tasting room below...

A 2.5 hour nap attack in the evening; again the timing was following book reading. Again, no sleep deficit to warrant such an extraordinary sleep. I am reading "Selected by Extraterrestrials" by William Mills Tompkins, an engineer with expereince in the 1960's on rocket designs with the Navy and the RAND think tank. They also had to deal with extraterrestrial "issues" like remote invasion and sabotage of electronics. And in fact, the extraterrestrial interventions were such that there were serious delays in their rocket testing program.

Tying vines today, getting a full day of it done. I listened to my portable digital audio player, and it just seems after observation over the years, that the perps don't want me to have a full day of such unless there are prior interventions to shorten my listening time before they allow me a full day. I suspect the above mentioned disruptions of getting this job done served that purpose. Though it is curious as to why they don't just draw the battery down at the appropriate moment to force a music listening shutdown, as I have experienced this stunt before. But it seems they want conventional causes for interruption and disruption of late.

I was heading out the gate with the co-worker to drop him off, and these two bandy legged males, one in fugly shorts were there on a putative dog walking exercise. I find this most curious on a week day in this semi rural area, and why don't they have day jobs.

A 1.75 hour nap attack, again post book reading. and again, no sleep deficit.

Motorcycle noise at work, the horrid HD noise; this mofo went up and down the adjacent street 3x, twice within 1 min. Now with warmer weather, the HD motorcycles are out; if not on being parked in obvious places, but it is that infernal running noise I just cannot stand.

The vine tying is done, and my fingers are raw from this exercise of the past 4 weeks. This week I am at the employer of 2012-14, helping them to get caught up.

For the rest of the day, some 6 hours, I spent it unpacking a shipping container on the property that was full of the owners former grease cleaning business materiel. More of the greasy, smelly stuff again, and I have done this at least twice before when working there.

Another 2 hour nap attack, after work and reading, all in keeping with what has been "happening" for the last two weeks. I read a little (always when I come back from vineyard work), eat a little, and then after 20 minutes, a need to nap comes over and I cannot fight this, and so lie down, and get nailed for 2+ hours of napping. Which leaves me with "split shift sleeping"; two hours in the evening (always after reading, as mentioned), and then 5-6 hours overnight. Even if I go to bed at say, 2200h for a 8 hour sleep, they will keep me up for two hours to shorten up the night time sleeping duration.

Yesterday was an exception from the regular nap attack routine; I did laundry at the laundromat, and escaped the evening time nap attack, and got to bed at a reasonable hour, and was hoping to break the pattern, but no such luck for the next day.

Enough of this for a week, and to get this posted.

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