Sunday, May 06, 2018

Skipping a Week

And what is happening such that a general malaise is encroaching enough to cause me to be indifferent to not posting for a week? I don't know, but it doesn't look good, and who knows where its going. In other words, I am getting ground down, dullified and nullified as I see it. Or are the perps backing off to some extent?

I am planting lavender plants this week at a tasting room renovation, that of my employer of 2012-14. The regular vineyard employer dropped me this week, citing that they are "all caught up". Give me a break; as the only regular employee for 22 acres of vineyard, having had an extra guy (thankfully, or else we wouldn't be caught up) for the last two months, I find this fatuous at best. Yes, there is a slack time between tying down and waiting for the new  shoots to get to the first tucking wire, but there is always something to do on a vineyard. How about removing those thousands of useless stakes that have been there for 10 years? Anyhow, I live in such a managed bullshit show I have long given up on anyone articulating the truth. Even one TI whom I respect, and is the real thing, stopped talking to me a few years ago as I "wasn't activist enough". Expect me to believe that? Or did she expect me to join the 9/11 truth activists for some obscure reason? You know, join a bigger parade, and somehow expect legitimacy from it.

But there is something about planting plants the perps seem to like me to do, and I have no idea why. Planting vines has been common since 2012 when I started the vineyard work, and I have planted some vines somewhere every year. Maybe there is some psychic energy transference they have deemed to be, and expect me to be the bellwether for its' detection. I don't care, and all I want is to be left alone. Of interest, the above mentioned "extra guy" is going tree planting this week until mid-July when he has a lay-off before going tree spacing. Hardly a coincidence, but he has been a great help in getting our vineyard work done just before bud break. So while he is tree planting some 200 miles away, I am planting lavender plants for a tasting room landscaping display.

And a rare Monday off yesterday, and a visit to the specialty grocery store where I haven't been for 4 weeks, when I was once a 2x/week customer. The store is getting transformed as part of a larger chain, and nearly everything is getting moved around to great confusion. They have almost finished their renovations, and have succeeded in nixing the one product I would go there for, cooked free-run chicken. Well done, so to speak.

At this specialty grocery store they had the obligatory "just standing there" stalker outside, with the cell phone gazing feint. Immediately beforehand I had dropped off my glass recyclables at the depot, and there were six Ford Escapes in the short two blocks. Which is my ride since 2017 when my mother gave her vehicle to me. All were the same body design, before Ford gave it the squished rear look, following Nissan's design folly for some reason.

They must of had a least 15 helicopters covering me on my 4 outings over the day, and they even put on my vineyard co-worker of 2012 in a rare appearance. Not that she said hello, but was there at the grocery store checkout in the adjacent checkout line, while the fart in front of me fucked up and had to run back to the aisles to get some product that could be scanned so he could get his coupon cashed. (Checkout disruptions are very common since all this came down in 04-2002). It seemed hokey to me, even if a long time coupon avoider. But as the perps like to hound my ass over financial transactions, having someone pay with a coupon instead of a debit card is endlessly fascinating for them, even after 16 years of intense overt abuse on top of 47 years of surreptitiously hounding my ass with the regular involvement of family, employers and all others it seems in retrospect.

Said former female vineyard co-worker of 2012 also did a one-time cameo appearance at yoga after she came back from a year at the University of Chicago. We were instructed to get blocks at one corner of the room before class started, and there she was sitting on the floor behind a pillar with all the class milling around her, retrieving these brown cork blocks. I said "hi", and she returned the greeting, and then I asked her how Chicago was (that is, a 10 month Master degree program), and she gave me a grim "fine", and that was the end of our "happen-chance" encounter. And while I saw her out jogging once in the neighborhood of the same employer (near where she lives), I hadn't seen her in person since the 2014 yoga class. When the perps pull these "coincidences", I take this to be a meaningful and concerted event for them.

I suppose shuttling me between employers has also been advantageous for the perps, especially a former three year employer. I worked the weekend with their high school replacement (and gave her a ride home both days), and worked today and the rest of this week with one other new employee. I suppose it is all about getting to meet, and work with, the current employees, while I am a former employee of three years, 2012-2014. No wonder the owner laid me off for no reason in late 2014; all to enact these reprise games with my successors at the same job site. And why has it taken another four years for this to go down? Sounds like the perps have a long running plan, and don't give a shit about when it gets to fruition.

And yoga was another tattoo show; this woman with horrendous and dense tattoos down her arm was on my L side two mats away, and the late arriving only other dude "happened" to settle down within 2' of me when he could of moved to more open space 6' away. That he wore a shirt that was of the same fugly tattoo colors didn't go unnoticed. If I hate the sight of tattoos, why in the fuck do I have a multi-billion dollar budgeted organization pulling this around me? And why are tattoos so featured on celebrities these days?

And why are my dreams so invaded of late? Very detailed dreams of being on a navy ship of some kind with narrow passage ways, ladders and hatches etc. Then another night, some kind of IT dream, unrelated to my prior career they fucked me out of, and again, it was very specific as to the details. I just don't know where these are coming from in conventional terms.

Another evening time nap attack, some two hours worth, leaving me in a wiped out state for another half hour, and upon awakening, dealing with the infernal leg cramps I have been getting for the last two years. Then onto the SOF supermarket, and even if a low traffic evening, the assholes were all over me. Headlights on me in the parking lot for when I exited my vehicle, then an Asian stalker looking at his cell phone while walking ahead of me and then stopping at the entrance. Entering SOF is a big deal, and I get no end of criss-crossing Fuckwits there. Then more coverage in the store, the obvious tag-team shit. Three or four of them taking turns, and lo, one gets to accompany me at the checkout.

Another day of planting lavender in landscape fabric, this heavy duty plastic woven weed protection cloth some 4' wide. My co-worker of the last three days is ADD, and we have many discussions over this topic. And as it "happens", he also saw the same outrageous quack I did back in 10-2017, and to a similar pointless outcome. The question of late is do I roast the shit out of that quack on Rate MD, now having written up a concise and pithy summary of that inglorious and futile visit. Which really begs the question; why did the perps send me to this fucking asshole; for an exercise in futility, to yet again make the point of interfering with my medical care, or just as a plain disruptive stunt?

Another 2 hour nap attack this evening: I "thought" I could pull it together after an hour, but suffered a reprise wipe-out such that I could not get up, and instead, it became a two hour event. And although I have finished the book "Selected by Extraterrestrials" by William Tompkins, the nap attacks have a similar pattern. I am now reading "In Denial; Historians, Communism and Espionage" by Haynes and Klehr, a well researched book and scathing indictment of the socialist ("Old Left" and communism) promoters and historians who fronted for this "ism" in spite of the mass murderous habits of Lenin and Stalin, and feigned surprise when Nikita Kruschev made the (general) homicidal habits of Stalin known to the world in 1956. And still these "activist"or "radical" historians continued to dress up, obfuscate, deny, apologize and otherwise avoiding the re-evaluations of the motives of the Soviet empire and the concomitant human tragedy and wrapped their perfidious and devious analysis in the usual "see no evil" ideological rationalizations. The book indicates that 20 million people were killed under Stalin's reign of terror, and that does not include WWII when another 30 million Soviets were killed. I just find it appalling that we have the historians who just don't get it, and continue to dress up the murderous pig that was the Soviet state of 1920-1954. The Russian repressive ways aren't yet over, but to simply deny such historic atrocities makes them culpable, even if they lounge in cushy academic jobs in North America. Or sit around drawing pensions thereof.

Furthermore, it just appalls me that this apologist mentality, in the face of long running and horrendous state sponsored mass murder, even exists in the human psyche, never mind among ostensibly responsible and analytical academics who write this up in their political journals. But I suppose, the equally murderous regime of Pol Pot in Cambodia (CIA sponsored apparently) was another, though shorter example, where our supposed media just plain failed (somehow) to report on this in any timely way. It makes me wonder if the media isn't just some kind of manipulated shit show, where some massacres get to run for longer, and others don't. Another example is Rwanda, where it was plain that the UN was willfully dragging their ass on on connecting with the reality as reported on the ground, which was extensively reported by Romeo Dallaire in his book "Shake Hands with the Devil". So just who is deciding on human massacre reportage anyhow? Never mind for the moment as to the genesis of this awfulness, or that its incipient stages just never get stopped.

And continuing the ongoing book reading interference, the perp assholes had me lose my page before I got reading again, and I had to resume from a point in the book that I remembered. In other words, forced re-reading is just hilarious to the sick asses that run this show. And too, my viticulture worker friend (always a circumspect term), a former co-worker, phoned just before my butt hit the seat to start reading this book.

My daughter gave me a few days notice that she was running in a marathon in Oregon this past weekend. She never communicates much, and this bullshit started about six months before the Fuckover, when the perps first went berserk/overt in 04-2002. Whatever; I was glad for any contact, and I did track her race progress via an app on my phone that day, while working. I sent her a congratulatory text when her finish was confirmed by the race app. (A 9:47 pace for crissakes). Two days later, I get an email from the ex with attached pictures at the event, boyfriend there too. Obviously I wasn't invited, as I would of got months of advance notice, but that is how the perps manage my relationship with my only child. I note for the first time that my ex's new married surname is "Johns", a rather ironic twist that simply cannot be coincidence. It is the same name as her son, as it is mine, and so in plural form, her new married surname suggests both of us. Who scripts this ridiculousness? Not that I am up on her relationship life in any way, but as it seems, it was a 3 year run-up before she got married, to someone (whom I first met at my perp abetting mother's place in 01-2015) who has this ironic surname, and of course, is appropriate long-term relationship (and age matched) material for her. Unbelievable to me, and way off the coincidence meter IMHO. As in "hammering the peg", where on analog meters of old, the minimum and maximum ranges on the gauge had a small projecting metal peg to stop the needle on the meter dial from physically heading into a range beyond the instrument's analytical capability.

And why are the masers now more prevalent than "normal"; these floating wispy or sporadic black or greyish blobs, dots etc. that keep showing up in my vision, even as I type this. Most often I divert my gaze, only to have them re-establish within a few seconds. Or else I look at something completely different and they set up again. And the masers have a phenomenal ability to track the very words on the page, exactly where I am looking. It was especially notable today when I was reading a book outside on the first sunny day off this year. Well done abuse I say. Now just fuck off; after 16 years of this utterly insane shit, still no let up.

Working on the lavender planting for the employer's tasting room today. My co-worker is one of those contrary workers; he seems to fuck off with the tools I need, be in the wrong place, or otherwise inadvertently slow up the job. Interestingly though, he went to the same shrink I did in around the same time, fall-2017, and got nowhere with his ADD treatment, same result as me. He also thought the fucker was nuts, as did I. So... is this shrink turning away ADD patients for his own purposes to get more the patients he wants, possibly so he can pass them onto drug testing outfits, or is this part of a concerted but covert initiative to obstruct ADD patients? I don't know or care; the net outcome is the same; I and he both got screwed by the same asshole with the same complaint.

A Saturday, and a rare day off as I have been going nearly non-stop for 7 weeks. A haircut, and then a leg wax were scheduled, and then onto the Ford dealership to get the summer tires on. And summer has broke finally, and so the spandex shorts come out. I even got a little tanning done in the backyard, though the perps can "fix" this by having the landlord spray 2-4D on the lawn, and the awful off-gassing pong goes on for three weeks. Two years ago the landlord told me in advance, though last year they didn't at all for some curious reason.

Sunday, I worked with my vineyard friend (sort of) and another guy, and finished pruning after five hours. It became sunny, and I later tanned some. I also got to attend to my laundry after yesterday's forced forget when I had all evening to do so. Perhaps the perps wanted to send me to the other laundromat and get stalked by the fat dude who seemed to be so restless and just had to stalk my ass. And lo, he concluded my putting his laundry in the dryer next to mine for crissakes. Have I mentioned that laundry is a big perp harassment theme, and it plain doesn't matter what detergent, what combination of clothes or washers and dryers I use, there is always more combinations and permutations for them to test.

And why am I getting rendered to be so grumpy of late? Added into the mix are more things going wrong, but for some reason the assholes are turning up the heat. Adding to the piss-offs too, is more forced "forgets", and over regular things I do and somehow forget for the first time. It is just plain infuriating, now more than ever. Perhaps this whole deal is to force a new round of supplements and medications, another rich testing theme for the Thems.

Anyhow, I should get this posted for the two weeks that it has been.


Anonymous said...

i dunno if you allow comments. has your gang stalking got a lot worse this year? mine always does but this year its like 10x worse. im in dumb ass san diego county where gang stalking is extreme and everywhere.

AJH said...

Answer to: "i dunno..."

Yes; I moderate comments, just so I don't get strange and irrelevant stuff that detracts from this blog's focus.

My gangstalking has been worse on occasion this year, but nowhere near 10x worse. At certain times and places they will put on a flush of Fuckwit gangstalkers, say, entering a store, paying for groceries there etc. Recently, when getting into my public lane parked vehicle, the dog walkers "happen" to pass by, sometimes two when none in the expectable norm. I go grocery shopping in the evening normally (2000h), and so the gangstalking coverage is light according the average foot traffic then. Two days ago I got screwed into going to the same store at about 1400h, when there is more foot traffic, and got thoroughly gangstalked and hounded.

Though most of all, I still fear going to say, Chinatown in Vancouver, BC (or like) based on the extra-assertive and obstructing flush of obedient Asian gangstalkers that I experienced back in 2002. (Asians have the highest brain energy apparently, Causcasians are second).

What is 10x worse this year is them dithering me and having me "forget" basic stuff that I never did before, and by that, pissing me off considerably more often.

No, you are not a dumb ass being a TI; just an nonconsensual human subject kept in an inhumane experiment.

All the best, thanks for the comments.