Monday, March 05, 2018

Ordering Follies

More games with screwing around with online orders, or for that matter, ordering of any kind. The latest is this one, where I order only two items: ski goggles (that came with an extra lens and an integral balaclava, secured by magnets, note) and a liner glove, one that fits inside another glove. All in aid of the fact that it was so perishing cold working in the vineyard last week, along with the wind. So I ordered what would be the right gear, especially the goggle set that came with the integral balaclava so no wind could sneak in between the goggle and the face mask. Too effective I reckon, as this is what I got back in two messages from the outfit that specializes in ski wear:
C Sports Order #xxxx - Item Unavailable
2018 Feb 26th

C Sports said:

  Dear J, Thank you for choosing C Sports.Unfortunately, the 'Burton Touch n Go Liner Glove in Grey' is unavailable. Due to an inventory error this item was displaying online when it should not have been. Please let us know if you would like to select different items of similar value or if you would prefer to have the order canceled. We do have the Touch n Go Liner available in both Black and Camo size M. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Best regards,

I said:
    Black would be an acceptable substitute.

Later in the day (after I had gone to bed)....
C Sports said:
  Hi J, Unfortunately the 'Anon Relapse MFI Goggle' is also unavailable. We apologize sincerely for neglecting to mention this in our initial message. Please let us know if you still wish to proceed with the black Touch n Go glove with complimentary shipping.

I said (next day):
    Cancel the order.
In this day and age, with online ordering, these clowns make out that their system is screwed up. Only two items in the order, and both were available online, and poof, in two separate messages, both aren't available. Like who got to you? I cannot count the number of times that orders get screwed up, though to be fair, Amazon never lets me down.

And if I really want some more futility, I will attempt to order this from elsewhere, maybe Amazon, though the Canadian version is a muted one, with extra shipping charges to cross the border. Since I wrote that, I see that the particular goggles "disappeared" from C Sports, and is unavailable from and a major Vancouver sports retailer, who did have that particular goggle for sure, now doesn't. How convenient.

In the vineyard, it wasn't so cold today, though a balaclava was needed for the moist air coming from the melting snow and the wind that picked it up. The Pyrenees Mountain dog puppy came to visit on its own, not on a leash with its owner. I haven't had a big dog romp for four decades, and the intervening standard poodle didn't count much for that.

A split day; vineyard work in the morning, then head to the doctor in Kelowna, then back at the vineyard again. The good news from the oncologist was that the PSA score is substantially lower since radiotherapy, and that is good. From a 9.9 to now a 2.something. He expects it to get to 0.2 or so in two years, which begs the question as to why "normal" maximum is 4.5. I didn't get into that, though I suspect the politics of normal medical test ranges must be intense. I gave him my plug on radiotherapy depleting dopamine, hence my 10lb weight gain, feeling tired and memory messed for a month afterward and my present increased need for chocolate. And I gave him my reasons behind it too. I said that it will be at least 20 years that dopamine and prostate health ever get any clinical recognition, and he said he would remember that, but would likely not recall my name by then. I said I was fine with that. Other side effects were discussed, e.g. bowel issues, and he came up with an Rx. He liked my eye glasses enough and asked to look at them as they were of the kind he was looking at to change his pair. My next appointment is 9 months hence, and that is also a vote of the radiotherapy results going the right direction at the right pace. Oddly, he sat much closer this time, halfway into the room, unlike my sessions with him during radiotherapy when he was as the opposite end of the room. I give up on all this bullshit sometimes, as to why everything is so orchestrated down sub-second and sub-millimeter precision.

A 50 minute drive there each way, and the usual cavalcade to accompany on my journey's start in each direction. Nothing too spectacularly inane, and no traffic hold ups or lane closures and the like. I also stopped in at the anti-aging clinic to get my test kit. The Good Doctor "happened" to be about, and the front desk girl consulted her at one point. The Good Doctor didn't seem too engaging, so who knows what that is about. More feigned (or managed) coolness I suppose, and I have got plenty of that from most everyone for no reason, especially if they were friendly in prior interactions. They made sure I saw that her ring finger had no ring on it, as she is married with children when I saw her last year.

Again, having a ring on, or off, is often another stunt the perps like me to be aware of. Not that I am looking, or considering any romantic interest with anyone, but it just "happens" all the time, usually with the woman waving or moving her L hand about in my purview. Back in the high harassment days of 2002, Ms. C, my thought-to-be girlfriend, (though I had my deep suspicions as to her true motives from the outset), put on a ring on her ring finger and invited me over one night. Before things got any bit serious I asked her if she was engaged and had someone else on the go. Not that I would of been too upset, as I could of done with an excuse to get her out of my hair. She gave me some blow-off excuse as to why she was wearing a ring to signify she was married/engaged when she wasn't. Anyhow, this whole ring/ring finger/married theme has been a long running perp set up game for whatever reason. And as I have no romantic interest, and primarily operate from the perspective that I just want to be left alone, I don't know why the perps keep this theme going. (Maybe it is what most guys do, and I never had the habit until it was imposed on me now). Who knows, maybe the perps have their female shills take off their ring for a short gangstalking vignette, and then they put it back on again. I just don't give a shit on this one.

After work it was off on another diversion event, picking up a parcel, one for me this time. True to form, they stacked the line up at the PO again, this time with someone ahead of me who had 12 (brown colored) mailing tubes and started grousing about how much the postage was. Then incredibly, he had no return address on them, citing a possible confusion on the mailing tubes for crissakes. Thankfully the postal clerk directed him to a side desk to fill them out while the next customer was taken care of. But this is so consistent at checkouts; having a customer ahead go back for more items, or move around behind me or some such.

Outside the PO, the usual pit lamping intensity in the parking lot again, also filling in with a flux of Fuckwits. I wasn't done yet when I got back to my place, still in my vehicle, as the lady across the street had some misdirected mail for me, as I was looking after the landlord's mail while they are away. Then she goes on about a missing parcel of hers, for which she got a delivery notice for, and then tells me it was worth $xxx, which "happened" to be the exact same amount I paid for the above mentioned medical test kit that was sitting in the back seat of my vehicle. I felt obliged to show her my parcel in the rear tailgate section, and that it was for me, and not hers that was misdirected. All this bullshit over another parcel pick up, no doubt the perps getting their brown cardboard fix again.        

Two more days of vineyard pruning again, again the Pyrenees dog came for a visit without an owner. A frisky 6 month puppy, easily 20" high at the shoulder. The dog gave me an exuberant paw swipe across the face and I wrestled it down to indicate my displeasure. After that, the dog didn't try anything too rambunctious, though it kept testing me on wanting to chew the vines I had just pruned. So I ended up doing some dog training. Which was similar to last year at a different vineyard, when the big-dog puppy (different breed, similar fur color) insisted on chewing vines. That dog was particularly persistent and domineering, and thank goodness it was tethered, as I only had to deal with it when in tether range.

The weather is warming up, and the snow is starting to melt, and for two days now, "fluffy" rain, a wet snow that doesn't stay on the ground or roads. Better than -8C with the wind blowing by far, but the vineyard folks usually don't like to work in the rain. I find this mildly humorous, given my past forestry work in all weather conditions.

Saturday, and the landlords arrived back from their 4 week holiday in Mexico, looking very tanned. They gave me some foodie presents, and even some cash which they didn't have to do.

Major Netflix watching these days, and heavy on documentaries on musicians, or the music business; Amy Winehouse, Glen Campbell, Eagles, Rolling Stones, George Harrison, Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker, Bob Weir, Tom Petty, Frank Zappa and a few others have been well served by my new found interest in their work. Many of these performers were never in my musical interests, but I became an admirer of all of them, and even a fan of some. The Muscle Shoals documentary was also well done. And the longer format serves the subjects well, up to 4 hours is no big deal when at home.

Sunday, and a major mellow day. Finally I was allowed to get my 2017 papers organized and filed, making way for getting my income tax return done next week. Nothing too spectacular on the gangstalking front when I was out, though they did put a negro on at the eggs section, in keeping with past bizarre gangstalking scenes at this same situation at other stores. And the specialty store is getting a refurbishment, and now, adding new checkouts that face the opposite direction; that is, I face N when at the cashier, switched from S. I cannot see any great reason for this, as the checkouts are at the same location as before. Maybe its another round of changing the anisotrophy of plasma or etheric energetics in the perps' insane quest of stalking and hounding my ass whenever I make a financial transaction. Lets see; I have only shopped there just over 6 years, so we have a long way to go.

Speaking of which, more incessant mind planted notion that they are going to cease hostilities "soon". (Their version of "soon" is sometime, mine is tomorrow). And of course they won't cease hostilities, or non-consensual human experimentation any time soon, depending on whose definition you follow. They are nothing but relentless, consistent and cruel, 24x7, and I am not expecting anything to be different this year, or a year from now. And too, they are dropping the romantic notions with ML in mind nearly constantly at times; as always, I have no interest in such, and operate from the perspective of wishing to be left alone. Plus they play up the planted notions of Ms C of the story as well, which they claim is the same person, just morphed over. Which may well be true as they have the same build, but give the hissy fit and frosty spells emanating from Ms C, this would be the last person for me to come to mind if left to my own thoughts.

Anyhow, enough of a week's trial, and onto posting this one.

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