Sunday, March 18, 2018


A major messed up day today, starting with the excise wound that opened up in the night after I took the stitches out last night. This was to remove a 5mm lesion of basal cell carcinoma. It held fine, but this morning it was gaping, and at 0645h I decided to go to the hospital to get it re-stitched. This was partly because I didn't want a protracted gangstalk/gong show during regular day time hours at the hospital, and the fact that I was supposed to be starting bottling at 0800h, though I had my doubts about making a one hour turnaround at the hospital.

One drug-addicted looking Fuckwit woman, la common perp guise I have come to know, decided to stare at me while sitting in the Emergency waiting area, so I asked her what she was staring at and then she picked up her backpack and took off. Like WTF; if one is there in Emergency, one is there for a legitimate reason, but no, not for a shill or perp stalking asshole. Lets make it obvious. And I do believe I have seen her before somewhere, perhaps in my 2003-2011 days in Victoria, BC, the Gangstalking Capital of Canada.

I told my story to the triage nurse, then the medical student, and then the real doctor came in, and said, "I heard your story". Good; and then he told me about the pathology report from last week's surgery, and there were still cancer cells at the margins. (And if there is remaining cancer, it will not heal.) Decoded, they took some samples from the edge of the excise wound last week and later found they were still cancerous. I did not know this had been done, and so the option was to wait for the excising surgeon to get to his office and discuss what to do. I said, how about stitching it up and I will contact him and he will then reschedule surgery, as it took four weeks to get it booked in the first place. The real doctor said that was OK, and assigned the medical student the job of stitching me up. Like WTF; why is it me that has the sensible plan, and the doctor says to wait for another doctor who likely will not be available anyhow, and it will take weeks to re-book anyhow? So the medical student got to re-stitch last week's excise wound, and I got to tell him about the real properties of dopamine as a hormone, not just a neurotransmitter.

If I was a betting man, I would say this whole fucking deal (second hospital visit in two weeks over this excise surgery) was all about that; I get to sound off about my favorite clinical topic, dopamine as a hormone, this time to a 4th year medical student. I even talked about my book reading about the non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, (=neural dopamine deficiency) and didn't get any response. Not that he had a lot to say, and nor did he sound terribly interested, in keeping with all other doctors (9 or so) I have mentioned this to in the course of visiting them. (One weird doctor just stared at me, like he was totally out of it. Another occasion was when The Good Doctor phoned me one time when there was nothing pending, and as the conversation unfolded, I told her about my dopamine write up, and she asked for a copy, which I provided. She never mentioned it when I saw her next). So what is it about dopamine that the perps have me as a one man proselytizer when there is absolutely no hope of making any impact on these clinicians, and them making it all the more obvious by their singularly uniform non-response? Go figure.

If that weren't enough of a strange start to one's day, I went to work to start bottling, but the bottling line wasn't working as the label machine had a sensor that wasn't working properly for the labeling application. I got there at 0915h, and the crew was standing around having coffee. It was decided that we vineyard types would pull canes from the adjacent vineyard where I had been pruning for the prior three weeks and pull the cut canes out. And it "happened" to be raining, and so I got geared up in my rain gear, and lent my extra rain coat to the new guy who "happened" to have his rain coat stolen a few days ago. So three of us pulled canes in the rain for an hour, getting muddy boots in the process.

Then they decided to bottle wine, but the labeling machine still wasn't working, so a full day of bottling of three differing batches, and none were labeled. Which means they are to be hand labeled (somehow), some 4,000 bottles. A 10 hour work day, and it seems the perps just love to have me work late in this first week of daylight savings time.

So what is it about bottling wine, and the Fuckwits wanting blood? Two years ago on a bottling job the assholes cut me with the tape gun cutter and I had to suffer through a cut on my finger while the cases of wine kept coming on at a terrific rate. Not enough time to get a bandaid for crissakes; then they cancelled the break and had that run go for three hours straight. I won't ever forget that one. Added to this shit show over bottling and blood letting, the assholes gave me a cold sore, another source of intermittent blood that will persist for at least a week longer.

Back to vineyard work today, with the constant noise of house building going on. The usual; saws, drills, hammering, percussive devices etc. Adding to that, they had to tow the glass truck twice through the muddy road in the vineyard. Even the towing pick up truck almost got stuck in four wheel drive. And do the perps ever love to pass gangstalking glass bearing trucks near me, often without the glass even, just the empty rack on the side.

And they screwed me out of taking my audio player as well, now two days of interrupting me listening to LR, one of my favorite singers where I had left off. (I am counting yesterday's bottling work as an interruption). All in keeping with the start up of listening to music with headphones on in the vineyard for 2018. Two days ago, when turning on the portable audio player, they screwed with the normally reliable volume dial so I couldn't get volume, and when I finally did, they messed it up again when I put it in my pocket. Then the display screens didn't work properly, and if there is ever a device for remotely manipulating to render the user utterly infuriated at its dysfunction, it is a touch screen device. They had that one down long before I got it, or any like phone.

I saw the excision doctor this morning for all of 3 minutes; he said the cancer at the edges of his excision from the pathology report was "low grade" and to not worry and the excision wound will heal up. He said that I was young (I'm 63) and doing everything right, at which point I laughed. (Read, curious E. Indian logic here). He asked what I was laughing about and I said if I don't know what I am doing right how do I know I am doing it. For which he had no answer. I am to see him in 6 months. So for now, no more excitement, and to wait 10 days to remove the stitches this time instead of 7. I asked him if it opens up again after I have the stitches removed and he said it won't, so I pressed him, and finally got an answer; go back to emergency. I can just see how that one will go over if I arrive there and present with the same problem.

And who are these Fuckwits in the vineyard who either stand around, or else ride their bicycles through? One, with a harness on, presumably for roofing on the adjacent house construction, was standing 20' from my vehicle when I pulled in looking at his phone for crissakes. I get my gear and walk past him and start vineyard work, and then he follows for crissakes. Then a 2x bicycle rider, presumably from the adjacent house construction crew, zips through the vineyard during working hours. Again, what for? He wasn't accessing a parked vehicle, nor was the aforementioned just-stand-there stalker. This whole gangstalking shit show has escalated since 2018 began, and if I was fed up with it then, I am fucking fed up now. Just leave me the fuck alone.

Sunday, and I decided to work on tying down vines as we are getting behind and the boss man insists on doing all the pruning. Fortunately there is an extra guy with prior vineyard experience, and is available until the end of April, so perhaps we can get all pruning and tying down done by mid April.

More games with my portable audio player today. I put on "Play All" for a certain artist for whom I have some 8 albums, all of her output to date, and the player then recycles through the first three albums at least 3x before I intervened. I then put on the double live album by itself to fix this weirdness, and lo, if it isn't full of songs from those same three prior albums. The player should of played all 8 albums through and somehow "failed" to do so and "somehow" went into repeat mode on the first three only. As all albums from a certain artist are under the same directory, there is no normal way this audio player should have "decided" on its own to play only the first three repeatedly when it wasn't on on continuous play in the first place. It is just amazing that this portable audio player, which has sat unused since 09-2017, though charged, has suddenly erupted in new problems since I started using it again this week, per above.

Just on the heels of some peculiar pay changes at the vineyard, I see the Irish minx who looks after the book keeping has now moved onto another job. I though she was kind of cute and interesting, but I suppose the perps wanted to shut down that one, and moved her on.

Anyhow, I am getting some intense typo fuckery harassment, where backspacing and re-keying counts for half my key strokes, so it is time to call this one done for the week.

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