Sunday, February 25, 2018

Same Job, Different Vineyard

The assholes kept me up all night for some reason. And true to form, per external interference, I wasn't a bit tired at all for the entire day.

I swapped vineyards today, and started with 6" snow on ground. Even if a 10 min. commute, getting there was eventful due to a pair of dudes who seemed unusually coordinated for pedestrians. I was E bound, 60' from the intersection and the light was green. An oncoming vehicle was 20' from the intersection, proceeding W bound. Most of the road surface was bare, but there was plenty of snow and ice on the sidewalks and street gutters. And this pair of Fuckwit males at the corner step out as if to cross the street (No Walk for them) in front of the oncoming white vehicle, but it didn't stop or brake any, and together the dudes backed off and retreated to the snowy sidewalk. Not perfectly choreographed, but close to it. The oncoming vehicle passed through without incident and I went through still on the green light, and the dudes stepped out into the street as I was passing through. Talk about a need for a Pedestrian's License; had the oncoming vehicle braked hard for the Fuckwits it could of hit an icy patch and gone anywhere. I cannot believe how two dudes could coordinate this street crossing stupidity with such adroitness without any regard to the snowy and icy conditions unless it was orchestrated. Good for getting my trauma reaction going in any event.

Yoga tonight, and the perverse "visit the victim" choreography again. A never-seen-before dude in a beard just needed to move his mat too close to me, and after I moved mine away, he moves his mat closer again. Like WTF; can we make it more obvious or what. Later after the class, he does a "just stand there" pose, the typical need to be seen stalk, while doing nothing.

Sunny, though cold all day for vineyard pruning using my new loppers. A new tool, especially a cutting tool, is always a big deal for the perp assholes.

Another perishing cold day working in the vineyard.

After the previous night of no sleep, I though I would get left alone, but no... I was cold that night, so I got a sleeping bag and added that to my bedding. Big mistake; the perps woke me up twice with excruciating cramps in my leg to have me walk around to work it off, 10 min. each time. I suppose this was all about removing me from my bedding for a while, given that I have a new set up.

Then they screwed me out of getting up with the alarm, so I had to abbreviate my morning routine and not shave any, and even at that I started work a half hour late.

And so it seems a lot more disruption, particularly with clothing of late; forcing me to take a piss, having my hat come off, having me take my gloves off etc. I came home at lunch to get the charger for the electric pruners, and then they wouldn't let my boot go back on properly. Another screaming session over that, which is what they pulled this morning, as they had me "forget" there was paper wadded in the boots to draw out the moisture in them. As to how it gets there I have no idea as my feet aren't sweating any, and I have foot warmers in them too.

The electric pruners worked, then didn't, for a second day when they had worked fine before for the owners. Again, more disruption over this, and replacing them with the manual loppers

I saw "Who Stole Johnny" (Gosch) on Netflix. Interesting that the FBI and Des Moines police didn't' want to do much, determinedly so. As the story unfolded, the boy's mother, Noreen Gosch did meet her son for an hour, but he didn't want publicity. And from this she learned that they, the pedophiles, apply mind control to them (the kept kids). As to what form this takes she didn't say, or more likely, didn't know. Even the Discovery Channel spiked a story on this case. A very high up cover up for sure, and related to child trafficking. This story never played up here in Canada at the time, so forgive me that I am catching up on this one.

A blood test this morning; following two interesting changes in my circumstances; I started sleeping on the floor, somewhat jaded by my camp cot of four years. The duvet kept falling off, all the more noticeable as it is so perishing cold inside. Even with the heater set at 22C, it is 18C across the room, some 15' away. The other coincidence is that the assholes screwed me out of taking my medications this morning, something I faithfully take; selegiline and tamsulosin. Not a big deal, just an oddity, but of significance for one being hounded all the time and controlled to the microsecond.

A perishing cold day working in the vineyard today, getting at later start at 0900h, and finishing at 1700h, one hour offset from my usual time there.

Cold outside again, with a 1/2" skiff of snow that arrived overnight, and thereby causing me to be cleaning it up from the paths and driveways, again, doing the landlord's duties who are still away in Mexico.

What is it about picking up a parcel that so interests the perps? Is it the brown cardboard, or that the item is from elsewhere, that I am taking possession or what? They even put on the brown people too, about five E. Indian women clustered together looking at the cosmetics, just in stock still mode, not even talking. It is highly unlikely that they would be there looking at white folk's cosmetics, and since they are singularly thrifty, why anyhow. And this peculiar "don't talk flock", just stand there some 40' from me in the aisle that axially faced the line for the PO. And too, four customers lined up in front of me, a high number given my usual experience, which includes last week when I picked up the landlord's parcel. And too, one blonde dude in the line just departs drifts out from the line from the PO and then looks at the adjacent post cards for crissakes. And if that weren't ridiculous enough, he then browses over to the adjacent rack of shipping envelopes. For someone who was in line for the PO? Hilarious.

Then when I was traversing the store to depart with parcel in hand, this Fuckwit steps in front of me without so much as a look or an apology, coming from an aisle end. Then he turns into another aisle, and then waits for me to pass and then follows me out the store for crissakes, not having made a purchase. He of some scarred face, possibly a burn victim. So what was that about? Then when outside a cluster of vehicles on me when waiting to turn to exit, and then a "just standing there" cell phoning Fuckwit woman sentry, in the typical pose I have come to know since all this shit came down 04-2002. And no end of pit lamping, that is, headlights pointed at me on store entry, making turns etc. And an unusual pit lamping; this guy and his wife get out of their vehicle in front of the PO entrance, and he is locking it up, and the backup lights alone are on. I have never seen this before, but nothing much surprises me when getting pit lamped.

And what is with the yellow plasma splotching games when I exit my vehicle at the end of the day, over the background of snow? They assault me with yellow plasma splotches, 6-10" or so, some half dozen at a time in my visual field, and keep hounding me with this anywhere I look at the snow, which I am bound to be doing, watching where I walk. I worked some 8 hours today in the snow, and had none of this horseshit, but when I get home, and out of my vehicle, this starts up until I go inside. No pissing in the snow today, so I don't know why this is going on.

Perishing cold all day, around -8C with some falling snow, about 10kph breeze and no sun. This while vineyard pruning, my gig at this time of year. Later in the summer it will be 35C, and I don't mind that at all. I have dual layer gloves with toe warmers dropped in them, plus a glove liner, Minus 100 boots with toe warmers in them, three layers of tops, plus ski jacket, running tights for long johns and windproof hiking pants on, plus a balaclava, neck warmer, toque covered with the hood of the ski jacket, plus oversized safely glasses (similar to goggles), and I am barely warm enough. I swear the ski jacket is letting me down, though I am loathe to fork out another one because they are expensive and tend to get beat up in this job. I will have to up the ante and get out my ski pants and then get my fleece tights underneath next week to see if I can do better, though of course, the temperature may rise. I wondered why I had these ski pants all these 6 years and never used them, not being a skier in the first place. So it would seem the perps had this one planned too, that far back. Enough I figured, so I ordered some ski goggles with an integral fitting balaclava that fits tight to the goggle frame. Hope springs eternal that I will stay warm outside all day in this weather. I suppose the next step is heated garments, so who knows where this is all going with these electromagnetic devices attached to me.

Speaking of which, walking around with a battery pack for electric pruners might have served this purpose, (and added some warmth by pulling my ski jacket in close and preventing it from moving and puffing the warm air to the outside, but no such luck. In keeping with the problems I have had with these devices, the vineyard owners have a Chinese model, and the battery crapped out after three tries. I suppose the ideal would be to have the electric pruner battery not only run the pruners, but electrically heated garments as well, though I think we are a long way from that. But its in the wind I suspect; all those power tool manufacturers are now making job site radios (for crissakes), so one day maybe they will extend their product line to have battery heated garments as well. More spring eternalizing again. And part of this whole scenario is that my body temperature is consistently 36.4C, (normal is 37.0C), so it does make me wonder if I am losing the battle just by adding on more clothing. Onto electrically heated wardrobes, hopefully starting with one's feet, fingers and then perhaps one's face with a electrically heated toque. Who knows, but this snow and cold aren't abating anytime soon.

And three major cramp attacks in the night, one leg or the other, causing me to wake up in considerable pain and then walk it off for 10 minutes. I swear it is imposed by external means, and initiated to get me out of bed now that I have added a sleeping bag into my night time sleeping arrangements. And too, all this is on the floor on my yoga mat, ditching my 4 year long camping cot in the mean time. (A mentioned, I got plain fed up with the duvet dropping off the cot, so I decided that by sleeping on the floor it had no place to go, and I might stay warmer.) I am now sleeping warmer, but I am now interrupted by the leg cramp attacks, now for the third night straight. Woo hoo, it is so nice to be under someone's heel in these adverse weather conditions....

Saturday, like last Saturday, snow fell in the night, this time only 2" of the most fluffiest snow I have seen. Given my expanded duties while the landlord is in Mexico for a month, it was up to me to clean the driveway, sidewalk, walking paths etc. Not such a big deal as last Saturday when it started/stopped 3x over the day. This time, only one dump.

Later, I took the vehicle to get the tailgate support struts installed at the Ford dealership. I purchased them online, had them delivered, and they installed them. The bill indicated 18 minutes of shop time, but I waited 90 minutes total in the waiting room of the dealership for some reason. And they didn't even clean the vehicle or any of those usual perks one gets there. Again, the parade of males trotted through, as the coffee machine is there. For the last 20 minutes an attractive blonde woman was there too sitting in the waiting area, and none of the turbans and freaks like there was two weeks ago. The Olympic hockey game kept me interested for most of the time there. I had interleaved my laundromat activities while there, so while my towels were tumbling one kilometer away, I was kept at the Ford dealership for this extended duration.

Interference on to-do lists; missing items, shutting down a certain pharmacy at 1500h, as I wanted to get something for my verruca on my L foot that has been pissing me off for two weeks now. And each week day I seem to be running late after work to get to this particular pharmacy. As to why they need to interfere on this I don't know, but it is the same verruca that magically appeared the day after they first went berserk/overt in their apartment invasion in 04-2002. One came up on my R foot two years ago and I managed to treat it and get rid of it last year.

Sunday, and I decided to get going on organizing my 2017 papers, as it seems that such isn't allowed until year end. Then a need to go do some vineyard week, as I will need to make up some hours due to an upcoming doctor appointment. The boss man had his farm truck blocking the driveway, so I parked beside it. Just when I was about to head to the vineyard, after getting my toque, gloves, goggles, tool belt etc. on, the boss man arrives in his L hand drive vehicle. He said he was going to plow the place, so I could park elsewhere, so no problem, I did. I just find it such an amazing coincidence he would arrive at the same time, as this Sunday work was not planned on my part. So more disruption, in taking off the gloves tool belt etc., then moving the vehicle and then getting set up again. The perps just love this shit; getting dressed up in so many clothes for the cold weather and then disrupting me so I have to take some off or else open them up. Last year while pruning, and the snow was on the ground, they kept hitting me with pissing attacks so that I needed to piss every 30 minutes. Which meant of course, lots of clothing disruption, including to open my ski coat to deal with this issue.

On my way out of the vineyard at 1700h, just as I was about to turn out from the driveway onto Naramata Rd, why, a pit lamping vehicle sitting beside the road, headlights aimed at me. Like WTF; can't the assholes get enough light on me in the day, when they seem to be farting around with the clouds and bringing on the sunlight while working? No; pit lamping is getting a higher profile of late. Said pit lampers were a vehicle full of E. Indians, making out that they were lost for crissakes.

The perps were on my ass all day long with pruning cuttings "just happening" to be falling back to place after I cut them. The usual expectation is that they flip out of the way so one can see one is making progress, but no, they wanted to piss me off.

Also on the piss off theme was the loppers; I sharpened them for the first time last night using a diamond stone, and within 5 seconds of using them today, a trellis wire end "just happened" to be in the cut and the blade got dulled for 1/2" of its length. Was I pissed or what. I spent 30 minutes sharpening them, and the assholes had them dulled in 5 seconds. Normally, if there is such a thing, I don't cut the wires, but this was a wire end, and somehow escaped my notice. Well done assholes.

Something I got via email; I haven't checked it out yet. I am not big on the talk lines etc. but for those who are, there maybe something of interest. 
Talkshoe call (724)-444-7444 Tuesday 3pm pst to 6pm pst
Other websites to check out or you tube:

Anyhow, enough for a post for this week.

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