Sunday, February 18, 2018

Cold Weather Again

Minus 7C yesterday, when it was a wonderful (comparatively) +7C four days earlier. And I see the local trend is to -13C in the next six days. I suppose it was a spring time sucker punch last week. The snow is now rock hard at the vineyard now, after all the thawing last week, though not enough to thaw it all. Not only that, but the wind was up today, an effective -5C all day. I was bundled up with three layered tops, thermal tights as long johns, a balaclava, toe warmers in my boots, a neck gaiter that extended to my nose, and googles to keep my face protected. The ski jacket was the final garment to cover me up, and the hood was indispensable.

And my loppers broke yesterday; a steel section just plain split. I suppose it was the cold, (if you believe in no other extra conventional interventions) and from what I can gather, this particular model has no parts availability. Well done perps. Another $100 to shell out to replace them. This is what they do to minimum wage farm workers under their heel.

I see the boss man just had to hang out pruning the adjacent vines to me when I was in my vehicle at the two break times I took today. The intervening time he moved somewhere else to do his pruning.

And what is with the infernal loud mufflered vehicle stalking again? This insane noisestalking technique has been going on for years, but today it reached its apex of irrationality. Thee times it visited the adjacent property for all of a minute and then came back, some 30-50 minutes apart. The first time it was when I was getting out of my vehicle, a time honored stalking moment. It is bad enough the boss man hasn't got his muffler fixed, but at least he doesn't drive it around for no reason.

No love from the perps this morning; a 1/2" skiff of snow on the ground was the excuse, and lo, if they didn't wiggle the rear end of my vehicle 12" or so as it was going through the S-bends on Naramata Rd. A tricky section, with an uphill and in mid "S" it changes grade to downhill. This was with snow tires and I was going slow. As the vehicle skidded I backed off the accelerator and it immediately slowed and straightened. This was the same section they put me through a 360 degree spin two years ago, though in a different vehicle and four season radials. As to why the road maintenance personnel didn't gravel it I have no idea, as it was 0740h.

And if that wasn't enough excitement, (aka traumatization re-visitation) it was only 200m further that they had an oncoming vehicle spinning out of control. One of those dumb-assed so-called Smart cars was spinning like a top on a straightaway section coming at me from 120' away. The vehicle finished its spinning and came to a stop some 20' in front of me, facing me in my lane, headlights on. I had been slowing down all the while, and was thankful it was a straight and level section, and that the pick up truck behind me was well back. The large male negro driver waved at me and then proceeded into his lane and on his way. Like WTF; these so-called Smart cars are less than 1% of the road traffic, and negroes are at most 1% of the population here; 1/100 x 1/100 = 1/10,000 chance this could occur, never mind the rarity of a spinning vehicle coming at me. Seems like a fix to me, that, along with the fact that the perps are obsessed with planting negroes in my proximity. Another similar road stunt of four years ago had an overtaking vehicle subsequently spin out when faced with a bend in the road ahead, also ending up facing me when stopped. Two women then, but for crissakes, do they really need to pull this bullshit all to place a facing vehicle in my lane, stopped?

A full day in the vineyard, pruning. This time I introduced the use of my battery powered reciprocating saw to take on the larger cuts. I have a hand saw that does the same job, but ever the tool-geek, I just had to use the powered saw. Also contributing to this "need", was the fact that they took out my 30" loppers, per above. It did a good job, though it is heavy and it might be better to do a pass with it alone, then come back for regular pruning with the loppers and secateurs. So now, four different kinds of cutting tools I use for vine pruning; short loppers, secateurs, hand saw, and now a powered reciprocating saw, plus the long loppers that were broken (or taken out as I see it). No doubt all in the name of the perps' game over cutting tools (and object separation), and with what tool and tool steel. Fifteen years of this nonsense on top of being surreptitiously surveilled for a prior 47 years, and here they are still putzing with what tool I use to cut the vine wood with. I suppose it may alter the energy of the grapes, and hence the wine, but that is such a ridiculous long shot I just cannot fathom why they would be so obsessed over it. Perhaps there is another reason.

Not pictured are the 30" red handled loppers that broke this week, and the electric ones that I used for a day. That makes for six different kinds of cutting tools I have been using on this vineyard in the last two weeks. Add in the fact that my new loppers are identical to the blue ones pictured above, and I will be using them anew on a different vineyard for the next two or more weeks, and I suppose one could surmise that the perps are attempting to discern some energetic difference between using the blue handled loppers, though different pairs, over time and distance (4km away). I expect to end up back at this vineyard with my new loppers in two or three weeks.

 A dental visit, getting my my teeth cleaned first, an ordeal that is becoming worse, just as the dental hygienist suggests going 3x/year instead of two. I need a dental plan first folks, and haven't had one since the assholes descended on me in 04-2002 going berserk/overt and ripped my life to shreds, where it remains. If that weren't enough, the dentist conferred with me on the two missing tooth problem. This one was also visited last week, by the dental surgeon who determined I needed a bone graft (aka "sinus lift") in order to provide enough bone to then set screw anchors in for implants. That job, including the anchors, was $6.5K, which does not include the teeth. Today, the dentist told me the teeth would be $2k each. Ouch. An alternative is a bridge, where two false teeth span the gap and are secured to a tooth on each side. Except today, the dentist determined that one of the teeth for securing isn't strong enough, so instead of a 4 teeth arrangement, it becomes 5 teeth. The 5th tooth would be my pristine canine with no work or fillings or anything, as it would be milled down to take a cap it doesn't need. Woo hoo... who took out these tooth with root canals anyhow, and then when being filled, posts were put in, which they now acknowledge, cause teeth to break up as the internal metal post doesn't have the same flexibility as the tooth. Maybe there is a way to delay this financial pain. Or maybe, I just go around with this curious gap in my mouth for years.

Other perp excitement was that I ended up collecting a parcel for my landlady at the post office. Said landlady and lord are in Mexico and I look after their mail, check the house to see if all is OK, and otherwise do the duties of apparent habitation. Another is cleaning the snow from the walk ways, more on that later. To date, the snow has come down in daily 1" skiffs and melts on the concrete, so I have got off easy on this one, but not for long given the perp's propensity to first game me, and then later hit me with the real thing.

The event of picking up someone else's mail also brought on extra gangstalking coverage at the PO; first the doofus who was holding up service at the counter with his verbal meanderings, e.g. "wi-fi it", meaning internet access. Not quite as bad as "sending an internet", but getting there. Then the stalkers came to line up behind me while waiting out the doofus, and another one doing the faux shopping pose; bent over looking at the envelope selections for crissakes, and then shifting his attention to some kind of drug store kitsch items as if it were all in a day's shopping outing. This PO is in a drug store, though with a fairly large cosmetics section. Then the parcel access system for the counter clerk hiccuped and slowed up, and after 30 seconds was suddenly up again, and I was allowed to pick up the parcel, legally that is, and cleared with the landlady in advance. Because I live at the same street address, but not in the same building, and my driver's license ID supported the requirement that I must live at the same address, all was OK. Great fodder for the perps though, picking up someone else's parcel. After some 15 years of intense and insane abuse, and this is what turns their crank. Heaven cannot help us as they run that too.

A skiff of snow on the ground this morning, enough to remind me of the events two days ago, per above. But no, there was no snow when headed N, and none on the S bends mentioned. Although freezing, no ice on the road.

Pruning vines all day; now two weeks on this job, and I have been walking on snow most of the time. There have been some warm days, but that seems to be the cause for the snow to get more crusty, enough to support my weight, even if 4" deep. So it would seem that the perps like me to walk on water so to speak, all in keeping with their games over H2O.That I swam with a swim club for 14 years, doing 2500m per practice, 50 and 100m lengths, might add to this whole picture, though since, and excepting the odd time, it seems they don't want me swimming (or running) regularly. Too much dopamine generation I suspect.

Today when I switched pruning varieties it began snowing heavily for 20 minutes. This would be in keeping with the games and disruptions that go on when I have switched varieties for other vineyard tasks like shoot thinning etc. As to what the perp's preoccupation is about when I switch vine varietals I have no idea. Sometimes, if the variety change is in the row, and not a discrete block, they have blanked me out so I don't notice for a panel or so. The boss man came to visit me then too, asking me to leave the loppers behind in the tool shed.

As it "happened", I later bought a new pair of loppers, identical to the ones I was using. So perhaps the deal was that the perps didn't want me to have both pairs at home, as I usually take the company loppers home to sharpen them up. But as today is Friday, the boss man might be in on Saturday, and he said he might need them.

Saturday, and there was 4" of snow on the ground. The falling snow was abated, and I got onto shoveling it. Not just my 25' to the gate, but the rest of the paths as the landlord is away and I am looking after the place. That would include the sidewalk here in suburbia, but also their driveway and vehicle to make as if the place was habituated.

But I got faked out and it came down some more, and by mid afternoon with my hair appointment pending, I walked into downtown to get it done. I had a new stylist, cute but chubby, and not terribly chatty, but she did a good job, and put on plenty of touchings. At one point she pressed her breasts into the back of my neck for whatever reason. No, I didn't get a thrill out of that, in this world of being kept as a subject for nonconsensual human experimentation, in situ. By the time I was done it was sunny, and no more snow coming down. Ergo, a second round of snow cleaning, including all pathways, driveway, sidewalk and vehicles. At least 4" deep each time, not a huge dump, but plenty enough work to clean up.

Later, I did my laundry at the laundromat and lo, if t he assholes didn't pull another snowfall, though only a 1/2" this time. They were bound and determined to lay down more snow on top of what I cleaned up, this being the third time. Given their nutzo interest in where I walk, and what objects (or beings) traverse my path (and how soon afterward), why snow shoveling is just the ticket with the metal edged plastic blade scraping ahead of me. At one point they pulled the leading metal edge off the snow shovel, so now they had two variants of surface scraping; one with and one without the metal edge, just the plastic. The friendly guy at the laundromat explained his snow shoveling woes to me, and it was only then that I learned about the metal edge and its propensity to come off, which explained how this metal "arrived" while I was snow shoveling and had no idea where it came from. That he had such a metal edge inside the laundromat while explaining all this to me wasn't too much of a surprise in hindsight, though the perps blanked out these nefarious and consistent objectives from my mind during this exchange. I am not allowed to know or associate that I can readily figure out on my own. He cleaned his lot three times, and presumably, the metal edge was on his snow scoop for some of the time. And of course, I drove, parked and walked on his lot, so perhaps the metal edge was inside for some kind of energetic interaction testing in a situation where it wasn't obviously used. All too clever, from the sickest minds that reside on this lab rat planet.

I decided that I would not work this Sunday, and essentially cocoon myself in for a snow bound day. I did get out and do some minor clearing and sanding on pathways. With the dropping temperatures we now have ice on the roads that weren't cleaned, and that means those in suburbia that aren't thoroughfares. I did make it out for some minor shopping and banking, (two errand stops) replete with my stalkers. It was the "loitering dudes with pickup trucks" show. On entering the bank the dude was exiting, and held the door open for me, extending his reach to keep it open, passing me on my R side, in the perps' long running signature move. I finished up at the ATM, got into my vehicle, and lo, said dude just "happened" to be leaving in his pick up and crossing in front of where I was to then proceed. He should of been long gone, so just what exactly was he waiting for, except to dog my ass one more time, this time in his raised pick up truck.

Ditto again, only 50m away at the grocery store; another dude was dogging my ass and putting on the extra obvious malingering and also managed to precede me at the checkout, at least his third stalking reprise in the store. Again, I finished up and got to my vehicle, and then he proceeds to pull out and cross my path in the identical manner in a raised pick up as the dude at the bank, just driving the opposite direction. Like WTF; as above, he should of been long gone. Enough of that shit, and home I went.

But I wasn't done, or more like, they weren't done. I make a turn at a regular corner on my beat, and lo, there is an oncoming ambulance with lights flashing and siren wailing. As to why the ambulance didn't take the most cleared route that ran parallel I have no idea. But as regular readers will know, chasing me with ambulances at all hours of the day and night, mostly they are "just cruising" around, is nothing new. I also had two preceding vehicles on my local suburban street, and for this section it wasn't cleared, but a packed snow/ice road surface. I don't think in five years at this location they have put on such an obvious vehicular following before.

And I get plenty of continued mind planted notions that this abuse and harassment is going to end, aka, cessation of hostilities, but with the above dudes-with-raised-pickups-stalking, and both of them hanging back in identical fashion for a vehicular parking lot pass, I don't think so. And too, the finesse and mind fuck games over snow shoveling as mentioned above, don't in any way suggest that these assholes have any mind to give up. After 47 years or covert surveillance and orchestration, and now almost 16 year of blatant abuse, I don't think they have any other plans but to continue. Besides, every few years, on the eve of the April 2002 onset when they invaded and went into berserk/overt mode, they pull this planted notion of going to cease hostilities. It hasn't happened, and won't, and I have been correct every time.

And too, the assholes have made it plain it is going to be another year of vineyard laboring; I didn't hear back from that puff-ball interview of three weeks ago, which was offering a full time gig, so I can take it that means vineyard laboring for the year. Besides, they are building a house there, replete with hammering and banging and power tool noise, often timed exactly at to when I make a pruning decision, or a cut of the vine. (I also predicted that they would not give up this option of having me work in a vineyard with adjacent house building noise).

For vine pruning, interestingly, I only make a partial decision, as I leave 3-4 canes and cut the rest. The boss man comes later and makes a final decision to leave two and cuts them to length. (He has his criteria, but it doesn't make any sense, and he wasn't very clear. Most vineyards cut all healthy canes to the same length). Then someone is going to come along and pull the canes out from the trellis. So.. we have two people making pruning decisions and cuts covering the same ground, and all the while the house building hammering and banging is going on. Sounds like perp noise-stalking perfection to me. Obviously, a similar scenario of 2015-16 where there was a house being built at one of the two vineyards I worked at wasn't sufficient.

And to not forget, the perps just love to stalk my ass anytime or anywhere I make a decision. And don't ask as to why; my only clue, which maybe a red herring, is that if one follows Hugh Everett's Many Worlds theory, (links; Hugh Everett, MWI Theory, Wikipedia) is that each time one takes a measurement (observation) or makes a decision, a new world is created. It could be, though the compelling question is of course where do all these worlds go, as there ought to be billions of them by now. Perhaps there is some other quantum effects that present themselves and this is what the perps are researching, and by extension, why they are hounding my ass so relentlessly, now 63 years worth.

Enough for a post on this snow bound day, and get this out there.


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