Sunday, January 28, 2018

Monday Night Show

Normally I go to yoga on Monday nights. But owing to an imposed brain fart, I didn't book an earlier reservation for the Good Lovelies for Tuesday. Or more accurately, there were seats available, so I attempted to book them, but it seems the system was set up only to sell a pair. Hence I had to book a single seat for Monday.

Yesterday, after I ordered some music of Allison Crowe from CDBaby, only to find it was in execrable MP3 files, I got a refund as I wanted FLAC files. But they don't have FLAC files any more, so good bye CDBaby, and hello Band Camp. Done; I don't do MP3 files, ever.

And what is the significance of these events; why, purchasing (always a perp Fuckover event, a financial transaction) anything. And maybe it will be from an artist I have seen Dec. 15, (Allison Crowe), where I did not purchase any CD's because I have all the ones they were selling at the concert, to tonight, where I saw the artist, (The Good Lovelies), AND purchased a CD there and then. As to what the significance is for the perps, I don't know. Not only do I not understand their constitutional consumption with every financial transaction I make, I don't understand why they must arrange the timing of music purchases. Arranged such that on the same evening, I purchase digital files from an artist I saw 5 weeks ago, and then later purchase a CD from an artist I saw that very night. As to what this timing, and latency is all about I don't know. But it just seems most strange in this highly orchestrated world I am contained in.

And today, at least 100 planted notions that they are going to cease hostilities sometime soon, April 15 they suggest, which would be the start of 16 years of this intense and insane and relentless abuse. But as I mentioned in the last posting, they must have a BS theme going on all the time, and this is it. And besides, what would the significance of the 16th year anniversary; why not 18 or 20? Just more of the BS theme, and as I recall from some years ago, they pulled this same build up of the same theme with the same timing. Ergo, hostilities will not cease, especially when they are after such esoteric nonsense as above, i.e., timing music purchases.

The Good Lovelies put on a good show last night; I was parked at a single table next to the sound guy, and 6' from one end of the stage. It was this same wretched table that I had two shows ago, and this particular waitress banged into me 4x and didn't apologize once. I had the same waitress again, and this time she didn't bang into me once. Go figure. She was almost taciturn and surly as the last time, unsmiling and unfriendly. She of the big exposed chest with tattoos on it. Attractive latina looks, but with an oversized ass she pointed at me many times from 2' away at my last visit when she (oddly; it wasn't in her territory) attended to the table beside me. Tonight she had on a long sweater-like garment to cover her ass, a common technique I have come to know; for some reason they like to turn off the visibility of oversized asses of otherwise attractive women. Usually this "happens" on a later visitation after I have determined their initial attractiveness. This same waitress finally looked at me once tonight, for the first time in two club visits. And why do they put her on me; is it the grim unsmiling look, no eye contact, the tattoos (which I loathe), the oversized ass or what? My guess it is the tattoos, though as always, there are multiple planted themes in place at any given event, especially repeat stalkers. This would be the third time I have have encountered her but I found the next door waitress got my attention more as she actually smiled and seemed to be engaged with the customers.

At the show last night, I was 6' from the stage with one singer that close; the others lined abreast and so I flitted my attention from one to the other. They are each very attractive, though I found the one in the center to be exceptionally attractive, possibly instigated by her angular jawline and fantastic slim figure. In the past I have got stared at by performers; they seem to know where I am (even if the likely cannot see me that well as they have the house lights trained on them) and round on me for some reason. By moving my gaze frequently, I avoided this potential strange stare situation tonight.

And for some reason on a work day, I woke up at 0730h, instead of the planned 0600h. For "some reason" the alarm wasn't set, and I awoke about the time my commute sharing coworker was to arrive.  Ergo, no breakfast, no shower, no shaving. During the day of vineyard work I felt mildly nauseous all day, and the helicopters were overhead in abundance, perhaps 12 passes on the day. Additionally, the assholes shit me, and I just managed to make it to the toilet when I got back to my residence. Later in the evening I was not feeling well and had to lie down for an hour. My hands felt cold the whole time even if placed against my neck the whole time while lying down. Eventually I got up and made dinner and felt better. I see my body temperature is down at 36.2C, so who knows what is going on.

There is some suggested notion that the tapa-sized pizza I had last night at the show "caused" these problems, though I doubt it. Interesting that all this was planned when they woke me up late, so no breakfast, and no shaving, a constant harassment theme of theirs.

Vineyard work, cutting vines for collection for propagation material all day today. And adding to the noise games there were plenty of loud mufflered vehicles, often timed to the event of me finishing a row of vines and turning around. (Or else they erupt after lunch, while it is digesting). Again, the anisotropy (different properties in different directions) of space, or more to the point, the energy field in space, seems to be such a big deal for the perps.

At one row end, neighbor to the vineyard came home to then swear loudly at something or somebody. He was still outside, and at first I thought he was swearing at his dog for making a mess, but then when he said "you are drunk" it had to someone. I haven't quite heard so much swearing and so little articulation of complaint. I did not hear a reply from the house so perhaps he was on the phone. Every so often I get one of these rows blowing up for me to overhear; sometimes at the grocery store, sometimes outside my apartment etc.

At 0730h the garbage truck came two hours early on the regular Friday, and I was alerted by him sounding his horn, as he couldn't negotiate the back lane corner. First of all, the driver was two hours early, and secondly, he had changed the route. This was following when one of my crew mates, a former co-worker and the guy I sometimes hang with, had parked in the lane and was inside as I was putting on my boots. As it turned out both our vehicles were in the way, and I got to meet the garbage truck driver, who came out of his cab to also ask me to park further down the lane on garbage days. The garbage truck was a L hand drive vehicle note, always a big deal for the perps who have somehow managed events to allow the import of L hand drive vehicles from Japan without conversion to R hand drive or North American crashworthy and safety standards.

Anyhow, another day of vineyard work, cutting vines and pulling them for later propagation. One crew member back from Nanaimo today, so three of us rode in my vehicle as it seemed I might need it during mid-day.

Another barely-there get up owing to some kind of snafu that I did not create. We were to work today, Saturday, just the two of us, but the boss man texted that he wants us to work Sunday. I had asked him to tell everyone on the crew as to who was to work where and when, and as an extra service, I texted my workmate to tell him about the new Sunday work date. As it "happened", he somehow didn't get the text or figure it out, and so he arrived this morning at 0730h, phoning to say he was at my gate. Like WTF; it was to be a sleep in day, but he arrived, somehow not getting the message that we were to work tomorrow, not today. Anyhow, I had to get dressed to let him in and we had tea for an hour or so just to chat and work out how the work instructions got messed up. For the second time this week, a no-shave, no-shower and no-breakfast interaction with a crew member. Woo hoo; this time honored perp trick of fucking me out of my normal morning routine spells one thing; they ain't going to give up anytime soon, and that would include their infernal mind fuck games of telling me that hostilities are going to cease soon. I don't believe it at all, and I am put through this BS theme about every two years or so, usually ahead of their anniversary of overt harassment onset. It will be 16 years of this relentless and senseless abuse-athon in April. 

And what is with this wretched Blogger/Blogspot editor? They have now taken the editor online it seems and in doing so ditched the position of the cursor. Like WTF; the most elementary text editor display function has now being bowdlerized in the name of putting this here tool online, not that I needed that functionality anyhow.

Not a whole lot to do today, but what a pain in the ass for the little there was. At the laundromat the assistant was stalking my ass big time, swooping in just as I was walking by to follow my ass, in the characteristic stalker mode of looking sideways while doing this. And then there was this ever-talking dude who just had to yap the whole time, as well as stalk my ass or obstruct my egress. He and another male Fuckwit pulled a pinch play on me while I was passing through, both coordinating by some unseen command to converge on me as I was passing by one of them. One backed up, and the other came at me. Like WTF; we have done this same shit show for countless times, usually with dude Fuckwits, and I am sick fed up of it.

Next at the big box store I had to get an electrical switch as the installed one won't now work. Again, there were Fuckwits in "just standing there" mode posted at the entrance who somehow got the word to then move and follow just as I passed them. Then another Fuckwit with an oversized gut just hung around at the aisle end some 15' away doing the pretend shopping with the signature bend-overs while I got dithered in finding basic light switches. Then a grim woman cashier who didn't even look at me, always looking ahead for some reason. And after all that, for a 5 minute visitation at best, they wouldn't let me exit, but held me up when a 3 y.o. Asian child was leaning on the closed glass sliding doors while an unobservant (har, har) parent stood 2' away. Presumably this was a set up, the classic faux inadvertent stunt. I had to wait and stand some 6' from the door lest the sensor picked me up and opened the door and sent the child flying. This allowed the Fuckwit customer at the next cashier packing cardboard boxes on his shoulder to then catch up and closely follow me out once the child moved from the door, possibly following my hand waving direction to direct her away from the door. And what is it about building egress, specifically passing through doorways, that so interests the perps that they need to put on this "child in potential peril" stunt? I don't know, but they have been nothing but consistent about it since the day of infamy, when they first went berserk/overt in 04-2002. And you thought that "greeters" were just a customer friendly exercise all this time.

Later, I installed the light switch, doing my bit of house wiring work, as it seems the perps have a need for me to do this as I have mentioned many times in past blog postings.

A Sunday, and the friend/former co-worker and I returned the vineyard and worked on the vines for two hours, and the boss man came out and helped out for a time. Then we went to his farm and put the bundles of canes into apple bins in preparation for shipping. Lots of pallet jacking to move the bins, and for some reason the perps liked to get my co-workers over top of where I had been working on a bin.

Anyhow, enough boring detail for the week, and time to get this posted.

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