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2017 In Review

Nothing like a review of the year to remind one that the harassment hasn't let up. I remain fed up with getting stared at all the time, like I am some kind of feared entity when do nothing wrong, don't threaten anyone in any way (or have any threatening thoughts), and generally keep my head down. Something I have done all my life in fact, as it seemed that there wasn't something normal about others' reactions so often. I could never figure it out until the harassment came on in 04-2002, and it slowly dawned over me for the next year. After that, and for many other reasons, it seems that I have a figurative target on my back, and so it goes. Another year in fucking hell, and no let up in sight.

The beginning of a new year always brings on extra harassment and other games for some reason. A visit to SOF supermarket brought on the serious gangstalking, even before I got parked. A Chinese woman in peculiar mismatched red and orange combination (and I do loathe this color combination) was walking through the parking stall I intended to pull into. I have experienced that stunt so many times, the Dashed Expections number, that is becoming routine. Even with a 4 long list, the assholes posted stalkers at every aisle location I needed to get an item. At least three stalker made three passes each. And it didn't help with the profusion of stocking/stalking carts either; now they use a 6' long version that blocks more shopping shelf access and pile more brown cardboard boxes on. Well done.

There was the usual profusion of Fuckwits at the aisle ends, along with the stocking/stalking staff members in on this act too. Then when at the greens section, why, the wretched parking lot stalking Chinese woman was loitering over the kale, exactly where I needed to go. (She should of been long gone). Here she was walking away from SOF in the parking lot, and lo, she is now inside and posted exactly where I needed to go. Screw that again, so I went elsewhere in the store, and in the process of yet more gangstalking confusion, I got memory wiped and didn't get back there. The notion that I got screwed with a forced "forget" only occurred when I was at the self check out. I finished up, went outside and put the groceries in the car and went back into SOF. This time they put a male Chinese Fuckwit over top the kale, the only item I needed to get on this return visit. I reached around this asshole, bagged it, and went to the checkout, this time a manned one, as one "happened" to be open. All that for that; two checkout trips in one shopping trip (differing checkout methods (financial transactions note)), and an Asian Fuckwit posted over the kale in both instances.

I suppose the biggest event was getting 6 weeks of M-F radiotherapy treatment for the prostate cancer that was discovered in 2016. That entailed a 160km trip each time to the Kelowna cancer clinic, which seemed to be armed with the latest conformal beam gamma ray treatment. I gained about 10lb, "normal" for that treatment apparently, which tells me that it was in the least, a dopamine depleting exercise. Years ago, during the 2003 tyranny of enforced medical treatment that stopped my successful dopaminergic stimulant treatment, the misguided (or more likely, directed) criminal shrink, gave me dopamine blocking agents which popped my weight up by 25lb. For me, that is evidence enough; fuck with my dopamine (or anyone's) and watch my weight go up because it regulates adioposity (fat deposition). Call the 2017 radiotherapy a localized, (prostate targeted in fact) dopamine depletion exercise, in keeping with their long standing fuckery over interfering with medical treatment for this essential hormone. And it is a hormone as I came to discover in 2016, not just a neurotransmitter.

After planting notions that I could get prostate treatment at a proton beam facility for the prior year, which would of cost over $115k, the perps finally relented from this ridiculous stunt once the provincial health care treatments began 10-2017. Thank god that long running absurdity is over, abetted in part because I was told it would be $50k. (not that aI have that kind of coin either). All that misinformation, web reading on cancer, along with the 20 books worth, is now over.

Dopamine Deficiency Treatment Obstruction
Based on my research, dopamine is a hormone with widespread effects, and I wanted to get going on dealing with this situation. A local shrink was recommended. By the time the first referral went out, (and mysteriously didn't get through), and I finished with the fucker, it took 10 months. Here I had a SPECT scan, a dopamine urine test (low) going in, and I thought I had it all nailed down. But no, in keeping with shrinks being constitutionally obstructive and utterly stupid, if not downright malevolent (Dr. Amen excepted), this Fuckwit made the most of the harassment episode, and blew it up into a "dopamine excess" diagnosis for crissakes. That he didn't bother to phone or get the records from the past shrink who indicated that I was harassed, as did his predecessor, didn't go unnoticed. Nor did he ask one question as to an ADD diagnosis. That I was infuriated with this Clinical Fuckwit is an understatement. A despicable asshole, and no doubt directed to look like a total idiot in clinical capacity. Call it a whack-mole stunt.

Since then, and while watching PBS these past few weeks at the First Feral Family house, I see that Dr Amen is promoting his research on pre-emptive action to avoid later age dementia or Alzhiemers. He cleverly wraps it up as "Memory Rescue", but what do you think he is really talking about? Dopamine deficiency the main, and like most hormones, its production decreases by some 1%/year after age 40. One of his statements was "deal with ADD" and keep your neuro-hormones at normal, so here we go again, though I don't have a specific plan at this juncture. But as shrinks are largely crazy in my experience, or bloody minded about knowingly doing the wrong thing, (now at 7/9 plus two neutrals in my experience), one can expect that I shall have to up the game somehow.

The deplorable mental state of shrinks was confirmed by one of my 2017 readings by Dr. John Hall in his fine book Guinea Pigs, that integrates the TI experience with the medical nonconsensual human experimentation imperative, who states that in the first week of medical school one can determine who the future shrinks are as they are strange. And that they stay strange through medical school. I told the oncologist this and he laughed for a good while. And BTW, do follow Dr. John Hall's advice, and avoid shrinks like the plague if you are a TI.

Two teeth, adjacent ones, had to be extracted from my R upper side in 2017. It wasn't a big deal, though it now makes a for complete chewing to be hassle as food drops into the void and then needs to be transferred to my L side to get masticated. Both had a post in them, which is now thought to exert too much force on the tooth and causes it to weaken. Meanwhile, the oldest root canal, without a post, continues onward. Many of the alt-cancer treatments insist on getting rid of all root canal teeth, so I suppose someone did this for me, (or to me more like), except that they have one to go.

Team Work to Sole Work
I go to work with a regular crew of folks for the first time in 15 years in 2017; the kind of regular ones that one can talk to, and not the high rotation of laborers in the bulb picking days of 2008-2010. This was doing vineyard work, as my prior four years of vineyard work had been on my own, save with one helper of the prior year. There was one longer term employee I named Difficult Dick who needlessly got on my ass four times, the last time he was damn near deranged, as last detailed in this blog posting. The time before, he was totally irrational, and roundly unpleasant about it. So I moved onto another vineyard where I had been doing part time work anyhow, and while I had two co-workers, with whom I got along fine, I was back to sole work. No big deal, no one bothers me and the boss man is a decent guy and the owners know their vititculture. So it would seem that the perps are still working on their need to keep me isolated at work while testing the waters with working with a regular crew. And it has taken 15 years to get this far; fucking absurd, and do we ever have a long way to go.

Brown Color Games- Vehicle Use
I suppose the assholes and their long running interest in the color brown and my interaction with it has reached a new level. To wit, as of 01-2017 I now drive my perp abetting mother's Ford Escape, a light brown (not tan) metallic body finish and an interior of medium brown. Not that it was a sudden transition; the mid grey Camry that I owned took an inexplicable 3 months to sell, even with new tires, and a set of winter tires as well. Then the Ford Escape had power steering repair problems within the month of selling the Camry. So I needed a few trips in my boss' vehicle to get to work until the protracted repair was done. Well done assholes, and this long running stunt of vehicle color use, and of course, the color of the seats still has a long way to go IMHO.

They weren't done then though, as the Ford Escape clutch began to fail, for the second time at 115k km, so I had to rent a vehicle for two days of my trips to Kelowna for radiotherapy while was being repaired.

It hasn't gone unnoticed that there are a profusion of Ford Escape gangstalking vehicles in my proximity, and the Camry frequency remains abnormally high.

Planted ML Imagery
Something that I don't get into much here on this blog, as it is so tedious, and is a theme rife with planted imagery that doesn't convey well in the written word. In the last two months the perps have been heavy on planting an visual image of this woman in mind. And no less, it is context specific; if I am standing up, the planted image is too, next to me and leaning in, romantic like. Ditto if I am sitting or lying down. And in black and white for some reason. Anyhow, I won't go into a whole lot of detail, as this this about putting this down for the record.
So there you have it; 2017 was another Fuckouver year at the hands of the Psychopathic Confederacy, like so many of TI's out there, and they are still a long way from getting their objectives attained in my estimation. The frenetic gangstalking games while in Victoria (per above), as mentioned above should tell you that.

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