Monday, January 01, 2018

A Power Ditz Christmas

My perp-abetting mother has been putting on the power ditz since I arrived here at the First Feral Family house Dec. 14. But no more so than last night when a near equally aged friend came over, a very talkative one, so it was the two of them talking past each other, my mother doing 80% of the word mangling as well.

And I suppose it was no fluke that one brother was in Thailand, and the other didn't come down from Kamloops, (going off schedule for the first time) just so it was just me to witness, aka, hear, this low content word barrage going back and forth at Christmas dinner. As I saw it, it was another exercise to isolate the TI victim; no one to talk to that has something substantive to say or else, in the case of the word mangling, no intelligible content at all. Add in the indirect referencing that seems to be more prevalent than last year, i.e. "thing", "over there", "it", 'they" etc. and one wonders why they have put me through this again for another year. Perhaps they want me to notice that my mother is getting worse. Well fine, she is 92, so what does one expect even without the underlying mind control imperative.

Add in my mother's colossal inadequacy over running a Windows PC, and it would seem that the perps really like to have me riled up while attempting to help her at the First Feral Family house. I have never seen someone so impervious to learning in all my life, having been stiffed with training her on PC's for over 20 years now. Naturally (har, har) it develops from the event that she attempts to get it done by herself, and I come by and find her klutzing around and then rescue her from herself. The latest was over the community garbage pick up schedule, something I printed out last year for her, so I got a new set printed out. The fact that two different local governments are responsible, one for organics and refuse, the other for recycling newspapers, plastics etc. doesn't make it any easier, along with differing methods of accessing and printing the schedule to make it all the more fraught. Or in the case of my mother, doubly impenetrable.

Later she dodders downstairs, then goes onto watch TV, and I find that only one of the garbage schedules is on the fridge, not the other. I ask where it is, and I get some babble-rationale that makes no sense. It isn't there or anywhere to be found. And owing to her hearing problems, exacerbated by not wearing her hearing aids all the time, I am not  getting through. Ergo, I go online and print another. Perp mission accomplished; fuck the victim into doing (or being part of) the exercise all over again. No better excuse than to have some prevaricating and doddering elder who is hard on hearing and recall. Not to mention, a lifetime perp abettor who sold her first born into this total 24x7 nightmare.

Another "feature" of hanging here at the First Feral Family house is exposure to TV, which my perp-abetting mother watches in great quantity from 1700h to 2300h every evening. Not having a TV at my own residence, this is  my annual 3-4 week exposure to this particular medium in all its manipulative excess. Not to mention a long running exposure to the freaks and Fuckwits of the Unfavored crowd; excess exposure to negroes on TV hasn't gone unnoticed, nor have wheelchairs, cripples, large gutted males, skinheads and the rest of the Unfavored parade, noted in a static posting at the right. (And they even put on a live negro "happening" to be walking by yesterday when I "happened" to be at the kitchen counter).

And on TV too, laying on the syrupy extra sentimentality of the do-gooders who get extra mention at this time of year, especially if it has a multiculture angle. And too, the BBC News in keeping with their self serving agenda of all things politically correct, has a seeming transgender news reader. Keep the ridiculousness flying all over the Empire, and never look back to see if you have one remaining behind you. And I see the Queen jumped into this ridiculously gushy fray, by praising the rescue workers of the Manchester bombing in 2017. Why not vilify and condemn the misguided islamic zealots who set the bombs off, and tell them if they don't like it in the UK, to get themselves back to where they came from, stateless or not. No your highness, keep a stiff upper lip and pretend the country is doing just fine. I am beginning to conclude that the UK is becoming a "doormat culture"; just walk all over us with your unlawful actions and we won't have the police (or other LEO's) do anything about it; see Rotherham inquiry ,or here still being disingenuous with the term "Asians".

I notice my mother sits on the couch, and not her regular comfy chair when I watch Forensic Files, that grim slice of reality of depraved criminal behavior on TV. Its all about the evidence and the facts, much more to my taste, and free from the happy-clappy agenda games that besmirches commercial TV.

Some more leaf raking and the "usual" eruptions of road traffic or walkers outside in suburbia, especially if I change locations in the front yard. A few days ago there were high altitude jet aircraft, three for the afternoon, reminiscent of the frequent SAC aircraft but there was overhead cloud so I could not be sure. Unusually, no helicopter coverage while doing this long running task at the First Feral Family property; in past years I have had at least 3 per afternoon on average, plus multiple single engine aircraft buzzings.

My daughter is flying in for a 20 hour visit, having won free ticket ticket from work. This would be from Vancouver to Victoria, a 20 minute flight at best. No matter if it is from the small aircraft S terminal, it was still an hour late. So, an hour waiting at Arrivals, with the freak show parading around me. For the record, we had the LEO's (aka airport  security) parading back and forth, a turban, countless male gut struts, the dude next to me on arm extensions (wing flapping I call it), big hats, wheelchairs and a few other. Woohoo, haven't we done  his so many times before?

 Another occasion for my perp-abetting mother to put on the power ditzing, this time in the vehicle. Another classic perp setup; driving across town to get these infernal cheese biscuits my mother has been going on about since I got here 12-15-2017. Finally I get them at a certain big box store, and thankfully she stays in the vehicle.The usual parade of  Fuckwits on me in the store; the woman who stands in the doorway just as the sliding doors opened, the litany of fuckwits at the aisle ends as I walked along them to find the correct aisle as I don't know the store too well, and another collection of  Fuckwits at the section where the infernal cheese biscuits were, as I had to go back and forth due to strategically placed shopping carts and gangstalkers who blocked my view at first. Then to get out of the place, first paying of course, and then I couldn't find the exit for crissakes, going the wrong way.

As it was 15 min. before we were to meet my daughter at her hair appointment, we decided to find the location and wait. Finding parking was intense, but we find a spot and then lo, it is perfect for endless headlights to come around the corner and cross into my visual  field. So I looked sideways to a  fence,  and within a few minutes they were firing headlights through the slats of the fence even if it was a residential  house on the other side. Then my mother wants to get a card at the dollar store nearby, so I go inside and get one, and lo, some Fuckwit blocks me on my way to the checkout, taking his time to get his shopping cart out of my way, and then proceeds to copy-cat me by going to the card section. Another Fuckwit is at the doorway when I exit, doing a faux mistake so he can go through the same door of the two wide door-set as I just exited. (As I see it, these are examples of before and after financial transaction stalking/stunts). Then my mother is going on about  how long the wait is, and given that my daughter didn't reply to the text, I phone. She then tells me it will be another 30 minutes for crissakes. She might of said something sooner but didn't, as we had an alternate location to visit if it weren't for the waiting contingency. Finally, my daughter comes by at 1535h, and we need to get her to the airport quick, as her flight is at 1700h. So all my mother got to see of her on this 20 hour visit is the time my daughter spent in the vehicle together on the way to the airport, some 40 minutes So...another containment exercise, this time in a parked vehicle for 45 min.with my perp abetting mother and her bat-shit wacko rantings about fuck all while the rain came down, reminiscent of a bad camping trip. Why is it the perps have sandbagged me such dip shits all my life, and I am including my ex of 25 years in all this as well? Exasperation inundation it would seem.


Another 10+ hour sleep sack today; a perfect way to punch a hole in someone's day to enforce later daytime functionality.

I am fresh from another power ditzing and gangstalking outing to the bank, PO, and then SOF supermarket with my perp abetting mother putting on the ditz like never before. At the bank, there was this Asian woman standing in the way outside the doors, and wasn't about to move despite my mother's mobility issues. So we walk around her to get through the first  set, and lo, a Fuckwit woman is posted on the outside of the second set attending to her purse. I pull the door open,  and then she looks up, making out that she wasn't  totally clueless, just outrageously  stupid to be standing there in a public doorway attending to her purse.By then, another Fuckwit has come in behind somehow, and then opens the door I was opening a little more with his arm brushing into my shoulder. With a four person clusterfuck going on inside of two door sets 4' apart, I bolted out of there and sat down at the customer waiting section and left my mother to her  own devices. She hasn't made it to  debit cards, and there for needs to withdraw cash each week or so.

Then more over obvious Asian Fuckwits, one male in particular, who kept loitering around me at the customer section, with some middle east and E. Indian (from India) ones too. Sure, there were the ATMs there, but why this dude needed to stand around, first on his cell phone, and then in the entrance way, and finally leaning up against the wall was beyond me. Can we say extra obvious gangstalking, this time at a financial institution? After my mother's banking she brought around her financial advisor for me to meet, an Asian woman. We shook hands, chatted for a few minutes, and then departed for the Post Office. The PO was a clusterfuck of a line up, so after more doddering and ditzing, my mother decided  to forgo the PO line up.

Then onto SOF supermarket; which again, turned out to be another gangstalking shit show. Early on I had two "sneak ups", where the Fuckwit arrives soundlessly behind me within a foot, and eventually reveals himself to then freak me out that someone unknown got so close without any warning. Both were tall males, about 6'3". another. It would seem another  Penticton habit has arrived here in Victoria, where "excuse me" seems to be suddenly forgotten. I think there had to be some 20 -30 cluster fuckings in the aisles with my doddering perp-abetting mother putting on the ditz extra thick for the 20 minutes in SOF, abetted by the constant swarm around us. The Asians, E. Indians and the Middle Easterners were in unusual profusion, and of note, the brown box bearing stocking (or stalking) staff. In addition, there were at least 20 gangstalking "intervenings", when the Fuckwits pass between my mother and me. Then my mother pulls some bullshit about coupons not being taken at the self-checkouts, so we go to the manned check out. As the cashier, it was a guy I had seen who ran a downtown coffee store in Victoria in the 1990's, where I got my  coffee beans, appropriately aged. The shop even roasted their own beans, so it was the real deal, long before the invasion of Starbucks in this part of  the world. Not that he recognized me, but I suppose when one is in a public counter job,one sees people all the time, and won't recall individuals. (Though, it would seem that I was controlled and managed all my life, he was surely in on the gig then. Or like now, maybe then, there was something obviously visual about me that I cannot detect,  but everyone else can, and they look at me strangely, if not scared shitless). Anyhow, this cashier guy of the former coffee shop visitation days was the first cashier EVER who asked me if my doddering and ditzing mother gave him the right change. What does one call this when there are two ditzes making a financial transaction? (I was counting and observing only). A transactional ditz-out, or a mutual cash counting impairment dysfunction? I don't know, and I do wonder if this cashier guy was a real one, or perhaps just a one time put on.

Getting out of SOF was another door way egress shit show. Two tall E. Indian young males were obviously loitering at the entrance which is beside the exit, separated  by a 5' long rail that separates them. (As in WTF; normal grocery shopping folk proceed straight through to the aisles). They were 6' inside the store, standing together, one obviously overweight and in these ridiculous sloppy shorts that are all the rage. Not exactly dressed for the pouring rain, but hey, I am long familiar with that incongruous visage nowadays, even at -10C. Then as my perp-abetting mother and I pass through the single exit door on the other side of the rail, why, these E. Indian Fuckwits proceed to follow me out and then split sideways once out of the building. An elderly male turbaned E. Indian "happened" to be coming at us 10' ahead, and then 20' behind him was an E. Indian woman in traditional dress. So what was this over-obvious E. Indian gangstalking shit show all about when exiting the supermarket all about? As I have long mentioned, any time there is a light change, say from inside buildings to outside, the perps put on extra stupid shit, and today, it seemed to have a brown skinned flavor, following the intense gangstalking inside while shopping of that same ethnic group. So I have one question for the perps; if you have one of my brothers married to an E. Indian (from India) why don't you gangstalk the utter piss out of him, or both of them, rather than spend 15 years of insane and relentless stalking of me with brown people? Or, screw the turbans, and make the brown people more stupid looking by having them walk out with a brown cardboard box, (about the most ubiquitous brown reference object there can be), on their head? (Arranging "stupid moments" is nothing new to the perps, and covers all races. I have had Caucasians walking around with flattened brown cardboard box material on their heads more than once). Not my problem; if I don't like the color brown (on anything), I don't see why hordes of brown people need to be swarmed around me, especially while at building egress moments. Though I did learn on the radio in 2017 when a neurologist was interviewed, that the perception of color is uniquely individual.

Not forgetting about two months ago, while at the SOF self-checkout in Penticton, (just completing a financial transaction, note) they put on a single file of five E. Indians filing through the self-checkout area who didn't seem to know where the entrance was, and didn't make any bones about it, save one, who gave me this foolish smile. No doubt the brown people gangstalking has a long way to go in light of today's ridiculous circus.

I see my perp-abetting mother is up to her "getting in the way games" again, adroitly placed just where I need to access a section of counter, drawer or cupboard just ahead of me needing to get there. And too, waving her hands in front of her face while talking to me, as in being extra demonstrative. It is another behavioral trait that suddenly erupted when all this abuse rained down in 04-2002. Ditto for her foot waving while seated; not only her on this account, but it too suddenly erupted among the gangstalking community as well as of that same date.

An afternoon of leaf raking and compost pile making. The leaves were on the section of lawn next to the street, and as in everytime I do this task at the First Feral Family house, there is a break out of activity. IN this normally quiet subdivision, the vehicles start appearihng, the walkers come out, as well as the cyclists. True to form as well, the neighbors opposite have a reason to head out in their vehicle. The aircraft also begin to pass overhead; even a contrail job, plus lower altitude single engine propeller aircraft. In all my five days of outside garden maitenance work, I finally got my first helicopter passing  overhead. I never see them here any other time.

Going back a few years, about 7, they even put on a US AWACS aircraft flying low and directly overhead when I happened to step outside. And there are no Canadian AWAC aircraft, and it has been the only time I have seen one in Canada.

Anyhow, a new year is  nigh, and I shall get this posted for the week.

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