Sunday, June 04, 2017

Brown Skin Matching

Yoga yesterday, only five yogis for hot yoga at the end of a hot sunny day. The instructor was well browned from recent outdoor tanning, and I was moderately tanned by comparison. So... for more browning around, a long running perp need, they put in a brown Filipino woman between us. No males this time for whatever reason, but their experimentation games go in themes; dudes for weeks, and now presumably, browning around.

After yoga the perps wiped me for a nap attack at 2030h, and by the time I awakened it was 2230h, so it was only a matter of closing the blinds and turning the lights out to then get back into bed. Of course they wouldn't let me get to sleep right away, and played their fantasical mind fuck games.

They came up with a new fantasy variation a few days ago, and two nights ago (Sunday), after going to bed, they played this in mind for at least 3 hours. I had plenty of reason to get to sleep; an earlier hike, tanning outside and it just been a very hot day. But no, someone needed to keep me awake for three hours playing stupid mind fuck fantasy games.

A high overcast day today, but the same 30C temperature as the last week of sunny weather. Even if wearing shorts, I didn't get any tanned, so I suppose the tanning off-on nonsense is going to continue all summer. My landlady returned from Mexico the May long weekend, just as the weather finally became sunny. I suppose she might also be part of this tanning and brown skin experiment games, getting a week's head start while in Mexico and then returning here just as the sunny weather starts for the summer. We had maybe two sunny days between January and May 22, but that was it. She was getting fed up with the weather too.

A big thunderstorm last night after I paid my month end bills online. And it continued for 40 minutes. Some more thunder this evening as I write, 1820h. The latter was conveniently timed to screw up my plans to go to a part time employer, but once I phoned them, they indicated that I should hold off for tonight.

More shoot thinning at the vineyard today, and more curiousness as to why other crew members need to get into my row when there are plenty more to do. I'm fine if they want to help me out to finish the row for the day, or help finish the block, but why start at the top of my row when I am 8 panels (bays, =8x20', the span between posts) along and they can obviously see me? Even the straight-ahead (normal) NZ woman did this for the first time today, even if she complained about the "difficult" crew member jumping into her row twice in the last two days. No explanation from her, nothing.

Said "difficult" one also joined in to involve me as well today; I had started a new row and was 30' into it and he comes along and goes to my row and starts clipping away. I ask him if he is working this row, and says, "oh, I guess you are". Like WTF; is this guy blind or just becoming a more obvious agitator? As one row end is often not entirely visible from the other end, say 150' or so, sometimes two crew members can start the same row from opposite ends, and need to sort out who is to complete it. Of course the perps love this FUD moment, and as an example, duly exploited it yesterday when the "difficult" one started in my row after looking right at me from 150' away. I was already in the row, and he had just walked in, sees me, and I figure this is my row as I am in it. Some 20 minutes later I see him working my row, heads down, pretending not to notice. Perhaps the "going blind" theory explains this. He pulled this on someone else today as well.

And as regular readers will know, whenever I change directions in doing farm work (or driving for that matter), working from one row to the next, usually a 180 degree turn, the perps put on no end of games.  For example, the cell phoning vineyard owner "shows up" just then (yesterday) or the boss man drives up, or someone else comes by, or an aircraft comes by for a noisestalk etc. And too, about three panels from the end the perps have me screw up and get pissed off. This shit is so predictable it is just plain tiresome. Chalk another one up for the ongoing research anisotropy etheric energies.

And what is it about the police, or emergency responders, that they need to drive up my ass (10' away), and THEN turn on their sirens. Of course the flashing lights were already on; now adding yellow to their renowned blue and red. And of course, adroitly timed as I was about to make a L turn, turn signal on, and then I hear the siren, then see the mofo in the rear view mirror who is looking to pass by me on my L side (wrong side of the road). So, I change my turn signal to R and pull over, and the mofo cruises past. This is at the corner of Fairview and Windsor, one of my regular turns to my residence, and the scene of countless arranged vehicle trains that hold me up at this corner when attempting a L turn.

This same scenario "happened" about four weeks ago, with colleague in the passenger seat, and while not at the same location, we had set off and were in the vehicle for only two minutes, when the police vehicle with flashing lights was on my ass without prior warning. The siren was turned on at the last second when he was 6' from my bumper. Even my colleague remarked on the short notice.

But getting back to the first scenario above, when I was just about to make a L turn. About 5 years ago they pulled this exact same bullshit back in Victoria; I was in a L lane and about to make a L turn across three lanes where there was no oncoming traffic, and lo, an ambulance was in my driver side mirror with lights flashing coming up beside me on the wrong side of the road. And about then, the siren was turned on. No prior warning, because I would of pulled off long before. I never had any of this dangerous (IMHO) emergency vehicle behavior before, and now this bullshit.

But of course, having regular oncoming vehicles cross the centerline ahead of me is nothing new now, since this harassment began 04-2002. They will take any excuse, e.g. give a cyclist 7' (or more) of clearance, so they have some excuse to be straddling the centerline.

A day of shoot thinning in the vineyard, and on-off rain all day today. The perps have now decided to compromise my rain pants and now have them leak some at the knees. We have done this already; back about 2010 when daffodil picking, new rain pants leaked at the knees, after the old pair (with nothing seeming wrong with them) leaked at the knees. I was pissed then, and am all the more pissed now that I am not allowed to have functional rain pants, especially that they are high end Bluestorm Latitude 38's.

Warm, but not too hot in the vineyard today; shorts on after 1000h. No threats of rain either, so I got to listen to my headphones all day. The perps messed with my digital music player and put the first artist on repeat, when I expected to be finishing up on the last album. I am going through all female vocalists from A-Z in my 225Gb collection, and so when done, I move onto the male singers and bands. Except of course when they mess with the player and have it repeat and blank me out and have me not recognize that it is repeating. They couldn't do this to me until about 2008 when they somehow learned to remotely hack music repeat memory.

A Bell 206 helicopter came about 1530h and landed on the helicopter pad to deliver wine tasting folks to the nearby tasting room. The pilot was at the aircraft just as we were departing for the work week, me driving past it with appropriate clearance, and at least one passenger back inside.

Then two hours of extra work at the part time vineyard tonight. Same job; shoot thinning. it will take a while to get this done, probably longer than the weekend.

My work mates are still up to their peculiar habits of walking a vineyard row and then starting work from the far end. It is so totally pointless, and extra work as well. Like WTF; start a new row at the beginning of the day from the road (uphill) where everyone is parked, instead of walking the row downhill by some 120' and then begin working uphill. I cannot grasp why this one woman has these very "daft attacks", seeming to have learned them from the "difficult" dick who began this perversity. Sure, especially in the afternoon, walk back to get water, but no, she carries a flask with her (sort of). She hangs the flask up one panel ahead, giving her the excuse to do back-and-forths all the way along the row. Even the normal seeming NZ woman did a pointless row walk today. Daftness is infectious as it turns out, unless someone is jerking their chain, and they don't mind looking so stupid.

And why is it the perps still need to fuck with sending/composing emails? I composed an email, went to another tab, and lo, could not find my email in draft. Since the assholes have spent the last 15 years deleting these draft emails without a specific "Save", except for the last 6 months when Yahoo finally had an autosave for draft emails, I thought the email would be saved. But no, a new trick; the fuckers sent the email when I specifically did not Send it. So it got sent twice in slightly different versions of course, something the perps just love to create. Its like they feast on "do it again, but differently". What is the matter with them? Now, some 15 years of these remotely applied juvenile incursions, of the most trivial nature. Woohoo... another day in fucking hell.

Saturday, and I got screwed out of shaving this morning as I was made to sleep in an hour past my alarm. I had all the plans for a regular weekday morning, just that I needed to get to the laundromat at 0800h, to get the laundry done in time for my haircut at 1000h.

All was accomplished, and I even had a motorcycle escort of 4 loud HD motorcycles behind me on the way to the hair cutting school. A young woman from Invermere cut my hair today, and she seemed the most uncertain student stylist in the five years I have gone there. She needed at least six instructor-consult departures to help her, and at one point the (male) instructor had to do some cutting. I might of been her very first live subject, or perhaps she wasn't trained at the same level. And I suppose, when one is cutting the hair of the most harassed human subject in recent history (me), she might of been somewhat nervous. Since interpersonal touches seem so regulated, e.g. cashiers handing my change or receipt (anywhere), I wonder what qualities the perps request to have someone in such close proximity to me, and of course, touching me many times in the course of a haircut. It is all very curious, living in this fishbowl as a non-consensual human experimentation subject.

I know a little about Invermere, BC, as I visited there about 4x in the course of my 3 year stay in Nelson BC, as part of my Forest Service duties, 1986-89. So perhaps the perps were looking for a locational "vibe" that was common, though I haven't been there for some 40 years almost.

I got the cluster of four women at the cash desk when it came time to pay, and lo, if the beautiful young blonde woman I knew from prior visits didn't also "happen" to arrive just then and exchange pleasantries. Talk about a total dopamine rush. She also mentioned that the normal Saturday instructor that I know from past visits was away. This is the same woman I frequently talk to about wine, and wine tasting.

Then onto a part time vineyard job for more shoot thinning for six hours. I "happened" to meet my former employers of the last two years nearby, as they do mountain cycling in the area. We exchanged pleasantries and went our separate ways. There was plenty we could of talked about, but for some reason all this "escaped" me.

Sunday; more shoot thinning at the part time vineyard. The owners lent me some CD's as he put on a interest in digital music. Though he confessed that his son-in-law put on music files on his Ipod, so his knowledge of digital music handling was limited. Probably a set up to lend me CD's, another recent perp rage for whatever reason. (The "difficult" dick at work was doing this before he started his asshole trip; good timing that).

Then onto help my crippled friend, he of the split knee cap injury, now getting into physiotherapy. One had to wonder what he does all day; I lent him some of my books and he hasn't touched a one.

Anyhow; a big week as I get my PSA test after 4 months of taking MMS and all those good nutritional things to support prostate health. Oh, fucking why did I get stiffed with this bullshit after 15 years of unmitigated hell?

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