Sunday, June 11, 2017

Nap Attack Nixes Yoga

A nap attack came on at 1800h, and I knew I was screwed for attending yoga, and I was. I got hit for 1h10m, plus another 20m of awake time but without the energy needed to get up. As always, I did not need the sleep, and today's vineyard work, while sunny, was not that hot (24C). And the post nap attack state, like I was drugged almost, makes for something quite interesting for perps; after heading out to fill up and grocery shop, they just love to put on extra stalkers, noise and freaks.  Especially the latter, as the great bearded bum at the supermarket (after the nap), just had to put on four stalking passes, two of them utterly pointless. Then another similarly bearded freak in the parking lot when I got out.

Mondays are the worst; freaks, and now stereo sabotage again- L channel "failing" with new interconnects -just touch the RCA connector and I get sound again.

A blood draw today, another perp nutzo event where they pour on the extra harassment.

One thing going wrong after another tonight, plus plenty more plasma beams, masers beams and reflective light movement of no know source in my R peripheral vision. That is, things fall down, food flicks, spills etc.

I cooked a frozen whole fish tonight, the head off and gutted, but everything else there. maybe that's why the perps have gone nuts tonight. At least 12 screamings at the assholes tonight.

All my anti-cancer MMS supplement intake for the last four months came to naught; yesterday's Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test result is 8.23, (6.4 four months ago) where normal is below 4.5. This means I am fucked as there is no other way I know of to reduce the cancer except for the stupid conventional means. If I take the MMS at a higher level, (like I did for four weeks in 02-2017) that means I will need to take it (horrid shit) for four months to deal with the duration between tests. I took the MMS2 protocol for four weeks, and then backed it down by half for four weeks, and since then take a daily maintenance dose. Not good enough apparently. There is no way I know of to measure the PSA test, or something comparable, on my own to find out what is going on.

It could be that I did nail the prostate cancer for a time, but it came back under the maintenance dose. And of course my long standing and vociferous advocacy that low dopamine is the real problem has come to naught; none of the referrals have come through in three months. And, as mentioned many times before, dopamine mediates the immune system, the only real agent that will deal with cancer effectively IMHO. So this fucking cancer show is going on for its second year (06-07-2016 when they sprang it on me). Thanks a lot assholes. All the while they told me it was going to be a year only.

Or could it be that the perps have learned how to negate MMS1and MMS2 by remote means, and I was the biological test dummy? Could be, given the number of set ups and baitings that go on. Not to mention incursions into my recall that began in 2006-7.

At the health food store and a capsule gangstalk with a "staff" attended stocking/stalking cart 18" away. What a coincidence that the one thing I wanted, and there it was beside the stocking/stalking cart. Then a following Fuckwit stalker that needed to get through. Can we get any more obvious than this? The perps just love to hound me after I have selected an item, that is, made a decision.

Shoot thinning in the vineyard all day, but with high winds all day, making for excellent grass pollen distribution, enough to make me very congested and with sore eyes by day's end.

A helicopter landed at the pad near the tasting room. Usually they do a low circuit to signify their intentions, but not this time. It was landed before I was aware of it, as it came into the wind direction, some 200m away from where we were. It was the same helicopter as last time, a Bell 206 in glossy black and dark blue.

Saturday, and one spent working at a third vineyard, -shoot thinning is the big demand these days.

Yesterday, the same at the regular M-F vineyard. As becoming "usual", more deranged pointless row walking by some of the others. We finished one block, walk 30 seconds to the start of the next block, and this emotional-mute woman (mentioned last post), walks 120m to the top of the row and then works downhill. Everyone else started from where they were. In all my 8 years of enforced farm labor, I have never seen anything so peculiar as this. As usual, she doesn't explain anything.

Then at lunch, the same in reverse; she is at the top of her row (where her car is), and could of resumed from there, like normal. But no, she walks down the row to where I was. Bizarre.

Saw David Lindley at the local folk club in town last night; he put on a good show and is truly a master of stringed instruments, some five of them. Ironically, no mandolin, for which I know him for, e.g. backing Maria Mauldar. There were plenty of tattoos on show last night at the club; 4 of the 6 waitress staff were inked. My waitress was tattoo-ed on her chest, something she had to show me given her top had plenty of chest exposure. The worst of it was that she was so disdainful and pained in her comportment, except when it came time to leave and she smiled no less. She seemed to be Spanish looking, a light brown skin, and I have met a few of those in my long ago travels. And not even a "sorry" from her for banging into my shoulder at least 2x on the night. And such a large ass for such a young thing. Though another untattoo-ed slim waitress made plenty of pass-bys, often leading or following the large assed one. Some kind of comparative study I suppose. If I don't like large butts or other examples of obesity, I don't see why it has to be a 15 year long nonconsensual human experiment to determine why. I just don't, so give it a rest assholes.

My table at the club was in an very exposed location, projecting into the narrow aisle and next to the sound guy. I loathe these particular tables, and the regular MC made sure I got my favorite table, but as he is ill with a neurodegenerative disease, I don't expect to see him any more. My table location also afforded plenty of "stray" light flashes from the street, as well as from the cashier table. The perps just love to flash light from behind me that catches my glasses and reflects into my eyes.

Back to obesity stalkers; I was leaving the vineyard in my vehicle, and the owner was at the corner of one block and had a visitor with him, possibly a viticulturalist, and this man had a sprawling disgusting gut hanging out from his front as he faced me. And he didn't bother to get off the road so I had to make a wide turn around him. Just another gut strut.

Then tonight, another male with a sprawling gut, waddling too (worse), walking along and around the corner, as I also made the corner in my vehicle on my last laundry trip. So what is it about these disgusting obesers that need to be placed on corners of roads, so I corner around them? In the least, it is another example of Unfavoreds making corners, adding to the anisotropic properties of etheric energy interactions (with me). That is, have someone disgusting looking be evident in two cardinal directions.

A full day at the third employer vineyard, thinning shoots. Not too remarkable, save three helicopters coming along, all the same kind. I haven't seen anything like this since 2012 when two black EC 135's came along in formation over the vineyard. This time it was three, though not in a military formation (wing), and they were further away so I could not get a read on their color or type.

And what is with the UK general election? Two terrorist events during the election and not a one of the party leaders makes it an election issue. Are we governed by wuss-power no matter the party? How about, say, 22 dead at the Manchester concert recently, = 22 less mosques in the UK (and no new ones) and 2200 deportees on their way out. I just don't understand how the UK has turned into being a colossal wimp-fest over this issue. In 2014 there were 168 laser attacks on landing aircraft at Heathrow for crissakes. At the link, a pilot's eyes were damaged by a laser attack while landing an aircraft. And just who in the fuck might be doing this with such concerted effort? The same ingrates enjoying a free ride in their adopted country, who don't want the fuss and bother of arranging another means to do the same. I'm with Trump on this issue, but I have my doubts about his governing capability in total.

Anyhow, time to post this for the week, and call this one done.

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