Sunday, May 28, 2017

Noise Onset Timed for Headphone Use

And what is it about putting on headphones and listening to music that must be pummeled with noise from outside within 5 minutes. These past two days of good sunny weather, a rarity this year until now, and in combination with the Escape's power steering pump leaking like a sieve, has meant that I could only responsibly get my tanning done outside my place on the lawn. Which meant, listening to headphones as a bonus, but that didn't last long as someone nearby started up the gasoline lawn mower, the HD motorcycle noise, overhead aircraft in repeated passes or some such noise. I gave up attempting to wear headphones as the assholes seemed so intent to punch their noise through. Ditto yesterday; within 5 minutes of putting on the headphones the lawnmower noise starts up; the same mower and same location two days in succession, each with the same impeccable timing of putting on my headphones. That takes coordination IMHO.

Mind you, even on the vineyards that I have worked at that aren't on a busy road (2012-14), the assholes would time aerial noise, usually the single engine propeller driven aircraft, to loiter overhead when I put on headphones. And even more absurd, a specific biz jet took off when I had them off, and 15 minutes later it was doing the same thing, this time with my headphones on, catching me out as I did not expect it to somehow slip back and take off again. As this aircraft is not stationed here as best as I can make out, just why would it return in such short order? The "forgot our lunch" rationale has been played out so many times over the past five years of living here, where aircraft return in short order so they can make another pass. Not all of them, and more likely a small percentage, are on training runs and the like where this flight pattern has some legitimate rationale. Do they get paid by the flight, or by a free fueling or what? Or do all these aircraft belong to the Psychopaths? Don't know, don't care, just leave me alone.

Tuesday, and back to work at the vineyard. I got a ride from the boss man at the tire/automotive repair shop as the power steering pump was to be installed today. Indeed it was, and lo, if the pump pressure switch isn't also on the fritz, allowing full pressure all the time, and it too needs to be fixed. Part available tomorrow, another day with out the vehicle, and this time the boss man picks me up at my place as the vehicle is deemed undrivable. My guess is that the switch got sabotaged, and then that blew the seals in the pump. Ergo, no need for a new pump if it hadn't been installed first. A seal kit yes, but a new pump might of not been necessary. And I still wonder why I took the vehicle to these guys anyhow having pissed me off once, though the Ford dealership might not of been any better. But at least they were open on the Saturday of the long weekend, though I don't know if that would of been a factor.

Shoot thinning in the glorious sunny weather today, even if a stiff breeze for the afternoon.

Did I piss a whole lot of readers off inadvertently, or is this just more Blogspot number manipulations? From a steady 280 reads per day for the last two months now down to 80 reads per day for the past few days. I don't put much stock in these statistics, being kept in this bubble of all things manipulated

I got picked up by the boss man and his wife this morning, my vehicle kept in the shop overnight. I suppose this is all part of the "temporary separation" plan; first allow the victim to retrieve his vehicle from the shop while waiting for the part (PS pump), then when fixed, why another part (pressure sensor) is needed, but this time the victim must keep his vehicle at the shop. All this fuckery after getting the summer tires on. And a new PS belt as well, as the other one was soaked in PS fluid, and was slipping. Rubber games among others, not to mention leaking PS fluid all over town for the last week or longer. It drives nice now. A $620 bill for all of that fuckery on a vehicle that has 110,000km on it. Go figure.

I filled the vehicle up afterward, always a big perp moment, and wasn't surprised to have a loud motorcycle in the next bay, the only one of four available.

Shoot thinning all day today, being cool (17C), windy and some threatening rain. Don't ask me why the perps need to go through these temperature fluctuations, but we should be back to 10C warmer tomorrow and for four days more. Today was a cool weather "blip" in an 8 day sunny and warm streak.

And I see the assholes had me "forget" to take my vitamins this morning, all the more annoying when I had a rare extra 20 minutes before my ride (boss man) came by. When I have been such a regular vitamin user, I find this totally absurd that I would "forget".

One the forced "forget" games, they also had me "forget" to take my lunch kit home yesterday. Leaving things all over town was never my style, and now they have upped the sabotage inanity.

I see the difficult co-worker is now staying out of any verbal contact. The weird shovel demand experience of last week, and the prior offer (unprovoked) from him to throw me a pitch fork seemed to have a cumulative loathing effect (in me) that the perps wish to incubate for some reason. Though this person does still keep up his "dog me" stalking antics, taking extra strange measures (e.g senseless back and forths) to cross my path or pop into my field of view. Him, staying out of my way is just fine. Somehow he knows the score, though I haven't said a thing or otherwise tipped my hand.

Another day of shoot thinning. Bottling is tomorrow, but as they have an extra person I was assigned to stay in the vineyard. It doesn't add up; two of the six crew don't have bottling experience and will be part of the bottling tomorrow. I have three weeks of bottling experience and I get sent to the vineyard. All that clanging and bashing glass is a big deal for the perps, so perhaps they want be to be away from it, doing vineyard work. That "happened" last year, where the vineyard demands were such that the bottling crew had to do without me while I attended to the vines nearby. Funny how these exclusion games repeat. This is only a one day bottling job anyhow.

And funny how no one on the crew says anything to anybody in the morning; some I never spoke to all day, including the above "difficult" one. Though he still didn't let up on his posing (getting seen) and stalking games. It is like some kind of chain got yanked on most everyone, and nearly all of them went into avoidant down-at-the-mouth mode. I have experienced joint peculiar co-worker behavior in the past, though it has involved staring. Not this time for some reason, just avoidant behavior. For the record, there is nothing I did or said to stink the joint out, and nor is there any other event that I am aware of that would cause such a "reaction". In quotes, as it seems it is orchestrated.

I was shoot thinning all day today. I finished up the partial rows from the rest of the crew as they were on bottling, and by 1330h, the "difficult dude" slid into view at the other end of the next row. The rest of the crew followed in five minutes or so. Interesting that they put this loathsome mofo into view first. Normally, when I am bottling, there is always something going wrong to hold the line up for a while. Without me, it went just fine.

Sunday, and I got out for a hike to then get some tanning in, and managed to evade the bull and the cows that are polluting the hiking trails in and around McIntyre Bluff. Enough for now, and onto posting.

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