Monday, May 22, 2017

More Doctor Blow Offs

I wanted to get going on dopamine treatment of some kind as it has immune system considerations, in particular for my prostate cancer. (I am ADD, and by definition, dopamine deficient. And there are a number of scientific papers which correlate cancer to dopamine deficiency, dopamine being an immune system mediator among its many significant roles on the so-called "peripheral systems", aka, non-Central Nervous System). Referrals take a year or more sometimes, and I wanted to get on with this so I tried for a appointment to see the "good doctor", the one that has been helpful on some fronts in the last two years, but not with respect to dopamine despite her name dropping of a certain past helpful Rx last visit in 01-2017. So when I got a phone appointment for this major initiative (as I see it, and I have mentioned this to her before), I was not impressed.

And so today's 15 min. phone appointment turned into a big nothing. No Rx, and "wait" again, for the useless jerk urologist to review my PSA test in a month. Wait for what? More cancer to show up for crissakes? If no cancer then what?

And what IS IT ABOUT MY STATE OF DOPAMINE, that so interests a Psychopathic Confederacy that they ripped me off from taking a very useful Rx that increased my dopamine and made me well from 2000 to 04-2002, when this reign of abusive terror suddenly began? Bad enough in dealing with ADD for 46 years, then I start getting better in 2000, and then hounds of extreme hell descend on me in 04-2002 with a concocted story to which the criminal shrinks complied, to then force me to take medications that blocked dopamine and predictably, made me feel substantially worse. It was fucking criminal then, and is now, and was nothing short of living in a gulag in a supposedly free country, Canada. (With US based support too).

There ought to be an award for outstanding clinical criminality called the Dr. Ewan Cameron Award for Clinical Criminality, named after the CIA supported mofo who trashed patient/victims brains in Montreal, 1950-1962 roughly. If I were to award it, it would go to the certain doctor who pulled the above mentioned involuntary dopamine blocking enforcement stunt in 2002, and then in 2003 for five months. I will never forgive that asshole as long as I live. Other TI's report fast and loose "treatment"/abuse at the hands of psychiatrists, which begs the question as to whether they are all corrupted.

I just may of met the Scottish immigrant Dr Ewan Cameron mofo, as he did do "psychiatry" on children as reported by Carol Rutz, "A Nation Betrayed", and I lived in Montreal in 1956-57 and 1958-59. Though that would be during the memory deleted years 1956-59, aged 2-5 y.o. It is most curious the perps arrange these warbling Scottish accented Fuckwits to say something in my presence, and I simply cannot stand their accent, another new dislike that has erupted since they went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002.  Books....

So here we are now, 15 years since 04-2002 that began as senseless and relentless abuse such as directed head beam pain, gangstalking, extra-conventional physical activity, plasma and maser beams and being kept in a densified magnetic field, and still the assholes are  blocking my access to dopamine treatment. And the urgency is not so much ADD, but urinary problems, prostate cancer, dysthymia, low libido and a few others I won't get into. And still they thwart me, yet continue to manage, if not worsen, these symptoms. And of course, obstruct treatment.

Don't forget that from 1996-2000 that the assholes had three shrinks and a neurologist blow me off about not having ADD. I had read the clinical text books the doctors study, and it seemed to be plain obvious. Finally I got a SPECT scan and it was exactly as I diagnosed myself; ADD-Inattentive subtype. Chances are that I didn't "happen" to run into a string of inept clinicians, but it too was another insane obstruction of medical care that I desperately needed at the time. And here we go again; fucking the victim out of his needed Rx when it is plain obvious what the diagnosis is, (further supported by a recent urine test) and this whole clinical atrocity is now repeating again 20 years later. One has to given them credit for tenacity, but why not leave me the fuck alone? Or else let the cancer rip and call it done. I simply cannot handle this insane and relentless obstruction of my medical care, especially after being put through the hoops and mazes of researching the problem (again), all to hit the another wall (per above). Just leave me the fuck alone or let me die.

Given the government notion of regarding addiction as a criminal event, it makes me wonder if there isn't a bigger game out there, called Non-Consensual Population Dopamine Reduction Research, littered with the human wreckage that addictions bring. And how many centuries has this been going on? And here we have it; the path of all addictions lead to dopamine.

Planting vines all day today; the perps seem to like me doing planting, as much as weeding. No wonder they have me alternate these activities in the same day.

Got screwed out of yoga again while all dressed up for it as I got a phone call from my Farmer Friend (who never normally calls), and lo, if it wasn't timed to have me "forget" to go to yoga.  This is the second week in succession of this stunt, and will be followed by a third as next Monday is a national holiday. The perps never pull one-of yoga class obstructions but string them into twos and threes. So here we go again. More pointless and senseless obstructions over fuck all.

Digging all day today; first holes for planted vines all morning, and then back to weeding. The rain was on-off, and on when the planting holes were dug, and the boss man gave the crew the option of working in the afternoon. Only the NZ woman and I took up the offer, so I worked with her digging weeds all afternoon. Again; on-off rain in the afternoon.

Then to the tire shop to have my summer times put on, as I packed them in my vehicle in the morning, and they stayed in the vehicle all day. And one can always expect extra hijinks when it comes to tires, as the perps are totally nuts about them. (Tire rubber has earth (photonic) energies in it from the tree growth).

Before waiting there I went to the nearby specialty grocery store and as I entered, the construction babe from last year's house build next to the vineyard was at the checkout, but looking the other way. No big deal; I get these "sightings" all the time nowadays. I did my shopping for 10 minutes and went to the grocery section, and then three gangstalkers arrived. One stood exactly in front of the ginger which was the one remaining item I wanted to get, and stayed just standing there not even pretending to shop. Eventually I gave up and went to the check out. All to go through another cashier swap, becoming standard perp practice nowadays. The more attractive one was swapped out after the customer in front of me and I got the fugly older woman, a long time regular.

Anyhow, I wander the block or so back to the tire shop, and lo, from a parked black pickup truck, out pops said construction babe to say hello, as she was headed to Value Village next door. We chatted for a minute or so, she getting a little close, and went our separate ways. She was going to Value Village to get a yellow shirt she said, and lo, if a useless taxi parking up the street wasn't yellow. Given the timing, she should of been long gone, or a least, not sitting in her boyfriend's truck when I was walking by, but I am now long familiar with these managed coincidences.

Then I wait at the tire shop, and the cutie from the shoemaker shop "happens" to be stopping by. She is always friendly to me (no pleasant/unpleasant/ignore me turncoat games), and per usual, greeted me with her warm smile. I responded in kind, and noted that she is now blonde, formerly brunette. It seemed that she was in for major vehicle repairs from what I overheard. So two babes I happened to peripherally know arrive into my sphere within 5 minutes of each other while dealing with automotive tires.

I also got the "kiddie stalk treatment" while in the waiting area. A woman who was playing with her 3 year old son outside all the time (20 min.) while I was out shopping, brings him into the tire shop and he ends up in the seat beside me, being hyper, and just about runs into me, no doubt another exercise in testing my L side peripheral vision for threat assessments. The kid seemed to be extremely reluctant to sit beside me at first, being directed by his mother a few times. Like WTF; was it some kind of glow all around me or something else?

And lo, if the mechanic didn't discover a leaking power steering pump while the vehicle was up on the hoist. I had noticed that it made extra noise while turning, so no doubt I have more vehicle repairs to suck down my meager savings.

Yes, the power steering is going for a crap, though the fluid isn't leaking too much. I phoned the automotive (and tire) shop per above, and they cannot book me in until Friday (Wednesday today). So here we are, just ahead of a May long weekend, and my ass will be against the wall as to whether these repairs can be done, and at least, economically done.

A similar work day as yesterday, but with no rain, and even a little sun. I was planting all morning with the new girl, and then weeding in the afternoon with the NZ woman. This time I brought my 18V battery powered grinder to work and sharpened her's and my shovels which made a big difference in reducing weeding effort. But not enough to prevent a two hour nap attack this evening. As usual, I have not been running a sleep deficit.

Though the perps pulling nap attacks when starting into new books is not new; I received "The US Navy's Secret Space Program & Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance" yesterday, and somehow "forgot" to take it to work to read over the 45 min. lunch break. (I was allowed to remember to take the grinder and a book for the NZ woman).

Another "forget" in bringing the above book to work to read at break. Instead, I was entertained by a marmot for 40 minutes at lunch while listening to music in my vehicle.

And it was digging weeds all day today, the first half by myself, which I didn't expect. Therefore, no headphones were taken to work, so I got to listen the many aircraft overhead instead. Quite a variety of aerial stalkers today, even a pair of single engine aircraft in formation, both of the same type/make. The aerial fire drop tanker was in action again for two over-flights; on one pass it was trailing smoke in some kind of trajectory trace capacity I assume. It was not related to engine failure or anything irregular.

At 1000h, the first break, it was getting very sunny and warm, and so I changed into my shorts. And lo, 15 minutes later, the sun was behind cloud for the rest of the day, though still warm. I cannot count the number of times the perps play sunlight exposure games when I get ready for getting a decent tan.

And I see that the power steering fluid is leaking a whole lot now; the reservoir was drained today after I topped it up yesterday. It gets seen to tomorrow, and with attendant wallet impact anxiety. Another perp specialty; crank the angst. Just hilarious.

Got a ride from the boss man this morning, so my vehicle could be dropped off at the repair shop. And lo, if the power steering pump needs replacement. Had I not got screwed around and ordered it on online that night it might of made it here by today, and I would of saved $120 in the process. Buying parts from repair shops is getting too expensive. And so, into a long weekend with very limited driving capability.

Shoot thinning in the vineyard all day today, breaking the toil of hard labor of digging the weeds. And nice weather too; the storms came later in the evening in a stroke of good timing (ahem).

Saturday, and sunny weather the whole day. Not that I could get tanned for hours on end as my knee cap injured colleague needed to be ferried about, and I got some errands done too.

The power steering pump was leaking plenty, so I didn't go far.

Just finished reading "The US Navy's Secret Space Program & Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance" by Michael Salla. The book has plenty of substantiating documentation and eye witness reports to indicate the US Navy has space ships on high. This was also confirmed by the inadvertent release of their crew movement orders to ships that didn't exist (sea borne ones) in a leak of their data by a UK hacker a few years back. From the book, it would seem that the FBI, Navy and the Russians have a strong alliance with the Nordics. But the CIA and the rest of the US military, and former Nazis, have an alliance with the Reptilians, the archenemies of the Nordics. The latter have large bases in Antarctica. The Nordics have bases in Utah to help construct the kilometers long Navy space ships apparently. Obviously unconventional propulsion systems are involved in getting these monstrosities to fly, and hold their position above the Earth.

Also interesting is that the son of a US Navy admiral, Leslie Oliver IV was likely the pass-through of the US Navy's knowledge of space technology and the players, and that this was conveyed to Gene Rodenberry who created Star Trek from what he was told. The Nordics are the Vulcans, and the Reptilians are the Klingons. Another "soft disclosure" in the parlance of this book. As is Battlestar Galactica, also fomented by Leslie Oliver. Interesting, as it confirms what I saw on about deep technology concepts being released to form the premise of science fiction films.

The book was published in early 2017, and has a chapter on US President Trump being a US Navy supporter, as well as his warm contacts with Putin and Russia. And too, the FBI gave him a big assist before the November 2016 presidential elections by strangely invoking suspicions about Hillary Clinton that were retracted. It does make one wonder how on Earth (so to speak) the Trump administration can disrupt the embedded Reptilian control of most of the US defense apparatus.  The book also suggests there will be public release of government involvement with extraterrestrials, but I am not optimistic as the lid has been nailed down countless times over this aspect.

Another snippet of interest is there was mention of mind controlled women for sexual purposes dating back to the 1930's, as part of the aliens' deal with Hitler, which also included "antigravity propulsion, beam weapons extended life, and plenty of mind-controlled willing girls programs" (p. 47). Very interesting. Other TI related snippets mentioned in this book were age-regression (done to me), and memory wiping (done to me, per above). The operational arrangement is that one gets one's recall wiped back to the age they are regressed to, which is not true in my case. Other than that, there was no TI related scientific interest or human experimentation objectives that I could find in the book.

I am still digesting the whole thing, and wonder if the whole Nordic-Reptilian conflict isn't also arranged in some way, as each of their weapons are ferocious and of wide scale if deployed. And of course, it begs the question, which of the two is screwing the hell out of me and other TI's? (The telepathic mind feed I get is that it is the Nordics, but one cannot believe anything from Them). My vote is the Reptilians, as they are depicted to be the most vicious, soulless, aggrandizing and ruthless. The Nordics come across as the good guys (and girls).

And to make matters all the more mixed up, each of the extraterrestrial groups have their own in the disguise of humans here on Earth, on spying and sabotage missions; "biological robots" was the term, though I could count myself as one, though merely a human non-consensual experimentation subject/victim.

And if the Nazis had Reptilian help with advanced technologies, though not ready for being deployed in warfare, why didn't they advance this more (or delay the start of hostilities) and have them win WWII? Even their jet aircraft technology ME 262 first flew in 1941 but didn't become operational until mid-1944 due to metallurgical problems with the jet engines. If they had they would of been the superior air force. From the book, the Nazi Antarctic initiative (base, and technology advancement) was wholly separate from the German mainland initiative dating back to 1913, and that they (the overarching controlling "They") were ready to concede on the latter.

And it still begs the question as to why haven't one of these extraterrestrial groups taken on the other in a public and likely, Earth destructive conflict, an expanded dust-up like they did in 1561 in Nuremburg. (Caveat; other sites call it a sun related "parhelia" effect). What is each of them waiting for, or are they being restrained in some way? I don't get it, the big picture that is. There is something very universally fundamental they (either party, or a subsuming party) want from us Earth-lab dwellers, and TI's are in the hot-seat as to this human experimentation agenda. Or why don't the Reptilian agents take out the Nordic TI's, or vice-versa? That would not be too difficult for each to find out the subjects of the other given the extensive spying and ether-exploiting technologies they have.

The book "The US Navy's Secret Space Program & Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance" is recommended for those who wish to explore the whole extraterrestrial angle on what is going on in this world, especially so for its supporting documentation. So yes, I believe what it presents as largely true. As for the "disclosure" hope, I would respectively suggest it just isn't going to happen. (In fact, JFK's assassination may have something to do with this, per Salla's book, "Kennedy's Last Stand"). Ergo, Trump in hot water currently (as he always will be due to liberal knee-jerk bleating) and the (absurd) "impeachment" news chatter has started up. A good companion book is "Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life in the top secret world of UFOs, think-tanks and Nordic secretaries" by William Tompkins, one who was there during the days of the WWII spying on the Nazi advanced technology programs, and when the technologies were adopted by US aircraft manufacturers.

A visit to my knee cap damaged friend in the evening, after I sharpened his three pairs of hand pruners in the morning. I took a bottle of wine over, but he was already sauced when I got there. Its not pretty to see a drunk on crutches, but thankfully it was in his apartment, excepting that he needed to go outside to smoke a cigarette, and barely transversed the stairs. He said he fell down earlier, so I assume this was also due to drink. So here he has three months of physiotherapy ahead of him, and seemingly is psychologically maladjusted for this long run. I sense there are a number of dysfunctional behaviors going on, so this shall be interesting in a guarded "hope nothing happens" way.

Anyhow, a long weekend here in Canada, so I shall get this posted, now Monday morning.

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