Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Futility in the Snow Flurry

Another almost car accident today; this time aided by snowy and slippery conditions. I was driving along Eastside Rd, still in the city (of Penticton), coming into a LH curve downhill, and this idiotic woman from a driveway on my R side sits and waits, to the point I thought she was going to wait for me to pass by. But no, with a skiff of fresh snow on the ground and with an 15% adverse grade, and a loose gravel driveway, she makes her move to turn and cross my path. It was a dumb enough move if it were bare and dry road conditions, but it wasn't. Putting on the brakes hard would of been problematic, but I applied them enough to slow down on the down slope and my wheels fortunately caught sand on the road which helped considerably. She was only 6" away from my bumper before she got her excessively spinning wheels engaged enough to get her car out of the way. The postwoman at the adjacent mailboxes couldn't believe it either. And the offending vehicle was the same middle grey as mine was surely not a coincidence.

Another one of those, "don't know how we missed" almost-collisions. Earlier this year, a deer doing a near-kamikaze run on the highway in broad daylight did the same, and going back three years, there was almost head-on collision on the same Eastside Rd. Why is it that the perps need to arrange these near vehicle collisions for me? Could it be yet more traumatization games, putting them into my brain so to invoke a response they so want to remotely detect and later monitor? I think we have done the traumatizations for a long time; the three memory wiped years when aged 2 to 5 in particular, given the freak show that is constantly arrayed around me, read about the Unfavored.

The above mission was to head to my former winery employer 30 highway minutes away, who has yet to pay me for the last week of employment. A futility mission as it turned out, as no one responsible was there, having left for France for Christmas. One fellow was there, but he didn't know. I left unequivocal instructions on my last time sheet to mail my last paycheck, and three weeks later after its issue, nothing. As it "happens", said fellow will be spending Christmas in the same city I will be.

Or is that too part of this ongoing fucking insane campaign of late of delaying my mail, orders, parcels and everything else? The vitamins I ordered two weeks ago, and normally arrive within two days, were delayed by 10 days in shipping alone, not having been sent. So it is very likely that these two items, plus another mail item will all arrive in my absence, despite my best intentions and actions to prevent this very problem. The latter mentioned item usually takes three days to come, and now it will be at least twice that. Prior to that, my Black Friday online sales purchase from Vancouver, an overnight truck delivery, didn't get sent for a week because "somehow" I ordered an item they didn't have in stock when their online system indicated that it was, confirmed by the vendor. Hence my ski jacket for outdoor vine pruning and accompanying snow shovel arrived the day before the snow came down, and both saw use that very next day. Good timing that, but why didn't they bring on the snow earlier instead of putting me through yet another order obstruction? I understand they like me to wear things straight out of a (brown) cardboard box, but this is getting ridiculous, and surely they could put their own jerkass operatives through that rather than obstruct yet another delivery of mine.

And for the aforementioned trip along Eastside Rd, they put a shit tanker, aka, a septic services truck, ahead of me for the 20 minute journey. And lo, near when it was about to turn off, on comes a brown colored pickup truck to take its place. Keeping up the "brown stalking" it would seem.

I am now in Victoria, having flown from Kelowna Dec. 20 and staying at the First Feral Family household. And in keeping with perp stalking form, they had me covered with negro gangstalking for my flight. One at the waiting area some 12' away, then one of the two flight attendants, and one late arriving male negro male passenger, who curiously "needed" to walk the length of the aircraft aisle back where I was in Row 17 (a Q400, aka Dash 8). Then he walked back to about Row 6 or so and found his seat there. That he came late so he had unimpeded ability to walk down while everyone was seated was adroit timing, none of the shuffling along while passengers place their baggage in the overhead racks. Then to add to that, he somehow "missed" his assigned seat and only figured it out when he got to the back of the aircraft, probably 22 rows at the most. Later he doffed his hat for the skinhead look, something that the perps need to inundate me with everywhere I go. So two negroes, one male, and the other female on this flight. And of course as a flight attendant she got some face time  with me, putting on the faux friendly look, though that could of been part of her regular job and not because of me and my odious TI status that everyone seems to know about in advance somehow.

And on this topic of negro gangstalking while flying, may I remind readers of a stunt two or three years ago when my mother and ex had me spend breakfast with them before the flight, and these assholes nearly caused me to nearly miss my flight as the airport security line suddenly built up over the 20 minutes spent at the invited, but unplanned (by me) breakfast. I had to scoot to the front of the line ahead of other passengers waiting, and once through, I was the last to get on the aircraft. And lo, opposite my seat on the other side of the aisle was a negro woman. It was my (forced) turn to be late for the aircraft, the last passenger on board this time, and with a similar negro gangstalking arrangement as above. And for the record, negroes in this part of the world are less than 0.5% of the population, but it seems the perps have a consistent need to have one or more accompanying me on a commercial passenger flight. And it may be the last flight I take for a long time as my mother is giving up her vehicle and it will be unlikely that I will be flying from Kelowna to Victoria from now on.

And my departure planning got screwed around when the shuttle bus arrived 40 minutes earlier than planned with no prior notice. So "of course" I got screwed around and "forgot" some of my medications and supplements which had to be tracked down, and getting the third degree from the pharmacist, as he said he could only give me a 10 day emergency supply. I said if that is the regulation, I would go to a walk-in clinic in 10 days and get another 10 day supply which would of  been enough to cover me for this trip. He could see that I had the Rx on the province wide system, and it wasn't that I tried to persuade him any, but he then capitulated and gave me a 21 day supply, which is what I asked for. What was that about; more face time with a brown skinned (E. Indian) person perhaps?

My perp abetting mother was with me at LD where the above mentioned Rx games played out, and so afterwards she needed to fuss over getting chocolates, and keep me circulating there while the gangstalkers surged around in greater numbers than I have seen for some time. Then my mother didn't purchase any chocolates. This very same aisle was where she pulled  this same shit two years ago, and one of the perp assholes grabbed me in some kind of faux bullshit stunt. Putting on the brown as I call it.

A temperature change for my flight day too (Dec. 20). After three weeks of -8C daytime temperatures, it was +2C for the shuttle bus trip to Kelowna airport, and once in Victoria, a continuing mild spell.  I could see that Vancouver was inundated with snow as we flew over, but Victoria's lesser snow fall had dissipated in the night and morning. Just what is it all about, playing games with ground moisture sources, water or snow and then melting the snow in both departure and arrival cities on the day of travel? I have no idea, and don't give a shit, and I constantly ponder just what is so important about wetted surfaces, and sources of water, that is so important to the perps. Past blogging has highlighted perp interest in water sources, from weather, hoses, pipes and pipe material (and leaks therefrom), treatments such as filtering, as well as water that I imbibe and the drinking container material and color. "Naturally" I get exposed to others and their water bottles in all their variety.

Missed blogging here from the First Feral Family house these past few days, and I don't expect to catch up for a few more. I best get this posted and start a new posting when I can.

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