Monday, December 12, 2016

Continuing Cold Days

Monday, and continuing cold weather, about 2C, and below freezing in the morning. Overnight lows will be about -8C. Tomorrow night it will be even colder, and the ice wine picking will commence. I am short listed, per phone call, so we shall see what it is like to work overnight and then work at this vine cutting job the following day time. The perps do like to test me like this, having me work two consecutive shifts as it were, and too, changing up the lighting conditions, i.e., dark to daylight, is also a big deal for them. And too, the number of gangstalkers who precede or follow me with frozen goods at the supermarket checkouts hasn't gone unnoticed these past 14.5 years of this insane abuse-athon.

My commuter colleague, this time on driving duty somehow lost his vehicle keys after lunch. One guy goes to where we last worked, and somehow, they recalled where he was just after lunch. Meanwhile, I was sent (per mind fuck, but getting the post-lunch row numbers wrong along with any recall of landmarks), down the wrong row to look. And by dint of some miracle, har, har, in the dimming light (at 1620h), he found his keys. Presumably it was to send at least two of us in the wrong direction for 10 minutes or so. Straight out of the perp forced fuckover game book.

And at lunch time, and assembling ourselves in the parking lot to get ready for the afternoon's work, the vineyard and winery owner drive by. I cannot understand why this person and spouse, had to drive by and then come back within two minutes, never getting out of their vehicle even. The crew boss said "that is the owner", just to make sure I knew, and every one else of course. And what is it about property or business owners who are instructed to gangstalk in some some way? I cannot figure that out, apart from some kind of psychic "vibe" about larger entity ownership that is expected to be remotely detected in me. For that matter, any ownership, even objects that arrive in the mail. And it does make me wonder if the tyranny and tragedy of Soviet collectivisation from the 1930's to the 1980's wasn't part of the perps' objectives/psychopathic lunacy.

Hot yoga, and shirtless dude act again, about the first time that a dude is class actually can do yoga. Said dude "happened" to situate himself in my usual spot. Funny how that happens, and happens, in rotation. Save the tall and lithe instructor and one other, why were all the other 12 women so overweight? And why do they need to stand in front of me before and after class, bent over asses facing me? Not only surrounding me, but blocking my view, another time honored perp stunt.

And additional "feature" of yoga was a terrible tatt act; a couple in fact with gruesome tattoos down their arms. As always, they could of covered up these gross disfigurations, but no, it seems the perps just love me to see this disgusting visage as much as they can.

A day off..; the boss man said it would be too windy. Turns out, it isn't. On another front, It was indicated that ice wine picking would be tonight, but I got a text to say that it would be tomorrow, even if is cold enough (-11C). I got my deep cold clothing out, and so it will sit on the floor for an extra day. Who knows what these imponderable delays are about; even having things sit around on the floor or somewhere they don't ordinarily reside for an extra day or so. The perps just love it when I move my supplements around on the counter, say, moving them 12" away to signify that I have taken them from the bottle.

Reading about Parkinson's Disease, and the interesting lead about abnormal brain proteins, specific to Alzheimer, CJD and Parkinsons Disease, named alpha-synuclien. And one of the leading researchers got murdered in a professional hit, no witnesses. Hmm, was he on the right track and did someone need to terminate this promising research? As it "happens", the coincidence meter went off the scale, as a UK researcher also was killed in a car accident. Anyhow, more of a read here at Whale.

Stood up for ice wine picking; it was cold enough, but didn't get the call. And cold for the last three days of outside work, cutting, pulling and stacking vine canes needed for propagation purposes. More next week too....

I finally recieved, after a week's inexplicable wait more than normal shipping times, a ski jacket that proved to be very warm today. That and my Minus 100 boots, and all except my finger tips were warm.

Continuing cold, -9C all day. The difference was that 3" of snow arrived overnight, and was on the highways and in the vineyard. Thankfully the wind was absent. Again, my finger tips were freezing, meaning terribly sensitive to the cold, though this lapsed by 0930h. Pulling vines most of the day; no diversions from cutting, bundling or loading.

  Some -10C this Saturday morning, with a fresh 2" of snow outside, and on my vehicle, there for sweeping off etc. All very fluffy snow with a deep sparkly tone. More vine cutting and cane collecting, this time at a third site, relatively free from the wind. The sun came up for a few hours at 0900h, and by 1030h the clouds intervened to then cool the warming trend. An arctic front apparently, and this cycle of flurries and cold temperatures is forecast for another month for crissakes.

After weeks of delay, I am finally allowed to apply for unemployment benefits online. I go to the page and lo, the system is shut down for maintenance. Same deal yesterday; I get the notion (read, mind controlled planted notion) to purchase two sand bags to weigh down the rear end of my vehicle in these on-off snow conditions at my usual gasoline station, and lo, if they didn't have the traffic lined up 10 or so ahead, and when I finally made it there, why, a B-train gasoline delivery tanker was occupying the station. So I go to the nearby other gasoline station that I never have been to, and lo, all the pump parking was taken up, so I parked further away. I get inside and four dudes were ahead of me with the usual bantering with the cashier to hold me up. I then had to lug these heavier-than-expected sand bags (40lb each) 60' to where my car was. And as usual, a plethora of headlights was trained on me or coming and going while getting stiffed with this extended task. Then a 20 long train of traffic to obstruct me getting out of the driveway of the gasoline station, all head lighted in the dim 1630h light. All over purchasing and loading sandbags for crissaskes. Though, the perps do have an intense interest in soils, their colors and provenance. It just wasn't enough that my father was a geologist, from coal (and coal mines) to petroleum to mountain tops.

And what is it about the gangstalking assholes, this time at work, that they need to stand over where I am. In the cold, we were allowed to have the morning coffee break in the winery, and we were standing in a circle with the coffee and cookies on the floor in the center. Some had got their earlier, and I was later. I was standing in the circle for a few minutes, taking in the banter. I put down my lunch kit on the floor, go over to the coffee and pour it while squatting, and I look up, and the Quebequois Fuckwit had quietly moved some 6' over and was standing in my spot. Note that he was already comfortably in place, and had absolutely no need to move and stand in my spot. Once finished pouring my coffee and selecting a cookie, I stared hard at the fucker, wondering what passed through his head to do something so unnecessarily affrontive, but in keeping with long observed perp managed behavior, he was doing the oblivious act. WTF; why are so many fuckers going out of their way to be so strangely rude to stand where I was, especially when it is so uncalled for? And why did this particular behavior start up with such frequency since 04-2002? Cannot I be allowed to return to a place I once stood when it was vacated for all of 30 seconds, and when everyone was standing around, save this one fucker? Apparently not in this intensely choreographed hellish existence I have been cast into?

Cold, -8C, all day today. And in keeping with the previous two nights, there was another 2"
of snow in the night. All to have me clear it off my path (on the lawn) to the gate.  The snow was wind blown in the night, so it had only to be cleared from the rear window. All in keeping with the ongoing perp games of having me clean, (or not), snow and rain off my windshield and with what device, e.g. windshield wipers, plastic scraper or plastic bristled whisk. All too exciting for them; studying the energetic parameters of glass, and what it is treated with, and of course, what that confers to me (in some way) when I look through said glass. Not to mention that automotive windshield glass has a plastic film lamination inside of it to prevent it shattering in the case of an accident. Just more fun and games for them.

Cutting and pulling vines today, out last day of the project. A nice touch was that we had pizza supplied for lunch on this last day. It was all guys today, eight of us; even the project leaders wife couldn't make it due to some transient health issues (apparently).

Enough to call this done for the past week.

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