Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Eye Exam

A visit to the optometrist this morning; more lens is power needed, my astigmatism has increased. Retina health looks good. New lenses, and of course, more expenses on that one. Having me touch those instruments, putting one's chin in the rest and looking at objects with one eye, then the other, is straight out of the perp vision testing script. And plenty of male stalkers for some reason, and they even put on a fugly dread-locked negro for crissakes. It is always a sign that the stalking scene is getting intense, putting on the rare negro (and no corrective lenses on him).

This has been one expensive year with car repairs coming at me, then the supplement circus (=expense) was amped up big time when they hit me with prostate cancer in June. And to finish the year off (still two weeks to go though), this financial hit on corrective lenses, another perp stunt IMHO. And I am sure they loved the eye tests too, especially the one that tests peripheral vision, the one where the flashing bars show up on various points of the screen (for each eye) with varied timing. I am sure the ersatz stalker and stunts to test my peripheral vision exceed 500/year, now 14.5 years running.

I asked the optometrist about dopamine in the retina, being that I am on a dopamine research kick of late (for genuine related health reasons), and have a deficiency in the form of ADD. She didn't know anything about it, and then looked it up on her cell phone for crissakes. I think I have had enough cell phone stalking, but the perps don't think so. Getting information on a lighted color display in my proximity is interesting enough for them, and then add in the EMF signals supporting said information retrieval and it is perp paradise as far as victim harassment goes. In fairness, though, the average schmo looking up internet retrieval on the internet on their phone would not sense any greater plan or harassment as such.

Then afterward I got "stupidized", sending off my dopamine pee samples from yesterday without tracking, all to save $10 on postage. I paid $220 for the test, and if it doesn't make it to the lab in 30 days (pre-Christmas time volumes, note), then the pee samples will be rejected. And it takes a day in advance to change up the diet, and then a day for the testing. How fucking stupid was it to send the test kit off without tracking? I can thank the perps for that, considering that they manage every thought  and notion. Never mind that I cannot expect that anything can ever go right in this managed hell of sabotage at every turn, from finger coordination, personal health, job productivity and all other general function. Things go wrong at 100x normal since the onset of this imposed abuse-athon since 04-2002. And "somehow" I "forgot" that history too.

I am not allowed to turn anything off or on without it going wrong somehow; buttons don't work, my hand slips off the switch, my hand somehow turns the switch on then off etc. And passing through a doorway or a gate is also a big deal for the perp assholes; they constantly force me back to get things I "forgot", have objects fall from my hands at the door, make the lock or door difficult to open, or otherwise piss me off during this most pedantic function. It is hell on earth, and no way out. From long ago, they can alter the physical properties of pills so they stick in your mouth and won't go down, and dynamically mess with swallowing too. A knife thrust at one's wrist hits an invisible force field and stops without conventional cause. (Or else they control my arm and wrist and stop it that way (though it doesn't seem that way), exactly opposing my intention).

What is with the 100+ view increase per posting since June? Normally I get 40 to 80 per posting, now I get 160 to 210. I don't think I can thank the Russians or Poles this time, or at least not now, as the Google stats indicate most of my latest views come from the USA. Anyhow, not a big deal, as the Comments remain negligible, and the perps just love to spoof and otherwise sabotage productivity statistics.

An outing after sitting at home listening to music that I like (=dopamine increase), I set off at 1530h, about the time the sun sets now, mountains and all. What a gangstalking scene; extra trains of traffic, clusterfucking me at every turn, (even a 60' tractor trailer in residential streets), not using turn signals (them), and packing the parking lot at the tanning salon. No other customers there, and still the attendant had to check the bed to see that it was clean. Another senseless delay, as she knew I was coming 10 min. ahead of time. And then to top it off, she "forgot" to reset the lamp switch, so I had to get up and open the door and call out, skyclad of course. She never forgets, so what is the deal? When departing she makes out that she often forgets. Like WTF.  Another holy vehicular cluster fuck when departing, forcing me to be transverse to the lane at a red light, which could of been ameliorated had the driver in front pulled ahead, but as they were doing their "sit back" thing, they didn't budge. The "sit back" driving behavior erupted in 2003 when they let me drive again after the illegal incarceration, where waiting at traffic lights the vehicles sit back 1.5 car lengths behind the vehicle in front. Except me of course, I haven't bought into the group think/stalk behaviors, and constantly ponder why this is mass inanity is going on.

Then stopping at Staples to find that inkjet cartridges went up 50%, so screw that, I will try one of those recycler places again. Though in the past, their stuff didn't work. So who knows, in the Fuckover-fraught hassles of printing and ink, this might be another round where they need to test recycled ink, now 5 years later. I had my usual stalker in the parking lot, the Fuckwit getting out of his parked vehicle just to tail me in, with another to take over once I got inside. Tag team gangstalking is nothing new, as is the obvious aforementioned Fuckwit sitting a parked car who then "decides" to tail me when I exit my car. Then a dithering dipshit at the exit between the two sets of doors, the pondering-the-reciept act; been there, done that. Said Fuckwit pulled it together to then advance-stalk me out of the doors and into the parking lot. What is it with the Fuckwit dress code of wearing a red jacket and medium brown pants?

I had one such dressed stalking Fuckwit stalk me for four encounters in one store last week, and then I depart to make a rare visit to Walmart, getting skunked. Then I go to an alternative store to find the same item, and lo, if the same red-jacket-with-brown-pants Fuckwit wasn't there again. Too many coincidences, and all the more noticeable with these fugly get ups.

And lo, if the boom truck boys weren't in the alley when I came to park; they have been putting up cable on the nearby service posts all day, and lo, if they didn't happen to be now situated around my usual parking spot. And lo, if the accompanying pickup truck wasn't full of cardboard boxes, presumably containing the parts they are connecting to the lines above. And too, perhaps this is the warm up for me to change my internet service in the next few months, and to provide more close up advance exposure to the boom truck, cable and the parts in brown cardboard boxes. Strange that they were working in the near dark at 1630h. Or is it a warm up as my mother wants me to "help" her change her TV and internet service to the once-monopoly phone company when I make it to Victoria next week. The normal TV cable provider has been supplying her such terrible signal for the last two years, as the image is coming in smeared too often. The little that I know about image processing tells me that they are doing some signal compression games and not fully de-compressing it at the modem end (or on the line, given how much gear is hanging from the service pole outside her house).

Onto another perp theme, information service sabotage, monitoring and how information gets to me, and what color the cables are, what kind of metal (silver colored at this end), the whole epistemology of information in all its facets. The perps are consumed with how I get information; verbally, visually in person (even if I copy the cute yoga instructor or another (often not-so-cute obese yogi)), from books, posters, radio, TV etc., and now of course, online via the internet in all its facets, pages, video, audio only etc, Additionally the perps are consumed as to technical delivery methods; EMF signal (satellite), copper, aluminum or optical fiber is used, along with the plethora of sheathing options, color being one. Even satellite dish color seems important. Perhaps this new cable they are putting up in the alley is optical fiber, as this particular company promotes it so much, and their TV signal is wonderfully sharp and detailed. And so it goes, now 14.5 years of this insane abuse-athon, with an unmet agenda that spans the world, perhaps larger. Metastatic cancer would be a blessing; cut the expense and get the fuck out of here.

I was awakened at 0700h for some reason, and no night time awakening due to a urination need, or leg cramps. I haven't understood why these problems of the last two months have abated in the last week, as the perps have had me "forget" to take my magnesium and L-tyrosine consistently for the last two weeks. And these were the very supplements that (barely) relieved the problem. But they did get me up early (no alarm) for a reason. Someone was on the other side of the wall in this carriage house, which is curious, as the landlord hasn't anything of concern there. Once I got up, it was a "day glo", aka, high-viz vested person immediately outside my bedroom window. And lo, if they didn't pound on the wall and then apply a hammer drill once I was up. As it turned out, it was the resumption of yesterday's boom truck boys, now with two of them, and continuing with their cabling overhead, and now to individual residences, even if I don't have any wired services from them. They put up a sign in the alley near their trucks to indicate that it was fiber optic service installation, so no doubt the telephone marketing is going to start soon.

I ventured outside into the cold to get my hair cut downtown at the student hair dressing school. The stylist was decided large, but very personable and chatty. Nice that sometimes I am not given the freak treatment and the associated over-acting that goes with it.

 Another outing to do shopping; what a gangstalking cluster fuck at LD. They even had some Fuckwit somehow pull the particleboard back panel off the nearby blood pressure test device, not that I ever use those things as it makes me captive and then the gangstalkers surge around me.

Later, a final crew meeting, more to the point, we got paid at the bar. And food too, and for some reason I was eating like a pig. Anyhow, nice to see everyone in street clothes instead of 

Another folly Fuckover event was going to the doctor's office, the walk-in clinic as getting a regular GP isn't allowed it seems. A surge of patients ahead of me at 1015h (been there, done that), so 1.5 hours later I get to see the guy. All for a test requisition and some banter and off I go for lunch. Then a blood draw, and then to the ATM to deposit two checks, and back to my residence where I got serious about vacuum cleaning, another perp obsession. And think about it; the perps are obsessed about financial transactions, and they scripted a blood draw immediately afterward. (After screwing me out of depositing the check last night when I was passing by).

Saturday, laundry beckoned, and so off to the laundromat. A slack Saturday for sure; maybe I will get my 2016 papers organized for the first time as it seems to have been a problem all year.

And in fact, the page view statistics have finally caught up with the geographic source map, and indeed, it is the Russians who again have such a profound interest in this out-there blog. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy it, and if you need any translation help I will be happy to help. Just drop me a comment, publication refusal requests will be honored.

Sorting paper files tonight, and even those of 2015. And plenty of distractions to keep the papers and file folders on the floor for the afternoon and into the evening. This wouldn't be the first time the perps have dithering and protracting this exercise. And for one who absolutely loathes one piece of paper not in its place, this is truly and mind-fuck travesty/intervention of the first and worst order. Thankfully they are letting me play music all the while this remotely applied neural intervention plays out.

A stay-at-home day today, a rare instance. But getting papers sorted and then finally, after a 6 month interval, I get to put my disc player back in the server rack where it was intended to be all this time. That it had to sit beside it for so long is curious to me, as it was there before, and another server rack change up had it sit adjacent, but still connected to the amp, speakers and computer.

And I finally joined the rest of the world and got my PC to play through the audio speaker system today, instead of being a sole headphone user, as I have been all the time I have owned a PC until now. Youtube has become TV channel in essence. Nothing new for most folks, but in this trial of relentless adversity, having me years behind everyone else somehow suits the agenda for whatever reason. (And likely related to information sources and through what equipment, wires and speakers etc.)

No semi-regular TI call tonight, so maybe it is all off.  Anyhow, time to get this posted for the week, dull as it has been, but a welcome week off.

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