Sunday, December 04, 2016

Constant Website Access Obstruction

yahoo, amazon, blog spot etc.

now, after wanting to order some more expensive supplements to counter the cancer the assholes gave me, they obstuct the very site I wanted to get my order made up. And if that weren't enough, to add insult to injury, they screwed me out of getting this done last night.

yoga tonight after 8 weeks off due to the harvest/cellar hand job. but they haven't finished screwing with that, as my regular power yoga on Monday nights has been replaced by something lame. Instead, I went to the later class of hot yoga. The only hotties there were the two E. Indian girls with heavy tattoos, the rest were all fat. And two other males, one who needed to hound me while taking off my coat, and then again he needed to exit when I was entering. What is this constant bullshit about meeting others (gangstalkers) on the other side of the door who just "happen" to need to go in the opposite direction? All because they  couldn't get it together and sit down on their mat in the first place? I cannot count the number of times when weirds need to enter the clearly marked exit when I am exiting the mall for example. At the GCSS in town, with entrances and exits some 60' apart, four times in two visits I get gangstalkers going in the wrong direction as I am entering or exiting. In the latter instance there is absolutely no excuse as all the checkouts are lined up at the exit, so there is no sane excuse for anyone to enter the store there.

More of the he-she tag teaming at the service desk at the car repair shop three days ago. The met-before male is at the desk talking at length to another customer and finally finishes up. He indicates to me that he needs to depart and will be back. In his place arrives the woman staff member known to me as the one who was measuring her hips, waist and bust (yes) in public view in the back room with a yellow steel measuring tape while I was waiting for my car to be fixed last time. Fine; she hears out my vehicle complaint but doesn't seem to know much about the problem and lo, he comes back, I tell my story again and ask for a Saturday appointment. He tells me that only the apprentice works Saturdays and so I need to book a week day. I do, hoping that can get a ride with someone else that day. But what was the point of having her come out and sit there, eventually sitting beside the guy who had a better perspective on what might be the problem and what the appropriate staff allocation is? Was it that the perps wanted me to energetically interact with her gorgeous jet black hair? Or is the "vibe" of her steel measuring tape games still coming off her two months ago and needs to be registered on me as some kind of energetic interaction study? Or is it the same old trick of swapping males and females at checkouts, this time at a service desk? No idea, and all the above suggestions could be flat wrong. So it goes, this dynamically arranged mystery tour, and that includes the behavior of so many seeming normal people.

(On the topic of gorgeous jet black hair; there has been quite a few gangstalking posings, especially on public transit 2004-2011, where I get a deep black haired woman in front of me and I am to admire her hair. The long prior synchronicity is when I owned a Newfoundland dog from 1980-88, which was all deep black shiny fur, all 150lb of him. Every time the dog needed to be brushed the then-wife would always leave it to me which I thought was mighty curious at the time. There seems to be have some kind of advance plan to it, all that physical contact with jet black hair. Now I get to look at black pair posing for various durations, depending on the set up. And to put a more speculative point on it; don't forget the ML imagery and suggestion I get planted with all the time and her hair color.)

11- 29-2016
The on-off disappearing cursor trick in Blogger continues, now for the fourth consecutive day. 

And a confluence of clothes purchases is on; from STP in Wyoming, CS in Vancouver BC, and the local Marks store here in Penticton. All under the"need" to get warmer clothing on account of the colder weather. And all the more now that I am working outside in the vineyard again, this time cutting canes for grafting buds from select varietals and clones.  All I want to be is left alone, and that especially includes my finances and the spending I am forced to do, as some items sit around for years before they are used. Others never get used; so what is the point of that?

And the perps know my clothing styles; take winter clothes as an example. Bomber jackets are awful on me, likely with perp arrangement; they lift up and expose my clothes underneath, and on more severe harassment moment, they expose bare skin. Therefore, I never buy them. And so what happened in late 2011? I bought a ski jacket, bomber jacket style, and as warm and wind protective as it is on the street, it is totally useless for outside work due to aforementioned problems. So why on earth did I "forget" this very intrinsic/necessary style choice in winter clothing and purchase it then? All to have it sit around, though it did once get dirty enough somehow when in my vehicle trunk to get dry cleaned.

Another stunt was to have me purchase a mid-thigh ski jacket for outside work and "decide" that the blue color was wonderful. It was and is, but totally unsuited for the constant dirt action that outside vineyard work is. (Or more likely, that the perps exploit and plaster onto my garments). So now I wear this blue ski jacket as winter street wear, and will get a similar black colored jacket in the above mentioned clothing order confluence. Why cannot I be left alone to my own instincts and get the appropriate colored (and length) ski jacket suited for the job? I know how these assholes operate, and that is to flick dirt onto light colored clothing and somehow it does not come out after cleaning it. Relentless attacks on clothing and cleaning; why is this so important to the perps for crissakes? Not a day goes by that I don't scream at them over some extra-conventional trespass and tell them to leave me and my belongings the fuck alone.

Games over temperature continue; my residence was at least 2C colder for some reason this morning with the heater set at its normal temperature. My vehicle continues to have heater problems, and the perps screwed me around and delayed me in getting on with making and appointment to fix it. My own internal body thermostat, if you will, continues to concern me as even a mid day body temperature comes in at 36.4C. Not the best thing when one has cancer, and is even a common collateral-effect.          

Order obstruction again, invoking a phone call, and the blow off about my membership needing to be renewed (without any notice) was bogus. Apparently there was someone else with the same name who had a similar problem; how lame is that. But my ordering woes were not over; the customer service person on the phone line could log into my account and see my order, but I couldn't. I kept getting the "site unavailable", also misleading as only the page was unavailable. Then the service person insinuated that it was "my server that was the problem". I don't have a server I explained, and that was the end of that bullshit. Then I was accused of ordering something not in the catalog and that caused the problem. How could I do that in the first place, and furthermore, I had only decided at the last instance while on the phone to do so. A runaround with a dip shit over the phone to say the least, getting back to one of the perps' favorite jerkarounds, order obstruction. Finally she got it; "what is it that you want to do?" Order the merchandise in the cart that I cannot get to, and it finally got done. But telling her to investigate how to fix the problem with the web page was too complicated to ask for. So what was that all about? To force me to order my supplements from this outfit over the phone and annoy me in the process instead of a web order? It fits the harassment pattern.

Three days of cutting vine canes so far this week, and plenty of helicopter coverage for whatever reason. At least 10 on the day, differing models. Yesterday one came over the hill and directly at me, and I thought it was going to land at the nearby tasting room where there was a designated helicopter pad. But no, some 60'over the terrain comes the yellow and blue A-Star (a regular heli-stalker in these here parts) and flies exactly overhead and continues to hug the terrain, save this 100' deep gully at the S. end. It circles the adjacent airport radio tower and then crosses to the other side of Skaha Lake. Like WTF; why do they need to fly so low and then circle a radio tower for crissakes? How did they have me lined up to fly overhead of me before they came over the hill?

If that weren't enough yellow aircraft action, a fixed wing water bomber aircraft subsequently takes to the sky and does 1.5 hours of circling over the airport, going into wider circles, presumably to get closer to where I was by increments. This arranged rotary wing (helicopter) and fixed wing (wing aircraft) tag teaming hasn't gone unnoticed in past years, and this seemed like another such event. Interesting that both had yellow livery. And even more interesting is that we are going to have 12 new members of the crew tomorrow for cane collection, and one of them is a helicopter pilot. It just doesn't add up.

The full crew today, and in keeping with the selective introduction games, my ride was late, and everyone but one was there. Cute; and these staged introductions "happen" all the time now, much increased since 04-2002 when all this insane shit and abuse rained down on me and has been relentlessly imposed since. I got to chat with some of the hands from last year, which was nice. At least four of them were friendly again, not always a given in this world of selectively withdrawn behaviors. Plenty of helicopter coverage again today, but nothing like the low above terrain flight of a few days ago No helicopter pilot on the crew it seemed, though two guys didn't introduce themselves. And I don't think either of the two slim Quebequois girls were helicopter pilots, given the rag-tag van they came in.

More lame-assed order interference;
Thank you for choosing....
Unfortunately, the '...toque..' is unavailable. Due to an inventory error this item was displaying online when it should not have been. Please let us know if you would like to select a different item of similar value or if you would prefer to have the order canceled/item(s) omitted.
Omit the toque and ship. How did you know that I ordered this item (of a different brand) from elsewhere and now didn't need the item anyhow? And that due to total mind control fuckery, I "forgot" that I had just ordered a similar toque within the last week. And too, ordering a toque would of been totally unnecessary had not my extant toque didn't strangely disappear on a single leg of my shopping trip and wasn't found at the business establishment that would of been the most likely place of its disappearance. And have I not mentioned the relentless fuckery over hats that has gone on since 04-2002? I cannot be allowed to wear a hat, typically a toque in the winter, without it moving by itself on my head, usually the top gets lifted up by an inch or two. And how did my summertime bucket hat of four years suddenly get ripped up in the washing machine a few months ago, its final laundering of the vineyard growing season? Just relentless and senseless fuckery over hats. It seems that somebody wants to change up the fabric (more than anything) and color of my hats much sooner than would ever wear out. My new toque just had to be cashmere for crissakes.

More cane cutting in the vineyard, then loading bundled canes in the bins and then truck, and then later, pulling the canes from the vines. Full task scope today. And two storms into the deal; snow in the morning, and then rain in the afternoon. And cold on both accounts. And the late day dinge onset; it seems like it would be 1600h (sun goes down behind the mountain at about 1500h) going by the light levels of a few days earlier when in fact it is only 1500h. By manipulating the cloud colors and their predominance, and their location, it seems the ambient light levels can be highly manipulated later in the day. I don't know what the perps get from this, but they sure like to plant a responsive depressive reaction on me. Somehow, they know I loathe dingy light conditions and play it up. Throwing snow and rain into the mix, along with cold fingers today, makes it all the more interesting for them I suppose.

Another pre-sundown game they like to play on other days is to allow a shot of direct sunlight peeking under the cloud cover for some 10-20 minutes before the sun goes down. The perps have no end of interest in direct sun illumination, and it seems, all the variations into night time. If one wants to apply this controlled world notion to planetary genesis and subsequent geological developments, this here Earth Lab could be one spinning top, and tilting its axis some 23 degrees adds all that seasonal variation that also seems to be such a big part of the perps' experimentation games.

The van-living Quebequois girls on the work crew had their wardrobe tested today; one had gaudy pyjama bottoms outside of her pants in an attempt to stay warmer. Talk about color clash clothing with her checked jacket. The boss man donated some clothing for them to wear, and the one with the tight fitting pants (on attractive slim legs) was wearing stovepipe-like rain-pants today. I suppose that is how it goes, these wardrobe changes the perps find so essential are of course, weather governed. The cute one is bundled up so much that I can barely see her face.

The vehicle got fixed today; the thermostat was stuck open somehow. A $200 bill hurts enough, and I don't need any more of this crap. And the he-she tag teaming at the service counter was on again, time for payment. She of the jet black hair, got to sit there (not looking particularly pretty) at the counter doing nothing much, while the guy (of the above mentioned gangstalk vignette) took off to get something, and his father returned in his place after five minutes. The ongoing stunts, feints and delays etc. while about to purchase, or otherwise engage in a financial transaction is endless, as it is senseless.

Saturday, working in the vineyard doing cane collection; cutting, pulling, bundling and packing the bundles, all in one day no less. And too, I got to drive the boss' ATV for the first time. Cold, but I was warm with foot warmer inserts in my boots. And hand warmers stuffed in my gloves. These seem to have magnetic qualities, and giving off heat might also fit the perps' energetic games requirements. I have given up on trying to figure out what their game is, though if one accepts that there is an energetic ether, and many of these electromagnetic, thermal and even chemical eruptions/stunts serve to perturb the energetic ether around me, you have a good start. 

As it turns out, one of the crew is a helicopter pilot; he is helping pull canes and bundling them. Two more Quebecquois joined the crew today, a couple. And something about baggy pants on males that I need to see for whatever reason, not that I like baggy pants on anyone, male or female. 

Even the weather cooperated to some extent, the deep dark clouds staying to the N and not covering the sun. Though they pulled a small snow storm for 20 minutes after our morning coffee break for whatever reason. They seem to like an added white color on the ground for short durations. Not unlike the gangstalker assholes bringing their frozen grocery goods purchases ahead and behind me at the checkout.

Enough nonsense for a week, and now to post this.


Anonymous said...

Yes ... same for me on the constant website lag , obstruction, non-responsiveness

It is really like I am fire walled from receiving the real internet, and my incoming data traffic is filtered through an "Internet Simulator"

I saw this on line, thought it may interest you ...

AJH said...

Answer to:
"Somehow", this ended up in my spam folder. Didn't see it until 12-18-2016. Not sure what the link is about, apart from all kinds of daunting physics terms. There probably is a Unified Theory, combining quantum, electromagnetic and classical Newtonian (gravity) physics, and dispensing with Einstein's relativity diversion. Read "The Electric Sky" by Donald Scott if you want a reasoned treatise of disposing with the present cosmostology nonsense, (e.g. black holes), abetted by relativity. Thanks for the comments

Anonymous said...

The Big Bang doesn't make a whole lot of sense. For such an event to have occurred, it had to have been cause by the exact inverse of a black hole: instead of everything disappearing down a cosmic funnel, it does the opposite. We know black holes exist, but there has never been a good solid example of a White Hole. If matter is disappearing and being sucked down a singularity, we know it's going somewhere, which is to a collapsed star. For a white hole to happen, it's a lot more theoretical and mathematical than practical, right, because, an opening in space-time would have to occur where the compressed and super-heated matter which disappeared down it's companion black hole can shoot out. And in reality, all the matter is just going to hit the enormously dense collapsed star which created the black hole in the first place and not come out anywhere. Hawking believes that black holes slowly evaporate and fade away, and that the jets and radiation that comes out of a black hole IS the white hole, which is in the same universe.

AJH said...

Answer to: "The Big Bang doesn't make a whole lot of sense"
My grasp on cosmology and the Big Bang is weak, probably because it doesn't have an intuitive ring to it. For a withering critique of the Big Bang, read Donald Scott's "The Electric Sky". Just when our perception of the world has been turned upside down by being a TI and understanding the connections to this Great Non-Consensual Human Experimentation Initiative, along comes "The Electric Sky" (and the omniplasma continuum) and turns the world upside down some more. Too, the book also skewers relativity too, no small feat. Thanks for the comments.