Sunday, October 16, 2016

Supplement Circus

Monday, and a day of fucking hell; attempting to fill barrels in another room 120' away. It worked OK for a gravity feed but then I had to use the pump and just when one filled, the other did too. I think I had 5 red wine gushers on the day. Plus catching shit from the boss on the pump not pumping and the line back ing up and the pump leaking. Nice that they let me do this on my own.

And for the prostate cancer I am stiffed with I take paw paw. All the products I take from this one company arrive withing two days of my web order, except paw paw..For some strange reason I must email someone  and it arrives two weeks later. And lo, if my planning somehow didn't get screwed up, or else the perps stole some from my remaining stock, but it was run out just ahead of this long Thanksgiving weekend. Time without fail, the perps run out my supplements when I need them. In this case, it is anti-cancer supplements, and the assholes still pull this shit off. Which might be what the whole cancer deal is about;  lets  obstruct the victim's access to more critical supplements this time, just to up the (macabre) humor angle and vex the victim all the more.

I got my snow tires put on this morning, no doubt a big perp deal as they have screwed me out of being so prepared for winter driving for the past four years until now. Used snow tires on used rims, both acquired in a summer time visit to Kelowna. Funny how getting both purchased on one day some 70 km away was so convenient with such foresight. And where did this foresight come from as the perps constantly screw me over in being prepared for anything. Given their obsession with natural rubber and all the more when it is being rotated why am I not surprised? Back in the days of public transit, they constantly parked their shills and operatives over the wheel wells, and nearly always have me sit just behind the rear wheels.

A wine deluge at work today, but it wasn't me that was involved thankfully. The other forklift guy got in too tight to a tank and nudged the  man  hatch and  lo, if it didn't open and wine came gushing out. It took three of them to jam it back once they got the electric forklift out of the way. The winery design is way too tight, and I don't fault the driver one bit. The electric forklift couldn't be charged up no matter how much we cleaned it, so it is kaput. He drove the other forklift over the rest of the day,  and  wasn't put in the dog  house like  me, see below.

My nascent forklift career is now on hiatus. Last  week, after being told to back it up from the hopper, I did not drive it ine), the mast, extended only 2", contacted the (too low) overhead door and dented it. It took a few minutes to free the door up, but it worked fine thankfully. And of course it was in front of the boss and the others, and so no forklifting for me he tells me. Even those who weren't there seem to know that I am not allowed to drive it now as they never ask  me. Weird, and all the more curious as I have been working around forklifts for 8 years, and two weeks into getting some  real experience I get cut oof this this set up (IMHO).

And if yesterday's wine (water) fall wasn't enough, why, it was my turn today. I was doing a pump back and getting some help and grapes got stuck in  the narrow opening of the hose. The 2" hose of wine suddenly kicked out of my hand, the blockage released, and lo, if wine didn't shoot 20' horizontal, just near the boss. I got the hose back in the tank, I was up the ladder, and so it goes; more wine mess,  this time in a jet stream. So far, geysers, deluges, and now a horizontal wine jet stream.

Sunday, and a day off. Not from harassment of course, as the assholes were up to their pranks, one being blocking the toilet, perhaps for the second time this year. I don't know what started that one, but from 2002 to late 2011 they blocked the toilet nearly every time I took a crap. They even blocked it once when all I did was pee. Then when I moved to Penticton in early 2012 they blocked the toilet a few times in the first three months, but it was the first major relief in 10 years. I was living in a motel suite then. I moved to a shared house after that, and all was fine for the first week, but after that they started the toilet blocking again, which didn't work in a shared situation of course. Eventually I got my own place, and the assholes relented again. They always do a few first at each new residence now, and then back off. (And at work too). So I was surprised today that after 3.5 years living here that they pulled a toilet blocking stunt. Maybe it was a "we are watching/screwing you" reminder, though I hardly need that.

And after watching a series of short videos on paw paw discussed by the major pharmacology researcher, I went to watch an hour long video by the same person. But no, it wasn't allowed;the assholes pulled a Firefox black screen stunt and I could not see any of my open web browser tabs. I was in a total inflamed panic, and in the course of solving the problem, why the video cut out.

Similarly, this evening they pulled a sabotage stunt on my music system. This morning I tried to access the hard drive in the docking station from the Oppo player, and lo, it worked. So I listened to a 5 CD classical set for most of the day, and even turned it off for lunch and resumed it in the afternoon. Later in the evening I turnes it off again before heading out to the supermarket, and when back, I turned it on again, and now it won't find the hard drive for crissakes. So, I say FU, and play the same music from the small dedicated audio player that I have. Which was probably the whole point of it, as the so like to mix up what device my music comes from. Never mind that that also screwed me out of updating the portable player's files, which was the original intention before finding that I needed to use it.

Enough for now, as my free time is much curtailed and I haven't been keeping up on this daily like I want to do.

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