Monday, October 24, 2016

Employer Circuit

Follow my tracks, employer-wise it seems. I work for employer C currently, and worked in the vineyard for employer B for the last two years. Two of the employer C staff visit the tasting room of employer B and tell me about their wines. Fine, but not a coincidence as they would of needed an appointment in the first place, so it would not of been a "drive by" happenchance. Then my work colleague while at employer B of this past growing season goes to work at employer D as a cellar hand in September. And as it "so happens" employer C hires a blonde woman from employer D last week. And she is near identical in stature, over 5' 10", to the blonde woman they hired at employer B for the harvest season. Though I don't believe she is a morph-over as she is from New Zealand, but one never knows for sure. All very circular it seems to me. [Added later; while at employer B (two seasons), the cellar hand there formerly worked for employer C].

I am now back on PC#1, after #2 suddenly got infected last night, and lo, I take it in and PC#1 is ready. I pick one up, and drop one off. Convenient. A major stalking scene though, and even the friendly guy at the laundromat "happened" to be there in the parking lot and held me up for a few minutes of chatting time before I entered the building where the PC tech is.

I worked much of the day on grape receiving, next to the conveyor-hopper that takes the grapes into the de-stemmer and then onto the crusher. Such reminds me of past conveyor line work at various farms; I have done daffodil bulbs, pumpkins, potatoes and carrots on other past employer's conveyors. I have no idea why the perps find moving so many biological objects past me at a measured rate is just so important to them.

No grapes today... rain in am.

Why am I constantly fucked with? Things snag, hang up, fall down, spill or otherwise fuck up at 10x the pre-abusive onset of 04-2002. And if I have only one hand free, one can be absolutely sure that the imposed adversity will prevail and then I must inconveniently free my other hand up and attend to the problem. And this especially notable when attempting passage through doors and gates.

Then if that doesn't infuriate me enough, they screw me around doing my winery work; I get all the steps right at first, and then successively they scramble my head as to forgetting steps, or doing them twice. Fucking hell.

Toilet blocking again... WTF.... then reblocked once I had cleared. This brings me back to the days of 2002 to 2011 when they blocked toilets on me nearly every time. Then in early 2012 they suddenly relented.

A half day at the winery; tending to barrel ferments, punchdowns, some by hand even. Then onto pumping wine from the bottom of the tank and hosing it into the top. Don't ask why sometimes it gets sprinkled over top and other times hosed in. Anyhow, the winemakers were all over this tank in terms of tasting it once I had finished this particular pump-over.  (They sample from a sampling port).

A day off, which was nice to mellow out and do some more reading on cancer, as this is a condition I have been stiffed with since diagnosed since 06-2016. Very thoughtful of them, and then thrusting me into this rabbit hole of colossal denial that is the work of the Cancer Establishment, who seem to exhibit no particular interest in solving the problem, only suppressing promising research they haven't approved. And too, if a interesting approach is approved, e.g. Provenge autogenous vaccine, why, they give it the kiss of needless adversity (or death) by only allowing it for "advanced" cancer. Lets make it worse to see if we can make it better.

A great show by two members of Blackie and the Rodeo Kings at the Dream Cafe last night. Part of a fundraiser as it seems that the co-op management some was asleep at the wheel as the bank informed them they had no funds remaining. They shut it down in early October, and the musicians last night performed for free to try to keep it going. We shall see.  I went about 4x/year, and always saw great music, but I have no idea as to how such businesses do, especially is such a smaller town.

Enough for the week, and to start a new one on Harassment Road.

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