Sunday, May 01, 2016

Cooperage Capers

What a start to a Monday; the boss man brought in over 200 lightly used wine barrels from California, and us worker schmo's had to unload it. They were stacked three high in a trailer, the kind the tractor/truck pulls on the highway. They hold 59 gallons, and weigh at least 80lb each it seemed. Naturally we didn't need to lift them all that much as they roll on the ground if one picks up one side. Then, like Friday, I placed some on pallets and wrapped them in shrink wrap to be then transported locally. An energetic start to the week to be sure. Again, the theme of wood, wine and shrink wrap comes up again.

And to complement this morning's work, the perps had me "forget" to take my testosterone last night, my usual timing for the week. So, reminding me this morning, I took it just before setting off to work. No doubt this timing played into the perp's research agenda, following it with above mentioned barrel slinging within 30 min. of taking it. Again, I have no idea why the perps are so fussed about testosterone, and other neurotransmitters, but as always, they have a plan timed to the microsecond.

The weekly yoga stalk had an all time best of three other males and nothing much to look at on the female front. The frumpy persistent stalker of late moved in beside me on my L, and the hopeless E. Indian woman returned to my R side for a second week. This is advanced yoga, aka Power Yoga, and it does surprise me that such inexperienced folk somehow "find" this class.

As often, like most others in the class, I get hands on pose correction from the instructor. This time she was on me to correct my shoulder alignment and finished running her hand down my spine.I cannot possibly imagine how the latter contact is of any corrective yogic benefit.

Skipped a day as this here back-up PC (since 02-2016) "needed" a graphics card. I was happy with the VGA off the motherboard, but someone else wasn't and planted the urge to get a small graphics card with DVI and HDMI output. I don't see much difference in the graphics as I am not a gamer type, but the PC has a little more snap to it. As always, electronic circuits, wires and wire color and even wire bundling materials are of intense perp interest.

A day of de-suckering (called "suckering" in the business for perverse reasons), vines in the vineyard, me and two other male co-workers. (The "suckers" are the shoots emanating from the trunk region of the vine). Last year I got a female high school student to help the job get done quickly, but whatever.

The perps are decidedly bringing in more male-ness into everything I do, or go for that matter. The male gut strut in the specialty grocery store last evening was positively disgusting. I would look away and another would show up within my vision inside of two seconds. I would look away again and lo, if the first one hadn't changed direction to then appear again when averting my gaze from the second gut-strutter. Add in a chinless gut strutter and the whole thing gets even more unsightly. The next option would be to have a bald, chinless male gut strutter. It never ends. Today's male co-workers were without guts thankfully, and had chins too. I suppose I should consider myself lucky, should my highly managed and controlled state ever permit such a genuine notion.

A day of handling deep black bark mulch colored with some petroleum product. I would take the p.u. truck to get a load (1.5 cubic yards) and take it to the vineyard site and with the help of my co-worker, spread it on top of the extant landscape bark mulch in varying degrees of thickness. At one point the boss lady came out to ream my ass for laying it on too thick, but as I had been minimizing the spreading thickness all along, I saw it as another exercise of pillorying the victim (me). Even my co-worker agreed, stating the episode was insulting. Food for more angst therapy. Though he did make a valid point of working in a (toxic) environment when one is under constant fear of screwing up, even if one is earnest, effort-full and doing the best job possible. I agreed, it was one of those incremental toxic build up situations which I had not truly cognitively processed. Much more could be written, but I will leave it at that for now.

This was the second day this week of this task, and hopefully the last of it for the year. I don't know why the perps are so fussed about trees, wood and any other tree products and by-products (e.g. clippings etc.), but they are. Otherwise, they would not of managed me to be a forester; my degree, and my profession. Now busted down to farm worker thanks to their insane and deranged non-consensual human research imperative.

I made three trips into town to get the bark mulch, the first one with an added fueling trip. And lo, the fuel card didn't work and so I had to take it into the office to get the card up-dated. The office folks were nice, and even conversational, not the usual head-down collusional atmosphere. The topic was last week's delivery truck (of six pallet loads) that was hit and flipped on its side, an amazing event mentioned in last week's blog.

And I was vehicularly stalked up the asshole, making the three trips to get a load of bark mulch. Vehicle trains some 10 to 15 long to prevent L hand turns, unheard of vehicular density in a town of 35k population, long before tourist season.

Saturday; normally I would work but as my bowel ructions continued this week, and the test results of 1.5 weeks ago are done, I went to see the drop-in doctor. A mistake; it wasn't the same one who initiated the tests, whom I saw two weeks ago, and he was clued out on what was transpiring. In fact, I don't  think he could see the results of 1.5 weeks ago, even if I did online. This was the same doctor of two months ago, who weirded me out three times in one visit, recorded in this blog, though I am too lazy to find the link right now. Sooo... more blood draws, and to top off the inanity, a future body CT scan of my organs. Ridiculous that I am put through this idiocy when the Keepers of the Fourth Reich can punish anyone at will with any affliction at all, at whim. Which is what they appear to do with me, though with a bias to simulating conventional medical conditions, whatever they may be. Read on.

The wait in the doctor's office is often a freak show, and there was an element of that for sure. The E. Indians (from India) were there, the turban act moving in later. And for some reason the unturbaned E. Indian moved next to the turbaned one after 15 minutes, as seen through the glass. I thought it most curious that these two cats would find each other, as the waiting room has a disjointed configuration. But as the Psychopaths have been heavy on turbans of late, why not?

Then the male gut strut too; a 240lb mofo sat next to me, followed by heavy use on his smart phone, and often raising his arm next to me for whatever reason. The disgusting gut was bad enough, but hair down to his shoulders added that extra element of despicability.  If I don't like the sight of fat people, recessed chins, unkempt male hair, etc. I  don't see why some sick-assed international Psychopathic organization needs to hound me with these motifs/freaks everywhere I go, and online too, now for over 14 years. Aka, the Unfavored Features, of which there are many more.

The perps let me get a tan in the backyard today, most civil of them. Though as always, it was replete with HD motorcycle noise, overhead aircraft noise and the ubiquitous hot-rod muffler noise, though mostly more distant. Had I been listening to music at the same time one can be sure they would of brought the ambient noise level up to pound it through the headphones. Been there, done that.

Today's discouragement over the useless doctor's appointment  prompted a look at dopamine on Wikipedia, that wayward site that pulled "gangstalking" from their topics list a few years ago. Disparage them I might, but I learned a whole lot on the topic, from retinal, digestive tract (current hassle) and that there are blood tests for it for crissakes. Much more to follow it seems, if only I can get a doctor to move his/her ass. So far, when I expouse my dopamine deficiency theory to the seeming medical professionals, I get stares, blow-offs and a more direct, "I can't help you".

Back in 1997-2000, after reading the clinical text on Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and visiting three shrinks and one neurologist, they all blew me off. (Not a coincidence in hindsight, as things turned out after 04-2002). Finally, I got a SPECT scan and lo, I was absolutely right, ADD-Inattentive subtype. That equals dopamine deficiency, no contest, and it became my trump card for all the clinical abuse that followed. And the stimulant medication was a stunning success at first, though the effects did taper off some after a year. Except then the perps mugged me, starting overt harassment in 04-2002, and it seems the big imperative was to strip me of my beneficial medication (and positive dopaminergic effects) to then substitute medications that stripped me of dopamine. I will never forgive the fucking assholes for all of that. And here I am, 14 years later, getting various symptoms that suggest the dopamine fuckover follies are far from done. Thanks a bunch; another dopamine deficiency treatment wall to climb.

Sunday, and I worked for my former full time employer to clean up the wreckage from his bottling yesterday. It looks like at least 8 pallet loads, about 12,000L of wine. I was glad to see that he did not use those former flaxseed oil totes (1000L each) that I cleaned all day about three weeks ago. They smelled even after being cleaned all day. Instead, he used a huge, say 8'x16', bladder and blended the wine into it. Today, it was collapsed mostly, so I don't know how high it was, but it was a whole lot of wine. Now, he must create covered storage for it.

The perps were busy pulling items from my grasp all day today, infuriating me no end. And ramping up this particular abuse when the boss man was around. Competence is not allowed in the perp mindset.

Then when doing an assembly line-like task, filling kegs three at a time, everything was working out OK, and they let me be reasonably competent for about the first half of the activity, two hours or so. Then they started scrambling me and making me forget at what stage each keg was in the filling process. Never, ever, until this insane reign of targeted abuse did I have a problem of becoming less adequate while doing a task.

Enough for the week, time to get this posted.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if the perps have played a role in the suicides of a number of people. A guy I knew for 20 years just recently took his own life. Of course, I'm skeptical if he actually did this, that is, if this is just one of the orchestrated falsehoods designed to keep me in a particular emotional state, but who knows. I'm not sure why he would do this. It could be that he was secretly living with depression; I don't know. Or perhaps he was targeted. When they target you, they use specially-tailored psyops that only the target can understand, which makes it unnoticeable to the other average citizens. Maybe he was getting hammered with psyops to make him depressed, and they they turned up the pressure to the point where he couldn't deal with it anymore. And if so, they seem to (sometimes, at least) decide that they want a certain person dead, and they turn it up to the point where they suicide. And then it doesn't leave a trace back to the perps, because, the psyops were what did it, which are undetectable to the average person, but very "loud" and destructive to the target.

I did tell him one time about the existence of covert warfare (10 years ago), and asked him for help in going after them. So maybe his death is just self-preservation on their part. The perps are responsible for many deaths and lives being ruined, and they have ways of shrugging off accountability to avoid detection and prosecution.

AJH said...

Answer to: "I don't know if..."

Speaking from experience, the perps can make one feel very suicidal, and make it persist as a continuous condition. Furthermore, they like to arrange suicide attempts even if one knows in advance that it is pointless. (They can block a thrust knife with a force field). In other words, not only do they promote and have victims suicide, but also promote the concept in TI's while keeping them in permanent torment. What they get from this I have no idea.

The perps don't ever need to worry if a person will act against them, no matter how determined the individual is. They have so many ways of taking someone down, from invoking mental illness, physical illness, financial ruination and "accidents". Not to mention their capability of remote neural influencing along the "don't bother", "it's not worth it" etc. theme.

The perps are relentless psychopathic agents. Of whom, I do not know; I call them the Psychopathic Confederacy, as that is what I experience. Yes, they have an intense non-consensual human research agenda, but again, I have no idea what they are after. It seems full and unabated remotely applied neural influencing is fait accompli, after harassing the living hell out of me for 14 years. What else they are after is much bigger from what can gather. Serious clues from my experiences are: epistemology (where information comes from), influences of color (e.g. clothing, vehicles), energetic qualities of all materials including ingested food, effects on sunlight on the human body, and the full understanding (energetic signatures) of all psychic experiences, including emotions, (and especially love, affection and association). And probably much else. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

It really seems as if The Perps are In front of "In Time".
Like this is just a Terrible Amusement Park for them.
The Perps Can Control INFORMATION, essentially Enslaving us TI's to "Damned Burger Flipper status" in Their Sick Free Disney World land of Leisure.

Damned world of Nepotism and inherited Wealth.

The Dumbest, Most Corrupt, Laziest, Most Psychopathic have control no matter who intelligent or hard working a TI is.

AJH said...

Answer to:
It really seems...

I forgot to mention the perps interest in the perception of time as part of their research agenda. Yes, you have that correct, the world as we know it is an Amusement Park for them, including creating human duress, emotional pain and worse.

I wouldn't characterize them as "Lazy" of "Dumb" IMHO though. They are relentless as they are psychopathic. And have access to remotely applied and individually targeted technologies every equal to the aliens, per abduction accounts.

If you really want to go down a bummer theme on this one, search Prison Planet on;ine. Thanks for the comments.