Monday, May 23, 2016

Warehouse Work

All day under a concrete roofed warehouse dealing with repacking and hefting wine cases (36lb) today. I had a an engaging co-worker, so it wasn't all bad. Better yet, we were left alone for the most part, though the boss lady came and seemed to approve of our work and level of accomplishment. There were a few males coursing by, on foot or on forklifts, but it wasn't the biggest deal.

Yoga-stalk tonight, and two other dudes and four other women. I see they want to hold the Solstice session on June 20 outside in a public park. Interesting that, all those spinal flexings and ass-in-air bending (downward dog) in the great outdoors. Though I suppose outside yoga has been around for millennia, just not for me.

I see the winsome, slim, mop-headed babe was there again upon exiting the yoga class, crossing in front of me and bending over, much like last week, though at a respectful distance and all. Funny how they have now moved to putting the attractive babes outside the classroom and visible upon exit, while the in-class women are nothing to look at now. Most curious. I predict the fugly female instructor next, though I have been through a few of them, but not lately (last two years).

All day I had an ache in my chest cavity, as if I over exerted myself yesterday. Like WTF; I didn't, and am very careful about such. Twists and turns of my upper torso are painful.

And don't blame it on yoga last night either, because there was nothing new we did. Which should of ameliorated the problem, if of organic origin.

Why am I so tired in the evenings now? Just plain wiped out. Worse yet, the assholes have me each tortilla chips and chocolate before dinner. A total violation of my dining etiquette, because if you eat the carbos on their own, without protein, you are going to wear it. And the chocolate "habit" has come to revisit me in the last two months, since March 2016. When I started taking the L-phenylalanine in 09-2015, poof, the chocolate "habit" was gone, after getting stiffed with it for 14 years. Though it seems the perps have re-invoked their brown color focus of late; more vehicles, more shit games, more gangstalkers wearing brown clothing etc. But they still have me off coffee for over a year, which just pisses me off considerably.

Cashed my paycheck with my usual consort of freaks/stalkers; the large gutted males and the elder-stalkers seem to be vogue of late. Tattoos are now getting "stalk time" too as the good weather is here. And my work colleague has two forearms full for crissakes. Tats are so disgusting. Last week at the courier office, the woman at the counter had tats on her arms like they were splatter marks, something I found extremely off-putting. And if I don't like tattoos, why am I getting hounded by this Unfavored freak show theme all the time?

The apparent rationale by way of recent email is that the book seller who sent me the "Bridges of Madison County" in error claims to not have any order details or financial information, just the item and recipient and address. He suggests it could be a gift. Like from whom? And why not tell me who for crissakes?

Some asshole, in conventional terms at least, entered my residence in my absence  sometime today and without notice or permission and bent the seat of my chair. Presumably, the asshole stood on it to access a high object, and then ventured too far on the seat and bent the frame of the seat. (Or else was heavier than I am (200lb), as I have stood on this seat (not recently), and never bent it). I texted the landlady to ask if anyone had been let in, and she said no. And what purpose does this serve, this insane stupid and bone-headed sabotage? I am going to replace it as the seat now has a downward slope on it which is not comfortable. Is this some kind of body memory test game or what? Though in my experience, the perps had taken over my body memory sometime in 2008 or so, when they had me inadvertently increase the speed of the treadmill (at a gym) I was on and I didn't notice.

R side, dented, should be smooth so it lies flat. L side is less dented. And it won't lie flat anymore. I turfed it outside to the back lane, which "happened" to be the day the landlord mowed the grass there and he stuffed on the other side in a less visible location. I put it back and someone took it inside of a day, possible the garbage collectors as it was garbage day then.

My sore chest and arm was still noticeable this morning, but now in the evening it is bothering me less. I cannot understand what on earth the assholes would get from this, adding pain at every torso turn or high arm reach.

And where has Rachael O gone in the blogosphere, or anywhere else for that matter? Her last post was April 04, 2016, and I have never known her to drop out of sight with no notice. Always more concerning when a TI is forced to live rough, as the event-scape is a whole lot more variable to say the least. Never mind that I never got a reply my challenge to her that it was an absurd assertion that I was a perp and I directed her exactly how to go about performing due diligence in this blog. (Contact Debbie Newhook at Funny how that "happens"; an urgent need for action and the main player disappears.

Vineyard work today, keeping the irrigation lines taut and securing them to end posts. Some FUD from the boss lady as to what she wanted, but I got it all done today. And of course she laid on a list of lots of other things to do, one being painting. And do I ever loathe that activity, in good part because in a world of things going wrong at 50x the normal rate, I do NOT need anything going wrong on this job. It scares me shitless and there is no one else to hand it over to. My co-worker is dispatched elsewhere in this curious on-then-off hiring arrangement he suffers by, or at least, apparently so.

A shit storm of heretofore unknown proportions this morning. No wonder they had me awaken 20 minutes early before the alarm. No less than four bowel movements before I got ready to go, plus a fake one where nothing happened. Said four bowel movements were all cow pies, and all in the toilet thankfully. Some three tablets of Immodium saved me until about 1000h, just before I was to apply paint to a door at work, (after doing the prep work) when yet another shit attack came on, again, thankfully arranged to be in the toilet. Another tablet of Immodium saved me for the rest of the day. No wonder they put the double pack on sale last weekend at LD.

And why this all of a sudden when I eat the same food day in and out? Why, I added diced red peppers into my regular chicken-onion-mushroom gumbo last night, and I suppose that is the putative cause, at least from the deranged perp perspective. About six weeks ago a shit attack came on the morning following imbibing one glass of pomegranate juice in the prior evening, though I have had a few attacks since, but without apparent red food or drink causal. And about three years ago a major shit attack came on when I ate a bowlful of cherries off the tree, as there was a cherry tree at the vineyard I worked. Though, it is said that red colored food makes hyperactive children (ADHD, or ADD-H) more hyper.

The perps have a bizarre fascination with paint, and have hounded me on the buses and streets with commercial painting personnel, decked out in their trades outfits and artfully splattered with paint of course. I picked up the quart can of paint two days and took it into work, per instructions, not thinking I would be the schmo who would be applying it. (And extra gangstalking coverage while ferrying this quart of paint, including a pit lamper when I exited my parked vehicle). But as it "happened", per yesterday's work instructions, I was to be doing the job. I hate painting, and as mentioned above, all manner of things go wrong, especially with paint. For all the acute stress over this job, there were no major problems, and in fact, the job went reasonably well. I was in the paint store this morning for extra supplies. For the record, it was a dark grey, semigloss, much the same as the coat that was on the door and trim.

Saturday on this here long weekend, and I was expecting to work at the casual labor vineyard. It was raining, and although there was some convergence by the Punjabi workers, a foreman came by, though not the regular foreman, though I did recognize the face. He said, after looking at his cell phone, that it would be too wet to work today. This was after I got into my rain gear and rubber boots in preparation for a day's wet work. Ergo, no work, or at least not for me. What transpired after that in  Punjabi I have no idea. Here the perps block me from going to this Saturday work site for four weeks, (other jobs, and a useless doctor's visit), and then pull a rain day to then stop me from working yet again.

Then to stoke up the FUD, the foreman mentioned I hadn't been there for a while, and I mentioned above work arrangements, and he wanted me for next weekend. And of course I "forgot" that my vehicle gets attended to next Saturday at the dealership. I made the appointment yesterday and didn't expect to get in for three weeks and lo, if they booked me in a week. Funny how that "happens", not to mention the "forget" Fuckery to crank up my angst over the casual labor employer. So should I fess up and attempt to clear up the "casual" side my work understanding or let it slide? Bring on the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

I am now cranked about web and surveillance cams, though I don't know why. (Because I am literally and figuratively surveilled and intruded up the asshole every microsecond by the Pyschopathic Confederacy if you accept the given experiences as given on this blog). The above mentioned intrusion with the broken furniture is "bothering" me, using the term loosely. This is at least the fourth seeming landlord intrusion in three years, one other remarkable time was the plaster mess on my table after someone worked on the install of the covering of the old air conditioner location. And it is now where the heat pump unit is, and very possibly the recent intrusion and furniture damage was due to a semi-annual inspection of the unit that precipitated in the careless heat pump technician to bend the chair seat.

As it "happens" I have  spare chair from the MCdos renovation job I did in 12-2015, so that is now my regular table chair. It is at least 3" higher and with a wood seat. Better yet, it is built of rigid steel so no tradesman can fuck it up. So why do the perps have to go through this outrageous intrusion nonsense when they could of taken out the chair with a rivet "malfunction"?

Sunday, and the vexations of getting to full PC functionality, before the take down of 12-2015 continue. I cannot get audio files to play for crissakes, and it is a beautiful exploitable set up by the perps; OPPO playback device, J River software and Windows 10, and nothing seems to fucking work. Some 700 audio files and I have to take them to the player by USB stick for crissakes, and suffer the one album-at-a-time klunky interface via this PC screen. In the course of support emails with OPPO I wrote them that they should make dedicated storage and interface devices. Though I am not optimistic, as they just released an app for Android, devolving the interface to someone else, embracing the essential problem all over again. And of course, the Android interface doesn't work for me for some reason.

 And so the audio playing sabotage continues, now since the headphone only days of 12-2015;
  • no audio files as the PC was out of commission from 12-2015 to last week, so I purchased some new music, discs and files
  • new speakers but the amp crapped out, and was sent to Chicago
  • said amp came back from Chicago not fully repaired, with static in the L channel, and was sent back
  • purchased a new amp and got the OPPO player to play discs through it, then from the USB stick, and even audio from DVD's
  • a FM tuner was purchased, but it took four weeks for the correct aerial connection to arrive
  • then only a single decent FM channel available, the immigration promoting CBC just to rile me up
  • then the PC and my audio files come back and lo, it won't play through the software, the same I had before
  • and to add insult to injury, the same software player on the PC won't even play into headphones, my stock solution for the past 10 years, but Youtube works fine.
Go figure.

And along the way, the assholes messed with the printer for another rage-ifcation stunt, ultimately copying to Notepad to save the day, even if it double spaced the output.

And keeping with the interface technology-gone-wrong theme, the assholes had the alarm set on my watch from last week's returned new watch caper, and started up the adversity in getting the alarm turned off without clobbering anything else. Then they had the chime feature turned on, and I cannot get this turned off

A Victoria Day holiday Monday in these here parts, and I am painting (of all things) the wall portion where the plywood cover is over top of the former air conditioner location. It has been sitting that way for at least two years, and the recent "mistake" in ordering (online) too many under-shelf hangers means that I am going to put in a longer shelf in. So... that snowballed into dealing with the big blotch of plywood on the wall. Which dealt with filling holes and then painting on patches in the bathroom and other areas. Funny how that happens; an activity that I have avoided for over 14 years, and here they are having me perform this twice inside of a week.

Yesterday, Sunday, I got the paint, and had my usual consort of faux shoppers loitering around, presumably for the moment I actually paid for it all. But as the perps are obsessed over paint, why, it could be that too.

Saw the director's cut of "JFK" on DVD and the director's commentary the last two evenings. A well done show, and still holds up factually based on more recent readings. And an ironic gotcha in casting an older Jim Garrison as Earl Warren, something I didn't know until last night. All members of the Warren Commission should of been sent to prison; just read Accessories After the Fact or On the Trail of the Assassins for starters. Despicable, and proof writ large that the planners of the whole thing had all the bases covered. Lets see; in preparation they stand down the military guard, re-route along a more vulnerable route, then they kill a sitting US president and then debase the autopsies, the Warren Commison and even the much later House Select Committee on Assassinations. And it seems the story was already pre-readied, as even Edgar J Hoover was promoting the single assassin theory by day's end. And the details of the suspect were in all the newspapers, even within hours, which included New Zealand newspapers as shown in the film. Talk about info-containment. And too, one can assume the FBI, the CIA and possibly military intelligence agencies were complicit in shoveling the evidence under the carpet. And given the unusual witness attrition rate afterward, one can assume the masters of Fuckery were pulling strings too, and killing enough witnesses even all the way to the HSCA in 1978. No wonder they went with the (mind controlled) lone nutter theory again with RFK, but even there the shot count doesn't add up. And so it goes, and for what?

More wall painting today; the computer matched color sample wasn't exact, and so I painted a 12' wall to cover all patches that stood out, the most prominent being the former air conditioner region. That meant more masking and a trip to the local hardware store. The back lane HD motorcycle noise was duly cranked up at different intervals today, even putting an extra noisy third one.

Time to call this one done for the week, even if a day late for readers outside this country.


AJH said...

Answer to Please do not post....

Looks like a BC area code, PDT I assume. Evenings are best, not after 2100h. Will call sometime this week unless my assumptions about time zones and times are incorrect, and you tell me otherwise.

AJH said...

Answer to: Please do not post 05-24-2016..

Not trying to be awkward, but I have an Android phone and a reluctance to set it to factory settings as it takes me forever to get the thing working the way that I want. I deal with phone re-setting sabotage every week, and am not sufficiently conversant with this device to wish to re-configure afterward. However, I switch off data regularly, and don't have the WiFi or Bluetooth running anyhow. My 14 year harassment abuse experience is that any device can be hacked by remote means in every which way possible.

But it won't be a long call as the usury telco rates are $0.50/min. unless you want to phone me from a inexpensive land line, typically $0.04/min.. I which case I will need to provide you my phone number by some means. Text maybe?

AJH said...

Answer to: Please do not post 05-24-2016
Will call as agreed, Sunday. And will attempt to keep Android settings to a minimum.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Rachael is a mystery. Her last posts complained of TI's giving up and abandoning their blogs. Then she posted some rejected comments, complaining of "keyboard typos". She mentioned that she got V2K stating that she was "going to jail for a long time". But even the perps know there is a difference between "jail" and "prison". The perps start that shit with me every so often: FUD that I'm getting "locked up", and last night, some kid who works with me walked past and told me "you're gonna get fucked up the ass". That's literally what he said. This particular comment hints at prison rape, as in, I'm headed to prison, according to them. One girl they are forbidding me to see hinted at the prison rape thing 2 years ago, and a number of people have told me that I'd better not go to jail, or I'd get raped. I don't see how getting raped would be vastly different from the daily bullshit they pull with me as a TI anyhow.

The thing is, there are so many people going along with this. I find it hard to find anyone trustworthy anymore. A lot of what they "tell" me is pure FUD and nothing but that. A good example is the getting married deal they pulled with me 1-2 years ago but have since stopped. Last year at this time, they kept insinuating that I was going to get accepted into grad school for a Ph. D program in Math, and that never happened. The story there is, I applied to my Alma Mater to resume study/change major into Math. The graduate secretary was in on this, and she was stringing me along, having me believe that it was possible (but not very likely) that I could get accepted into the program as an "alternate" if someone backed out. OK, but I called last summer, and she gave me BS about how I got an email in July that I was "not accepted" into the program. But surely, I would have seen the email. It's possible that they did send one, but I feel like it was more FUD. What they do is, they keep these false hopes going in front of you, making you feel like you're going to get an important job or whatever. And then none of it ever materializes. And they also do the prison insinuations again. But what crime was I ever guilty of? I better not give them any more ideas, so I'll stop talking about that.

But one thing they do seem to genuinely fear most is exposure. They don't want me photographing any perps, or telling my stories on blogs. I don't have a blog for this reason. I wouldn't want to have to have that constant reminder that I am getting my life fucked in the ass by the perps on a daily basis. Unless that's what that kid was talking about: maybe he was talking about some unfavored scene they pulled later in the morning. A lot of what they do is kept ambiguous intentionally, a lot like song lyrics usually are, so that you never know exactly what they are referring to. I am prety sure that as a TI, I am in a daily prison, and the prison rape is that shit they keep pulling with me.

AJH said...

Answer to: "Whatever happened to..."

They did "section" her in MA parlance two months ago, that is, shanghai her into hospital, and she got out in a few days. The assholes pulled this on me for 3 weeks in 04-2002, and then pulled it again in late 12-2002 for 5 months. So... her brief visit could of been a warm up cookie, though this is pure speculation.

The perps like working themes on TI's, and it seems the prison theme is what they have prescribed for you of late. As much as I can, I just laugh at the orchestration, no matter how sustained. Though, they have been VERY consistent about romance and beyond, since 2003, with a certain female, I have referenced in the past at ML. Hardly an hour goes by when they don't plant some kind of quasi-romantic notion of her. Occasionally, they might demonize her, say by injecting the notion of her being a "bitch" (a strong word to me), which I reject categorically as I don't know her so how could this negative connotation come to mind (by my own internal thoughts that is)? As soon as I trap this planted thought as illogical and incongruous (and planted), the perps will typically start a noise up, or invoke a throat clearing or some such. And for the record, I am not looking for any romantic involvements, as who else would it be but a cooperating criminal perp? All I want is to be left alone. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to Do Not Post, 05-30-2016

I called the number yesterday at the agreed time and got an answering machine and left my name and phone number. I intended to talk on the phone as agreed. I phoned about an hour later and still got the answering machine, but did not leave a second message. I was VERY careful to write the number down as I deleted the post, but as perps just love to instigate mistakes and miscommunication, it could been wrong. Try again; it takes many iterations to accomplish basic phone contact in TI World. (And much else too).

AJH said...

Answer to Do Not Post, 05-30-2016, later, 2020h

I saw that you phoned, and phoned back to get the answering machine again and left a message. Unfortunately your calls went unanswered as I was at yoga or driving on errands afterward. Playing phone tag by way of perp imposition or glitch attack is not new in the least. Phone tag is especially prevalent when attempting to contact someone for the first time in TI World. Try again for May 31, about 1900h, as before.

AJH said...

Answer to Do Not Post, 05-31-2016
Attempted another call, left a message.

Anonymous said...

It's possible that this whole "phone tag" was a set-up, deliberately orchestrated so that you'd wind up wasting time. It seems to me that a lot of harassment is scripted to get me searching for answers to "make sure" that I wasn't being belittled in any way, and in the process, I burn a lot of the morning up. Another similar example is when they planted the notion that Free Masons were the sole perpetrators, and it just so happened that this one girl at the time (2006) who was interested in a little "romantic involvement" (sex and going out more like it :) had a family member who was a fairly high-ranking member of a local lodge. It's funny to think about it now. Another planted notion is that it's "the Illuminati" doing all of this to me. I think that false notion works, because, the perps involved have access to a wealth of information about me that nobody, not even me or close friends, have, and they have years of planning. It looks like they plan to go into a target's life well before they are born in a lot of cases. But what they do gives this illusion of being "god-like" and part of a special Elite cult, such as "the Illuminati".

Whomever it is works for a system in place that not many people know about, and they have orders from "higher-ups" in this "system" and they have to go about their business gathering info and orchestrating the parade of perps I see. A good example is my visit to Walmart early this morning. Despite it being at around 3 to 3:30 AM, they were well-prepared. I got stalking in the parking lot, having a couple of perps entering the store as I was pulling into the lot. There was stalking and harassment IN the store, during checkout, and yet another incidence of harassment by the cashier after I grabbed my bags and headed to the exit. I'm not sure if they say things like "2 bags", but it's interesting that she made sure to say "2 bags" (well, I did in fact have 2 bags, but her remark could've been referring to something else, like maybe me possibly working two jobs in the future). And when walking through the lot to my car, more harassment by perps in a car. The typical thing they do is have at least one door open as I'm walking past. They've always done that, and it's very consistently performed since 2006 when they went full-on overt. The guy mentions the specific name "Peter" as I was walking back to my car. I'm still trying to figure that one out, as my name isn't "Peter". And the cashier was singing "Bat Man" over and over as I grabbed my bags and walked away. Really bizarre, but I'm sure it's to get me worked up and wasting a lot of time trying to figure out what it all means.

AJH said...

Answer to Anonymous; 06-01-2016
I don't know for sure which Anonymous I am replying to. If it is Do Not Post, let me know if you don't want today's post made public. (There was no Do Not Post condition, hence my confusion).

Of course the phone tag is arranged for vexation and frustration. Like I said, the mere act of contacting someone anew is highly constrained and sabotaged in TI World.

If this is Do Not Post, I am more than willing to persist in making contact, but having left messages for the past two days and no response, even if it is Magic Jack service and its limitations, I am not going to continue beyond today a I keep getting a telephone answering service.

AJH said...

Answer to: It's possible that this...

As of this juncture, I don't know what the whole phone contact attempt was about. Initial contact was set up for a Sunday, but I got voice mail twice, but left a message. Then Monday, I get a response, timed exactly when I was unavailable at yoga and my phone in the car. Tuesday and Wednesday evening I phone and get voice mail again, and left messages both times. I figured that was sufficient effort on my part. Now it is Thursday, and I haven't heard anything. At this point, I am leaving it open as to what it is all about and not making a decision as to whether it is/was a ruse, or just the vagaries of TI's attempting to call each other (never straight forward).