Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Ether-verse; aka the Electric Sky

I finished reading one of the most profound science books ever, "The Electric Sky; a Challenge to the Myths of Modern Astronomy" by Donald E. Scott. More like a "Excoriating Treatise Of the Ossified Status Quo of Science" (primarily astrophysics and cosmology). The Big Bang, General Relativity, black holes, string theory, dark matter and the expanding universe concepts and theories are roundly trounced and deservedly cast into the ditch of pseudoscience. Worse yet, the scientific establishment doesn't want to hear about it and invokes excuses to remain in unobjective denial mode. (Another link on the plasma universe is here).

The author provides an example of the RC cardinals of the day of Galileo; the cardinals happily looked through the telescope by day to view the landscape, but would not do so at the night sky as they didn't want to bring on inquiry that the Earth centric universe model was fundamentally flawed. The more I read about the RC church the more I come to the conclusion they are nothing but sandbags of human progress, technically and socially.

The upshot fo the book is that we live in an electric plasma universe (per author, plasmaverse), or the omniplasma continuum as TT Brown called it, and not only is the sun powered by these forces, but they are the real reason for planets, suns, stars and all cosmological events. The aurora borealis (northern lights) are just a warm up cookie. The present state of unbending astronomy-think is that gravitaic forces are responsible for all what we seen in the universe. Wrong, big time; electric (plasmic) forces are 36 orders of magnitude stronger. Electric and magnetic forces have been recorded on every space probe that have the instruments to record this data, all the way back to Voyageur 1 (1977, now over 2 billion miles traveled).

A very readable book, save two chapters on detailed star interactions, (for me, always hampered by some kind of cognitive problems when the details get technical) and worth it for the chapters on scientific method and the history of electric field theory and the scientific myth busting.

In other words, there is a universal ether and we are all connected by it, all the way to whatever star you want to name and whatever other life forms are out there. Something to think about, and all the more vital  when one considers that the perps know and exploit this all the time. Anyhow, I don't want to lay on too many scientific tangents in this here blog, but will post relevant pages and references in the Pages section.

An eventful day to say the least. I was in the vineyard at 0930h and I got a call about a "situation". So I returned to where the boss was, and learned that the delivery truck of wine had overturned on the street, but the driver, whom I knew personally, was OK. I was to join the co-worker and boss man to help clean up. When I got there, the 10 tonne flat deck truck was flipped over on the street and the traffic re-direction personnel were in place, and two fire trucks were on hand. The mission was to recover cases of wine from the tipped load, and put them onto the pallets we brought. And that we did, and the final act of a completing a pallet load of wine is to wrap it up in shrink wrap, which I did. And so, here was I, with my two co-workers, and two others packing and loading pallets of cases of wine in the middle of the street. And it "so happens" that I was packing pallets of wine earlier this week (on concrete surfaces in the winery), and partially last week. And if one wants to accept this existence of arranged coincidences, especially the perp's preoccupation with shrink wrap, the whole thing was an utter set up. And too, the perps emo-trashed me, making me feel much more emotionally wrought than I would be otherwise over this event, during and after.

And of course the RCMP were there, as was the aforementioned fire department with two trucks. The former were keeping pedestrians from stopping and looking and making sure they were walked on.

As part of the deal I was also on taxi duty; I ended driving a co-worker to the forklift rental depot, and later, the boss man and the truck driver back to the winery.

As it "happened", one of the owner's vehicles was forgotten down at the accident site, and as I "happened" to have a medical appointment in the afternoon, I drove a co-worker down to the accident site which was now all cleaned up.

And so to the doctor's appointment, this being the prostrate guy, the ass-poke specialist, supposedly a urologist, who jerked me around over the urinary urgency problem that erupted last year. (Now solved with a medication from the drop-in doctor for crissakes). An lo, if the PSA number isn't up to 5.9, from 5.1. That now begets more complications as he wants a biopsy done, and of course, a follow-up appointment. Thanks a bunch; none of this should never of happened IMHO as I am taking testosterone since 08-2015 which is prostate protective. More ass play games as I see it. And to add insult to injury, I "forgot" to roast HIS ass over last year's kiss off when he (a urologist) sent me to the GP for a urology problem. And when I mentioned the Rx to the ass-poke specialist, why, he didn't even ask why I might be taking it. He didn't want to know. Criminal doctor behavior again IMHO.

Then a blood test to follow for more testing for the drop-in doctor's concerns, though it isn't clear to me what they are all about. He blew me off again about addressing my iron deficiency, and of course, what hangs over it is a dopamine deficiency.

No wonder they shifted my ass poke appointment two days ahead of time about two months ago so all of the above could be timed together.

A busy day, in part in dealing with cleaning up after yesterday's spilled wine cases. Some had gasoline or detergent on them, others just had the cardboard rumpled or shredded. As it seems, little or no wine was actually lost; that is 6 pallet loads x 56 cases/pallet load x 12 bottles/case = 4,032 bottles of wine, and so far, we think that less than 20 bottles were broken, though we haven't found them. Three cases have a strong gasoline smell to them, and they may get tossed, but no broken bottles. Mind you, there were plywood covers on the sides and they covered the top of the load, which became sideways when the truck was tipped over. Had they not been there, the cases would of flew sideways down the street, perhaps 40' or more. Then there would of been broken glass with wine in the streets.

More shrink wrapping work in the afternoon; 15 pallets of wine barrels, three per pallet, had to be re-bunged, wrapped and cinched to the pallet. Cannot the perps get enough of me with wine, wood and shrink wrap contact?

Inside work shifting wine cases, then garbage duty, taking a load to the dump (refuse), plus visiting the recycling to drop off cardboard. The latter in keeping with the perps' insane preoccupation over garbage of all stripes. Then lawn mowing, weed eating, then vineyard work. A varied day for sure

Saturday, and I work at the casual labor vineyard employer. This was the first time in three weeks, and per last time, they took me off the payroll. Now I had to sign up again. I signed up last year, I signed up again at the beginning of this year, and now again. I have no idea why this stupid stuff goes down all too often.

I worked with the Mexicans today; no other locals and no Punjabis excepting the foreman. Minimal instruction for the afternoon's irrigation line maintenance job got me minor rebuke. Another WTF moment; all the Mexicans seemed to know what to do, except me.

And for some reason I was tired on the drive back; no seeming reason as the work wasn't intense, the temperature was warm and not hot, and no sleep deficit. This time the perps had the relative decency of putting on their eye stinging attacks before I drove off, and not on the highway which is their usual timing. And too, I was allowed to have the eye relief drops in my glove box this time, instead of suffering 20 min. or more of this wretched assault method.

Saturday evening, and the usual laundry, always of intense perp interest. They put on the  winsome babe again, a high school friend of the owner's daughter. (The family hangs out and helps with the laundry there). The perps sure know what I find attractive, feature by feature, and for the record, breasts aren't it.

This time she was limping from an injury of  some kind, as she had a plastic cast on one ankle. And what is it about the perps and their need to whack legs and ankles of late? They plainly nailed me with sprained ankle four weeks ago (and strangely accelerated the healing), and then whacked a work colleague with some kind of infection on his leg a week later. At the vineyard owners, a family member got hit with a major ski injury to her leg in February, and she is limping along and will need surgery in May. Do all these perp abettors sign up for this or what? Surely they would know who did it as there are no coincidences or accidents anywhere in my proximity.

Sunday, and the perps pulled another Immodium moment this morning. Like WTF; the last time it was attributable to fruit juice intake and since I dropped that possibility, why, they didn't need an excuse, they make it happen. Random cow pies in the toilet indeed.

And what is the perp's obsession over file copying, re-naming, and all other computer based file handling activities? The even put on the loathsome HD noise from outside, and a few minutes later even added hot-rod muffle noise outside while doing this. And too, infuriated me with forced keyboard blunders and mis-naming, (and other mental dithering) missing files from my ones to correct.etc. All this while performing music file maintenance activities as they need to be unzipped, unpacked from a single flac file into song files, edited in part and then renamed in keeping with my own standard.

And it seemed to be important for the perps to have me download flac files from a single particular online source, and then for one album, redirect me to get the files from CDbaby. In other words, for this nine album sudden "need", eight were from one source, and the ninth had to be from elsewhere. What is so important to the perps about that?

A hike today, after this morning's suckdown at this here PC, per digital file manipulations above. The perps just drive me crazy over getting out the door for a hike. All my hiking was begun before1000h, and now they divert me until 1200h or later, (1300h today before I set off), to then start. I absolutely loathe late day hiking starts, and here the assholes routinely hack my day so this occurs.

On my return route I stopped at the a ATM and there was an elder stalker loitering there and just finishing up. He finally exits and I attempt to put my card in and the ATM won't take it. After several attempts the ATM tells me it is temporarily unavailable. Masterful inconvenient timing if nothing else.

And to greet my arrival  on the way back, besides the plethora of vehicular gangstalking and clusterfucking at intersections, they parked a monster truck halfway into the public road just where I turn to drive down the alley to my residence, and just before that, why, a HD motorcycle pops out pushed by the lug-head (unpowered) across the street where he presumably resides. Adroitly timed for my slow speed at that moment, as if I had been traveling at normal road traffic speed (50kph) he would of been road pizza. And it is not like he looked ahead of time, so who gave him the instruction as to when to time his road crossing stunt? Like WTF, for the last three weeks he sets up shop with his pals across from me in the back alley, but now, it is on the other side of the house and street, his new noise and social hangout. The house is nothing but a perp center as far as I can tell.

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