Sunday, May 15, 2016

PC Takedown Recovery

A posting absence due to a hard drive failure, a very common event here in TI World. This is my alternate PC, as the main one has taken an inexplicable 4 months, and continues as I write this. So I got a re-furbished Lenovo in 02-2016, thinking it would last 6 months or so. Wrong on that; the assholes took out the hard drive, though all data was recovered. I got a new SSD installed and since it was a bare drive, decided to go with Windows 10. For all that farting around, a $200 bill, plus $150 for the SSD. Thanks a bunch assholes.

Though this PC has a whole lot more snap to it, as I am sure it is the SSD, though Win 10 might be part of it too.

As part of the PC takedown fuckery, all my Firefox tabs are poof, gone. I typically have ~50 or so open at a time, and they serve as my daily reference point as to what I am following, current interests and ongoing investigations. All that needs to be rebuilt. All my web site visit history is gone too, so must find all these sites anew, as they weren't bookmarked. (Because the tabs served as bookmarks in effect). More recovery work.

Then the loaded software, not much thankfully, needs to be found online and loaded too. And why isn't all this backed up? Why, the backup hardware is also out for repair to get it working properly, along with the main PC. Today's visit to the computer repair guy indicates that he cannot get the backup device to update its software. And what is so fucking important to the perps they need to constantly sabotage my backup strategy, devices and function for over 14 years? When the main PC gets back I will finally have a RAID-ed hard drive, though not truly a back up. Imagine, harassing the living shit out of someone for 14 years, and as apart of it, they won't let the victim back up his data even now. And we know who can make data go poof between Cut and Paste or any other way possible including basic file disappearance.

At least 30 screamings tonight at the assholes tonight; the adversities of getting this here PC under control again is one, not to mention the myriad typos and characters that erupt on screen by themselves, no physical keystroke needed. Then the forced "forgets"; at least 3x forgets on putting a pot lid on the dinner that was heating up on the burner. 

Then the idiocies of Win 10; they even had some decent features on Win 7 that just plain got deleted, like last apps used. Not to mention decoding the "This PC" nonsense, as well as Libraries and the directory renaming games. For the record, I just want ONE single directory (folder) for Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures etc. and then the file permissions can be managed for who sees what. (But as I am the only user, that doesn't matter a whole lot). I just don't want to go looking all over the place for all the music, especially whenever I get this thing backed up on an external device, per above. But as MS and the Win gang have decided to break up all these by user, and insert the user folder name, I countermand this stupidity by creating a single Music folder under the C; drive, and it all lives there.

Yoga; and an unusual yoga-stalk configuration of yogis. Three other males and two females, plus me as the only yogis. It is Most unusual that the males outnumber the females, and that they put three of them on me tonight. Then when I got back to my place, the ever curious back lane house, a seeming perp station was having another dude-fest/party. They of the previous lane blocking pick-up trucks, all jacked up of course, and the HD motorcycles that now pummel me with their infernal noise from time to time. Long gone are the days when a late model Mercedes sat there undriven for 12 months on end, save the odd time it was re-positioned in the opposite direction. Said dudes seem to need to party when I get back from yoga on Monday evenings, about 1830h. Go figure, as this is at least the third time in two months or less.

More shoot thinning in the vineyard, plus irrigation duties as well. Getting a face full of water from the drip line is all part of the perps' planned experience in water contact. Then bring on a light rain shower for 20 minutes or so, sampling water from the sky as a follow-on test.

More computer games, as in the orchestrated manipulative sense: I finally got my main PC back after 4.5 months in the shop for a RAID drive pair to be installed. Windows 10 was added to the list. I got the service and parts (two hard drives) for free as the proprietor was making it up to me. He couldn't get the Synology box to get updates online, as it is supposed to do, so who knows if I can persevere and get this done, or park the f***g thing and get a D-Link instead. 

The PC back up follies continue. Eventually I will get the main PC up and running as it has all my documents and resumes. So... two PC's back from their respective shops in two days, both with Windows 10 upgrades. Which leaves me wondering what on earth I will do with this alternate PC when the main PC is running again. 

I got "domestic" tonight and made a big orange colored soup up, a near weekly ritual, so the main PC will sit until tomorrow. (Which is Friday, and just might be when I find all kinds of things missing and other problems, and the repair guy won't be there until Monday). Who knows, as the FUD imperative is so important to the perps. (FUD = Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, said to be the IBM credo for their sales staff to interact with their customers).

A full day of shoot thinning in the vineyard today, no diversions from irrigation zone testing. It looks like we might finish tomorrow, Friday. The productivity imperative is ever present at this particular vineyard, even for jobs that have never been attempted before, e.g. evaluation of bottles in the flipped truck episode of three weeks ago.

All day HD motorcycle noise, and other emulations while working in the vineyard. These big hopped up pickup trucks with loud mufflers are doing their best to make noise, including accelerating to pass other vehicle doing more than the speed limit. (Single lane traffic no less). Then to add more noise variety, they put in a infernal trail bike (noise) every so often. Then when I get back to my residence, why, the back lane neighbor and his newly adopted HD erupt for more motorcycle noise, often when opening the gate or door. Funny how that "happens".

For the first time ever, I got an order from Amazon which was totally wrong; I never ordered this particular book, so yet another Fuckup to sort out. It "happened to be "The Bridges of Madison County". And lo, two days later I meet up with a woman named Madison at a Saturday vineyard job.

At least 20 screamings at the assholes tonight; garbage night is a big thing, and so they mind-fucked me into forgetting 3x that there was more garbage to put out. Ergo, two extra trips to the curb to add more to the recycle and the refuse. The assholes also cut my finger while attending to the recycle garbage; I had a 4' long cardboard tube to saw up, and lo, if the saw didn't hop out of the saw cut and slash my finger for a 3/4" cut while handling the garbage. 

And I get to mess with my employer's garbage tomorrow morning, and no less, hike it all down the hill some 100m. (Usually I have the pick up truck available to take it down to the driveway). Then the perps would not let the PC recover from its standby state so I had to shut it down and restart it, and in the process , scream at them for invoking this new found dysfunctionality. And what is the matter with the perps tonight? They are totally on the rag. And I cannot handle it any more. I am sick fed up of being sick fed up.

Friday, and no major bad luck until I got the main PC set up. No Firefox bookmarks retained in my Win 10 install. Like WTF; I expressly asked the PC repair guy to retain them and my history and tabs, and all is gone I have over 50,00 bookmarks, and it is my filing system for everything. I expressly requested that my Firefox Bookmarks be preserved. I cannot understand why two different PC repair guys cannot update to Win 10 responsibly. That is, upgrade the applications too (all of them) and all their files; what a simple concept and yet neither did it.  Why am I at the butt end of such blithering ineptitude, (or else belligerence) from two different PC repair guys? That takes coordination IMHO.

The perps have a history of wiping out bookmarks; during the intense abuse onset of 04-2002 my PC got taken down and no bookmarks were ever recovered. And too, they liked to noisestalk me at work when bookmarking web sites. 

More screaming at the assholes tonight over my second PC Win 10 upgrade this week. One is enough, but as I got fucked into a second PC, and then a disk failure, a second Win 10 upgrade. 

And back to the piss poor mouse that came with the second PC, duly exploited by the perps of course. I went out to see if I could get a Trackball tonight, but no luck. And I find out that the only mouse I like, a wired Trackball is now over $300 because they don't make them any more. Am I pissed or what? Should I dare go the KVM switch route, having a centralized Keyboard, Video, Mouse for two PC's? I had this set up back in 2004 or so but they sacked it in short order, and had me down to a single PC.  And here we are some 12 years later, now orchestrated with two PCs, and they just might pull this shit again for whatever reason.

I got a replacement watch, as the perps took out mine last week, "losing" it in the vineyard.

A day long that infernal HD motorcycle noise passing by the vineyard, and to no surprise, the back lane perp/yobo station has erupted in HD noise. Two of them come and go there now, and tonight's timing was right out of the perp handbook. Start the HD noise just as the victim is settling into some decent music on his stereo. I turned it off. Thanks a bunch assholes.

Saturday, and a job at a different vineyard, with Madison in charge, see above. Cute, funny and spunky she was. And even someone to converse with, another rarity.

A high overcast cloudy day, warm and some sun getting through for some tanning. (I get to wear my short shorts at other vineyards, and therefore more leg tanning is to be had). So not a full unabated tanning like I was hoping for, but as the perps just love to dick with sun exposure intensity, and this is only May, why am I not surprised?

Laundry tonight, and the winsome high school student was there again. It appeared that she was a friend of the owner's daughter and was hanging out there too. But last week she was there by herself, working no less, and gave me change for my bills. I asked her about her leg injury as she had a cast on it, (unusually brave of me to do such), and she said she was recovering from brain surgery. And she said that when she was first recovering she was in a wheelchair. Hmm, how many times do I need to hear or see that perp theme? Anyhow, I wished her a speedy and complete recovery. Though it seems she as a way to go, as her left hand isn't that active and her saliva control was impaired. Poor thing. Which begs the bigger question as to why the perps put her on pose patrol/stalk; so I can admire her figure and looks or because of her recovering brain surgery (and whatever comparative brain energy research they can get from this)?  The answer is I don't know, and don't want to know.

the watch I bought would not allow the minutes to be updated; hours, day of week, month etc. but not the minutes. So I took it back, and the very large male saless satff member concurred. And while he was farting around with it, the shiftless male stalk show erupted, doing their usual malingering faux shopping. Eventually a woman sales staff member came by, and concurred. She then messed with the alarm setting and got the minutes setting to work, and lo, if that didn't somehow translate into getting the minutes of the time setting to work  too. And no other models to exchange with either. So after two of the sales staff handling the watch to attempt to get it working, some 15 minutes worth, and the parade of male Fuckwit Stalkers coursing by, I got to keep said watch and finally wear it. And so it goes, another of my objects gets touched, or "mauled" as I term it, by another party. This time, it was taken home and I messed with some 10x over two days, and took it back to the store I purchased it from.

But at the perps have a long history of sabotaging my watches, going back to the intense harassment days of 04-2002, why am I not surprised? They sabotaged the steel mesh strap model I had within a week or so, and so I purchased a similar model. Then they sabotaged it within a week and so I gave up on steel mesh strapped watches. since then, it has been digital sports watches with rubber straps and this is at least the fourth since then.

And endless vexation over attempting to get these two PC's to talk to each other over the home network. And too, getting files consolidated in one place, to recover from this 4.5 month alternate PC. . I had to resort to . I resorted to USB drives to transfer, no doubt serving the perp greater good in all their fanatic interest in where my files come from and all the differing physical means in transferring them; networks, USB drives, DVD's etc. All in keeping with their intense need to itemize and research the epsistemology of information and data, even if music and picture files. Recent readings about alien abduction experiences also demonstrate similar interests of the ET kind, though I believe it all goes back to the same source/imperative.

Enough postulating, and to get this posted.


Anonymous said...

One thing I hated about Windows 10 is all the news applets that were running as tiles. It's like MS wants you to be "connected" to what's going on in every corner of the world. To me, this is just absurd: if I want a news applet to run, I'll go search for it myself and enable it. Win 10 has too much crap enabled by default. Too much useless stuff. They should have the essentials installed and nothing else.

And it was a big mistake for MS to have an OS designed for a cell phone sharing the same codebase of their desktop version of Windows. I know it makes for greater efficiency, however, to have this code sharing between the two. But on a desktop, why the hell would I want a tile-based UI?

I see MS got rid of Steve Ballmer, which is just as well, because I decided not to run Windows 10 on my computers. I've got Linux running consistently on most machines, except this laptop still has Vista.

AJH said...

Now 5 days into Win 10, and there are too many clunky things going on. Now, adding to the "libraries" confusion (as to what precise directory (folder) it is), is the "This PC" thing. Just give me the true directory and file path and don't dress it up with cute names. And if a central directory, say for music, needs to be subset by user, then use the user create permissions. I don't get it.

Ballmer, and Gates in the background, totally missed the cell phone platform. Worse yet, MS never understood user ergonomic function like Jobs did. So no wonder they are still stuck in the mud. I haven't got into tiles and I don't want to. Linux might be my choice once I have my alternate PC freed up and all files consolidated to one platform. Why the perps had to put me through five months of having my main PC held up is totally berserk IMHO. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Don't post this comment...

I don't think we have emailed/communicated before. Let me know how you want to proceed to communicate. Be aware though that there is no secure email for me, and no genuine privacy.

I have spiritual empathy, but no firm beliefs. Respecting nature is about as spiritual as I get, and that would put me in the Wicca camp, though I have never pursued any engagement with anyone in this regard. I just don't go that deep into spirituality, I just cannot and not out of choice.

Worse yet, in light of this harassment, I have become a total cynic on the concept of God. If the perps have God-like powers, e.g. teleportation, telepathy, coincidence control, orchestrated events etc. then perhaps they ARE God. And the deluded human race is praying to our non-consensual human experimentation masters. An irreverent notion of late I cannot quite shake.

Thanks for the comments.