Monday, April 04, 2016

Cold Fingered Day

And why is it for those days where gloves "become" a hassle, and that I must work in bare hands, do the perps crank on the cold weather? It was warm two days ago, but when attempting this vineyard task call "tie-downs" they pull cold days. This is a fine motor control activity, where one lays down the remaining (from pruning) canes on a horizontal trellis wire, spiralling it around so the cane is supported, and then tying down the end of the cane so it stays put. With this vertical (most often) to horizontal orientation, the buds on the cane face up and then form shoots in May to which bear fruit later in the year. The shoots are retained by catch wires higher up on the trellis and this keeps the shoots vertical for the season.

The problem of tie-downs gets exacerbated by the event, as in perp imposed, of my gloves getting pinched in the tying wire, between the canes and the trellis wire and any other imaginable pinch point. Until all this abuse began in 04-1002, I never had any problem with pinched gloves, and now it is incessant. To the point of being a grievous hassle, and so I take them off. Ergo, the cold weather comes on. Add on running my hand into sharp wire ends and the like, and I have at least 12 small cuts on my hand from one day's work.

Then the boss lady comes and ponders why I am taking so long to do the job, and we have perfect perp hassle "storm". Getting the victim with multiple abuses at once is straight out of the perp text book, Victim Abuse 101.

Big helicopters today; a big throbby Bell twin engine, some six passes over the day. They come from the N, sit at the airport for an hour or so, and then return from the opposite direction. This time it was the same helicopter make/model, but different ones going by the ownership livery. The same make/model was buzzing me two days ago when at  another vineyard, but today's visiting helicopters were of different livery.

What is with my new found interest in French language singers, aka chanson? Now numbering five artists this week, and averaging at least two albums downloaded per artist. The kind of music I like most is where I can listen to the lyrics and gain some interesting insights. Of course I am totally clueless as to what they singing about in chanson.

All day tie-downs on the vineyard, this time a cold morning followed by sunshine. The wind was up and kept me cool, so I got a tanned face and hands out of the deal. The construction babe at the adjacent building site, regularly featuring herself each time I finished a row, is not on the job any more. I was allowed to overhear that she quit and has moved on. A few more throbby Bell helicopters today, perhaps two.

The adjacent building site has the roof  going on, a torch-on one. A half dozen dudes are there with propane torches heating the tar and I suppose the roar of the torches and the flame just might be part of the perp's combustion-scape. The roofers were there yesterday too, which might of brought on the overhead combustion-scape, aka, the throbby helicopters. Who knows, though the perps love a good fire at times. And they do like petroleum products, e.g. tar, and perhaps rolls of tar all the more.

Of interest is a house now being built a half mile away, a copy-cat scenario it would seem. They had  concrete pour today, as the redi-mix trucks were passing on the road below. And we know who has a fixation over redi-mix trucks and concrete of all kinds.

Tying down canes onto the trellis wire all day, though the weather was not only sunny, but warmer. As mentioned above, the construction babe at the adjacent house construction wasn't there. The roofers were, and lo, if on the third day of roofing they didn't put on a woman roofer with the half dozen rabelous dude roofers. No babe she; twice as big and twice as old, though she did know roofing and seemed to be in charge of the dudes. One has to laugh; women in construction are rare enough, and here they go from the babe, now departed for another job, and  "substitute"  an older woman, at least for a day.

Same deal on the helicopters; the big throbby Bell came for a "visit", (fly past), and then returned  N bound a half hour later. No helicopter variety for three days now is quite unusual.

I was totally clued out about today being the last of the month and bills were due until 1830h. I got them done online, and though there was some of the now typical constant web page display obstruction, it wasn't too onerous.

Today, at my place, two pieces of stereo equipment arrived; a new amplifier and a used tuner, both made by Cyrus, from differing vendors. (Both vendors in Vancouver, BC interestingly). Not that I have a audiophile obsession, they were both purchased online without any audition. I was all set to get a $300 receiver and been done with it, but all these niggling quality obsession notions came on and so it goes. Both came in brown cardboard boxes, and are still sitting around before I get on  with connecting them to see how they play. Seeing that my YBA amplifier was sabotaged, shipped to Chicago and when back, still wasn't fully repaired, I was so pissed at this jerkaround that I decided to end my association with audio equipment that is serviced by boneheads who don't listen to the results of what they thought they fixed, but didn't. Now I am $600 deep into replacing $10 worth of parts in it, and am to ship it back for crissakes, though covered under warranty.

The perps diverted my normal dinner time to have me eat two 100g chocolate bars while seated next to the brown cardboard boxes from the Cyrus gear. I haven't had this "happen" for years, let alone two of them. It seems they wanted me to get "browned" up before I spend hours connecting and listening to them. And just maybe I will get to listen to the new speakers that have been sitting around unused for four months due to above sabotage and follow-on fuckery.

A weed spray on the vineyard today, wearing a back pack sprayer for two hours. And lo, when I was done and packing up, why, the local telephone service supplier trades van was parked in front of where I was parked and a boom truck was blocking the driveway. The repair guy was friendly enough, even if a young skin head. So while packing up, having lunch etc. I had these guys and their vehicle loitering around and and holding me up. Hardly a coincidence given the huge number of times that Telus vehicles are in the vehicular gangstalking trains/pods.

 Saturday, working in the vineyard of a large winery that accepts casual labor, the "drop-in" kind. Or at least until today, as I was told I was cut from the payroll as they wanted regulars only. But if I contacted the supervisor I could be put on the payroll for today's work and would then work out if I could stay casual. If not, I would have to give up this gig and work there in the fall when the Mon.-Fri. job ends.

But of course the gangstalk scene was ready for me in all its capacity. Not so much the 20 other farm workers, mostly Punjabis, but the overhead aircraft noise and flights. We were two miles or less from the Oliver airport and on this sunny and warm April day, why, someone needed to go all day on sail planing (gliding). That is, a noisy propeller aircraft towed the un-powered sailplane up and at a certain altitude unhitched it and each made their way back to the airport. A 15 min. cycle time on average made for over 20 flights on the day, though in fact, that was two aircraft per flight; the noisy propeller aircraft made extra returning passes overhead, and the sailplane did its (delayed) gliding in the same airspace, this bowl are where we were working, E of the airport. The odd extra private aircraft was added in, and a helicopter did some extended flights on a nearby bench region. It must of landed out of sight for four hours or so and then resumed its low level flights later. Strange helicopter behavior for a vineyard region, but of course what do I  know anyhow?

As this was a twinned fruiting wire vineyard, it was best that the workers worked in pairs. As it "happened", I was late, and lo, if I wasn't the odd man out. The foreman joined me from time to time  so I could keep up, and as he was talking to his adjacent Punjabi colleagues, I was treated to extra loud Punjabi some 3' from me. And for the first time this year, the Punjabi women joined the crew and added their colorful if not perverse clothing into the mix. Wearing a headscarf also wrapped around their face, with only their eyes uncovered struck me as most strange on a warm (20C) day in early April. But as always, how much is concocted and how much is genuine ethnic wear I have no idea anymore.

And what was with the forced finger fumbling when needing all my fine motor control to perform this detailed task of vine tie downs. And if that wasn't infuriating enough, the assholes stripped the tie-down tool from from my hand at least a dozen times on the day.

After work, and after dinner, it was my regular laundry evening. Always a big deal, doing laundry, and so they brought out the dudes at the backyard across the alley. Four large pick up trucks illegally blocked the alley, and if that wasn't enough noise, why, they added two HD motorcycles. Not only did I have the dude banter with the country music, but someone was also operating a power drill. Some party that.

 And at least 30 screamings/infuriations at the assholes tonight. What has got to into them? Could it be that I am now running a stereo with speakers for the first time since 2005? I bought a new amplifier after getting so fed up with the sabotage on the last one, followed by a round of sabotaging the repairs for crissakes. New amp, new speakers (after four months of sitting around) and a new FM tuner they had me get. A $30 radio would of done, but no, a 12x expenditure on a high end tuner instead. The perps like me follow, and eventually acquire, high end audio gear, but I could do without the expense. And screwing me out of having the amp that worked fine is just another piss off. it got sent off to the repair depot in Chicago for a second round of repairs that could of been done in one pass had the repair techs bothered to listen to what they purportedly fixed.

Another perp attraction/escalated abuse instigation might be that I changed my bedding; the blue camping mattress is out (uncleanable for some unfathomable reason), and I sleep directly on the black camping cot fabric.

A mellow Sunday; no big plans, just the ones I got saddled with. For some reason, in last night's weekly laundering, the contents of the two mesh bags, one for socks (often wool) and the underwear somehow got mixed. Since I began this system of separating the two so that sock fibers don't pollute my underwear (for which they have a particular affinity), they NEVER, EVER got mixed. And through some remote neural dithering methods, they screwed me last night. Ergo, more laundering today to separate the wool fibers from the underwear, also "happening" to be at a different laundromat with a different jug of the same detergent. Also, I "somehow" I left my jug at the laundromat last night, and so I used a new one today. All exciting stuff for the perps who constantly sabotage my laundry, and have an abetting interest in all possible parameters; machine, detergent, fabrics, water source (and filtering), dryer (or hang dry) etc. In the past they have stolen laundry, or even once had the thief parading around in my clothes.

Other excitement this morning was getting my car insurance renewed, aka "tags" in WA-speak, or perhaps that is a broader US term. A seeming trifling exercise, but two years ago, the assholes had me "forget" a few days past the date, and they also pulled that same stunt some years ago when I lived in WA.

Other BS was that they shook the house this morning at about 0730h when I was still in bed. That takes some doing as this place is wholly detached from any other building/floor/residence. No reported  earthquake/tremor today.

Anyhow, I am a day late in getting this posted, and so it goes  out like this.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Post.
still trapped here in cartoon world.
Perps running the grocery store decided to stop carrying the only hot sauce I like.
yes, "assholes" is a good name for the Perps.

AJH said...

Answer to: "Thanks for the Post."

The perps just love to manage for shortages, back orders and out-of-stock situations. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

(The perps just love to manage for shortages, back orders and out-of-stock situations.)

I think the micro-managing of availability is to instill apathy as a result of inculcating a sense of lack of control, the Perps want to instill Awe in their seeming Absolute power over the environment

Anonymous said...

(The perps just love to manage for shortages, back orders and out-of-stock situations)

It feels like they want to inculcate a sense that you belong in a Purgatory of doing More With Less because we are Bad People.
Life feels like it has devolved into a CO2 climate change Scam ... Give Us your Money because your Existence causes Damage to the outside world.
And the Scammers get to live in Florida in a waterfront Mansion off of the money they have stolen from Us.
And there is some need for us to be happy and smiling while we are being Raped and Robbed

AJH said...

Answer to above two Anonymous postings;

I think there are many perp objectives about managing shortages in supply. One, the "dashed expectations" they deem so important to their research. Another is testing the victim with a substitute food and seeing what the result is; packaging color, world wide sources of the contents etc. Too, enraging the victim is another common perp method, for whatever purpose that serves.

They know they have absolute power, and have had it for millenia IMHO, so I don't think keeping TI's down is a needed power trip for them. Though they do like to instill a sense of lack of control and self-determination in TI victims.

Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

They know they have absolute power, and have had it for millenia IMHO, so I don't think keeping TI's down is a needed power trip for them. Though they do like to instill a sense of lack of control and self-determination in TI victims.

I Agree.
Seems like they are Purposefully trying to induce Adrenal Fatigue or Failure, by cycling fear, anger, frustration, despair , disappointment back to hope & Optimism.

kinda like trying to make a rape victim actually Ask to be Raped
Hostage mental brainwashing

AJH said...

Answer to Anonymous; I Agree..."

Yes, imposing the FUD imperative is a vital part of their tactics, aka, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. The "FUD" acronym comes from the days of IBM's sales tactics as to how to deal with the customer, mainframe days, presumably post-sale. But you are also correct in that frustration, despair and disappointment (often called "dashed expectations" in this here blog) are also part of the human emotional cycling regimen they so dutifully deploy. And an odd dash of optimism now and again, though this isn't one that sticks with me. Thanks for the comments.