Sunday, April 10, 2016

Yoga Dude Cluster

And what the point of putting two dudes around me at yoga tonight? Usually they disperse them but for some reason they put them both behind me, one directly behind me even.

The Noises Source house from across the lane "greeted" 

And a new yogi babe, though seen before in the lobby of prior weeks, she got there ahead of me. I was the second person to arrive for class, and lo, if she somehow didn't manage to pick my usual mat location in the empty room. Tall, maybe 5'10", and slender, always a feature to get my attention. It was the first time she has been in this class, though I had seen her in the lobby for the following class for the past six weeks or so. Per usual, the perps had me fantasizing about her for the whole class. My usual refrain when my thoughts are my own is; "forget it, I am 61 and she is under 30". Added to that is; "with the hounds of hell on me 24x7, and invaded up the asshole (literally and figuratively) why  would anyone be interested in me?". Indeed.

But as this is at least the fourth tall and lithe and yoga-competent woman yogi to loiter in my presence in yoga class, I can only assume she must have some perp promoted rationale to be there. Besides offering female scenery, and impressive yoga skills, I have no idea why the perps do this, sometimes double shifting them, having two in the class, like today. Star Girl was at the other side of the room, another cut from the same cloth.

Fertilizer games today; picked up 15 25 kg bags for the vineyard at the suppliers, and it was unloaded by forklift into the winery off the employer's pickup I drove. A half cup somehow spilled out from a bag and I cleaned it up from the pickup bed with a broom. And lo, when I returned home, why, the landlord had a "need" to spread fertilizer prills all over the back lawn, and the paved door way to my place. And so, out with the broom to clean that mess up too. Coincidences upon coincidences.

Warehouse shuttling with pickup and with cases of wine in the crew cab...

Broke my tying tool by having it drop on the concrete floor and breaking the hook attached to the spiral twist shaft. Hence, twisting the wire by hand for the afternoon while tying down canes to the fruiting wire.

Vineyard, then rain, then rain jacket, then a call to go to the warehouse and more wine case retrieval, this time in my vehicle. Then a change in the order, so it needed to be unpacked in part, and off to the warehouse again. Another change in the pallet shipment there too, and it  had to be unpacked in part. More coincidences upon coincidences.

Last night some strange dream vignettes; one, a friend of long ago, looking 30 (as he was 30 years ago) in the dream was lounging at a bus stop. In present day TI-style I avoided him, (knowing that he was a quisling perp abettor) and moved nearby where he could not see me. And somehow he knew and came from behind me and draped his arm around me. Rather perturbing to have anyone do this, and just the same in dream.

The second vignette, unrelated to the first, was ML sitting at a coffee shop, facing the door. She looked much the way she did in the mid 1990's, her days of unfortunate infamy, even slimmed down some. I came in and was about to duck out of the way (again, in present day TI-avoidance style) and she saw me and waved me over to join her at her table. Like WTF; I never met her, save seen her twice on the gangstalk circuit. It is most strange that these dreams would occur in the same sleep, and that both were "backdated", that is, the characters' ages were regressed, but present day TI engagement-avoidance mindset was in place.

Vine tying, still doing manual twisting of the wire tie as my tool is broke, and parts cannot be had. I tried to get a replacement tool at one place and they said they had 40 of them back-ordered. I went to a rural supplier of winery and farm gear N of the vineyard work site, and he had no parts either as it turned out, so I bought a new one. Now $80 down after the perps' tool breaking stunt of Monday.

And so, I had to modify the new tool in keeping with the one that is broke. That is, grind the lower jaw so that the tip is pointed and can reach into the smallest of crevices. I find it most curious that I have done this for four other pruning tools from differing manufacturers. Like, don't they ever use them and find that the bypass jaw needs to get into tight places? No wonder the perps had me purchase a grinder, something I don't ordinarily have a need for. It wouldn't be the first time I have purchased tools for no seeming need, only to find it useful two or more years later.

Both male co-workers have bi-level haircuts now; that skeechy faux mohawk cut with 1/4" on the sides and longer on top. One had his done three days ago on the weekend and the other yesterday. Another fine coincidence, two same dumbshit hair cuts within two days of each other.

A gross out staff large woman staff member on loiter duty at SOF supermarket last night. Same deal two nights ago; folds of fat spilling onto other folds it seemed. The perps have it in for me to see fat people of late.

Doing road traffic control today; that is, the glass bottle delivery semi-trailer blocks half the road while it is unloaded with fork lifts. Myself and my co-worker stand on the road at each end and direct and coordinate single lane alternating traffic for an hour or so, twice. We have radio contact, and line of sight as well, so not the adversity of a big road works job. And dressing a day-glo vest never hurt the perp cause, nor a orange plastic hard hat.

That was the OK part. but while getting myself together this morning, breakfast and all, the perps hit me with visiting the toilet four times for some very loose bowel movements. Not only a total gross out, but the specter of this "happening" me during the day in much less contained circumstances haunted my entire day. They did strike again in the afternoon, but I had adequate notice to get to the nearby washroom. Then again when I got back. So.... after dealing with the pissing problem on and off for over a year, and getting some 80% relief despite the useless urologist, the perps now hit me with bowel problems. They in fact did predict that, and telepathically claim they are rebuilding all my development and learning, from pissing, shitting, crawling, walking, speech etc. All in this densified magnetic field they keep me in, last measured at 1800Gauss in about 2009 or so. That is a huge whack of energy, as the base magnetic field of the Earth is 0.5Gauss. Thanks a bunch; I didn't ask for it, want it, and don't care, just leave me the fuck alone. No such chance.

An HD noise evening tonight from the back alley neighbor; at least two of them to join the dudes and their nattering and their big big ups they need to rev up ever so often. But the HD noise has been the most prevalant, about every 10 minutes I get treated to this infernal racket.

Why cannot I get streaming radio on the internet? I have been trying for years and I still cannot get it off the CBC.

04-08-2016, Friday
After doing this and that chores this week, as well as tying down vines, I get the word to "work faster". Like WTF; I had just spent 2.5 hours in the morning on other tasks in the morning, and the imminent bud break of the vines was wholly predictable from a week ago. Plus the other helper was sent home on Monday for no work.

The perps didn't help any by losing my new tying tool, so I was slower with tool swapping with the twine and regular secateurs. I "found" the new tying tool when my tool belt had been placed yesterday. All this infuriated me, along with them interfering with my fingers and making me slower. One of the office staff "happened" to be passing through the vineyard and called out to me to show me a hawk or eagle in the sky, and I agreed it was a beautiful bird. After that, the harassment hostilities abated some 60%.

The small time winery part time employer had me cleaning "totes" (IBC) of flaxseed oil, the former contents, with a hot water pressure washer. It would be the first time ever that the pressure washer didn't fail or break down. But as the flaxseed oil remnants, a liter or two, were sitting around for who knows how long, the oil had a rancid fishy smell. Then he had me use dishwasher soap and it added a scent too. And he plans to put wine into these tanks. I must stop working for this guy, as his parsimonious streak is going too far to make a quality wine.

Per text from the M-F boss, I was bummed out over the productivity comparison for tie -downs in the vineyard. It seems that she tied down the remaining rows 3x faster than I did, though I haven't yet seen the results. The perps like to be sure I stay bummed out.

Sunday, and a day of rest, though I was expecting to work, but yesterday's employer only came through on one day. Soo... a day like last week; domestic clean up, vacuuming, putting some things away and attending to getting winter clothes put away and bringing out the summer items. Some shopping, and even some tanning outside on the lawn. The gangstalk scene was full measure for hounding me when shopping, and they even put on an ambulance to cruise by.

My pruner blade sharpening activities (running a diamond burr on a dremel tool) were greeted with HD motorcycle noise, from the Noises Source house across the lane; not only a center for dude yapping (per above), pick-up parking rotation, and now a 22' boat arrival, but HD noise, and parked dump trucks in the past, as well as MB sedans that sit for months unused. The noise sequence continued with hot rod muffler noise, electric hand tool noise and overhead aircraft.

And infuriating harassment over sharpening the pruner blades again. I put on a nice 3mm wide bevel on the blades with the dremel burr and then planned to hone them with a diamond whetstone. It was a consistent bevel, and I put them down to get the supplies ready for the hand honing stage. When I picked up one of the blades ready to hone it with the whetstone, why, the bevel was partially attenuated; that is, it was 3mm at the hilt but 2mm at the tip, with a smooth transition. Like WTF; it wasn't that way when I put it down, and yet a few minutes later it is modified. All this after the dremel tool and the portable vice were put away of course. But as this at least the 12th time this has "happened", and that the perps have an insane obsession over sharpening tool steel and other metal fabrication/modification, I can only assume they are up to their fuckery again.

Anyhow, enough to call this done, and onto another week of whatever the Adversity Plan is.

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