Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sabotage on Sabotage

And what was the point of last night's online stunt of blocking me not once, but twice, over a online purchase? The perps have put holes in my long johns, my only pair as winter is closing out. I have had them for 20 years, and don't wear them much (20x/year), and they are synthetic material but have always done the job and somehow some 15 holes have erupted in the last two launderings. Just another garment sabotage stunt IMHO.

So... I order two pairs of long johns from a reliable online outdoor wear supplier in these here parts, and I get to the payment page, and lo, if the dialog box for the credit card number isn't missing altogether. I click and mouse over it in an attempt to wake it up, to no avail. I see a new button for direct debit card transfers so I click on it and it takes me to my bank's login page. I key in my debit card number and it stops accepting the last 5 digits of my card. I am skunked/sabotaged/obstructed in dealing with the sabotaged long johns for crissakes. This from two different websites. And what pointless perp objective did all that serve?

And lo, if above mentioned dialog box for the credit card doesn't "show up" on the very same page last night to facilitate my purchase of said long johns. But no ordinary "showing up", no.....sir, not allowed. Only when my mouse was over top of the key-in region does the line work for the dialog box display, taking an obvious three seconds to do so. In perp-speak, what might they call this; delayed dialog display for post financial transaction obstruction?

At least twenty screamings at the assholes tonight, and only 1830h. I just finished an e-transfer and no confirmation notices occurred. So yet again, another financial transaction is at least temporarily obstructed. Cause of the screaming at the assholes is finger fumbling, cognitive disruptions, forced typos etc,.

The perps blatantly sprained my ankle today, and I am utterly pissed about this. I was dismounting from the Honda Quad on level ground when "somehow" my foot wasn't flat to meet the level ground and I was forced over on my ankle, creating a mid-intensity sprain.  Like WTF; I was a yoga last night and did balances much better than usual (harassment usual), and I have dismounted from this vehicle at least 500x, and at least 20x beforehand today, and "somehow" my ankle wasn't correctly oriented? Who looks after that, and has over ride control? Then about 30 minutes later they had me go over on the same ankle again, just to re-invoke the pain.

After that, they kludge-ified me, making me more clumsy and cognitively impaired. They pulled the ankle sprain stunt at about 1130h, after I had been working on a 70% slope for the previous two hours. (I am quite comfortable on such steep slopes on rough ground due to many years of forestry work). So as I see it, it is an utter and blatant take-down stunt. How else does one cripple a farm worker so fast? I spent the rest of the day limping around, including on the slope again. Nice touch that.

Then to  add insult  to injury, they have to piss me off this evening, hence screaming at their insane mental and physical incursions tonight. Why are the perps so fucked up, and why cannot they declare themselves instead of this near 14 year litany of insane abuse?

Of associated interest today, this was the first day I wore my new headphones/earmuff with an integrated radio today. I tried the CBC Radio, but as they are on such a pro-immigrant streak of late, I turned it off after 10 minutes, twice today. (The latest shit is that they are giving airtime to an immigrant applicant who got rejected as their son has Down's Syndrome; don't get me riled up over that one any more than I am). I wore the headphones at my neck the rest of the day, and experienced at least three EMF hits to the head that caused me a mild pain sensation and a mild cognitive dissonance/disorientation at the same time, usually while turning around or changing direction, or getting off the Quad, before they whacked my ankle, per above. And we all know that headphones have magnets in them, and we know that this victim is kept in a magnetic field of over 1800 Gauss, so perhaps the perps needed to ply me with extra magnetic disorientation and pain at particular moments with this new pair of headphones on.

Anyhow, I am now packing a gel pack my R ankle, another perp fascination is re-visited, this in the form of glycol.  Thanks a fucking bunch you insane cretins.

Another obstruction on this one week protraction to pay online for a stereo component; I was attempting an e-transfer, and the last button I clicked on was "Send Money", and so, two hours later no transaction and no message to my email.

The prospective vendor, "coincidentally" couldn't read my email at his place, (it seems), and after an email exchange of phone numbers and email display and keystroke sabotage on my side, we exchange phone numbers. He phones me, and everything is chill, and I explain what I did and that this is deal is mysteriously hung up. Last week's regular readers will recall that this was the same person who received email from me with the wrong header altogether, and that I NEVER mess with email headers unless I add a "Resent" phrase to prompt them into replying after two days of no response. Can we make this simple financial transaction any more arduous than it is? The perp answer is always "Yes" of course, as no end of insane obstruction can be rained down on their victims.

All of the above after having the latter of a strange two part dinner with an intermission. I NEVER have dinners like this; first course is followed by the second course, if there are two in the first place. As the perps have me on a soup kick of late, this was the first course. Then I get on this PC to deal with this insane online financial transaction hassle tonight, and then about an hour later I am reminded that I "forgot" my main course. More bizarre shit on top of a trying day, and evening especially. Then they added at least ten screaming rage-ifications while making the second course. One stunt of theirs was dropping an ant into my heated frypan with oil in it. All of the abuse to get me "ready" for the phone call with the potential vendor I assume.

Back on the financial transaction Fuckover stunt; the assholes blocked access to my Yahoo email. Two hours later they are still at it, presumably to block me finding out if they obstructed above financial transaction. All this insane abusive tyranny added on top of today's extra obvious  sprained ankle stunt.

It seems my e-transfer went through this morning, after last night's transaction blocking stunt. A big Windows upgrade came on after I shut down. And too, this morning (0730h), the upgrade had to run some more. Too much of a coincidence that, having a Windows upgrade in the middle of an obstructed transaction that was finally allowed to go through this morning.

The sprained ankle is still in throbbing mode, so no work today as I am hobbling around my place with a cold glycol compress stuffed in my R sock. It was last summer I "decided" to get two of them to keep my lunch cool in the hot weather when on vineyard work, and perhaps the assholes had the sprained ankle stunt planned then. They like to have things sit around unused for long durations, months and years, before they are put to use. My speakers are another example; purchased in 11-2015, they are still unused for the most part as my amplifier crapped out, and then two months later when back from repairs it still sounds terrible. Then the foot dragging going on in attempting to purchase a new on online, now three weeks long and still continuing. All over music reproduction, that is, getting beyond headphones.

Finally, above mentioned financial transaction went through. This for a stereo tuner that was sold two weeks ago and so I gave up on it and never expected it to be available. The perps like to do things like that, jerk availability/expectation in the mind of the TI victim (me, at least). I say "mind", as I really don't know how much they control those circumstances now, some 14 years nearly into this abuse-athon.

They let me get a two hour sleep in the afternoon with a cold, very  cold, compress on my R foot. Not only have I got plenty of swelling from the sprain, but the blue bruising is starting to show. Whoo, hoo... how many days of incapacitation do I have to go?

A visit, a hobbling one, to the supermarket last night. They even put on the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mendacious Plods) to cruise the parking lot on my arrival. In the store, they also put on a stalker babe with the come-hither look (facing me, but eyes turned away with big eye-white exposure) who looked much like the French chanson singer I was admiring from a download album cover earlier today. Same facial look, hair color, hair style; go figure. She even dithered in the aisle some more just as I was about to head her way, all for me get a look at her comely figure from behind. This, after selecting the mushrooms from the display, and mushrooms are always a big stalking scene. At least she was a cute doppelganger.

Then a stalker gong show at the checkout; my aisle dog-me couple cruised by and got their own cashier who set up the next checkout just for them. The two women and a child in a stroller took their time gabbing with the cashier, and extended the show by overloading the stroller and flipping it back with the child in it. No injuries or heavy drama, but how fucking stupid was that?

Then behind me comes the ball capped dude with curly hair and the over sized brim on the ball cap. He puts his first grocery item, a chocolate bar identical to the ones that I purchased, as close as he can on the checkout belt to me but without crossing the scanner. How obvious was that? I haven't had one of these blatant copy-cat grocery items at a checkout for some time. Usually I get the hot and cold items, glycol packs, bananas, and other forgettable color similarities. But an identical item is unusual, and then to place it in such an obvious fashion takes the cake.

Just one day of rest as it "happens". I was mobile, but hobbling this morning and I thought I would give the vineyard work a try. A clever perp trick was that I had to wear my heavy mountaineering boots which normally I wear with thick socks. BUT as my R ankle was swollen I wore a thinner sock and both boots fitted fine. A forced odd sock day, and maybe for a few more. I wonder if that was the entire objective of giving me the sprained ankle, given the prior weeks of sock shuffling with appurtenant matching boot pair use.

And while a little slower, I was able to do  all my vineyard duties reasonably well, though clumsily at times. And once the odd sock pair was off at day's end, I see the swelling has gone down and my foot feels a whole lot better. Past ankle sprains have taken weeks to get healed this fast.

A national holiday in these here parts, Good Friday, but not for farm workers, which includes yours truly. And so off to the remote vineyard to do tie-downs, now a little easier that the weather has warmed up some. Still, a fiddly motor control task, and the perps make sure to exploit this by lifting my hand off the cane I am holding down and having it unravel and flip up. And too, having me drop the tool as well. Just too funny.

I wasn't entirely alone, per usual. The owner came for a bit to direct tradesmen on the adjacent house construction, and the latter crew were there for the most of the day. Not a big deal. Missing was the construction babe, taking the holiday with other regular crew. And heavy on the single engine aircraft overflights today; at least 20, and maybe one helicopter, two commercial passenger flights and maybe four high altitude aircraft. Then in the afternoon the HD motorcycle noise from across the lake on Hwy 97 droned on. It is March, and the weather was reasonably nice, ergo, HD noise where plausible. More of the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) noise-scape/inculcation it would seem.

Another Saturday of pulling pruned vines (canes) from the trellis wire. Not quite the workout of last week as we were in different varieties, and we finished an hour sooner. As usual, the perps played productivity games, and even if I was the most energetic it seemed I was the slowest for whatever reason.I watched one guy for 10 seconds or so, and his canes seemed to pull out a whole lot easier than mine for some reason. It isn't the first time that my agricultural co-workers seem to have an inordinantly easier time.

My new headphone/noise protection/internal radio head set was acting up with the volume varying for some reason. At first I thought it was the radio reception but when I plugged into my Android player it was just as bad. Ergo, another pair of headphones down, though these will be sent back. And the fourth source of headphone audio of late, and one more to go when the new amplifier comes next week. That should also mark the day that I can listen to my new speakers t that have been idled since 11-26-2015, but we shall see.

Blue helicopter coverage in the vineyard today, doing about six passes, a seeming twin engine Bell with a big thuddy sound.

On the way home I stop at the organics specialty store and for two of two supplements, both tinctures, I got skunked. That is, both were out of stock. Tight gangstalk coverage and I couldn't wait to get out of there, and when I do, why, the same blue helicopter was overhead.

Sunday, and a whole day off, and a cold one at that. I to to the alternate organics store, and lo, they are closed on this Easter Sunday when normally they are open Sundays. More insane acquisition obstruction.

And just when I thought I could get to filing 2015 papers, why, I get hit with a 2.25 hour nap attack. A nice way to punch a hole in one's day. The usual provisios; there was no sleep deficit and in no other circumstances did I need any such extra sleep whatsoever.

Continuing arrivals ants in the kitchen and elsewhere; one even arrived on the mirror while I was in mid-facial hair plucking. And on this LCD screen a few days ago. Exquisite timing, by ants no less.

And continued disruptions, a phone call and a bathroom visit, about a minute into listening to a French pop performer. Why do the perps constantly disrupt me when listening to music, especially within a few minutes of listening to a single performer? Last night they were at it when listening/watching a stream feed from the Streaming Cafe in Kelowna. Then on the last song they froze the image and stopped the audio stream. Thanks a bunch.

Anyhow, time  to get this posted for the week, and hope my ankle recovers at its unexpectedly faster rate. I see they cancelled yoga tomorrow, extending this Easter disruption thing they have had all weekend.

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