Monday, October 05, 2015

Vineyard Last Day

Friday, and the last day of regular employment at the vineyard. I may work some odd days, and one for picking, but no regular paycheck for a while. I may have a month or so starting in two weeks. And just this evening, my former vineyard/wine making employer wants me for the interim.

Yesterday, I was picking puncture vine at a vineyard 65km south, not far from the US border. The perps always like to remind me of international borders for some reason, and have me recall the orchestrated event of 2003 when they had the INS/US Border Patrol pull their gun on me for no reason whatsoever. When asked what the purpose of my trip was, I honestly stated that I wanted to clean out my apartment in Seattle. They asked me to come inside their office and so I did. After some idle chit chat with one agent at the counter I waited on the bench inside, and after about 5 minutes one furtive agent gives me a stare from 30' away, and then next thing I know he has a gun trained on me and is asking me to stand up with my hands up, and to face away from him. More instructions followed to bend over, and put my hands on my back.and only then did his helpers come to put cuffs on me. All to give me a piece of paper saying I had to see a US consulate approved doctor, which as it later turned out, there was no such thing. That was the second of three border crossing stunts/obstructions, and eventually I had to get a "friend" (a former work colleague), who just happened to be circulating for me to make a casual request after he offered to help me in any way. Funny how those coincidences keep erupting.

Another educational institution massacre, early in the term. And why are they so often at the begining or the end of terms? This cannot be any fluke. Seeming these dispossessed "shooters" lose it at these junctures, but somehow don't at mid-term, (mid October to November) and then they erupt again in December for the first term, and again at the end of the second term in late March or April.

I know, it gets tedious, speculating on the connection between the Targeted Individual and all tragedies that endlessly repeat themselves. Just let me say, that the perps have a profound and unrelenting interest in how I learn things, all that I know, and how learning (facts) becomes knowledge and then when applied in a test or challenge (formal or informal education). Call it the epistemology of information, aka information theory. Exactly what this might mean for the perps is beyond me, but whenever they want answers they go for the metaphoric jugular. That is, have a shooter unload at a educational institution to have the dying bleeding all over their desks, hallways etc. This time in Roseburg OR. I have never been there, though my ex went there on a business trip a few decades ago. I suppose the perps can link people energies to earth energies in all ways, especially by moving them around in immigration, singly or en masse. I will leave these speculations to those that have have articulated substantive theories on quantum information theory and here

And why do the perps continue to harass the fuck out of me by lifting up my heels and then causing me to recover from the imbalance? Though, they sometimes prevent me from recovering and send me to the ground. What kind of insane imbecile would do this to the same victim for 13 years running after 47 years of covert abuse with full life orchestration? This bullshit while picking grapes at work two days ago.

And if that weren't enough, the assholes also pull the just-severed grape cluster (bunch) from my hand and send it to the ground instead of allowing me to place it in a bucket. They like to do this by various means; force my hand open, have the grape bunch "unexpectedly" snag and then pull it from my hand, and too, somehow fumbling the simple act of placing it in the adjacent bucket. Some 20 times in two hours or so, again, the above question about the imbeciles applies

The assholes let me in on the fact they screwed me totally out of paying my bills this month end again. No doubt a $2 to $8 hit on my phone bill again, having this done to me about four months ago. And what is the point of that? The other two aren't paid exactly on month end, so they will be paid on time. I never forget these financial details, and there is no explicable explanation except my remote neural sabotage by insane assholes.

Back in 2002, a few weeks after the assholes went berserk/overt and kept me captive in Victoria BC (where I was visiting), they let me return for a day to Seattle with my perp-abetting mother, (though I did not know it then), to pay all my bills by paper-in-the-mail means. She was there doing ironing for me while all this transpired in my apartment. And lo, if all six to eight bills didn't get hung up in the mail, and I got notices that they hadn't been paid. I wrote new checks, and lo, if the first ones didn't come through and I ended up with credits for the next month. So bill payment sabotage isn't new, as well as all financial transaction stalking/harassment/sabotage.

Why is that the perps want me to see fugly tattoos? (All tattoos are fugly IMHO). Two of my favorite muses of late, Megan Nash and Allison Crowe have God-awful full arm tattoos on their left arms. I have seen the latter twice in live performances, the first time in late 2003 and no tattoos then. I saw her play two years ago in Victoria and what a fugly left arm she had. Unrelated to the tattoos, at one point in the concert she said "I am not supposed to say this but,..." and went into a innocuous ramble, which is totally within character as she is so bubbly and talkative. But why the strange qualification? Which is consistent with what I claim, my life and in all its interactions, is orchestrated to the last detail. It would seem something came to mind as she was talking and then she qualified it in this strange manner.

Last week, I got to see the garbage man face to face as the assholes fucked me out of getting the garbage to the lane Thursday night, and I was only allowed to know when the garbage truck was coming by the next morning. So I had to scoot with the can and 60' down the lane, and gave him the garbage can. And lo, if he didn't have a left forearm plastered with fugly tattoos along with his arm hair. Doubly Unfavored, and and that was just his arm.

A Sunday, and my first day off in three weeks, given the unpredictable harvest schedules of vineyards. Not only did I get to sleep in, but I also got nailed for a 2.5 hour nap attack in the afternoon. Sometimes these nap attacks leave me as I if I have been brain numbed, and need hot tea and chocolate to "recover". That is, my recovery can be faked, as well as the notion that hot tea seems to do the job. Anyhow, that put a hole in my day and the plans to get tomato canning done came to nothing.

Getting laundry done was a priority, even if a freak show assembled in and outside. The French Canadian pickers got freak show duty this time, the corded/matted dreadlocks seem to be their specialty. More like errant clowns without the gaudy clothing, though I suppose that is coming next, perhaps next year. And the perps know I loathe clowns in the typical sense, along with vestiges of clashing clothing color, the oversized shoes and laces, and the too short pants that flare out at the calf. I never thought about all this until the perps kept up this particular theme and hounded me with all these Unfavored clothing features, usually on Favored attractive females, especially at yoga class.

After the first load of laundry was started I did some errands, and then returned early to have 15 minutes to piss away. As it "happened" a flea market had assembled in the adjacent parking lot so I went to check it out. The usual dreck, but I found some CD's and bought three from the vendor. I lingered around some more, getting steered by obstructing dudes and freaks and eventually returned to the laundromat. I was waiting for the last minute of spinning to finish, and lo, the CD vendor somehow "needed" to walk down the aisle some 8' from me. A minute later, he was walking back and then out to the lot. I suppose the cover story is that he needed to use the washroom in the laundromat and found it occupied, and then walked out again. But as this is totally consistent with the gangstalking scene that follows me everywhere, I am calling it the latter. Said person didn't even bother to say hello when he was nearby and I was looking at him, and he was doing the perp-standard look ahead (and nowhere else) act. Hopefully he will get a decent chin out of the deal if he wasn't a morphed-over salaried Fuckwit. As again, the perps know I have a distaste for recessed chins (=Unfavored), something I didn't know until all this began when the perps went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002.

Enough rambling, and on to posting this latest string of abuse for the public record. Though you can be assured that by no means is this a full record of the insults, faked touches and the rest of the unconventional harassment.

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