Sunday, October 18, 2015

Heavy Commute Coverage

A Tuesday like a Monday, this being the first day back from the Thanksgiving weekend in these parts N of the 49th Parallel. Though yesterday, I was at the boss' house for Thanksgiving dinner with their daughter and husband and children. No rude-assed hand flicking in my face this time, nor the reaching arm across my plate, inches from my nose.

And this incremental abandonment thing again, which has occurred at other social dinner events, even going back to 2000 when Ms. C and her family invited me to Thanksgiving, this when I lived in Seattle. The seeming arrangement is that one by one, the others leave the dinner table after the meal, leaving me by myself and wondering why this is arranged as often as it is. Just plain weird.

Heavy home-bound commute coverage today. Some 8 motorcyclist stalkers for the 20 minute drive when normally I get none at this time of year. About mid-day, a black military aircraft did a single climbing pass, presumably from Penticton Airport, but what was it doing there anyhow? It was a four engine turboprop and per usual (in the Unsual TI World), there were black wave like emissions coming from it, which I take to be some kind of maser beams that travel larger distances than the fuzzy balls and lines I get inside my residence.

I had helicopter coverage on the way home, and four trains of gangstalking vehicles ahead and oncoming, all this at about 1620h as I left work some 15 minutes late, but hey, they know that too, long before I did. The boss lady come down to chat just as I was finishing up work, and usually she doesn't, I leave on my own about 99% of the time. A four vehicle cluster fuck that was held up by an oncoming vehicle train, as the vehicle in front of me had to make a L turn. Once he made his, a last red vehicle (caboose?) with this awful faded dull red (roof and hood) to deep red paint job (lowest side body panels) came by to hold up my L turn. I suppose the perps were testing me on the paint job (same original color/source etc.) with a large variance in the paint color. No separate paneling of clashing reds of differing paint sources this time.

As the final act, the landlord was hanging outside his house, some 70' away, on his cell phone. The cell phone stalkers are also coming out more of late, on all fronts. I see he had his cube van in place of where he keeps his red pickup truck for some (related) reason.

Then when home, an immediate need for a bowel movement, another perp high interest/harassment event. What all of this means is beyond me.

Just when I thought I had this pissing problem fixed by starting on L-tyrosine and L-phenlyalanine yesterday, the problem came back. As it "happens", it can be a dopamine deficiency problem. All I have to do is look up Parkinson's Disease, and the non-motor problems all seem to line up with having a generalized dopamine deficiency problem (aka lifelong ADD). Or at least, that is how the perps portray my set of "conditions", as they can manage any medical issue to any level they like, and not just for me, but the population at large. Though it does make me wonder if Parkinson's Disease isn't yet another manifestation of their dopamine research agenda, which is unleashed upon me under the cover of having Attention Deficit Disorder. I have the Inattentive sub-type, and this is diagnosed from a SPECT scan I had in 2001, aafter being blown off by three shrinks and a neurologist for crissakes (1995 to 2000). I am sure the perps had a hand in arranging that too.

Come to think of it, at the time, I was about to have my second SPECT scan (, the first being a baseline, the second after a focus/concentration exercise), and the technician didn't arrange me correctly, and my shoulder was in contact with the head that was about to rotate. As I now knew the procedure, I told him the scanner head was touching my shoulder. He gave me a sheepish look, as if he knew, and re-positioned me so the rotating scanner head could freely move around me, per normal. I thought it was odd he looked sheepish instead of reacting apologetically, but as this has "happened" so often among for those I don't know, I could not judge it to be normal or not at the time.

A Wednesday yoga session with the male instructor, now hiding behind a large beard. Normally I don't go this night of the week, but as the Monday session was closed for Thanksgiving, I decided I should stay limber all the same.Said instructor was masking his protruding gut with baggy clothing, nothing new there in perp arrangement for over-sized stalkers. A yogi dude with brown shorts and hairy legs (three Unfavoreds there) keeps planting himself beside me, and now the fourth time he ends up a mat away. The ridiculous man with the heavy breathing "habit'/act was there too; doesn't he ever get better lung capacity in the two years of his yoga attendance that I have known?

Yellow colors are also big among the gangstalk crowd today, and lo, if I didn't "happen" to have corn for lunch and dinner.

I hadn't seen the Star Girl in yoga, for a year or so, and barely recognized her now that her hair is dyed red (Unfavored). Her wrist star tattoos have expanded down her L arm and it looks like someone took a jagged felt pen to it. All for me to see of course as she was adroitly aligned to block my line of sight to the instructor with he tattoos visible. And she made sure I could not figure it out as she kept coming and going and moving her mat before class. The rest of her was worth looking at though. Which is a common perp arrangement; put the babe beside or in line of sight with the dude (instructor in this instance), and see how I separate the Favored from the Unfavored.

And of all things, after three years of attempts, the assholes finally let me do a wheel pose. That measure of decency, if it could be termed that (more like obstruction relenting), didn't stop them from wobbling me during the balances; they simply move my foot on me and I have no control of this.

And why do the perps continue to sabotage my cut/paste function in Windows? I copied a tracking number and then when I want to paste it, Paste is greyed out, likely because they wiped the Paste buffer before I could paste. Lets see, I get a few of these stunts a week, and it is always some long random number that is hell to recall window to window.

A two hour work day for job orientation in preparation for next week, this being sorting, grading and packaging tree seedlings. And some piece rate incentive in it too, though I am always rather guarded about  this arrangement, having been in the daffodil picking fields where the hourly Mexicans get the best fields and the locals on piece rate, get the rest, all to keep the total picking cost lower. But, it seems this isn't the same arrangement; the seedling containers arrive and one pulls, sorts and bundles and packages inside without concern over the vagaries of field conditions.

And while in this lunch room with 40 people or so, the perps put on some green plasma spots in my visual field, and I wasn't in a situation I could avert or close my eyes. And  no one pretended to notice these floating orbs of light.

On the drive home, I get a yellow vehicle escort for 5 minutes, and then an ambulance (white, with red painted lines here in BC) was on dog-me duty, even passing me when I was 10km/hr over the speed limit. More tag with the ambulance, followed, me getting ahead at the traffic lights and the fucker following me into a my residential area. No emergency of course; and what is the deal over this ambulance chasing all the time?

And three times today, including the dim lit evening, of the red and white fire trucks "happening" to be driving by. Do we see a theme here?

So onto to getting my haircut in the early afternoon, but I wasn't able to get out when I intended, as my new hiking boots from STP arrived. And a extra $85 ransom payable to UPS no less. Some was the federal sales tax, other was "duty". In the past they have been scamming with "duty" from products from the US, where there is free trade agreement (no duty). So I will have to look at this one to see if it is legit; yet another nail to pound down.

The perps finally let me in on this latest forced expense of new boots; the whole $350 expense was totally unneeded. They had me in pissy over the the shoe repair guy who didn't come through and wouldn't back up his work, so "instead" of spending $160 to fix them up, they had me spend $350 for a very stiff pair of mountaineering boots. But as I have a pair of sturdy safety toed work boots (that aren't falling apart any more, repaired at least 3x by said shoemaker), I could of worn them for this next two month working gig and taken the hiking boots to a reliable shoemaker I know in Victoria. Like WTF; they screw me down to a lower income two weeks ago, and then concoct this fuckery over boot repairs and then invoke a fake "need"  that cost me $350 for boots I didn't really need if I was allowed full access to my native analytical faculties.

A hair cut today; the same native Indian girl as last time, tho' she didn't seem quite so scared and even smiled a few times. At this hair and spa training school the student hair cutters rotate every 6 to 9 months, so I usually won't see the stylist permanently. The  6'4" male negro "student' was at the next station, the third encounter now, he being allowed to slowly get closer, and more visibly too. No hanging behind work stations in the next aisle and the rest of the partial glimpses the perps so like to arrange with the Unfavored specimens they inject all the time. He got duty on my R side, and during a hair dye treatment wait for the adjacent customer, he hung around on the L side talking to the instructor at her desk.

It was nearly three years ago when I was getting my legs waxed at this same establishment (different location then) and I was behind this curtain where I observed three negro males doing whatever behind mirrors etc. at a work station. There was no stylist helping them, and I couldn't figure out what they were doing there, besides putting on the putz/loiter/act. At one point of of them started to walk toward me, enough to get my attention (read, threat assessment), and then inexplicably retreated to join the other two. Anyhow, the three of them strut out in file after an hour and didn't need to pay for anything, and again, no staff seemed to have anything to do with them. Go figure.

Plenty of fat girls today, though, not at the forest seedling nursery crew, but on the street and at the hair salon. In particular, one of the staff seems to have a large ass and needed to strut behind me at least 8x. The even larger, and very pleasant, spa instructor was also there, and lo, if she and the odd-stick male stylist instructor weren't conversing out back on the back street where I returned to my vehicle. I say "odd-stick" in regards to his appearance; usually with one or two day's facial hair, wearing jeans, and looking a little like a alkie at a publicly accessible hair stylist salon. Again, this could all be an act just for me when I am there, as unusual adult male appearances (Unfavored) consistently get my attention.

Post hair cut, and a mighty swarm of vehicular traffic around me on a Thursday after noon in October in Penticton, (not exactly tourist season now), and I go to a 20% of sale to a specialty foods and supplements store. What a mistake; all these dudes strutting around me, doing the faux shopping act, bend overs at the at the same shelf location for five minutes, and then at least four of them in separate events, come within 4' to get my attention (read, threat assessment), then turn around with their back facing me, and inexplicably stop (facing down aisle) and not even pretending to be looking at merchandise, and then retreat. Why are so many dudes so fucking deranged in the same way in the same store? Enough of the herding as well, and I got the fuck out of there, also getting scrambled in not getting all the items I wanted. And this wouldn't be the first time gangtalking fever has erupted post-haircut.

A big day for plastic bag games today; the maverick-cum-exasperator former full time employer has me back for some fill-in days helping him with his wine making ambitions. He won't buy stainless steel tanks, and so he uses large plastic bags inside plastic picking bins as his "tanks". He recently got some serious bags (purpose made) with bung holes for filling to replace his "system" of liner bags which wasn't working too well as the fruit flies got in. He has 30+ tons of grapes invested into this venture this year, and a few weeks ago tried to persuade me to be his full time wine maker for the next two months. Thankfully, the above mentioned forest seedling job came up, and so I will work there on Saturdays only. That includes tomorrow of course, and provides some extra cash to pay for the above mentioned expenses that need to be addressed.

Earlier, I advised him to take most of his 30 tons to a cooperative winery and let some professionals do the wine-making while he worked out his plastic bag "system", but he does things his own way. How much all of this is for real, or contrived to raise my angst over the exceptional risk-taking is beyond me, though he has been absolutely consistent in being excessively parsimonious to the point of incurring self-defeating risk, or even greater costs later. The perps like to arrange "I told you so" events for me, and this guy invokes a whole lot of that. Anyhow, I don't understand how he would turn down $80k in grape harvest revenue to instead launch into this winery venture with unproven methods and the barest of equipment. Though to be fair, he did get a used wine pump recently, a 1.5" intake hose, which can move wine with the gentleness it deserves in decent volume.

Wine pumping with the boss man yesterday, and we didn't get it all done, and so I worked today (Sunday). It wouldn't of been his choice, as he likes his days off, but it had to get done. I was hoping to finish by noon and take my new boots hiking, but his intentional dithering for two hours in the morning, meant that I got there at 0800h and didn't get seriously pumping until nearly 1100. And then the clean up of the plastic bags took over two hours after the pumping was over, and so no hiking. All I got to do was take the boots there, and then sitting them on red brick while I wore my gum boots for the day.

For some perverse reason he has run the sprinklers in the same area that lines the driveway three days in succession, and for the last two, opened up the hose that I need to hose down tanks and bins. Which means it floods the cleaning area, and the pressure it has makes it unmanageable. And as a bonus today, the perps pulled on off rain for the afternoon to add to their water games.

The muddy residue after the wine ferment is called the lees, and I had to extract it from these plastic bags and direct it to this ditch. It was a total mess, and my boots and clothes were covered in this yellow mud mess. Another trip to the laundromat afterward, having done all my laundry last night. In the laundromat, and on the yellow theme, a dude on his cell phone with his presumed wife and daughter, both blonde and pony tailed. Said dude did the come-at-me move to get my immediate attention and diverted so something else. On my return, he did the parallel cell-phone stalk. The laundromat has a bank of washing machines some 50' long, and they had laundry going at each end, and me ending up in the middle. Funny how the "split couple" or "split family" stalking move comes up.

That is all the news for this past week; onto two employers, one of them new, though sorting and packing forest seedlings is known to me four years ago before I moved to the Okanagan Valley.

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