Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Instructing the Instructor

Back to the regular yoga instructor today, but last week's lithesome and attractive instructor was there as a student for some curious reason. The latter was decidedly more attractive and encouraging, the regular instructor is more terse and command prone. There is something about instructors and their tone and look that fascinates the perps, even if one limits it to female yoga instructors. At the vineyard job, all (female) of the tasting room staff have been giving me instructions on various tasks they want fulfilled. And of course there is the regular boss lady too. Essentially, I don't care one whit; all I need to know is can I understand the instructions and will I find them applicable to the assigned task. Often, I get extraneous instruction that just doesn't make sense, sometimes because the boss cannot recall all the details because they haven't done the job for a while.

And too, they forced me into a front center mat position, in front of the instructor so she could direct her finger tips my way in demonstrating the chair position. Another excuse for someone to flick fingers in my face it would seem, the aforementioned boss lady being another.

In the trunk of my car, an oil leak from a inexplicable pin hole puncture in the plastic oil container I keep it in the trunk in a brown cardboard box. Said box was removed and no leaks through to the trunk liner, some what miraculously given the perps need to make messes everywhere possible. And we know who can deal with miracles too; just another passing moment at the office for them.

Some ruminations about the landlord couple at this here carriage rental accommodation. Given the intense scrutiny I am under, especially with respect to my residence, there is no doubt they were on the harassment/orchestration long before I met them in mid-2013. But of interest is that they have been away for the last three weeks, and without them saying anything about handling the mail as before. Not a big deal in and of itself, but what caused me to speculate that they may be at perp school, a full year's absence I have come to observe, was a peculiar stunt the landlady performed. I had just pulled in to my lane parking next to the brown wood fence, and some 60' away in her usual red truck parking location, she pulls out in a small black compact vehicle, one I hadn't seen before. And no shiny well looked after car like their usual two, it was of varying paint condition, from shiny to flat black, straight out out of the perp shop IMHO. Her drivers side window was open, and she waved and said hello as she passed by in the lane, as I had just exited my vehicle. That was two weeks ago. It was this curious visitation/stalk which caused me to wonder why would she return to her house for a single drive-by stalking and then not to be seen since.

Some background on above mentioned perp school suspicion; from 1990 to 1999 I swam with a adult swim club in Victoria, BC. For those who don't know, it is a town with a stable population, even some growth. And yet some 8 to 10 of some 30 to 40 active swimmers disappeared for a year, citing a job or marriage that didn't work out, went back east etc. I could not figure it out then, and of this group, most of them have been involved in gangstalking scenes in the same town where I spent my first years as TI, 2003 to 2012 when I moved to the present location of Penticton. (I was based in Seattle in 2002 when the perps first went berserk/overt on me.)

At the vineyard job it was picking today, and some extra pickers were hired for the day. And lo, a blonde French Canadian couple, both with blonde dreadlocks (seriously Unfavored). Mostly, they had hats over this unsightly hair style, but as the day wore on, they figured I needed to see more of the hair; fugly, and without redeeming aesthetic qualities. A few years back in Victoria, they put a blonde dread-locked woman on the street immediately in front of me with my perp-abetting mother so each of us could have a gander at this disgusting look. I suppose the perps were doing some kind of psychic reactivity comparison, with me as the more psychically damaged one. I don't know exactly why I loathe dreadlocks hair, but I do, and am utterly pissed I need to be hounded with this and the rest of the Unfavored themes/sightings/stalkings for over 13 years of unrelenting psychopathic abuse. And all because the perpetrators wish to continue this human non-consensual experimentation without declaring themselves. And what is the point of that senselessness?

And what is it that the perps have to fuck with my supplements all the more? I started taking magnesium three months back and lo, if the leg cramps didn't stop once I got the dose dialed in. And lo, if the assholes keep jacking with what particular brand and formulation, by restricting the supply at the store. This time it is magnesium citrate, before that it was magnesium malate and before that it was magnesium bisglycinate. Clearly, the entire harassment/abuse program has a long way to go if this is what they are truly pissing around with.

A different vineyard, this one in Osoyoos, and digging up puncture vine all day today. The weather was warm and sunny, and I even got a tan on my shirtless torso. (At the regular vineyard there is a dress code as has public access). I have no complaints even if the job is rather mundane, though upward mobility is substantially limited.

A shorter shift today, as I asked for time off to apply in person for forest nursery job opening up. I have done this kind of work before, working on a conveyor line of plug stock forest seedlings passing by, bunching them, and also working with the packaging. The seedlings are then sent to the coolers and are ready for the spring planting. I am sure that my chosen former career in forestry was perp guided, if not totally managed. As to what they are looking for with respect to trees (and all other plants) and me is unknown, though it seems that they have a particular interest in annual woody growth.

Saturday, and working for my former full time employer, on his 32 ton crush. Despite my reservations about his gerry-rigged fermentation plans (20,000L !), I help all the same. I just don't want to be tagged with being responsible for it all. Though it does cause me to pause why he is taking so much on without a credible game plan in place.

Sunday. and ditto; and even getting good at it, team crush work no less. And also of considerable note, nothing went wrong (malfunctions, accidents etc.) today and yesterday.

Anyhow, time to get this posted for the week.

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