Monday, September 21, 2015

Work Adjustment

While at work, and expecting to work long hours on the grape crushing/fermenting activity that is true for all wineries, I learn from the boss-lady that I had "better look for other picking jobs by mid next week...". A total blindside and total disruption of all my employment expectations, as I thought I had two months of significant earnings ahead of me. Instead, I have a bank balance in the negative territory each month end. So, in other words, a major employment readjustment, or more like, enforced impoverishment, living as close to the line as I have been doing all year.

A day of making up shipping boxes in a dingy concrete warehouse all day today,. That is, assembling brown cardboard boxes of varying sizes, some all brown, and some with printed color on the outside. And can I say that the perps are not only obsessed with the color brown, but coardboard too. I cannot count the gangstalking weirdness episodes related to these particular props, but the Fuckwits who walk in town or off the bus with flattened cardboard boxes propped on their heads and held with one arm certainly take the cake for bizarre-ness. 

The day began with the notion of filling my vehicle's tank with gasoline, as I kept on getting screwed out of recalling to do this for the prior four days. But no, at the fuelling station, the brown sugar water purveyor, Pepsi this time, was blocking ALL 10 fuel stations at the Chevron. I  finally I had some morning time before work to get this done,and lo, a Pepsi tractor trailer was roadside to all the pumps with extra traffic cones for those not directly obstructed. Just totally absurd.

I made close to 600 boxes by day's end, applying tape and some muscle to apply the tape gun and then assemble them into 100/pallet so they could be moved if needed. Then, if enough adversity in messing with my fine motor control (fingers) wasn't enough all day, why, they dithered my faculties over the last half hour to the point making me assemble every other box upside down, until I was allowed to detect the error, and remake them right side up. All this to infuriate me, and then once at home, a sudden "need" to eat brown junk food (chocolate and chocolate coated ice cream), one after the other before I was allowed to make dinner. I never do this voluntarily, as I am most conscious of what I eat and in what order.

The abusiveness carried on later to in the form of online fuckery, as they won't allow me to display my order for the door handle replacement that was cancelled on me. Last week the perps took out the rear driver side door handle, breaking the plastic part, the second most used one behind the driver. The driver's door handle was broken some two months ago, and replaced with stock Toyota parts, pre-painted in the correct paint color, a mid-metallic grey.

This time, for some reason, a whole new mentality was installed once I learned that the dealership informed me it was $160 for the part (correct color) and $120 to install it. I decided to look around on the there interweb and to my surprise, I could get aftermarket unpainted door handle for $23USD, so I ordered it from an outfit that will ship to Canada. And lo, if they didn't cancel the order the day I placed it. Insult after injury is how it goes; wreck the car part and then obstruct the victim in getting a cost effective replacement, atter soaking him some $350 to replace the first one.

Now I see the perps deleted the email altogether as they just didn't want it to appear on this here blog as the cut and paste suddenly "malfunctioned" at first.

Grape picking, then soil digging and scraping to finish a down-pipe job, then in the afternoon, more brown box making at the concrete warehouse. There were plenty of brown vehicles on the stalk when headed there. Tomorrow, a group of us will pack these boxes with wine.

Myself and four women employees packed 12 pallet loads of wine for shipment today. All those boxes I made up in advance were used to place re-packed wine and then an outside shipment case was added after the product literature was added. All those brown boxes, half with color print on them, and one could imagine that the brown box stalkers had a field day, given their preoccupation with the color brown in varying lighting conditions. Paltry fluorescent bulbs in a grey concrete ceiling and floored warehouse to begin with, and then a bright tungsten arc construction floodlight was added and pointed at the ceiling. And too, the pallet moving, placement and packing would of been great benefit to the wood/shipment/pallet stalking objectives of this non-stop non-consensual human abuse-athon.

Saturday, and in keeping with ensuring all employment possibilities remain open, I was helping out the wine-making at my former employer. It was  just like old times; the bickering owner couple, the excess of confusion and misdirection to do things that weren't that important as it turned out. However, much bonhomie, and I do like to be involved in wine-making. The perps plundered my knowledge of the activities their sequence, and concentrations of additives at first, making me into one blundering fool for a bit until I was given enough clues to get started in the right direction.

A Sunday work day today, a rare event in the scheme of things, having me work a sequence with the present employer (not for long, per above), then the former employer of three years (yesterday), and then back to the present employer at the warehouse to do more box making and pallet packing with my co-workers. The perps are decidedly cycling me, though the precise reasons aren't clear, but their usual themes of pallets, pallet jack use, wine, grapes, cardboard boxes etc. all come to mind.

Also noted is that the perps have been continually screwing me out of purchasing and eating fruit for the last three weeks, except the odd grape bunch as they come off the vine. That is, only small amounts, as the perps make it loud an clear that eating too much fruit of any kind gives me the trots. And yes, sugar intake and metabolizing also seems to be of considerable perp interest, and in all likelihood the swath of medical woe in the form of diabetes, high fructose corn syrup, obesity and whatever else the Insane Machinators have fomented upon their research subjects at large.

Time to get this posted for all to peruse and ponder the universal question of "why cannot the perps just declare themselves and their human research agenda instead of putting me and thousands of other TI's through this insane and relentless litany of abuse applied by remote means?".

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