Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Yoga Pants from the Alterations Shop

06-23-2015, Tuesday
Yoga yesterday, and wearing my new PI thermal tights(to the ankle) that had been in the alterations shop for the last three weeks, and in the prior posting, the extra obvious ersatz temporary stunts meant that I also picked them up yesterday. And to add to the technical details, they were in my posession for a whole hour before I wore them to yoga.

And at some point before yoga, the perps posited a question in mind as they so like to test my rational thinking these past two years. The question was whether there would be more than the usual yoga practitioners. or a normal amount (8-10 others). I reckoned it would be more, and I was right. (Or, at least, I am assuming they don't yet control my rational thought, though I could be wrong). And lo, an extra sized crowd of 12 others in class for the inaugural use of my PI tights. They are supposed to be thermal tights, but don't have any fleece lining. and have a central panel of a different material. This is the 5th pair of tights that I own, as the perps seem to really like me wearing them for some reason. Ditto on compression shorts, though they seem to have relaxed the elastic some in the last two weeks.

For some reason, I got launched into thinking it was Wednesday all day today, and I find it not to be true toward the end of the day. Another perp mindfuck stunt that has its origins back in late 2004 or early 2005 when my youngest brother "happened" to stop by and in the course of our conversation, asked me (oddly, as it wasn't in context), what day is it today. I said what I "thought" (read, newly attained perp mind fuck stunt), the day was, and my brother didn't say anything. After he left I looked up in my diary, and I was a day off. Which is why he is a member of the First Feral Family, if not for his association with them, another pinnacle of ridiculous.

Way back when said brother (in-town brother then) was around 2 y.o. (1962), there was some kind of event in the basement and he was crying at length. Finally a responsible (har, har) parent looked into the cause of the commotion, and lo, he had an eye injury. The outcome was that he lost vision in his L eye and wears a prosthetic eye to this day, and gets a new one fitted every few years. Given the number of temporary eye/vision assaults and perturbances I routinely get, and my vision being under constant study, it is my supposition that his eye injury was a perp take-down/assault. And now, 45 years later (and since 2002), he is fully cooperating with the same assholes who took his eye out. If that isn't the epitome of spineless obsequious, I don't what is.

Onto another dreary health care topic, my own. There has been much angst and rehash over how all (more than 10) in the prior decade), the freaking doctors "missed" my low anemic condition all these past decades. They didn't want me to know, or else they didn't want to know. Or else were directed to not tell me, more likely. In particular, a Seattle neuropsychiatrist did all manner of tests after my SPECT scan of 2001, which confirmed ADD Inattentive Subtype. (On that front, four shrinks and a neurologist all blew me off about having ADD, another set of fine coincidences if you get my drift). No doubt having a SPECT scan aided the cause of the Thems who have seem to have orchestrated everything in my existence, even before they went berserk/overt in this now 13 year long tyrannical abuse-athon.)

06- 25-2015
While at work in the backyard doing landscape maintenance among the stable boulders, the assholes plain pushed me over with an anti-gravity wave, and while attempting to regain my footing in mid-tumble, the assholes lifted my feet and had me roll onto the ground. All to have me land on the lawn where there was a 4"deep x 2"wide hole dug in the lawn for some curious reason. No hard point injuries thankfully. Like WTF; just plain doing my job without taking undue risk, and the assholes send me flying ass over tea kettle. Regular readers will recall that they pulled this stunt about two years ago and had me spill ~50L of red wine from a blue plastic (food grade) drum.

Strange dreams in the night, seeing long corridors. Other than that, I cannot recall much else, but for the first hour of the day they kept reminding me of my dream content. These dream flashbacks never happened until the perps went berserk/overt in 2002. While in the dreams, the awakened me enough to tell me my R arm was sore, and suggesting (read, planted thoughts) that it was infected. (This scenario "happened" the day before a flight to the UK back in 1971). Then they planted all kind of worry about how my injured arm would compromise my day's work, and the weekend with a new employer, (for weekends only).

A heat wave on, 36C today,and I don't feel it at all in terms of feeling tired or exhausted, like before 2010 when they gave me this phenomenal ability to tolerate high temperature days (>30C). But that wasn't all; the asshole had me spill a 1L bottle of juice over the lunch table which took 20 minutes to clean up as it went over the table, my pack, the floor, and onto the pallet below where the wine making supplies were kept.

Then they screwed me around into "forgetting" where a certain valve wrench was, and this impasse was only resolved by my boss and the winemaker telling me where it was when I asked them if they had seen it.

More fuckery when a irrigation zone would not completely irrigate, and some major angst over that. The aforementioned co-worker "happened" to mention the solenoid, which is normally not a problem, and lo, full irrigation zone coverage.

A 8 hour work day in the vineyard, starting at 0600h this Saturday. BUT, it was at an new weekends-only employer. It was at least 36C today, and I was still reasonably chipper at 1400h when we stopped work. Tomorrow's work was cancelled due to the heat I am told.

I got messed around over drinking water supplies. I was told the foreman would have some, but he didn't at first. Then later, he had a half dozen 4L jugs in his pickup. A return to the farm working days of 2008-2011 when I had plenty such co-workers, but with a slow attrition and perhaps only a few in my last year.


A rare phone call from my aforementioned Victoria based brother last evening, curiously catching me just as newly acquired Hank Williams CD ended. Even more curious, was that he told me that most of the First Feral Family was collected at the FFF house, but no one else came on the phone. They are there for reasons unclear, but I suspect it isn't a coincidence that there is a heat wave on there (rare), and one here in the Okanagan (hotter heat wave, and common in the summer). Go figure.

More curious is that my phone messaging did not sound when on 06-27 when the phone was nearby, and the messaging nag feature didn't go off afterward. My boss responded only 3 minutes later after I sent her a message, and the phone wasn't messed with or otherwise modified. And yet the message didn't notify me, and nor did the nag feature kick in (when I don't respond to a text message withing 3 minutes).

I purchased three male singer/player discount albums at the LD store last night; above mentioned Hank Williams, Chet Atkins (instrumental) and a two CD Sun Record compilation. The perps continue to harass me in terms of what music I like, and what I don't (loud, incomprehensible lyrics, angry music etc.) And in particular, seem to have switched from female vocalists (a long standing preference of 4 decades), to male vocalists.

I finished reading "The Story of a UFO Investigator" by Barbara Bartholic.There is a whole lot of similarities of the UFO abductee and the TI community. Or, if you see a larger conspiracy, mind control of all individuals, which she came to conclude, as have I. And I now find that she died in 2010 from a stroke one month after a car crash which killed her husband. Sounds like a fix to me, given the high attrition rate of UFO investigators. This is the part that I don't get; why are the Thems rubbing out UFO investigators (one example among many), when they seem to be controlling the whole show, including the UFO investigator's agenda?

Much foot wear sabotage this past week; the brown safety toed boots have had three "failures" of the sole staying on. Note that while these boots are 7 years old, they have (now) been worn for no more than three weeks. And yet, despite the boots being taken to the shoemaker, they "fail" within a few days. He said he got them fixed and can now attend to my 3 y.o. hiking boots which need a re-sole. And what is it besides color and material type that the perps find so fascinating about my footwear?

Time I got this off my back and posted.

Further note; after being all fixed, the perps sabotaged the repaired brown boots, and I had to take them in to get them swapped (now twice in the past two weeks) at the shoe repair. And tomorrow (07-01-2015) is a national holiday, though I will be working, and no shoe repair then. 

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