Monday, June 01, 2015

Eye Stinging

Tuesday, and the start of a new blog postings week. Yesterday's yoga was back with the effervescent pixie instructor, always a kind sight to the eyes, and ever helpful and positive. As mentioned many times, the spine bending and twisting in yoga seems to be paramount to the perp's objectives, and so a little precis below on the arranged acts in yesterday's yoga class.

The tall girl was placed next to me, 4' away on the W; she seems to be some kind of anchor or I don't know what. I don't find her attractive nor unattractive, save her proficiency in yoga, far better than mine.

A new blonde girl 5' away to the E; definitely more alluring, mostly because she was new and her hair strategically fell over her face to prevent me from seeing her in a single look.

One other male, who should of been in a beginners class, so pathetic was he, thankfully mostly obstructed by other yogis.

About 12 yogis in the room, not crowded, but borderline full. No clashing hands or other inter-mat.neighbor contact.

Other stuff in the day;
an onset of intense eye stinging at work in the vineyard, came on for an hour at least, and was fairly debilitating and infuriating. I get these every now and then, and they make no sense whatsoever, save teleportational abuse. Or if you prefer, action-at-a-distance fuckery. The excuse of sun block streaming down my forehead into my eyes does not apply, as I never put sunblock there, having learned of this trick some 8 years ago.

I was busy yesterday and today on shoot thinning, and for once, seem to be getting it done with some reasonable speed, per employers perspective, even if it is all about, "getting it done" mode. It seems that the employer lapses into an expectation that a task is to be "done" once assigned; that is, there is a impatiences component.

Yesterday in the vineyard, some ball-cap-backwards dude comes from nowhere, and from 10' away says "hi". I reply "hi", being surprised that he was there and got that close without me hearing anything. Then he looks at the ground and walks toward me some 5', and I was wondering what he was coming at me for. Then he stops, and says, "I am looking for a job". To which I say, "there is none here at this vineyard", and he says "thanks", turns around and heads back in the direction from which he came. Like WTF; why would any sane person do this? He did nothing to say what kind of job, and didn't elaborate on his vineyard tending (or other) skills, assuming that was what this episode was about.

I finished 2.5 days of shoot thinning at long last; though it seems that the vine shoots are coming in new as soon as my back is turned. I review my work of the previous week and it seems that I wasn't there.

Now onto tucking the vine shoots into the space between the posts, held in by the trellis wires. On most vineyards, the trellis wires are removable and the placement of the wire can be used to tuck a 20' section (between posts) in one pass. The time consuming alternative is to tuck each shoot in, one by one.

Saturday, and the plan was to go back to work to expedite tucking at this particular phase of vine shoot growth. Though, a text message from the boss lady indicated that I wasn't to come to work as they are doing spraying. I had my haircut and all the usual subsequent perp extra attention; gangstalking, both ambulatory and vehicular when driving.

I got hit with a 2 hour nap attack, starting at 1100h. Again, no sleep deficit, and before all this abusive insanity broke in 04-2002, I NEVER, EVER needed a nap at that time of day.

A familiar nap attack onset ramp up too. Feeling a little sleepy, but not a lot, they have me do some web surfing first, and then it builds up to the point I have a micro-nap, my head falling on my chest and snapping me awake. After a few of those, then the overwhelming urge to lie down, which cannot be countered by any means that I know. For these mid day naps all I want at most is an hour, so what they do is wake me after an hour, have me look at the clock, but keeping me prone, and then the next thing is that it is two hours (or more). And with naps over an hour I feel totaled, fogged and clogged, which then sets the mood for the rest of the day.

And what is with app downloads from Google Play? They don't come to the desk top now, and they don't come to the phone, and there is no choice as to download destination, and so the app goes nowhere. Or at least, until I complain about it.

One of my long standing beefs with Windows is finding where the desktop download went to. So it seems that someone must know about it, and has now exploited the download destination FUD to make it even more obscure and isn't too fussed about the user inconvenience of looking for it, and even sending emails to the support desk.

I did some tanning outside on the lawn beside my place, this being a backyard nanny suite. Replete with vehicular noise, save the odd aircraft. The hot-rod muffler noise, the HD motorcycle noise etc. with one following the next. I was allowed to at least block my ears, but the perps have methods to drive the noise through all the same. Very often, with my ears plugged and hearing noise coming through, I lift my fingers from my ears and lo, the apparent noise has suddenly changed its characteristics and is still at the same volume level.

And what is it about making plans the perps must mess with? I had planned to take the glass bottles to the recycle plant, and then the above mentioned nap attack took precedence. Then lunch, then tanning outside and now I get reminded that I forgot, after the closing time of the recycle plant. Thanks a bunch.

And what is it about the perps and their need to have people close in on me unnoticed at first? Where I had my hair cut, I was the only customer among five stations. I accept the offer to get my hair washed, and vacate my chair at the work station to get it washed. Not only was there an intense parade while I was there, (e.g. tattoos, unnatural hair colors, big girls etc.), when I returned to the work station, there were three others getting their hair cut, all arranged around me. Like WTF; all three of them declined to get their hair washed it would seem, and all three arrived there within the three minutes that I had vacated my chair.

Ditto for yoga earlier; I do a back stretch before class had begun, doing exercises to warm up. There was hardly any other yogis in the room, though mats were down, and in the high strangeness of the yoga-stalk, they come in, place their mats and take off for some reason. I come out of the stretch, and do a counter stretch. I try this back stretch again, head pointed backwards and upside down and not monitoring my proximity, and when I come out of it all (four, inside of two minutes) my mat neighbors are at their mats. All too strange, these arranged proximity fill-ins.

I best get this posted, even if a short posting as I don't want this to become a month long report.

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