Monday, June 08, 2015

Rain On

A very wet morning this Tuesday after a rare Monday off, and too, yoga class yesterday evening. I went to work at 0700h, per normal routine, but was text-ed to come back at 0900h. It is a 10 minute commute, so it wasn't a big deal to come back and deal with the few loose ends from yesterday. A loose end was that my boots and socks were filled with grass darts, those seeds with the barbs on them that have the amazing ability to go 6" down from the boot top. The socks are worse, and I haven't taken them on yet, sensing that it is best done outside, or even, after laundering when there is likely to be fewer of them. Though, the trick is to isolate them in a mesh bag so they don't send darts into the rest of the laundry.

I went to a local viticulture supplier to get tying wire for tying down the shoots onto the trellis wires, and they were a tan brown color. I didn't think anything about it until a few days later (read on). I got a row finished with these new ties, as I had run out of the (darker) brown spool tying wire. And lo, if I didn't get a phone call to pack brown cardboard boxes of wine, or re-pack and assemble the order on two pallets. More "browning around" as I see it.

As a member of the pallet packing crew of six today, I had plenty enough brown boxes to handle, pack into shipping boxes and also to break down the empty ones. I was a member of one of these events a few months ago, and there was considerable gangstalking to be on my tail or to wave fingers in my face etc. The gangstalking wasn't so aggressive as last time at this same location, but was plenty evident to me. I suppose this would be another case of brown boxstalking. Later I went to the vineyard to get tucking done, as many of the vines had fallen off the trellis wire and landed on the ground.

Finally, I get to resume the tying down work at the vineyard mentioned above, and lo, if the perps didn't pull a shit stunt that I will refrain from detailing. I wasn't allowed to know I needed to take a crap, and only found out at the end of the day. Said shit color was identical to the tying wire I was using, and yet the clean up was much darker. And so goes this game of "browning around" in all its infamy.

Long time readers will know that the day of the apartment invasion when they first outed themselves as the berserk/overt gang, one of the perps in my apartment put an inflated balloon into the toilet as it was being flushed. And lo, if I didn't "forget", and the toilet got blocked for reason, and it was quite the effort to get it unplugged. And so began 10 years of blocked toilets, and the assholes only gave this one a rest in late 2011, only to resurrect this stunt at a shared house.

06-07-2015 Sunday
My daughter's 25th birthday today, and I was allowed to send a card and small gift that got there in time, the Friday before the weekend. And due to adversities on two home furnishing web sites, I could not get a gift card in time, so I sent her $100 via interbank transfer. As it "happened" she phoned just was I was sending her the money online. (Her voice mail box was full and I had sent her an email to wish her a happy birthday). Later, it became apparent that the internet transfer did not occur; no error messages or pending transactions.

So I sent her another transfer a few hours later, and lo, it got through. Like WTF; who keeps organizing these "coincidences" of an intended money transfer recipient who "happens" to phone me at that very instant, then blocks the transfer? Last year the perps wiped my recall as to which day her birthday was, and it would not be anything that would forget on my own.

This is the eve of my impending colonoscopy and gastroscopy, and I am not to eat anything for two days. I call this the ultimate "debrowning event", as this color is of intense perp interest, and even after 13 years of intense vehicular gangstalking, they will only use a rare brown colored vehicle (0.5% or less). Though tan metallic brown colored vehicles are more common, say, 5% in a given day, often escorted by silver grey and white colored vehicles. They even use tan brown soil splattered vehicles sometimes, that is, tan brown soil (aka dirt) on a white vehicle. Then they modify the vehicle to have a white fabric canopy (matching the white painted steel body of the pickup truck), and also have the same tan brown splattered dirt on the canopy too. This happened today with two white vehicles behind it as a unsoiled color escort/color reference.

And too, one of the First Feral Family brothers had two prior colonoscopies, though it is of the kind that everything gets flushed out.

And it was major hot day today, the 36C temp (96.8F) is uncommon for June. Three years ago I was digging out my winter gear at this time of year as it was raining every other day, and with added cold winds.

And in my new-found (since 2010) ability to withstand hot temperatures, I was just fine outside, sensing it was like a warm oven, and not wilting or becoming mind numbed due to the heat. Everyone else was talking up how hot it was and unbearable it was, and that I best find jobs inside. I was fine, though I was sure to take some electrolytes in my water bottle. Formerly, I wilted at 26C and became functionally useless due to the heat. I suppose I have the perps to thank, and this "new feature" ranks highly along with the age regression to about 35 y.o or so, and keeping my hair and its original color. Not bad for being 60 y.o., though no Dorian Gray high living lifestyle, which might be a good thing.

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