Monday, June 15, 2015

Liquid Diet

This is the first whole day of only liquid intake in advance of tomorrow's medical procedure to probe me from both ends.

I had enough energy this morning to mount a 3' long wire mesh shelf in the bathroom so I can readily grab a fresh towel. On the perps's towel infatuation front, they had me purchase three new ones of similar color and style to the faithful three I have had for the past four years. Nearly a fresh towel for each day of the week, surely a sign that the perps are advancing their research on this front, for whatever means.

Back in 2005 they had me with 8 dissimilar towels of varying colors and patterns. It seems that this was too much for their infatuation game, as they reduced me down to three regular towels, all of the same make, color (almond white) and style. And so begins a new stage in their towel research initiative, three more towels of similar color and style, but from a different source. Exciting times for the towel energetics obsessed indeed.

Yesterday's hot weather was the putative reason only six came to yoga yesterday, though I find it difficult to make that logical connection as most everyone has air-conditioned vehicles from which they depart into air-conditioned buildings. And most curiously, all but me and one other located themselves in the far corner for some curious reason, as they weren't friends or a group. The E part of the room was empty, save for me.

One other male was in the class, he on heavy breathing and wheezing duty. Again, if he is that out of shape, what is he doing in an advanced yoga class?

And it was special brown color practice too; the blocks are made of agglomerated cork, and we got to pass the block from hand to hand, and hold it between our knees for various poses. I have never had so much block handling as this, and perhaps it is to augment the heightened brown color games that will surely culminate tomorrow, per above mentioned medical probing. Later in the yoga session, it was two brown agglomerated cork blocks each, and lo, if one of mind didn't de-agglomerate some and deposit cork crumbs on my mat.

The perps guided this mornings activities by shutting down my internet connection, now working just fine. The modem had the four green lights on, and yet no access. Such is how they routinely do business.

Back to live action after yesterday's visit to the hospital. The worst part was preparing for it, drinking these purgatory drinks, and then waiting most of the day for it to come out. Even the morning before the procedure, I would drink water and it would come out my ass 20 minutes later, almost like pee. Or I would go to the toilet to pee and it would come out my ass unexpectedly. Anyhow, I could go on at length over the perp's obsessions over all things brown, and especially that which is excreted. Suffice to say, I had at least three showers yesterday to clean up, and had to do laundry afterward.

They signaled their interest in shit on the Day of Infamy in 04-2002, when they invaded my apartment with an abusive high-tech show, after taking me somewhere else (while sedated mostly) and bringing me back. One of the intruders blew up a balloon and tied it up and then flushed the toilet and then had the swirling water in the toilet bowl take the balloon down the pipe, probably not far. It did back up upon later use, and it defied plunging, and so I had to use a plumber's snake to clear it. And to this day, I cannot believe I allowed someone I did not know to block the toilet in my presence. And lo, at the HD big box store a few days later, when looking for said plumber's snake, why, I met my workplace friend and his wife doing some shopping. Another designed coincidence it would seem.

And so, a colonoscopy, and the day of prior preparation, has to be the ultimate de-browning experience. And I was knowingly sedated for the first time in my life, and I have absolutely no recollection of the sedation coming on after they put the mouthpiece in for them to first do a gastroscopy. And prior to sedation the doctor tells me that there is a 1 in 200 chance they could puncture the bowel and I would need surgery. I wasn't allowed to pursure the topic, but if allowed, and if needing a colostomy, I would of told him to sedate me for good.

And when I came to, I was looking at a fuzzy screen (having no glasses on), and seeing this cavern being explored. Kind of like that sci-fi film, the Fantastic Voyage. Anyhow, mostly it looked OK, and some biopsy pieces were removed. No word on how that will turn out, but as usual, I will have to pursue it with the drop-in clinic to find out what the results were in a week or so. Though, there was some irritated stomach lining, and for that, yet another Rx, now at four each day.

A work day; weed eating, spraying some, patching ashphalt (bringing on extra HD motorcycle noise), gardening. It seems a bottle delivery intended for today, where we control single lane traffic, is now for tomorrow. That this flip-flopped at least 5x over the day is most curious, though such is not a new perp managed event. Aka "appointment disappointment", though I could not say that I had any emotional investment in it to care if it happened or not.

My work boots broke apart again, took them to the shoemaker who fixed them on the spot. He has my other pair of boots waiting in his shop from yesterday's visitation to pick up the boots I wore today.

And for some reason, the perps jerked me out of taking my cell phone with me today, but did allow me to have my wrist watch. For the past two months it has been mostly the other way around; impeccable recall to bring my cell phone every work day, and getting blotto-ed about bringing my watch. It would seem the perps want me to view the time from the cell phone most of all, with the odd day of telling the time from my watch. I have no idea why the perps are so obsessed over where I read the time from, but hasn't taken this form until this year, now at 13 years of insane abuse.

A wrap on this blog posting. There are some missing days, though I worked most of them to make up for two days down time with the above mentioned medical procedure. Nothing too dramatic, just the usual vexation about not being able to use my fingers the way that I want, and being rendered into a klutz prone victim. And so it goes.

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