Sunday, April 05, 2015

Exasperate the Victim Some More

Said victim being me of course, and it is a Monday, usually when the perps go most nuts with harassment and yoga tops it all off with the spinal extensions, twists and all else they like about yoga so much. Not to mention the attractive instructor.

The perps riled me up in the vineyard forcing more finger fumbling, and even obstructing me from moving my fingers the way I intended. (Thwarting intention is also a big harassment theme). And not quite to a rage-ified level, as I was in the middle of a vineyard with public thoroughfares (walking trail) above and below (road) it.

Added to the annoyance level is this split skin on my thumb, and lo, if it didn't happen four times in the work day, the tying wire somehow got pulled into the split skin fissure wound. All to bleed a little blood around my finger nail and some onto the twist tie tool.

They screwed me out of doing balances in yoga, per usual. And they twice banged my injured L thumb into the floor and had it bleed and send a few drops of blood onto the mat. Call it red blood color registering, but they do like to take blood samples, and especially if it drops onto fabrics and clothes. I assume they can withdraw blood anytime they want via their teleportation games, but for some reason they need it spread around.

My L thumb and forefinger are raw from handling and tying the vine canes to the horizontal trellis wire. Ditto for my R hand. That was when I started today, and naturally, the perps made them worse. They jabbed me at these hand locations at least 30x over the day, and when a shooting pain emanated, why, the vehicular noise parade increased its volume for the next few minutes. And plenty of inaudible swearing at the assholes too, not rage-ification level, but the same exasperated refrains. And they like to bleed these sore every hour or two to leave a blood drop trail on my tool, the vines etc.

There was plenty of ongoing vexation all day today, pulling items from my grasp and not allowing my fingers to work as I intended. All this was preceded by not not having a tying tool, abetted by the possible supplier not returning my phone call, which I am given to understand is entirely expectable. Roll that back one more, as my gloves were constantly getting pinched in the tie wire/twine, so I worked without gloves.

Added into the mix, and I wasn't sure until I got back home after work, the assholes caused a minor shit leak that needed a shower to clean up. When that started I have no idea as they can prevent sensations from registering.

And I see the perps are continuing with their assault on my credit card, this time adding some $6k in credit that went through on a card that was cancelled.

Some relief after yesterday's finger pummeling and jabbing, replete with intense pain each time. I taped my four fingers up this morning and wore thin gloves. And the number of times I had my finger sores re-injured was less than ten.

The boss man went pissy on me for not getting the R garage cleaned out, though it was mostly done, and was cleaned out in a minute or so. I got held up by others, and he said I wasn't doing things fast enough. As usually, the perp ensure I have no snappy refrain, as I found receipts and user manuals in the garbage I was cleaning out a few minutes earlier, and he was appreciative that they  were recovered. Said boss man "forgot" the chain saw a few weeks ago when it was the essential tool for doing the bush clearing on his other property. So I was sent back to get it, at least a 30 mi. round trip and eating into his time for renting the chipper that he had on site. And of course that didn't come to mind as he was haranguing me.

Twice, in two days, I had heated food up in the microwave in the winery and was offered to come to the house and have lunch with company. In other words, take your magnetically irradiated food to a new location and eat it there. I haven't had a microwave since all this insane fuckery began, and the perps make sure I don't want one for whatever reason.


Saturday errands, and that includes the ever-stalked laundromat, whichever one I go to. The gut strut was on before I even got to the door, as seen through the window and door glass. Said male gut strutter, white and with white hair and tidy beard and dressed in all black clothing then proceeded to turn toward me from 8' away temporarily blocking my egress until he turned and did his gut-in-profile move. Like WTF; why cannot I pass through a doorway without some arranged event, this occasion being a faux confrontational stance? On a later visit a red fleece coated fugle overweight woman did something odd in forcing me to walk around her while she strangely held the door open.

At least two other males were in close circulation, one being where I usually do my laundry. So I went to the next two washing machines behind, and lo, if the white-and-black gutstrutter didn't find me back in the corner all to loiter 4' away and looking at the notice board.

A two hour nap attack came on at 1540h, putting a big hole in the day. They had me dozing off at this here desktop PC, and I know the drill. Prior to that, I had chocolate, perhaps for the first time ever without an accompanying hot beverage, tea usually. I also had a two capsules of L-tyrosine to follow the chocolate, and we know who likes to run their victims out of dopamine, don't we?

I am ADD, Inattentive subtype (not Hyperactive) which in real terms means one is short on dopamine. This was determined by a SPECT scan in 2001, about a year before the assholes went over/berserk on me in 04-2002. When the Psychopathic Confederacy (the PC, ironically) subsequently ran me into hospital with abetting police and clinical scum, they put me on medications that bound dopamine, the wrong medication altogether as it made dopamine less available. (And it was brutal to have your mental faculties clobbered for that duration). I gave them the SPECT scan report but that was ignored of course, because they were working for the Psychopaths, not me. The doctors willfully violated their Hippocratic Oath of course, "cause thy patient no harm".

Funny how so-called medical professionals can subvert their principles so readily, and that began with the all time notorious brain trashing wretch, Dr. Ewen Cameron of Montreal, and McGill University. I was two and four y.o. when we lived in Montreal, and it was coincident with his reign as Neurological Abuser-in-Chief at McGill. I have no recollection of seeing him, but other victims have confirmed that he also did child abuse, in a clinical context, and at one time had a box of snakes into which the immobile child victim was placed. The child was first incapacitated with curare and couldn't move a limb to defend itself. All this from the book, "A Nation Betrayed" by Carol Rutz, a victim who was flown into Montreal for the experience. (Actually, two nations that betrayed their citizens in mutual cooperation, Canada and the USA and at the same time,- how convenient).

Again, I have no recollection of these "Lost Years", aged 2 to 5 (b. 1954), but I do know that I was making permanent memories then and for some reason, poof, nothing until 1959-60. BUT I do get a lot of serpentine imagery and motions arranged for me, and of course see real snakes in the vineyard jobs that I do, nothing poisonous thankfully. I also get a whole lot of white haired elder males stalking me, often with glasses, and I suspect doppelgangers for Dr Cameron and others, all to arrange some kind of deep psychic trauma that I cannot detect, except by loathing their sight.

I got up early (0730h) for a weekend day with no alarm set. They had me twist and turn for a few hours before letting me get to sleep).

All the better to get hiking on a sunny but cool windy day. My standard hike to MacIntyre Bluff from the adjacent vineyard. (Where they brought in the SAR helicopter to make 4 circling passes and then had it sit for 20 min. at full hover in 2012). And they didn't let me get gangstalked until on the way down, some six parties, with male skinheads and one with the male fright doll look, red curly hair hanging 2" off his head and the wind conveniently blowing to make it look bigger like a halo almost. If I don't like curly hair, skinheaded males and red hair, why am I relentlessly hounded by these freaks for nearly 13 years?

Then back to my residence after dealing with some strange drivers on the way back, the one that wanted to pass me on the R. side when I was held up by a truck in the L. lane. He just happened to run out of room as there was a vehicle that the truck was attempting to pass, and he was taking his time.

Some pics and stories:

 A momentous moment in 13 years of abuse at the hands of the Psychopathic Confederacy; they are having me switch to a new color of Dawn to go with their intense and insane obsession over the color my dishes cleaning detergent. After having me use Dawn with a inky darker blue until about 2008 or so, they had me switch to the blue colored Dawn on the R. But today, "for some reason", the LD store was out of blue Dawn for the very first time ever, and they had only green Dawn in their sparsely stocked dishes detergent section. And to encourage the victim to "double up", why, it was on sale for 2 for $4, saving a whole $.50. And of course the red and yellow Dawn was also out of stock, just in case I wanted to give them the FU choice.

 Excuse the pics that won't conform to adding text captions where I want. After having some 200+ of this particular chocolate over the past 13 years of insane abuse, why, they slip one in that doesn't have the regular packaging, the one on the L. And too, the gold colored printing comes off and spreads gold paint flakes on the kitchen counter. I wonder in this era of intense automation how one mis-printed chocolate wrapper on the R, (no gold print) somehow found its way to my shopping basket. Yes, I have seen plenty more of this particular chocolate on the shelves of SOF, and never once have I seen one with mis-printed packaging. Image, after a forced chocolate "habit" of $200/month to deal with the perp's brown color problem, they are now adding in packaging "anomalies". I think we have at least 6 years to go on this gig. That will make it 2021 or so, and the same for all other TI's I suspect.


And the perps are at it again, breaking my headphones. Is this the fourth or fifth pair they have destroyed in the last 13 years? This pair had been sent across the country in 2012 to get repaired due to the plastic breaking up, and lo, if it didn't "happen" again. Note that I have taken particularly good care of these headphones, as I do with all the pairs that I have had, and somehow they got broken yet again. They had already been repaired by me with the black tape on either side of the head cushion, and I thought I could wear them again. No such luck, in the Headphone Sabotage Department of the Psychopathic Confederacy.

Anyhow, I am going to post this for the week and hope this one will be better than the last.

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