Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tie Down Helicopter Coverage

Tuesday, and a long day as I worked until 1845h to get this one block of young vineyard tied down, That is, the canes are tied down on the horizontal trellis wire, and once bud burst occurs, the new shoots grow vertically..... any links etc..

At least eight helicopter passes by today, about six of them occurred when near a row end and about to start a new row, or else, some 10 minutes at most into a new row. Its the perps favorite time, changing directions, aka, the anisotropic properties of the energetic ether. (Anisotropic means different properties in different directions, e.g. wood; easy to split longitudinally, but very strong in other directions, such that we earthlings make structures from it).

At least three of the helicopter passes were directly overhead and less than 150' above the terrain. I would of been able to read the call sign number but for some reason the bottom of the helicopter was in deep shadow, even if white. There was a Bell 206L, a Bell 407 and a single pass to start the day with the black EC-135 (last week's regular visitor).

Very often fixed wing aircraft noise would follow the helicopters, kind of like aerial noise source piggybacking I suppose, for the sick asses who abuse me, now 13 years almost.

Yoga last night, and two males, with the Major Fat Boy and his hideous wheezing and gasping. He really laid it on with a higher pitched almost-whistle breathing noise and I was particularly irked about this new noise variant. Then, within a minute, he stopped making this particular noise. And why is this sad sack of blubber-ous humanity hounding me in an advanced yoga class when it is profoundly clear he cannot do basic yoga?

He and the other dude at the back of the class, upon class completion just "happened" to be hanging behind me in the lobby, all to precede me out the door, aka, doorway egress gangstalking. And of all things, they were parked beside each other away from all the other vehicles, and one had a black vehicle and one had a white. Pretty obvious for two males who pretended not to know each other IMHO.

At the winery vineyard, the profoundly noisy one on Naramata Road. More tie down hassle; vine, tool and/or wire pulled from my grasp all day long for upping the vexation factor, particularly at row ends....

Rain on and off all day, but not enough to get the rain pants on.

Tying down canes on the trellis wire all day with the background of constant road traffic pummeling my ears. As usual, it gets stepped up should I reach the end of a row and start another. Mild, no rain.

The perps screwed me into taking the wrong sealed glass jar for lunch. Instead of my standard re-heatable grub I ended up with pecans in the same size/shape of jar, from the same source, the fridge. Nice one assholes; never in my life have I failed to get the very thing I was intending to retrieve, but somehow I "missed". Go fuck yourselves assholes; your neural intrusions are insane as they are illegal.

And to add to the pain response, the perps split my finger skin on my L thumb. Then they did in on my R thumb, a replay of some six weeks ago when the L thumb was cut by an "errant" knife blade. The pained thumb games have been going on all week and they are very susceptible to the perps banging on them to send a jolt of pain through me. Sometimes they just fake touching something, as in doing it for jollies.

An arranged E. Indian gangstalking family when at the SO Foods supermarket this evening. First they lined up perpendicular to the row of customers in the cashier line up, as in all five of them lined up shoulder to shoulder like a front of vision obstruction blockers. Some went off temporarily, some looked at their cell phones (aka, EMF interference and color registering device), and lo, when I looked at them again, they were aligned 45 degrees from their prior orientation.

I obtain my drinking water from these coin operated kiosks around town, and one was four stores away from a pizza resturant. And lo, if two independent pizza bearing gangstalkers didn't walk through where I was to park for filling my water jugs. Pizza bearing gangstalkers are nothing new, and I have even encountered them on the public transporation buses on occasion. But to have two trotting by within 10 seconds of each other and headed the same direction is much more obvious. As before, food in a brown box is a big perp color angle, combined with the nasty-assed gluten and casein for immune system aggravation response I suppose.

Vineyard work all day, with the Naramata Rd vehicle noise parade; hot-rod muffler noise, processions of dudes in their pickups accelerating hard for no seeming reason, often with ladders and/or trailers behind them. The odd motorcycle for extra loud muffler noise, and even one chasing a Porche which was going quite a clip. Add in the redi-mix concrete delivery trucks and their associated pump and boom trucks. They even had a redi-mix truck preceding me outbound for the 8 min. drive with a red sedan between me and it.

My fingers are fried, with splits in the thumbs, a repeat of four weeks ago, though it had no apparent causal activity then.

Saturday.. laundry, long conversations with the proprietor over health matters, (e.g. testosterone supplementation), comings and goings in town etc. And even about wine no less, he having me write down some interesting grape varietals for him to find. Funny how the perps planted the notion of me getting him some wine for past favors but then screwing me out of remembering to get it only a minute later.

Sunday, and a late get up as the perps kept me up late the day before, as they wanted me to do lots of facial and torso hair plucking. I don't know what they get from this, now into the third year of this "habit". Many of the hairs are ingrown, in that they lie on or just under the skin surface and don't grow very much. When I do get to pluck them, they invariably have a hockey stick like shape; an angle of 120 degrees or so, the longer side being nearest the skin surface. I have no idea as to why they are first growing in an outward direction, perpendicular to the skin, and then suddenly take a turn and become closely aligned with the skin surface. Given the profusion of masers and plasma flashes that attend any hair plucking session, I can only surmise they are sampling under my skin at that moment.

A hike today, up McIntyre Bluff, and very windy when in the exposed areas, especially at the top. I encountered at least three parties on the hike, a fairly low count by gangstalking standards. On party was sitting on a log about 200m from the summit, out of the wind. One dressed in a yellow jacket and red touque, the other person in a red jacket. Aka, the yellow-with-red show, a long standing perp color combination. As in applying more harassment to the victim; say, "if he doesn't like red or yellow, lets put those two colors together on two gangstalkers and see how much he likes that". But this time the red hue of the toque did not match the red of the other stalker's jacket, a rarity. The red toque was more like a carmine pink, a color they had hit me with at least twice while driving to the trail head.

And why is it my landlord holds back the mail on Friday (or earlier) for me to "discover" the letter at my door step on Sunday morning? I was headed out the door for a tanning session and I find the light brown letter and so I put it aside and headed out. The letter contains a password to get into my online tax account, and I have been waiting two weeks as it is holding up the submission on my income tax return.

After my hike I get online only to find that the Canadian Government's tax (Canada Revenue Agency, CRA (=IRS in USA)) system server is down and I cannot log in. Like WTF; why do I constantly get shut out of web sites that I am  waiting for, in this case two weeks? It "happens" far too often to be coincidence, should one believe in the term any more.

Time to get this posted and start another week of toil.

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