Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dressed Up for Yoga and No Yoga

No yoga after getting dressed for it and then looking online at the schedule to find that it was cancelled this Easter Monday. I is a half-assed holiday here in Canada; government and PO, but most businesses open as usual. This would not of been the first time this is happened, as the perps had me dressed for yoga on a previous occasion and "happen" to meet the instructor later in the LD store when she was on her way back to her residence.

In the vineyard I was raking nearly all day, sweeping the leaves and pruning cuttings in the row into the aisle (part between the rows, often grassy and mowed).

After 15 hours or work time, the under-row raking is finished, or at least I thought, as I then went after the gopher holes and found a row I "somehow" missed.

Vole poisoning after that, and having a royal pissing match with the perps as it kept jamming up for no apparent reason.

Then some landscape chores and then it was time to go. A full day of sunshine, and plenty warm as well.

Today, like yesterday, my co-workers were ahead and following me on my home bound commute when ordinarily they stay an extra hour. Funny how their schedules can change so quickly.

A haircut today, always a big deal for the perps. And lo, if two of the staff weren't hanging around the back of the place smoking cigarettes. They did the "split couple" act, having me walk between them while they were 25' apart in conversation for crissakes.

All that hair cutting is a big deal, as is any purposeful hair cut is. Just what the deal is all about I have no idea. I had a slim and young blonde hairstylist with a fugly tattoos on her inner R arm. Plenty of freaks elsewhere in the salon, I suppose she was an energetic reference for the perps as well.

A new phone and new grief; how does one get one's contacts from the old Android device (LG) to the new one (Samsung) except through Google's Gmail. Lets see, I was an IT professional for 20 years and somehow I "forgot" to get contacts off the old device to a medium or web site (Gmail) or whatever interim location and then load them to the new one. And lo, if Samsung's desktop software didn't work either. An online chat support session to reverse the device change didn't work as it went offline and couldn't connect to the network. Cell phones are nearly useless unless there is a connection, even if they are a computer essentially. Other desktop Android support and sync software didn't work as I could not find the commands to set up the phone that I had.

The chat support person got ancy on me for no reason, indicating that all I had to do was follow the "Change Device" procedures which made absolutely no reference to backing up or the Gmail syncing. Had that occurred, I would of dusted off my Gmail account and done the synchronization procedure.

The Fuckover Follies of changing Android phone devices took up three hours last night, and ditto this morning. An hour online chat session this morning did not secure phone connectivity on my old LG. And so I went to the local cell customer support store amidst huge amounts of vehicular gangstalking plus the street painters needing to stop road traffic in one lane under the guise of road line marking, all so the oncoming vehicles were permitted to cross into my lane while I waited for the Traffic Control Technician to give me the go-ahead. There were three streets and a lane all at this confluence, and of course, vehicular traffic from all four directions. And of course those Stop and Slow signs they carry can get very confusing when there are that many roads to monitor.

And I get to the mall at 1115h to see the cell phone company representatives to get my old phone working with full connectivity and lo, if they didn't pull an ersatz store closure and put a paper sign up to indicate they would be closed for another two hours due to inventory re-stocking. Like WTF; they never do this and I have passed this store at least once per week for the last three years, and furthermore, the mall management ordinarily takes a dim view of non-standard mall store closures.

But I should not have been too surprised as the perps pulled this twice yesterday, having me go to the doctor's walk-in clinic twice before I went there later. They screwed me into "thinking" they open at 0800h, but no, it was an hour later I find from the notice on the door. When I returned, why, a huge flood of patients "happened" to be there, and I departed forthwith. Three hours later I go to get there before a 1300h closing time, and did finally succeed in getting the test results I was looking for. So two "warm up" (false start) visitations to the same location before I was allowed, per perp dictate, to get what I was after in the first place.

 The perps were true to their word, that a forced nap was upon me even if I didn't feel tired. I was directed to lay down on my bed and was nap attacked for a little over two hours. The immediate previous activity was pissing around with the Google accounts, passwords and the infernal syntactical maze they created online, where "Add Account" actually means go to another existing account. They have this forced default where the last used email account somehow becomes one's default email/account. And lo, if it wasn't the redundant and deleted account that became my "default" account and came back from the world of being deleted to dog me into dysfunction-world in getting backed up in the Android environment.

And in this protracted agony of getting my contacts and other data recovered from my old phone, why, the Samsung support email, less than 24 hours old, "failed", indicating it timed out for a permissible access. And lo, if the phone support is only available from Monday to Friday. (This now being Sunday evening, PDT).

More valiant efforts to get my data recovered haven't gotten anywhere, but I did finally get the old phone connected, something that took many hours today. And still no progress on getting synced to Gmail, no apparent software to force a sync for crissakes. I was way ahead of this inanity with my Palm Pilot over 15 years ago. Though it would seem that Apple learned from it and made iTunes a PC-desktop support environment while Google just blithely assumed that Gmail was comparable. Not even close, and to get a current day so-called Android based smart phone supported on the desktop isn't doable. Or at least, until one gets to the Samsung and their Kies (on PC) support software. As for the rest of the laggards, LG being one of them, some three years after my cell phone contract they still don't get it. Obvioulsy the Palm Pilot system worked, and we cannot have that in the fog of FUD and all-things-must-screw-up-world of the perps, can we?

An exasperating weekend to say the least, with the opening shot fired by my cell phone provider. They of the every present gangstalking vans along with that criminal cable company here.

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