Sunday, April 19, 2015

Android Contacts Obstruction

The all consuming move from an LG Android phone to a Samsung phone is now in its fourth day (two days of the weekend, and two evenings). The infernal Gmail isn't receiving/syncing even though I have forced umpteen syncs from the LG phone.

On the cable/USB side there is the abysmal paucity of Android support on the desktop (PC), save Samsung, when I get there. I get a file back up that is useless as it isn't in a common format for importing anywhere. I get LG's desktop suite failing to display properly. I get another which seems to be a breeze, but it won't connect with my phone via the USB cable (detects, but the connect doesn't finish). And so this protracted agony of getting jerked around on contacts continues. Today, I suddenly lost my call log, deleted "inadvertently", and reckon the contacts just might come to a similar end. They have me riled up over every page that fails, or process that doesn't complete. And no doubt, want me to continue with this wretchedness, as the protective LG phone case has been kept off during this battle, and for the perps, that is an exciting situation, given they love to vary transparent surfaces; e.g see your cell phone through a cover, see your cell phone without the back cover on, see your cell phone in the mirror, and so this insane abuse-athon continues.

I had all this managed and controlled when I had my Palm Pilot, synced every day. That was 2000 to 2001 before the assholes struck (went berserk/overt) in 04-2002. Mind you, there were some unexpected glitches then, and I could not figure out why it would not sync sometimes. But it worked often enough I was happy with the Palm Pilot.

A different task today at the vineyard; I did traffic control for three truck unloadings for an hour each time.That meant a procession of the selected vehicles and sequences and colors with me standing at the roadside with the Slow/Stop paddle, and coordinating with the other person coming on the other side of the road. Thankfully no mistakes or worse, always at the back of my mind when taking on new endeavors. As in, how bad is the sabotage going to be?

Today is the thirteenth anniversary of the onset of this insane relentless abuse, that is, when the perps went berserk/overt in a huge takedown in my apartment in Seattle. As in, One Day My Life Got Changed (for the worse of course). All manner of high strangeness came upon me in my apartment: including the perps taking me somewhere and bringing me back to my apartment on the shoulders of six males, the normally ridgid steel shaft of a screwdriver bent like putty in my hands, the door was moved laterally in the door jamb by unknown means, there was a hole being cut in the floor, a perp came to block the toilet with a balloon, another perp arrived through the wall in the bathroom, some mofos tailed me to the fitness club at 0200h in the morning, and seemed to be packing guns under their garments while they were working out on the treadmill. They also came in a black Suburban and double parked outside of my vehicle for a minute or so and looked into my vehicle for this duration. Another view through the blinds of the apartment window revealed some 4 to 5 males on the adjacent balcony early in the morning. And when I went to work the day after, why, no one said anything about my absence. And my very first gangstalker was sitting on a chair in the lobby at 0800h with this smirk on his face. And it got worse in every way from then on. Incredible head pains that could be beamed in, but avoided if I could be around metal objects, or in them, such as a vehicle. Basically hounding me all hours on the streets of Seattle for three weeks until more bullshit unfolded. I shall try get my story up on the static web pages as I see Blogspot allows 20, up from the original 12.

Vineyard work at two locations today, nice to get the peaceable site with limited road traffic noise, though the Bell 412 helicopter with its deep throbbing noise made two passes, one directly overhead by 200'.

I worked on bottling line in three different locations all day; taking the cases off the conveyor and packing them on pallets, then later, placing the bottles in the cases. The last most task was manually placing the glass stoppers on a special run of white wine, as the machines can only do corks and screw caps. A very busy day, and as always, extra busy around me. Even my water bottle wasn't immune, as three others' water bottles (or covered mugs) ended up next to my water bottle.

I learn that the Samsung Kies contacts management component (on the PC) has been removed by Samsung;... more protracted agony. The only reason I got the Samsung Galaxy 5 was to get to edit my contacts on the desktop, as it offered the only hope of doing data reconciliation on a sensible data editing platform. All this makes me want to get a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and stay in the Kies 2 environment, when I first learned of Kies in 2012. As it "happened" the Galaxy Note 2 kept crashing and so I got the LG phone after that, and spent an inordinant amount of time getting that functional.

And on the cusp of realizing that Samsung de-featuring Kies 3, why, I was nodding off at this here PC. So much so that I shut it down and took an hour long nap attack hit from the Assholes. Great timing that, at 1700h, when I never, ever, had a nap at that time before they went berserk/overt in 04-2002, per above anniversary.

Google accounts are totally confusing, including not finding my own blog and being allowed to sign in. I was saved by a gmail address that I tried to delete some 10x but would not delete with no message as to why, per minimal Google standard.

Not forgetting the all-time nap attack duration of five hours after reading for some 10pp into a viticulture text in 2012, no coincidence that given the perp's interest in knowledge; from where, whom, what source, fully or partially learned, its recall and application and all else that goes with data and knowledge. Once back in 1988 at a GIS conference and the now all-too-familiar perp trait of having the session seating next to me vacant until the last few seconds before a presentation begins, the likely perp said something interesting to me, (though in context with the presentation); "the basis for understanding as to when data becomes knowledge is not fully understood", paraphrasing some. So...., as mentioned many a time on this here blog, abusing the living shit out of victims, literally and figuratively, with the goal of attaining 100% remotely applied mind control is not by any means the complete agenda.

The consecrated hassle of getting my contacts on my new phone continues; no sync-ing overnight. And it occurred to my why Samsung was so belligerently bone-headed as to why they de-featured the PC/desktop Kies 3 Android management software; so all my, and presumably, everyone else's, contacts now flow through Google who can do their social media and associated data wizardry on all Samsung owners, no matter who. Good one that, but like I said, I was very functional with my Palm Pilot in its day (being an early adopter in 2000), and after 15 years of PDA/cell phone technical progress, and the deep sixing of the Palm Pilot platform by HP, I am still behind on the functional requirements. Such is the digital age; one step ahead for everyone sideways.

A hike today, getting tanned in all as part of it, the sunshine being consistent and free from cloud-over games. Plus, for the two hours of tanning, I had no one around me or "accidentally" finding me. Astonishing to say the least. This could be the very location at which the SAR helicopter came to sit for 20 minutes after making four passes in this valley when hiking back in 2012.

Finally I get sync-ed in Gmail, a lame-assed contacts manager as one could expect. And lo, one more kick of the can as the contacts were doubled in number. Thankfully a "Remove Duplicates" button was available and even more astonishing was that it worked flawlessly the first time .

And a new harassment "feature" that made itself apparent in the last few days. Why, the Windows Cut/Copy/Paste doesn't work some how, and this latest stunt causes me to write the segment down and key it into a Search (or other) box. When does this insane abuse-athon ever end?

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