Sunday, March 08, 2015

Four Cut Trellis Wires

While grape vine pruning, my current task for the last month, the perps had me cut four trellis wires, all in the afternoon, while pruning with the Electrocoupe, aka electric shears. Like WTF; in the first week of pruning I had not cut four wires total, and now it "happens" in a single afternoon. As usual, they like to pull this when I have just started or about to finish a row. They even had me cut the same wire in two different locations no less. One would think I am getting better at pruning over some three weeks now, but no, competence is not allowed in this imposed FUD regimen (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). Though, I think they should add Sabotage and ....Adversity in their too, say, FUDSA, or FUDAS; the latter rhyming with Judas, the state of the First Feral Family who have been in on this from the get go. Though quisling might be a more weighty term, which I should look up sometime.

Yoga; against the wall to avoid a dude on either side of me, and where does the nemesis gangstalker of late, the Major Fat Boy put his mat? Why, in my regular location. And they put a young woman between him and me at the last minute, though not as compelling to look at as the instructor, aka, the Darling Pixie. The Major Fat Boy's wheezing and gasping could still be heard, and yet again, why is he in a Yoga Power II class when he should be in a starter class? Said wheezing and gasping gets on my nerves big time, and yet again I contemplate passing on yoga.

The perps let me work out at the gym for the first time in five weeks. They didn't sabotage my running on the treadmill which is very unusual. The designated Gangstalker Hound Dog was this 50+ dude in a crew cut, about 6'1" or so, two inches taller than me. This Fuckwit did all the usual senseless pacing around, and hogged the incline device to the point that I never got on it. They let me start on the treadmill, as in past visits they put their gangstalker obstructors on them to stop me from using the treadmill first. Said Hound Dog just "happened" to need a drink of water at the fountain which was next to the lockers where I hung up my coat, and reprised this act again when I was there to put on my coat after completion. Funny how that "happens'.

Pruning vines all day, not even taking a coffee break. Which really means a morning break, as I don't drink much coffee anymore due to the imposed urinary urgency. Don't bait the bear, in other words.

And of course the road noise ramped up all day, and they even scheduled some quiet moments too. They also like to arrange noise the instant I am pruning, as in severing a vine. Another noise-stalked moment is when I have decided what to do about the pruning; which canes to keep, which to cut.

And lo, if they didn't lay off me and let me use the electric shears without cutting or contacting a trellis wire all day. Truly a remarkable and unexpected exception to my work over the past three weeks. That still didn't stop them from dulling down the sharp blade over the day. And we know who likes to sabotage cutting edges don't we?

Another pruning day, and no cut trellis wires today.

The unauthorized credit card transactions continues; someone from MC phoned me to ask if I had changed my address to Quebec Feb. 23, and of course I said no. The same for a change to my phone number. Yet again, I will get a new card in the mail, the present one was only used once and later than these latest unauthorized changes. In other words, the card was illegally accessed before I had used it to purchase something (online). And so it seems that I shall have to get this here PC virus checked, along with explaining all the "action" to the credit bureaus. Imagine that, "someone" using my new credit card before me.

Only one cut wire today, just when the boss happened to be around. At least 10 contacts of the electric shears with the trellis wires, good for nicking the blade plenty. Even if the blade is razor sharp (sharpened by me in this sharpening obsession they have stiffed me with), the perps dull the blade after a few hours, having only contacted wood with the blade. (The nicks and wire cut came later in the afternoon).

Other side action was to help the boss set a post in the ground, cut down some small trees, and sharpen up the chain saw. Another perp harassment special is to have me attempt to file the chain saw teeth, and lo, if the file doesn't just skip and not cut the teeth. Always a new feature, especially related to sharpening; knives, pruner blades, scissors etc.

The perps got me up in the night about 0045h, with leg cramps in my thighs, as in both at once. I hobbled to the kitchen and took two of the Ca+Mg supplements (for some reason); why them and not vitamin B for example?. Anyhow, I thought it was potassium that alleviated muscle cramps. The Ca+Mg supplements "worked", as in remotely invoked harassment that needed a nighttime intake of this particular supplement.

I went to the other vineyard site, N of Naramata; simply beautiful and peaceable overlooking Lake Okanagan, no vehicular noise trains whatsoever. I did young vine tending, and then later, when the male boss arrived with a chipper and power tools, I helped him out in hauling woody material to the chipper. The other worker ran the chipper, and I did some of the cutting with a chain saw. Funny how the perps don't sabotage gasoline powered tools now, when they stalled them all out within a few minutes of use up until this year.

And lo, if the boss man didn't "forget" to bring the chain saw and sent me back to the winery and vineyard site to retrieve it. Funny how the perps like to send someone, either a stalker or me, away after being in one location. In other words, they like to vacate someone from the immediate environment for some reason.

At long last I finished pruning the property. Plenty of hints that I am a slow pruner, but I was going flat out without doing anything time consuming, including making decisions. The perps have a way to slow down the victim (me) on a job and not noticing how or why I am taking more time that usual. It is so infuriating, and yet they continue to screw with my perception of time along with hampering my fine motor control (fingers) and having me a fumbling klutz more than I ever was before they descended on me with their total control strategy.

Later I fixed some of the broken trellis wires; always a tangly and twisty prospect at best, and the perps making it worse by their methods to remotely invoke physical control of objects and my hands and my perception. Then if dealing with repair wires wasn't adverse enough, they screwed me senseless; lost tool, lost wire, and pulling items from my grasp and dumping them on the ground. TI (victim) infuriation is their first most choice (aka senseless abuse), and all delivered by  remote means in real time. Imagine, invaded up the asshole, figuratively and literally, nearly 13 years worth.

Saturday... and a laundromat visit day; I "forgot" a tea towel and the dude who needed to put his laundry bag next to mine (2" away) when there was plenty of room elsewhere on the counter, somehow "found" my tea towel in the washing machine when I swear I had moved all the washing machine's contents to the dryer. Said dryer cycle was over, so I took it home wet, though wrung out. And what an interesting experiment that must make for the perps; to  have one of a once-identical pair of tea towels get dried in the dryer, and the other one drying outside on my drying racks with the remainder of the synthetics that I always hang dry. All the cotton towels, and jeans etc. get put in the dryer after their own separate washing machine load as they are so hopeless to dry outside at this time of year. And yet, after two years of ownership, I somehow "miss" seeing the tea towel in the washing machine and have the dubious honor of the too-close and too-soon dude (cum gangstalker) to arrive and hand me the wet tea towel.

The assholes ran my hand into a full glass of cold tea + stevia on the kitchen counter. I attempted to pull it back in mid-spilling, and lo, if it didn't slip out of my hand and splash backwards against the backsplash and the supplement bottles that were nearby. Owing to the widespread distribution of the spill, and that it artfully blocked egress to the cleaning sponges, I used the paper towels. And in keeping with the perp-obsessed theme for the third time today, the roll of paper towels ran out in mid job, and I started a new roll.

Ditto earlier, when I was cleaning the bathroom floor, and I ran out of paper towels, and opened up the six pack of them to get a new roll.

And an earlier ditto after breakfast, this time toilet paper; a forced shit in the morning, and lo, if I hadn't "forgot" to install a new roll, and had to switch rolls in mid cleanup. Funny how all these paper product packaging-opening events self-assemble on the same morning for a three-peat.

A 6km hike in the woods today, the perps having me change trails while headed for the regular one. That was OK, as this one is known to me via maps, guide books and having used the same trail head for an hike in the same area. And too, they left me alone until about 80% done when three large women and five poodles were hiking in with poles (ridiculous IMHO). Then at about 100' left of the trail, a couple with two young blonde daughters and a small dog that couldn't stop yapping and circling me. The adult male had to pick the dog up and carry it away.

A whole lot of vehicles were parked around mine when I got back about 1400h; two horse trailers with attached pickup trucks, and at least three more vehicles. There were none when I arrived around 1000h. I did not encounter horses on the trail I was on so I assume they went on another route.

The perps couldn't stop inundating me with gangstalking brown pickup trucks when I got back into town; at least four in succession, one taking over from the next after one turned off, like a tag team but without contact.

Then a tanning session, always a high perp moment followed with plenty of ambulatory gangstalkers at the two shopping stops I made afterwords. Extra intense gangstalking hasn't gone unnoticed after tanning salon visits, and too, they like me to do financial transactions.

I shopped at the specialty grocery store, and lo, if they didn't have a "staff" malingerer at each location I needed to go to, and a woman in leopard skin tights and a young daugher (less than 2 y.o.) were also added to the mix, with the child buzzing around behind me when at the essential fatty acids/oils section, and while talking to the useless staff member. A major mystery tour, essential fatty acids, and the perps are nuts about them too. It seems to be a rotation, where one oil is deemed "best" and then knocked off its perch by another with the latest research behind it.

Coconut oil has been used for most things for the past year, but before that it was flax oil, then olive oil, and before that, fish oils. I have no idea which is better for what, and it all depends on what I last read. And the store staff aren't much help either, always heads down with minimal explanation. Needless to say, the ingestion and breakdown of food oils has been a big part of the perp's nonconsensual human experimentation agenda, and they aren't done by a long shot it would seem.

Time to get this posted and call another week of insane abuse done.

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