Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Highly Strange Monday

High Strangeness indeed today, Mondays often being a extra harassment/adversity day. And I suppose, having yoga in the evening adds to whatever the perps are grinding me over for. (Total mind control by remote means as one example of what they are looking for, as it seems they still script noises when I shift my attention to something else).

I was requested to be at work Monday morning at the house/winery location, instead of where I had been Friday before. BUT there was no one there! Not the owners, nor the regular wine making assistant, nor the office staff either (they come later). I did my vineyard tasks over the next hour and a half, and there was one vehicle that came, but I did not recognize. I saw the guy walking around, and he was there for 20 minutes or so, and just "happened" to be driving out on the driveway when I was walking up, as I had finished then. The perps cannot get enough pit-lamping me it seems, and this mofo was assigned just for that alone it would seem. It is not like he stopped to ask me where everyone was. And too, I scratched my head to ponder if this was some kind of national holiday, which it wasn't. I then moved on to the second vineyard location and resumed the priorFriday's work.

I drove by the winery location on my way back and still there was no vehicles parked there. And the boss didn't enlighten me as to why I needed to be there after the fact.

Long time readers will know the perps pulled a similar stunt in 2009 or so. I was working at a farm with a conveyor for the crew to sort daffodil bulbs as they came along. We all had the same lunchtime break as there was a buzzer, and another to restart. I go back to the production line and there was no one there. I was there for a few minutes and then someone came by to tell me the crew was in the field across the road on a different job. So, some ten or so workers all knew about the change in job location and somehow forgot to tell me. When I rejoined them, no one said squat as to how they all knew and I didn't.

The vineyard was cold and damp, as there had been some freezing overnight rain. I don't know why the perps scripted this special weather significance while I was alone in the vineyard. But I do know they screwed me for $260, because they had the outside door handle break off before I set off. The freezing rain has somehow (har, har) caused the driver's side door to be frozen, and as I was pulling on the door handle a little extra, why, it cleanly broke off. Which meant I had to access the front passenger's side, and to then reach across to the driver's side to unlock all the doors from the Unlock switch.

Later I phoned to find out how much a door handle is, plus installation, and it is $220. Thanks a bunch assholes.

Yoga was also a little different; lower attendance, about 10 or so, and none of the dude force that the perps though was so vital over the last few months. Though, the Major Fat Boy did "happen" to enter the room as I was exiting for the instructor's next class. The same effervescent Darling Pixie instructor, though she took pains to wear those fugly harem pants again. A tight top at the start of the class, which is unusual as she often has a scarf or something loose. Not that I care all that much, save the harem pants. I have no idea why this dress parade is put on, bu it is consistent perp behavior in having shills and operatives remove an article of clothing. In the case of yoga, a number of the class mates have this slow reveal, where they remove an over-garment some 5 to 10 minutes into the class, just as the instructor does. Any wonder why strippers are so popular, beyond the obvious?

Now that I have moved my regular mat some 8' E in the yoga class, there seems to be choreography about who they put in my regular old location. Last week it was the Major Fat Boy, and today it was one of the regulars, a curly mid-grey haired woman who seemed to be pissy (again). I don't know why, as I don't instigate anything. A while ago, in a one time only event, she was on my L side and put on a pissy act over that, as her regular spot was filled.

And for once, even it was the length of the classroom, the perps let me see myself in the mirror while doing yoga, maybe the second time in three years of once/week classes.

And of course the perps screwed me over in getting inside my vehicle, having the doors not unlock electrically, and only one of the two vehicle keys on my keyring could unlock the passenger's side.

No explanation on where everyone was yesterday; I went to the winery location to log my hours, as the cut-off date for the first payday of the month was the day before, but as mentioned, I could not get inside to fill it out.

I was on bamboo stakes replacement, as this is a young vineyard and the vines need to be trained straight up. If they lean over too much it creates a problem zone when wanting to access the trunk from all sides to deal with low sprouting shoots and weeds.

Two black colored EC-135 helicopter passes today; both coming from the E and doing a turn over head and going back the way it came. There is a wealthy vineyard owner in the valley who bought an EC-135 for himself and it is a black colored model. It might of been him, though I have been "covered" with two black EC-135 helicopters flying in formation and not doing any turns, just a straight line path over the vineyard from S to N, and no obvious extra attention with overhead turns. Who has access to two identical black colored EC-135 helicopters?

I was attempting to get the wretched vine tie down tools to work; a major vexation as these mechanical objects have a habit of jamming and otherwise failing to function. Or else the tie-down twine bunches up and becomes problematic.

The black EC-135 helicopter came for a single identical pass today, about 200' over the terrain, as before.

Thursday, and working with the vine tied down tools again, picking the best of the bunch. And lo, if the perps didn't introduce new problems; wire that broke, canes that flipped and struck me in the face, and so it went.

Then I picked up a food order from the nuts and seeds dealer, then went to the winery to do packing work. Getting shipments ready with the paper work, making up boxes and the rest of the brown material exposures the perps so like to

I phoned ahead to the nuts and seeds dealer to say I was coming by to pick up my order, and Max answered the phone. I go there, and tell the guy who I am and ask if he is Max, and no he says he is Dave. Like WTF; same voice, and the same guy I know as Max for the past half dozen encounters in the past two years. Though he did kind of blink when telling me that he was "Dave", which I have come to learn from Lie-spotting, can register deceit. The perps have a big theme going on about fact and fiction, (aka lies)and I suppose it was not happen chance that the ex was a notorious liar. Such are the culls that somehow find me without me looking for them.

A day of task interruptions upon interruptions today; the refuse and the recycling, then driveway power washing, then the viticulture consultant arrived for a half hour, then back to power washing and then the landscape advisor, then back to power washing, then cardboard bundling and so it went. Part of the skit show was to get me wearing my blue rain pants and black gortex jacket in the vineyard (power washing gear), and then again on the trip around the house with the landscape consultant.

A different kind of Saturday, as I took my vehicle in to get the drivers side outside door handle (and linkages) replaced. They had the correct paint color matched part in Vancouver, and after a week of the vexing fuckery in opening the front driver's side by reaching forward from the door behind it, this imposition is now fixed. And of course the paint color doesn't exactly match, but I don't care a whole lot about that.

All manner of extra gangstalking on the drive home, starting with the dude in the extra-height silver-grey Ford pickup who just had to park beside my driver's side 20 seconds before getting into my vehicle in the Toyota lot. (Actually, before I drove off). No extra space between the vehicles of course, but he knew enough to wait until I got between his vehicle and mine and got in and drove off. (To prevent me from standing back and looking at the just-installed door handle perhaps?) The silver grey vehicle coverage kept up for all of the 10 min. drive back to my place, as well as the ambulatory ones; e.g. dudes pushing strollers and/or taking the dog for a walk.

During the car repair interval, 1.5 hours, I walked some four blocks around my usual shopping area, instead of driving of course. Which was red meat to a shark as far as gangstalking went; vehicle trains galore, Fuckwits moving in close behind me at the checkout, dudes standing in mid-aisle pretending not to notice they were blocking customer egress, ever-hovering "shoppers" placed exactly where I wanted to go for the one item I came for, and so it goes.  Same public gangstalking routine, just another day. And by the time it was done, a $360 hit for the door handle replacement and an oil change, and finding out a $220 estimate for the leaking valve cover. It never fucking ends, this imposed financial decimation. I was in the hole all February, and after today's shopping I am back in it. I still haven't recovered from November to January's work hiatus.

And while shopping on foot while car repairs were ongoing, I also went to get a tan at the regular salon, my once per week "habit" that seems to keep me from getting the infernal flu and colds over winter. Who knew vitamin D was so important for the perps? Which in fact might be why we have seasons at all, meaning that the Designing Entities had this planned a very long time ago if you submit to my all-things-conspiratorial perspective (for nonconsensual human experimentation for purposes related to the properties of light and other cosmic "ingredients" (neutrinos, magnetic radiation, cosmic rays, plasmic soup (energetic ether, aka omniplasma continuum) in all its variations, combinations, frequencies and interactions).

And during this same shopping on foot interval, they put on the dreaded HD motorcycle noise at its absolute worst, and while bearing this excruciating din, I looked ahead, and 20' in front of me were two women who had to be sisters; same height, build, hair color, hairstyle walking toward me. Apart from the color, they had identical close fitting long sleeve tops, same neck line and neither in an obstructing coat or jacket and wore similar tight fitting pants. One of them was in a yellow colored top, the other burgundy red. And have I not long observed this particular color clashing combination, red and yellow? Though, this was a rare variation on the red, as it is usually a scarlet red (for more color clash) instead of burgundy red. Outside of a circus or sports team, when does one find identically dressed women, save colors, never mind near identical physique?

Before the above car repair visit, I did my laundromat visit, this one earlier than usual,  which allowed for plenty of gab time with the proprietor after the soap was poured into the trays but the washing machines not started. He and I share the same surname by "happen chance" and have a common interest in starting hormone replacement therapy, and of course, the adversities in getting that accomplished.

While laundry was on, I made visits to two specialty grocery stores to acquire the heavier food items before my vehicle was in for repair. The first store which I am regular enough to have a frequent customer number happened to have a negro woman at as the cashier. Not only was it the second time I have ever seen a negro cashier in town (three years), but the first time in this store, even as a customer. It would seem the skin color games and Unfavored exposures were being brought to the fore. I go to the same kind of store two blocks away, to purchase coconut oil (with a long hovering Fuckwit posted there) after extensive dithering and checkout delay by way of a staff member either shopping or doing returns, and as I turned to go, why, another negro woman (15' away) for the first time in this store. Even going back to childhood, I could never figure out why I saw so many store staff purchasing items ahead or behind me at the checkout, some even being off-shift and in street clothes.

And I should of been clued in by way of the brown vehicles circulating around my vehicle this morning. Not the light tan metallic brown (also more commonplace), but the full blown deep metallic brown, one of the fugliest vehicle colors going. At least six of them on my limited travels this morning, when it is rare to see one even. It seems the brown color testing/exposures are ramping up to match the decrease in coffee and chocolate consumption of late.

Two CD's arrived in the mail this week, one on Monday, the other on Friday. Same routine; play them on the Oppo player and then rip them to files and listen to them via this method for many more listenings. Then again in shuffled order. Occasionally they have me listen to music from USB sticks, though I suspect this will extend to the vehicle sometime in the next year. I see that car audio decks now FINALLY have FLAC file playing capabilities which didn't help me when I got one over a year ago and could only get MP3 file players. What took them so long, as FLAC format has been around for over 20 years. This whole "lossy" audio file format must have the perps blessing given its widespread popularity as well as containing the audio equipment manufacturers until recently. Though, the real question is why is lossy music important to the perps, as well as music in general?

I did my auto insurance today, signing up for the monthly plan. More obstruction at the counter, one service person on and so I had to wait, then went to LD, and came back. The customer that was ahead of me had gone, and lo, if she didn't return when I was supplying my details as to the vehicle owner interview (it seems). As well, two dudes came to hang out behind me; like WTF, when to two 20 y.o. dudes go to the insurance outfit together? Then a fuckaround over the check number format; at the bottom of a check (cheque in Canada); the woman didn't seem to know what the account number was, and although I had it written down in my briefcase I could not find it. And lo, if she didn't get it wrong as I later found out and now I have to phone her on Monday to get this straightened out. Again, WTF; she must of dealt with this monthly payment method hundreds of times before, and somehow "forgets" when I am there. Or was it more face time with this very obese woman who was intolerable to look at?.

Then a scan job at Staples went wrong when I somehow included the wrong images, not their fault at all. Why is it I am not allowed to conclude simple events/actions in one go, and must be sent back to the places to correct errors or otherwise de-FUD the situation, say, by phone call? And of course be exposed to the FUD sabotage in the first place, per above check account number fuckery.

A hike in the woods, and it was cold as the ground is mostly frozen still. I see some one is running a bulldozer or tracked vehicle on this same trail putting in some barbed wire fencing at the height of land of this trail.

Then I found my watch was dead, strangely today when I had been "forgetting" to wear it most days last week. So off to the jeweller on the way back, and lo, at 1400h he was at lunch. Come back in 20 minutes. Then the scan job of the correct images wouldn't be done for a hour, this being a Sunday, so screw, I will go home and then attend to these again. Getting back to finishing off things where there are strange delays (really, how much business activity at Staples on a Sunday?), and still have more to do for Monday.

A cluster fuck at the jewellry counter while waiting for my watch repair; a 280lb male with tattoos, in shorts, and in camo with his two young sons "happened" to be cruising the jewellery counter and pretending to look, forcing me twice to move away from the personal space invasion from this fugly threesome. They do a 180 degree coverage around this jewellry counter island and then the mother/wife "happens" to join them on the other side, slowly moving in, first seeming that she wasn't related, and only determinable when they got close and began conversing. The perps like to arrange these split couple games as well as delay the moment of recognition.

The unauthorized credit card transactions and personal information changes saga might be finally over. Some $7k in charges have been reversed I am told, and my third card in 4 months has had its "fraud alert" status removed. They wanted me to go in person to the bank and get it done on Friday, the 20th. A series of artful delays, and phone call waits, and then having me sit in the chairs and then having a blonde woman do her walk-by to get my attention. The bank was closing down and I ended up being the last customer there at 1715h. This is all because they told me over the phone that they didn't have my current phone number even though they had no problem phoning me to ask about the unauthorized personal detail changes a few weeks ago.

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