Sunday, February 02, 2014

Snow Day

After months of cold or stable overcast weather, why, snowfall as I write this. I was all set to head out the door, lunch packed etc., and opened the blinds and lo, snow, 4" worth and accumulating. Which makes a huge difference in terms of getting around on my all season tires, not winter rated. And of course, my vehicle tank is half full and the sandbags were left at the vineyard. "Good one", is my common refrain whenever a (arranged) confluence of inconveniences erupts for maximum adversarial effect.

And so, what to do? Sort out the ongoing hassles of having a network area server install with a flaky hard frive; read more of Brice Taylor's spellbinding book, "Thanks for the Memories", or otherwise slouch around, reveling in the event of my just-restored internet connection.

Or at least blog on about how the perps like to pull snowy weather events, and what they might get from it. There is no question that temperature variation is a big variable in their human non-consensual experimentation initiative. This is known to me by the many gangstalkers ahead or behind me in the supermarket checkouts with hot items and/or frozen items. Add in the white blanketing effect, reducing the landscape's color variations, accentuated emphasis on lineal features that stand out from white background and other "artistic" effects (help me out Lets ESL). And a good day for listening to music on my new disc player, with Bonnie Raitt's newest "Slipstream" and sophomore album, "Give It Up" on hand. I consider "Give It Up" to be a desert island classic since I first bought it in LP form in 1975. Two LP's and two CD's later, the latest being a remastered version, it still gets my groove going.

Later; a total vexation day, attempting to find out the problem why my LAN network isn't working. And at the point of realization of at least a temporary fix, why, my perp abetting mother calls to blather about something. Then a forced piss after that, and indeed, it is an exciting perp moment. The whole fucking day devoted to this "problem" and spending some $400 to get new Hitachi drives, as one of the LAN connected drives is almost on the fritz, per so called "SMART" test.

More snow overnight, about 2" on top of the prior 4"; a second morning surprise I got as the streets were bare yesterday afternoon, and it was above 0C.

Winemaking duties called; getting the potassium bitartrate added to the two tanks of red wine as they are too acidic, and cold weather causes deposition of the soluble tartaric acid. Then onto pruning vines to finish a row.

A glorious day in sun at 0C, and some wind to keep it chilly, and the perps slowly pulling down my pants some 8", something they have done at least once per vineyard working day this month, and I don't expect it to stop anytime soon, even if the weather is getting colder. A related stunt is to have my undershirt lift up some 6" or so, and sometimes at the same instance of their aforementioned pants pulling games.

I was reminded of another perp obsession yesterday evening. They pulled the kitchen knife from my hand and made sure the end was dinged, folded 90 degrees or so. We have done this so many times over the years; every knife gets this treatment every so often. I get out the sharpenng equipment, diamond hones mostly, and manually grind it down and sharpen the blad while I am at it. I don't understand why the perps are so obsessed over cutting edges, knifes in particular. Though, they also curled the end of the triangular pointed gardening tool by arranging it to just "happen", and in not being dropped. That was after they had already dinged the tip from contacting a rock in the soil.

Finally, my boot "stayover"  (of three blocks away) is done, -no aglets from the shoe repair guy. He says he cannot find them, the metallic kind. Ridiculous. Not to mention the dirt that was scuffed onto the boots somehow when I picked them up today. Hard to believe anyone any more. Though most non-operatives, (that is, who I think aren't), have various tells as they spin their lies; blinks, looking stupid, glance up or sideways for no reason, etc.

After working outside on the snow blanketed vineyard, I went in for lunch; and lo, if the perps didn't pull a major plasma show. Everything was this dark green, all over my vision wherever I looked. And not for the instant of entering the house, but for the whole time I was inside, save when I was in the bathroom Normally they let up after a minute or so of this total visual field invasion, but not today. I suppose there is something about my color vision they don't know yet how to remotely mess with.

Saturday,  and some light snow fall that petered out once I got my laundry started at the laundromat at 1015 or so. And most curiously, the gaggle of freaks/weirds wasn't there, just one Fat Girl on a cellphone.

Other stuff; attempting to sort out how my Synology server keeps getting disconnected when the LAN ethernet cable is attached. In other words, a logical connection with a IP address that somehow gets re-assigned. It seems that I have to tell the support person the same thing over again, even if it seems the same person.

A visit to the wine supplies shop also a car parts shop. Apparently, the owner is branching into winery supplies, and has 20kg bags of sulphite when I might use 3 to 5kg in a year. My transaction took forever as the system wasn't working, and that gave the fat duffer male, over 60, time to inch in a little closer while at the counter, he not saying anything of course. And no less, he had his ball cap backwards for crissakes; I thought it was an under 30 male habit, Said Fat male was slowly inching closer to me, purporting to be the next customer. It is the second instance today where the next customer cannot get into the spot I was standing on fast enough, as I see the blury movement in the corner of my eye as I am departing. Though, said Fat male was the second ridiculous act for my short duration in this store. The first one was standing there in black on white plaid shorts for crissakes, only about -2C outside. The he slowly retreats facing me and then when 6' further back, he turns around and exits the building by the back door. And as his car was beside mine, he gets in and does a U-turn in mid-street, my vehicle being in the center of this action.

And skunked at Toyota, whose service department is now closed on Saturdays in January and Febuary I learned from the salesman. One Fuckwit preceded me in, the salesman ahead of this three male convergence on the doorway, kept the door open for me, ever the obsequious salesman. And while parked there, two vehicles in the next row behind me had their headlights trained on me, apparently being warmed up as some kind of car dealership protocol where they warm up the new cars each morning.

Sunday, and an idle one at that; apart from high vehicular gangstalking to the tanning salon, there and back, and a skunk at the ATM, it hasn't been too exciting. I went to the ATM after the tanning salon, and lo, if it wasn't functional, stuck in a non-response mode. So.. a five minute drive to the one downtown with the adjacent ATM gangstalked. Based on the loitering males at the tanning salon, it seemed to be a male dominated ambulatory gangstalking. Both had their backs to me and that was sufficient for the perps for whatever male related abreactions they were looking for. Previous days while at the vineyard had arranged male banter for me to overhear, though not to the specific word level.

And more of the pit-lamping with vehicle headlights; after my tan I was driving through a closed business parking lot to get to an alternate exit, and lo, if there wasn't a copper colored vehicle with lights aimed at me, making to be a business owner attending to something on a Sunday.

More reading of Brice Taylor's "Thanks for the Memories". It is difficult to comprehend that much abuse happening to one person, and then having to see one's daughter also being maltreated. Talk about a major world view changing book. Yes, I believe it is all true, as the supporting detail lines up with what I know from elsewhere. And her handlers also put her through financial transactions and keeping her from eating, both very common perp events for me. Though in the latter case, the perps will delay meals for no more than an hour or two in my case, apart from the all night wakefulness they put me through. She would often have the "men in suits" arrive to take her away, though nearly always with a waiting limo outside. As far as I can tell, she was never exposed to teleporting personnel or like extra-conventional physical events, as she was flown to distant locations. One exception might be that she was in two car accidents, two years apart on the same day of the year in the same location. NOT a coincidence in my book, but as she wasn't exposed to many arranged coincidences I suppose she didn't look at this one with a TI's skeptical perspective. Another perp event they like is to have someone being killed, usually in film, though in her case she saw many instances for real as part of the ritual abuse she was subject too, along with a few others that were equally gruesome. Read it if you can, as it does present a major shift in thinking what is going on in the world.

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