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The Rack Server Acquisition

02-03-2014 Monday
Often a bad scene on Mondays. I was racking 2000 liters of wine, and it was as if I had never done it before, making wrong hose connections, leaving a valve closed when it should of been open, getting tripped up with electrical cords, generally getting a cognitive Fuckover, aka an imposed lack of due care and attention. Then they cut me for an inch gouge on my R index finger later in the day, blood and all, and prerequisite bandaids, always a sure perp color calibration stunt as gangstalkers will have them on their ears and face, even a negro stalker once had one on her cheek for crissakes.

When racking the wine it was -5C out, and the wine froze on contact with the ground. It would of been a perp-perfect stunt to freeze the wine in the pump and hose when swapping tanks, but thankfully that did not happen.

Yoga with the pixie instructor this evening, though all seven class members were situated in the room ahead of me some 10 minutes early. Normally when I am that early, they trickle in at the last moment. One was last week's male, slinking in behind me last week, but somehow getting in ahead of me and being anonymous at first. Men in Black Shorts and Shirts is a just-new version on MIB-wear, now MIBSS. One different than the Men In Black Fleece, their current day favorite go-to fabric, MIBF. Sick assholes hiding behind euphemistic acronyms as I have come to know their kind.

Interestingly, it was the first time in 1.5 years of 1x/week at this yoga studio that they gave me an unblocked view of myself in the wall mirrors from across the room. Though next to my mirror image was the blonde woman, registering at the front desk when I arrived, the only person to enter the classroom after me, wearing turquoise tights. Turquoise is a color the perps like to selectively use, though I haven't figured out if it is a Favored color for sure, or perhaps a neutral one, or possibly one with a whole lot of abreactive associations. Don't know.

And onto getting my server rack from Vancouver, moved to a red truck and brought here tonight. I will have my work cut out for me to get it together and all PC and stereo components functioning. I am now into two weeks in attempting to get my NAS working and am still stymied about getting a home network set up.

Attended an agriculture conference today, 30 min. south in Oliver, though small, a three traffic light town, in a picturesque place. I have never heard so many coughs, sneezes and throat clearing from so many seemingly sick people, not the deranged kind. I vote that Oliver BC be the cold virus capital of Canada. I suppose there were 300 attendees and other personnel, and a concurrent session in an adjacent building.

And of all the bizarre things, the lead-off moderator starts 20 min. early, and when he called the first speaker, he was then persuaded by the organizing staff to stop as attendees were still arriving. So he starts again at 0830h, and brings on the first speaker in the program.

Within the first 10 min. an army fatigues dressed Fuckwit arrives and makes a feint to come directly at me, (to get my attention as a potential threat), but as there was a row of empty chairs between us, it didn't seem likely. Instead, the Fuckwit comes down the row of empty chairs behind me, and sits directly behind me. The only reason I knew was that he was there was because he drapaed his clothes over my head and back, making out that he did not notice this form of "soft contact" when he sat down. He kicked my seat 3x after in the next five minutes, and after an hour or so, he draped his clothes over me as he was departing when he left in mid-session. Who are these fuckers? Though for the most part of the remainder of the day, it was the male ballcaps doing their clustering, aka real farmers. At this juncture, it was just me and the Fuckwit sitting in the seats, and everyone else was at least 8' away from me, as if I was radioactive.

After the Army Fuckwit departed, the freaks and other Unfavoreds started moving in around me, though selectively. First there was the brown jacketed ballcap (male in ball cap) who sat immediately in front of me when he had some 20 seats to choose from. If that wasn't enough of an affront, his black shirted pal arrived next, sitting one seat away, slightly to my right, leaving a one seat window to see the speaker and screen. And lo, if they didn't lean their heads together and block all my view a few times at first. Have we not seen visual obstruction stunts before, narrowing down my field of view, as it doesn't suit the psychopathic abuser's need of the moment.

And they put on this way fugly negro woman some 30' away, some kind of corded hair that was done in a ponytail, mixing an Very Unfavored hair style with a Favored one,- very clever. Then a Fat Girl, hounded me all day as well, in both conference rooms and outside, plus there were plenty of turbans on show as there is a prominent E. Indian community in this here farming country. Even a pink turban for crissakes. Other Unfavored freaks was the red hair act, an obese male that "happened" to be a speaker I saw later in the afternoon, and for an added touch of ludicrousness, a dude in an orange dayglo jacket with partial dayglo camo pants. And one Favored-Unfavored act was this attractive blonde woman, in a white toque with some pink-red tinges, inside the warm building no less. She was extra obvious as she sat with some 6' radius of empty seats around her, when it would of been obvious that they would of been filled by then. And I have seen at least one young blonde woman with the last six inches of her hair dipped and dyed in pink in the last month or so, and I can only assume that whatever reaction I had to that Favored-Unfavored (blonde-unnatural red hair) combination was being replayed/repeated with this blonde woman in her ridiculous white-pinkish toque on her head, without any kind of close proximity of other freaks/Unfavored less that they clutter the freak montage.

What was with the the speakers stepping into the way of their presentation on the screen. Like WTF; why didn't they use the podium and lecturn that was there for them? And to no surprise, and even though it was a large (10' high) projection screen in front, it was duly perp-treated with ghosting of imagery, plasmic striations, momentary re-projections of the text in a different color etc. What I see every day on this here LCD display.

And besides all this coughing, hacking and the freakshow, what was with the continued and restless feet and leg crossing, and re-crossing, inside a minute or so, and usually arranged in my peripheral vision? And if I shifted in my seat to cut out a leg-crossing Fuckwit, why, there was another one in place from this slightly different field of view.

I met up with one of my 2012 Viticulture training classmates at the conference, and we chummed and nattered for the next four hours, having lunch together and attending the same presentations, and hung around with him and did nattering on the latest viticultural happenings. I was quite sure he was on duty for the Fourth Reich, because it seems that there isn't anyone who comes within 20' of me who isn't scripted, let alone the next chair.

I took my red Felco pruners there to get tuned, as a Swiss Felco rep set up a shop there, but alas, the technician was all all booked up. Read, much used red handled pruners in my pocket all day, supporting the fixation the perps have over cutting plant material, the properties of the said steel blade and the color red.

I was parked near the front entrance of the building the conference was held in, "somehow" getting a parking spot next to the handicapped ones. Which had to be arranged, as I so rarely get a break on parking close anywhere. Once I got out, why there was a bright yellow colored vehicle (e.g. yellow cab) illegally parked next to mine, and lo, if I wasn't "yellow covered" for the 30 min. drive back. That is to say, a lead-ahead same yellow colored vehicle was ahead of me the entire way back, three of them taking serial turns with barely a minute between one turning off and the next one coming on.

Hmm, was that server rack a pig-in-the-poke that I bought? I cannot find any hardware for it on the manufacturer's website. Somehow, the notion of taking it to the scrap metals place has come to mind, far too prematurely it seems. Later, notions of getting custom brackets came up, so who knows what is next in this project that was sprung on me. Though to be fair, they did plant the notion of getting one at least four years ago, but I didn't have much of need for it. But now with an amplifier and a universal disc player, to be hooked together to a computer, it is all coming together so to speak. One thing about the perps I have come to know; they are organized, relentless and have detailed plans long in advance. And Brice Taylor in "Thanks for the Memories" said just as much from her perspective as a MPD mind control slave. And she mentioned the proliferaction of white vans; and it still goes on in my circumstances, though usually with some plumbing or electrician business graphics on the panels.

An Amazon order came in the mail yesterday, ordered the week before last. And was I allowed to recall that I did so, or even the passing notion as to why I did? No...sir; not even the normalcy of recalling one's own actions is allowed by the Fourth Reich. Translated, I would of remembered the pending order and the circumstances of it if left to my own natural abilities before obvious recall incursions began sometime around 2006. Before then, such recall perturbations were fairly rare, though more did come on when the life-assault first came on in 04-2002, aka Perps Go Berserk/Overt.

I was finally allowed to know why the perps are so silly about tires; automotive tires in particular. I did not know, (or moreover, was made to forget), that they are made from tree rubber, "thinking" that they were made only of synthetic compounds. But no, synthetics have not replaced them I read in the book titled "1493", especially for more critical applications like on aircraft landing gear. And don't we know who is besotted with a hidden research agenda over trees, earth energies, and soils, and the color of the latter especially? I always wondered why the perp gangstalkers on the public transit bus would hang around the wheel wells of the low floor section. And too, have me sit behind the rear wheels, providing extra leg room as the cover reason. Ever so often they would put on a high floor bus, a rarity in these here parts for public transport. Don't the perps love those Jeeps, the CJ5 model with the rear spare tire mounted on the rear?

Continued planting of today's Fat Girl images in my head tonight; she was large (over 200lb) and plain, and wouldn't give me any pause for second thought in pre-total mind invasion days. I wish they would Just quit hounding me and then replaying these sordid freaks for the remainder of the day.

I was screwed into getting up an hour late; ate some breakfast, but no coffee. I met with the boss this morning and lo, if he didn't offer me coffee -its all about the brown, and where it goes down. Bring on the coffee bearing stalkers.

Cleaning up the winery this morning, as it was very cold at first. Then onto pruning vines in the -8C weather. The wind was on at first, but once it died down, and with a modicum of direct sunlight it was quite nice out. The perps don't hammer me with pruning "mistakes" like last year; keeping four healthy canes and lo, if they didn't have me forget and cut the one I wanted to save. I cannot think of a single instance of that happening over the some 5 days I have done vineyard pruning this year. If that doesn't spell mind control/sabotage I don't know what does.

Continued planted imagery of yesterday's Fat Girl stalker for much of the day, some 6x/hour just to make sure I know it is them. Fucking tedious, if nothing else.

Cold today; -17C this morning. did some inside work until noon as there is a excise inspection tomorrow, cleaning up and all. By then, it was "only" -6C with a light breeze. I was glad for my balaclava, even if sunny. I got the helicopter treatment yesterday, the single engine droning light fixed wing aircraft was circling today for 20 min or so. I have come to loathe the noise of light single engine fixed aircraft.

More planted Fat Girl imagery from two days ago for crissakes, and the inevitable planted romantic ideations. She wasn't  attractive, more than 200lb, and nothing special to catch my interest, genuinely that is. Besides, I don't forgive any fucking stalker, no matter how beguiling or attractive.

Another morning time jerkaround, getting screwed into sleeping in for an extra 30 minutes. Therefore, no coffee, no body shaving, only my face to get going within an hour. 

A 2 inch snow fall this morning; very light and powdery, probably because it was cold, at least -10C. I had to hike the last 200m of hill to the vineyard as the road wasn't sanded, even though at this location the snow was only a half inch or so. I have slid down this hill sideways the last two times I attempted to drive it in the snow, and didn't want to repeat the experience. I have come to know firsthand that the perps can plug up one's tire treads in an instant and make them functionally useless. Thankfully they didn't script any other road traffic the past times they had me sliding about and turning to get back down to park at the hill's base.

A scheduled visit by the excise inspector at the winery this morning. It seemed that I was there to inform her of the volumes of each kind of wine. Two of the four tanks had the volumes on a label, and two didn't, so I had to look them up in the notes that I am required to keep. A no big deal situation, and then the owners went into the basement entry room to go over paperwork, while on got on with adding a light brown powder into solution for acidity reduction. I saw they moved some of my belongings (back pack, tool belt) in that room to sit down, and other parties moving my stuff is always a major perp planned event. And besides, the woman inspector was attractive for 40-something, and she did a pose for me to see her squarish jaw line (Favored), something the perps like me to see as an antidote to the chinless (Unfavored) wonders they put on all too often.

The owner's relative was there to detail his cider operation, and later he hung out with me while I did additions, and later I helped him with his sulphite additions, he using the same equipment that I do to make up the solutions. Kind of copycatting in effect, all under the guise of legit activity of course. And a change in the filtered water bottle was also timed just then; I used the last of the bottle and he brought down a new one to make up his additons to the cider. Later I did a modicum of snow shoveling, and then moving the tanks on a pallet jack to get them outside in the cold to precipitate tartrate acid crystals over the next week.

After that, I did vine pruning in the snow, being about -8C during, but no breeze thankfully. I seem to be getting a tan on my face of late, as many of the days this week have been sunny when pruning.

Not only do I get the chill down of the great outdoors, but also the heater in this here place won't deliver, and the hot water pressure is substantially reduced. The latter is an artful piece of timing, as the landlord couple is away for at least two weeks on their postponed holiday. I get to collect their mail and I am sure it has some perp significance along with the perp's long running mail obstruction games.

And a "need" to get some keys for my vehicle cut, as the one in my wallet went missing. And lo, if the keyless entry system I had installed last week wasn't much use to starting the vehicle. It only took me a week to figure that out, read, perp maintained dysfunctional cognition, as I would of figured that one out ahead of time. And what is it with the perps and their obsession over keys? I waited at at the car dealership while the keys were made up, and the service rep made a few visits to my vehicle to ensure his "code cut" keys worked. But that wasn't enough, as above mentioned R index finger gouge suddenly started bleeding some, and lo, if there wasn't blood on the key too. Then onto the much male-stalked ATM, and taking some green bills in cash after spending my last one to get the three keys made up only minutes earlier. I had one bank gangstalker tail me in and out. Funny how his timing at the teller was exactly the same as mine at the adjacent ATM. No one hanging in behind me this time, though plenty of headlights, aka, pit-lamping, in the parking lot.

Laundry at the laundromat, then a freak show flush as I was about to depart. They had 13 dryers running simultaneously around my single dryer load, from a freak-couple who also had at least 10 washing machines on the go, and who also put their laundry in my just-completed washing machines within a minute of vacating it.

Later; playing with the above mentioned rack hardware, and lo, if the threads/holes could not align with the supplied nuts for the shelf unit that came with it. Another piece of fuckery, making simple lego-like things difficult because the psychopathic order of adverse entropy must be maintained. And to drive the victim into high annoyance levels, and then if that wasn't enough, arrange the pliers to pinch his finger to get a bruise building up. As my three of my fingers have skin splits and a gouge remaining, they are very sensitive to touch now, including this here keyboarding. So what is another injured and pained finger to them? More psychopathic enjoyment.

Sunday, and cold out with some snow. A shut-in day so far (1530h), getting vacuuming and bathroom cleaning done. The perps have a particular need to have cleaning vacuums arranged around me, but it is rare they let me vacuum clean my own place, perhaps once per four months. And as the bathroom has this bluish colored dust arriving from no known source, it was time to deal with that again. The blue dust inundations have been going on for over a long time; back in 1999 I could not figure out where it was coming from when there was no apparent source, in the bathroom again. No carpets or bedding was that color, and yet these navy blue dust bunnies kept building up, same as now.

And it wouldn't be the new normal if the perps didn't plant yet more Fat Girl ideations, and even downstream related romantic associations. Leave me the fuck alone, is all I ask. The ex was a passive-aggressive prevaricator and I don't need more of that. One of the two Seattle girlfriends, 1999-2002, had a similar disposition. I have done nothing to deserve this kind of abuse/cursed consort, so nothing is always better than whatever the perps dream up for romantic associations. And if I don't like... (fill in the blank with anything Unfavored; Fat Girls lately), I don't see why it has to be an international level abuse stream at the hands of the relentless Psychopathic Confederacy. How's that for being PC?

Time to post this, as I don't expect anything too dramatic to erupt for the rest of the day. But if there is...

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