Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Music Entrainment

Whatever "goodies" and other deleterious emanations that come from music seems to be in perp test mode. They are having me upgrade the ridiculous tape deck in my vehicle to a CD player, and adding new speakers too. On the home front, a new disc player with a 94 page manual and getting my 1995 amplifier ready too, having brought it up on the flight from Victoria Jan.06. The amount of effort devoted to going "high fidelity", aka "audiophile" silliness, is also increasing. I must of spent at least 20 hours researching DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) on the web while at the First Feral Family house, Dec. 02 to Jan. 05, 2014. Then I blew it all off and got a universal disc player with above mentioned manual, that should future proof me for audio and video for the next few years. Though I doubt the perps will let me use all its features as they like to jerk my ass around and keep me in dullsville, enjoying a few features but leaving the remainder unexplored. Or else, blunder into a set up mode and scramble me such that I select the wrong settings and spend months trying to get it fixed. I could of got a well made DAC to hang outside the USB port on the PC for a quarter of the cost of above multi-disc player. Another case of the perps leading me along to excessive spending for possible future use when they aren't immediately required. All to say, it seems that they want to do some kind of experimentation on all manner of discs in both audio and video. The perps also have me cranked to get expensive audio grade cables and AC cords. An expensive hobby, this audiophile world, and I really don't have the means even to get ankle deep in it. No matter, say the perps, we will decide how to squander your money and there is nothing you can do about it. Something like that.

Yoga; they swapped out the darling pixie instructor to have the bald and big gutted dude instructor again, pacing around as his wont. I don't think I have seen such a disgusting looking yoga instructor. And made all the worse by him arriving just ahead of me, first outside, and then pacing the lobby in his yellow day-glo toque. Fucking ridiculous, but at least he had the talent to not wear it into class. And another dude was in the class, a rarity, even with some 10 other class members. But the next class was stocked with males, and three of them loitering over top the coat rack where my coat and shoes are. Like WTF; this exact move goes on four weeks in succession. Then a "huggies" scene again; why do the perps want me to see people hugging all the time, especially in their favored locations, e.g. at the coat rack at yoga, at the salad mix cooler at the supermarket etc.

Finally some hifi; the last time I had my stereo gear together and functional was 1996. It is still headphones, no speakers yet, and still disc bound, that is I cannot play files from a USB disc as I need to get a special converter cable. As it "so happens", this monitor/LCD display is a DVI connection, plus a useless VGA and for display, USB. No HDMI connection for a display device purchased in 09-2013, a little over a year ago. And yet, when I put a graphics board in my PC in 2009, it came with an HDMI connection. And of course I wasn't allowed to figure that one out and future proof my LCD display purchase, no sirrree, just not allowed. The victim must suffer technical hassle as well as extra-conventional physical harassment, no matter if the THEMs have this figured out years ahead. I still haven't figured out if a plain LCD monitor can suffice as a TV screen, or vice versa.

A day of pruning vines in the vineyard; the clouds were less than 1,000' ceiling and staying in place all day. No commercial flights, but they did let the helicopter out from the nearby airport though; the EC-135 with the whispery-thuddy noise, came out for a few passes and a one circling before it flew off down valley. And the perps are letting me be more competent in doing pruning work this year, unlike the relentless hassle of last year. I get to make pruning decisions quicker, and I don't usually cut the particular canes that I want to retain. Last year they constantly befuddled me and had me cut the wrong canes to great annoyance.

And still the games with my footwear; I managed to find the only shoemaker in town and as I hadn't heard from him as to my minor boot repair, I dropped by. This was to apply new aglets to the bootlace ends, as they just happened to start fraying. And lo, if he isn't out of aglet stock and will get some on Thursday, two more days from now. It seems the perps want my boots to be kept some three blocks away for at least five days. The incidences of me leaving boots or other footwear around, has escalated far beyond the orchestrated "normal". Not forgetting that my out-of-town brother seemed to have absconded with my shoes at the First Feral Family house, and didn't mention it when I visited his place in 09-2013. And I know for sure that his wife does not miss these details ordinarily and for some reason, didn't say anything then.

Wine lab training this am, and then I stopped in at the big box stationary store to return the DVI cable I purchased the evening before, as I  didn't need it and am going to span the distance with an  HDMI cable and an adapter. As I rarely return items to the store, and usually throw them out or else send them onto Value Village, it was a mighty gangstalk event. The cashiers do returns there, and no dedicated customer service personnel were on hand. (Or, at least, for the event of me returning an item, I get to go to the same checkout yesterday evening when I purchased the item). Plus, they had this particular checkout arranged with extra personnel ahead of me, aka checkout obstructing. And there was the fat "bird dog" woman in grey hair standing like a sentry, as if she was waiting for a ride or someone to come by. And does she, why no, she filtered back into the aisles. I have never seen a customer do this before, but as I suggest, this isn't the Normal World. Then another grey haired woman comes to stand 5' behind me at the checkout for no seeming reason, and lo, if she isn't leading me out when I was done.

An online crash of my purchase attempt last night, which "happened" to be cables for my nascent hi-fi interests. Get it; the wrong in-store purchase of a cable yesterday evening, then afterward, an online purchase of cables that crashed the ordering page.

Vineyard pruning mostly today, and sunny and warm. The boss went pissy over the wine this morning and trying to tell me that it was cold out and the wine was just as cold, which it wasn't (1.1C). Out side was 2C when he claimed it was -6C because it was on his TV at that moment. And did I think of the rejoinder, "do you believe everything you see on TV?". Of course not, I am dociled and dicked with, and instead to get to think of this missed snarky "opportunity" all morning while pruning the vines.

On the employment theme the perps so like to grind me with, it getting to be absurd BS at times with all (about 8 or so) the vineyard jobs seeming to need more experience than I have. Funny how that happens, jobs just out of reach but in the right ball park.

Some winery work, then pruning later; weeks later, I get the decision I wanted for the last month -chill down the reds outside and have them precipitate some of their acidity. I told the owner this weeks ago but he didn't want to move on it for reasons only known to himself, likely perp arranged.

My Amazon pages getting spoofed; the Wish List button is rendered inoperative without any reference to its function. I attempt to put the book of interest into the Shopping Cart, and it isn't working either. No other graphics on the page to place it into my Cart either. Since when did Amazon EVER not have a means to purchase an item they are selling? Only in TI World, and I assume, part of the perp's activity deconstruction/parsing games, breaking down the activity of purchasing into whatever components they can detect. Some purchases on Amazon a few days ago might also be feeding this perp inanity.

Plenty of yelling at the assholes so far today, though nothing public. A royal fuckaround on reconcilling my accounts online vs. Quicken on this here local PC. I thought I had seen it all; mis-reading lines, mis-reading dates, (at 10x the pre-overt harassment normal), having the totals change on me as I flip to another brower tab, and other cognitive dithering fuckery, but when Quicken would NOT add up the balance on the registry, I went ballistic. Only by closing out and coming back in again did the totals add up. Fucking outrageous.

A Saturday, and the usual phalanx of Fuckwits at the laundromat, including one that hasn't been seen for some 5 months. The vagrant act at the last motel I lived in until 05-2013, who suddenly found a nice truck and trailer within a week of me leaving and moving to this residence. How a non-vehicle owning vagrant act could pull off that and "happen" to be at the same local laundromat takes considerable attention to detail. This Fuckwit operative was "happening" to use the same laundromat on the same day of the week for most of the summer, four months or so, and then dropped out of circulation. And lo, if he didn't find me today at the laundromat, staying inside his travel trailer the entire time. In the summer, it was his new yellow ball cap that identically matched the color of my new detergent jug of mine that took the cake as a managed coincidence.

Other perp action has been to increase the vehicular dirt brigade, though, it is the season for it. That is, road dirt sprayed vehicles in significantly greater abundance, say, 20% of them. Side panels only,  bumpers only, van and truck sides, heavy and lightly sprayed etc.and no doubt in combinations of various sources/roads on the same vehicle.

A four strong clusterfuck at the cashier this morning; the vile red hair act lingering on after payment had been completed after a mistake on the bill was sorted out. The next woman, happened to have her purchased water missed by the cashier, so another transaction and hold up. The third woman who got in ahead of me after I was faked out into relocating to another till, which turned out to be not the case, was draped over the belt of checkout, featuring her fugly copper colored purse. I was yeast she was purchasing and fussed about, per conversation with the cashier. And for a store that has been singularly dedicated to ensuring there is always enough cashiers, it did strike me as extremely odd that another cashier didn't arrive. After all, the blonde woman cashier of last time, pulled a walk-in-front-of-me act as I was entering the store, creating a three way cluster fuck until she got out of my way. Said blonde woman cashier was planted at the maple syrup section for no apparent purpose last time, save to block off part of it and force me to get the thicker and heavier kind which I don't particularly care for. Then she goes to the checkout to ring me through, as the maple syrup section was the last shopping stop for me. And too, the walk-in-front of me stunt was done without an excuse me or any such kind of manners, in keeping with the ill-mannered Fuckover action the perps like to arrange all too often. As before, there was a sudden drop in public manners since 04-2002 when this whole Extreme Rabbit Hole opened up.

When multiple things go wrong, it has to be a perp stunt, as they just love to get their victims some more when they are down. Not only did they screw me out getting the NAS working, but crashed my internet connection. Then some kind of strange stain erupted around the on-off button on the disc player, not even a week since it was delivered. All kinds of notions about shipping it back to California were planted in mind for the next two days. There is something about object attachment the perps keep researching and of course, screwing me over some more.

Well.. sorry if this was delayed in getting posted Sunday (Jan. 26th), but as it "happened" my internet connection got taken out and I had to have the tech repair-stalkers come visit me this morning and check out the modem. Yes, they herded me into a corner, then when not, why they sat in my seat and tried this here computer, and then had me follow an sit where they had sat etc. The Gangstalking Choreography, right here in my own residence,- such a treat. I will refrain from other details as you can get the picture. The perps just love me to look at online LCD displays, not to mention having them accessed around me by gangstalkers everywhere I go. It is the device by which it seems the perps color calibrate their victims (could be everyone) and delve into deeper recesses of their minds in the cause of whatever they are after beyond mind control.

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