Monday, December 02, 2013

Bill Payment Obstructions

A sudden realization came on that I hadn't paid my two month end bills online for next week. One of them was "forgotten" and the other did not send an email notice as they usually do. (I don't get them by snail mail anymore, and am totally dependent on this electronic link to deal with regular monthly billings).

Like WTF; why are the perps dithering me to "forget" and then reminding me at the 11th hour, and having only one of the two regular bill payment notices blocked? This insane shit started early on in the harassment (05-2002) when they blocked all my snail mail payments, at least six or so, all mailed at once. This happened when I found some stamps near my door and used them. All those bill payment mail letters weren't received and I had to hustle to get them paid again. (About two months later they were delivered, for which my accounts were credited). And the timing was such that my mother accompanied me to Seattle and did ironing while I worked at my desk and figured out what I owed and re-sent checks. I did not know she was a full blown life long (my life that is) perp abettor then, only that things were terribly confusing as to who was playing what side. And what insane purpose does this serve, delaying or obstructing bill payments? (And the take-away lesson is DO NOT use stamps that are "found" (as in arranged to be found)).

Other related BS at this time was that the perp cranked up the kilowatt hours on my power bill, and I had an anomalous 50% increase of power use. I complained to the power company and got nowhere of course. And they didn't seem too interested as to how this occurred. And what insane shit does this serve?

Off to a local concert tonight; the perps seem to like me to see male performers of late, though picking three good ones so far. My acceptability bar is much higher for male performers for whatever reason the perps deem (and can psychically detect).

I still have an ISP bill for a service that began Nov. 01 and I have no idea when it is to come or if it too got blocked.

Back at my place after the morning snow threatened to become a problem, but it didn't, and turned to rain. I will try to get this much reduced posting off.

Now that two weeks of house sitting has ended, the perp considerations are too numerous to mention. Not only do I get to stay at my employer's residence, but eat their food from their fridge (fridge models and colors are always a big deal for the perps), use different pots and pans (and all those metal energetics considerations), and consume products I would not ordinarily consider (e.g. those *Keurig* coffee machines with the apportioned coffee in little plastic containers), and of course, deal with the cat and the dog. The latter pulling a double shit and a flood of pee in the first week, and then causing me to arrange a barricade to not allow it downstairs. Anyhow, it wasn't all bad by any means, as I got to clean up some messes of tools and supplies around the place, even if the helicopters came by with greater frequency. As I am a neat freak, cleaning up any mess, unless perp instignated, is one of my few pleasures. (They like it if I get to step over and around the mess for some time before it gets cleaned up by YT).

Saw Stephen Fearing last night; an excellent show. The usual parade of Fuckwits around me, and a skinhead male (Very Unfavored) was installed 30' away, exactly in my line of sight, and lo, if he didn't pop-up at least 40x over the evening and came to talk to his "friends" at a nearby table. And lo, if another partial skinhead male also didn't do much the same, he with a ridiculous fringe of grey hair around his bald pate. Both disgusting head/hair do-s, and don't the perps know how much I loathe the sight of a skinheaded male. They even put a blonde woman (much Favored) to talk to him, making like they wanted to co-opt her auric goodness.

Other genuine freaks were in short supply, save the owner with his bald head and grey hair to his shoulders. He is about one of the few merchants in town that is allowed to "know" me, that is, recall me from previous visits and know my name. Mostly, it is a put-on that stunt players persist in, pretending to not recall me, even if they were rehearsed the exchange beforehand, and from what I can surmise, get near in-person immediate feedback after I have departed.

Earlier this week, yoga, and they brought back the darling pixie instructor for the first time since May 2013. Not that she wanted to make friends or anything, and in fact, made a point of ignoring me in the lobby before the class. She seemed to be on a pre-class gangstalking, something that is very common among yoga instructors. She seemed to be her normal exuberant self once class begun.

And a two second stare/scare from the Tall Girl; she walking into the toga practice room and looking at me while walking into my view. And she put on a fugly hair-do, crimped locks cascading down past her shoulders. In keeping with her usual routine, she later tied it up in a bun for the class. Here is a woman taller than me (5'11"), and has decidedly made sure that our glances never engage, even if she has had her mat next to mine for a quarter of the sessions for the past year, and here she walks in staring at me in her fugliest hair-do ever for all of two seconds or so. The perps seem to want to isolate my reaction to fugly hair from the person. (And it is not like she wanted to hit on me as she is married I learned from overhearing her speak with the friendly person looking after the desk).

I bought two of Stephen Fearing's CD's while at the show last night. And will the perps allow me to play the CD today? No-sirrr, it cuts out and stops after five seconds. I copy it to this here PC and lo, if it doesn't play pertectly from the hard drive. The perps often do this; insist I use one source/method to the exclusion of another, e.g. discs or as stored files.

My Synology backup PC install isn't getting any easier; it was building a volume (set of hard drives) and crapped out. Meanwhile, the system monitor tells me all is OK and my LAN connection is up. One of the reasons was that the network connection failed, which would be total crock as it is just a CAT cable and the monitor said all was fine.

And I see my efforts to do a chat line about my ISP bill got stymied; I allowed the pop-up chat window to display, and poof it went and no reply. Lets see; the perps create a pending fuck-up (no ISP bill), and then remind me it could be a problem, and then when I attempt to open a chat window, why, they fucked that too. See a pattern in all of this?

More fuckery, and having me scream at the assholes over this Synology NAS install. Yes, I have had cables fail all too often for normal. Another compounding jerkaround is that the on/off switch appears to be dysfunctional. The last time I pulled the plug on it and re-connecting it made it work.

More screaming at the assholes as they fucked the mouse action, not allowing links to work. They are on tear tonight, post evening tea time.

I have one day to get my *synology* NAS/back up computer working, which inconveniently arrived after two weeks of delays, just when I was house sitting elsewhere. It would seem that someone wanted it to sit around in my residence, but without me there. Those hard drives I inserted with the spinning magnetic disc must be important for someone. Never mind that the hard drives have been sitting around for four months on my desk, and finally are put to use. And lo, if the all important *DiscstationManager* software, which runs the whole thing, didn't just go poof in the night. I got it to display yesterday after pulling the power cord out of it, and then re-connecting it. A total "fluke", as it didn't display when I did a internet install, which failed, forcing me to use the enclosed CD. Top design marks for including a CD, but the rest of it has been and adverse mystery tour so far. Even the blinking blue on/off switch doesn't work or switch off like a PC switch with the delayed action. And for "support" I get an email exchange for crissakes. And this was to be the better designed NAS according to all the web chat. So much for that.

Tomorrow I fly out to Canada's Gangstalking Capital,- Victoria, BC and hang with the First Feral Family and all other quisling scum for four weeks. Woo-hoo. Odds are that the above mentioned NAS installation/connection/setup won't happen until I get back, again, extending the installation adversity all the more. This is very typical of new devices and objects, this long running introduction duration (e.g. hard drives sitting around for four months that were inserted into the NAS box today), hardware failure (no instructions to screw in the hard drives to the insertion bracket, which caused one to "fail"), and now this mysterious event of the all important management software gone missing.

The Windows Copy/Paste actions are getting totally fucked with today, just to make this whole scene all the worse. It is like your fingers not working as intended, nothing new there for me in this juvenile psychopath governed existence.

Yoga tonight, again with the darling pixie instructor. She was in a better frame of mind tonight, more her usual chirpy self rather than last week's pissy countenance. But these dumbshit baggy capri pants she wore were atrocious. The crotch near the knee and tightened only at her calf. Someone in the class mentioned that they were super comfortable and a one minute discussion ensued on where to get them etc. I prefer her shorts or her tights like last week, thank you very much, even if they were pink.

While jawing with the only other friendly business owner in town, the woman who runs the yoga business, the Tall Girl swept in and took my usual spot (mat location). This meant she was close by again, and lo, if she wasn't doing the same warm up exercises that I usually do. It used to be that all the others just sat around or laid on their mats prior to yoga, but now more class members are permitted to warm up. As it "happened", the Tall Girl and four others aligned their mats perfectly, equidistance from the wall. One other was behind this "alignment group", and I was offset some 2' back from the aligned direction (roughly E-W).

And why is it after yoga I have some dude standing over my coat in the coat rack? One tonight, one last week, and some 40% of the time, a shiftless male hanging around, though usually with some apparent purpose. I grab my coat and the rest of the items on the hanger and go to a side room and change there, rather than having all these Fuckwits coursing around me while changing. As always, the perps cannot get enough noise, lights, action and whatever else while changing my clothes. And the yoga business owner was also chatting to me while I was taking off some of the warm items I needed to wear when outside, as the temperatures are about freezing.

A visit to the ATM this morning brought on more silliness in Gangstalk World. Firstly, there was a groundskeeper outside running a gasoline leaf blower and raking up wet leaves. And lo, if he didn't put the idling leaf blower on the sidewalk for me to step over. And lo, if he didn't turn out to be a negro (rare here) under all those puffy garments, hat too. As it was about 0800h, the bank opening was imminent, and a cluster of three Fuckwits was in the foyer. I got to pass through this clusterfuck and into the ATM area, and do my banking with a machine. Another Fuckwit came to loiter directly behind me, sitting on the window sill. Ever notice how gangstalking scum like to hang around doorways and windows, taking in that light from outside, even if muted by heavy cloud cover (today). A person from the bank came to foyer to explain to the clusterfuck members (faux customers that is), that they were having a problem and would be opening in 10 minutes time. This while I was engaged with my financial transactions, the last being cash (green $20's) tucked into my wallet. And not only do the perps go silly over financial transactions, but also the color of money, and how much of it in my wallet. Spending money brings on a color change it would seem, not to mention some kind of psychic transaction exchange as well plus chakra color energetics if you believe in that. (I never did until the harassment abuse began to display patterns, and all that Chinese medicine, (e.g. energy meridians) and yogic chakras made perfect sense in light of what the perps were doing/stunting).

And the *synology* support people got in touch via email, and lo, if a different problem didn't erupt; the network connection went down after it was established and deemed working. This then brings down the *DiskStation Manager*, the software that runs the whole thing. In other words, more insufferable adversity, arranged on the occasion of having a new PC device, this one called a NAS, a whole market that Windows crowd missed out on. Unbelievable.

More games with tires today, which preceded the above mentioned visitation to the ATM/bank. I had to retrieve the ATV tire from a member of the family that promised to fix it and didn't. This relates to the vineyard owners and their family feuding. So... another occasion to have an extra tire in my vehicle and lug it in and out of the tire shop. It seemed to be an occasion for the biddy-stalkers, the old ladies coming out to sit in the tire shop public area as a gangstalking method. More biddies followed at the above mentioned ATM visit, and again when I got skunked at the mall as the store wasn't open.

Anyhow, I paid for the tire repair, jawed with the technician about these Italian tires that are both all-season and a winter tire, although with less mileage warranty. It would save having another tire set sitting around and extra rims and the change over twice yearly. But as I have a new set (as of 04-2012, with one newer one) of all season Pirelli tires on my vehicle, why would I want a new winter tire set if I can avoid driving on mountain passes in the winter? All to have me tarry at the tire shop while the just-fixed tire was nearby, and with the "biddy stalkers" all positioned.

A rare mid-day tanning session after I got back from installing the tire at the vineyard, and no mean feat as the "jack assing" games proceeded as there wasn't enough jacking height to raise the vehicle to accommodate the repaired and inflated tire. More jacking with the jacking for a while, but fortunately there was enough pieces of wood around as a prop.

The LD store turned out to be an extreme gangstalk scene after my tanning session. There were five Fuckwits and a stocking/stalking cart arranged around the chocolate section, and so I passed on that. Then this bullshit ahead of me with a customer finding only one brown towel when she wanted two, and the cashier checking the inventory for more, and then proceeding into the aisles to bring back another matching brown towel. Lets see; I just got extra browned at the tanning salon and then this brown towel holdup stunt at the cashier. Not to mention the notable increase in brown colored gangstalking vehicles.

I am going to wrap this posting up, as I will be busy tomorrow, packing and then traveling to Canada's Gangstalk Capital, and above mentioned First Feral Family and this whole faux Christmas nonsense I have come to loathe. One, because everyone in the family is faking it, and secondly, all the public displays and such are nothing but a big perp event of new color and object juxtapositions, the highlight being those brown velvet antlers on the front of vehicles.

[PS; I see that I have 0 (zero) "followers" (in Google-speak) when I had 33 a few days ago. This might be a temporary display glitch (ahem) to piss me off, or it might of been some wholesale deletion stunt by the perps. That is to say, I did not remove any "followers" (I loathe that term for obvious reasons) from this blog, either singly or in total.]


lets esl said...

2 things:
1. those dumbass capri pants with hanging crotch are harem pants - and they are both super comfortable and universally hated by guys.
2. you do have all ur 33 followers displayed - perps do fuck with counters - making them go up by two every time page is refreshed or just showing some obviously wrong number

glad you are back and posting!

AJH said...

Thank you for naming this particular pant style, as somehow I didn't catch the name in class when some of the class members were discussing the comfort of this garment. And too, "feels like a skirt" I learned. (Is the style named after the harem keeper or the female harem members? I shall look it up sometime.

I am glad to see my follower count is back to normal, one of those glitches (ahem) again. Thanks for the comments.