Sunday, December 15, 2013

Safety Deposit Box Games

Probably a perp highlight, attempting to close out the safety deposit box that I began in 2003. The rates doubled in the last year, and since I am in Gangstalk City and staying in the First Feral Family house, it seemed like a good time to close it out. (And they totally wiped me out last year in the same circumstances). On with my new-found (ahem) initiative to close it out, and lo, if they didn't fuck me out of bringing the keys the first time. Then today's second visit, and lo, if they didn't provide two keys, and I only know of one, the one on my key ring for the last 10 years. It will be a $50 hit if I cannot supply the second key, which might be what unfolds, as the perps wiped my recall as to even owning a second key. I have no idea where it is, and don't normally have stashes of extra keys around. They suggest that I root through all my old papers to find the key, but we know who loves to send me into the crawl space, (think flexed spine, the main aerial they appear to read),  while others walk about overhead.

I haven't accessed the safety deposit box for 10 years, as it was for the purposes of stashing some personal papers, including printed versions of the harassment, and even my letter to the FBI, (lived in Seattle then), which went unanswered, even if delivered as a double registered letter. I shall scan it some time and get it posted on this site. And a few photos of burn holes in the upholstery of my then vehicle, as well as a few in the dashboard. And lo, if there wasn't a pic of Ms. C of those days, something of a rarity as she didn't like to have her pic taken. She was a perp operative of those highly abusive days, though started out as an on-off girlfriend I met on the commuter bus between Everett to Seattle. Just to think, all those commutes, every week day from July to October of 2000 were arranged and gangstalked and I was oblivious to it all. Or, in other words, I was a naive TI.

It is not every day that one closes out a safety deposit box, and even if there was escalated gangstalking and hindering (vehicle and ambulatory), and an excess of red even if this festive season is added into the mix, they did not obstruct me while in the bank. Yes, they put on extra males, but that was it.

More digging in boxes in the crawl space for long lost items (since 12-2011). I find my Grado headphones, and upon trying them out, the R channel is dead. It "happened" in late 2003. I sent the headphones to the factory to get the new gimbal mounts installed, and within a day, why, the R driver unit went dead, and still is. Sometimes these things have a way of fixing themselves (ahem), but not this time.

In the high abuse year of 2002 the perps had me take the Grado headphones to work, as having magnets near one's head caused the severely debilitating targeted head pain to abate. And lo, if the perps didn't break them in the most artful way; they remotely caused the post (vertical steel part connected to the lower plastic gimbal mount) to rotate totally independently from no conventional cause, and eventually wearing out their connection so that the gimbals dropped from the post each time I tried to place them on my head. You got that correctly; I witnessed action-at-a-distance methods to cause a static steel component on each side of my headphones to visibly spin independently and then separate from the attached part. Later, I sent them back to the factory and they repaired them. And lo, per above, if the Fuckwits didn't take out the R side within a day of getting them back. Needless to say, the perps run the show as far as headphones go, and it is the same for everything else of course. And I see the foam on the Grados is crumbling, which would make it the third time they have disintegrated. The perps did not like my yellow replacement pads especially, as they fell apart within a year.

In fact, headphones and earmuffs have been particular objects for sustained sabotage. After the Grados were sabotaged, per above, I got a different pair (green color) and they lasted a week before they fell apart, then I got a pair of so-so quality silver-grey Sonys and the perps finally left them alone. Ditto for ear muffs; my long running pair (white with red foam covering) had the padding break up, so I got a new pair (black with red band in the muff) from a local store. The perps then destroyed these by having the plastic headband ball joint in the muff's socket seize up on both sides and make them dysfunctional. My present earmuffs (green, with black trim) ear pad is breaking up, and the Fuckwits have sabotaged three successive attempts to replace the pads. They somehow, don't fit, even if it is the same model number etc.

And my black shoes I left at the First Feral Family house back in 12-2011 (when I packed up my apartment), have gone missing. I understand my out-of-town brother came to visit here twice this year, but my shoes do not fit him. So why did the perps fuck me around, reminding me when packing that I had them here to cause me not to take any city shoes with me in my luggage. And so, another jerkaround theft, now having me wear my city snow boots all the time while here. Said brother didn't mention anything about having my shoes by "mistake" when I visited in September this year.

A visit to the perp's only permitted buddy-shill yesterday, my farm-worker colleague, to practice yoga with her and the DVD she had. So here we had perp heaven for an hour or so; an active LCD display with an attractive female demonstrator, a spinning DVD in the drive unit, and all those back bends and stretches, that being yoga. And to add to the list, I was working out on a towel that I formerly owned, and gave my colleague back in 11-2011. Said towel was now light grey, formerly an almond white. Given the insane bullshit that goes on over towels, why am I surprised?

And too, she showed me some of her horticultural hand tools, the ones that cut or dig, some of them recently sharpened. And we do know about how the perps are obsessed with cutting edges, sharpening them etc.

 Went to my favorite tool store to pick up a web order I made two days ago. They had the order ready in a day, and when there I asked how they did it so fast. The guy told me that they make the pick-up orders at that same store; no shipping and all that, but from their local stock. The perfect integration of online and brick-and-mortar IMHO, and so many stores aren't there yet, now at least 15 years later when web commerce really started. Anyhow, the vehicular gangstalking scene was intense, though not to the level of an arranged traffic jam at 0920h thank goodness, but these "pods" (aka clusters or strings if a single lane) of vehicles in tight formation was most evident. And what about all those vehicles, at least 100 for a five minute drive, heading into suburbia at that hour? Fucking absurd, unless one applies the arranged-gangstalk-sphere model. And what about those four black colored vehicles around me at the highway connection, still sadly a grade level traffic light controlled. (No interchanges allowed here; Mackenzie and the Island Highway for locals). That is, looking beside me and ahead while waiting at the light, four black vehicles, or five if one counts the black painted steel sided 3 ton truck with a black painted trailer. And the ubiquitous ladder on the side of the trailer, the number one gangstalk prop I have come to know.

The perps are totally insane when it comes to this tool company, LVT for now. I have been a customer since 1980 in the mail/phone order days of one store in Ottawa then. Now they have 15 retails stores across Canada, and one here. Not only did the perps have me go there, but they also "readied" me by having me look at LVT catalog before heading out. The gangstalk scene inside wasn't severe, but there were at least four who routinely kept erupting in my vision, or else planted where I was intending to go. Back in the wild and insanely abusive days of 2002, they must of planted at least 100 gangstalkers in the Vancouver LVT store to get in my way and obstruct progress to get to a cashier. That was when purchasing magnets worked to abate the intense head pain they delivered when I wasn't near metal objects. Not long after that, the assholes de-gaussed the magnets, making them ineffective for the head pain protection that I could carry around with me.

Though in hindsight, having the magnets around me helped the perps, as the main EMF form that I have been allowed to detect was magnetism. As of some three years ago, when I last had access to a magnetic field detector, it was 1800 gauss. After mid 2003 the assholes have bathed me with masers (magnetic lasers -a coherent beam/form) and plasma light flashes, so I would imagine they are still hard at it, keeping me in a magnetic field, and then perturbing it with masers, plasma beams, and the biofields of the Fuckwits on gangstalking duty. And it is highly likely that the operatives and other abetting scum have done rehearsals, perhaps at the same time the prior day, and possibly afterward. All signs point to intense amounts of preparation in tailing and otherwise harassing the living shit out of me, sometimes literally.

An unholy major stake-out gangstalk at Staples this morning; my perp-abetting mother was needing a new printer as her HP packed it in. And have I mentioned how the perps just love to gangstalk and harass me over making financial transactions? Many times, though this was a First Feral Family member doing the paying, while I aided in selecting the appropriate items. And those god-awful red shirts the staff wear, and no less, the male sales assistant had a red face too! And did he ever spin this out into a near hour long protracted event; -dither, delay, go elsewhere, come back, pass by the ink cartridges 3x before dithering over these for a 10 minute hold up alone, while the choreographed swarms kept up 10' away, and eventually coming closer to then have a Fuckwit pass between us. The starter-Fuckwits began to stand around for 10 minutes at one place, doing their extra obvious fake shopping, and later rotating out so other Fuckwits could arrive in their place, and the first shift tailing us when we moved to the aisles. My mother pulled the all-time obvious gangstalking stunt by sitting on the printer box for crissakes. After the checkout, two shiftless males moved in within 3 seconds of vacating the checkout. Speakers for PC, SD card, photo paper, extra ink for the printer -I reckon this was a 60 minute exercise at least, along with the swarms of shiftless males and one Fat Girl, (a possible a certain Fat Girl) posing, looking dumbstruck in mid-aisle, not even pretending to shop.

Then onto the lighting store, as if I don't get enough pit lamping. A tour through the store, the staff staying out of sight for the most part, and nothing purchased after this 10 minute piss-around my perp-abetting mother instigated. On the way to from above, there was at least four roadworks for us to pass onto the opposite side of the road under temporary traffic control.

It was Staples, a lighting store, a diversion to find no lighting store along with a total memory blank out as it was on my bus route, and finally a grocery store where it was another unholy gangstalk. Two stocking/stalking carts at the entrance, both stacked high with brown boxes. Additionally, a gaggle of girls (~10) from a private school, but at least they were polite about stepping in my way; "excuse me" instead of these sick assed mofo's who pretend otherwise.

Later; a royal pissing match to get the new printer working, and then again with the speakers; it seems that only speakers can be plugged into the rear of this PC, and headphones at the front. And just how does the software know which is which? It did (somehow) and why was I fucked out of knowing there was a rear sound panel for audio?

I got sacked for a 9.5 hour sleep, which made for a late morning. Then add on my perp abetting mother's need to move her heavy bed to vacuum the dust underneath, and I was toast for getting downtown before the surge of people got there ahead of me. After a pissing match with the dowtown parking kiosk, I gave up. It was the first time I used it with a charge card, and as best as I could tell, there was nowhere to select the display of time/cost. The list on the display was three long, and started at 7 min. for 25cents, but I wanted longer. In the past, I had always used coins, and as one added more coins, a longer duration would show up on the list until it got to one I wanted, and then I selected it and printed the ticket. Call it selection by adding cash, but with a card, the same function isn't available of course, and I was flummoxed, aka screwed. And kudos to the perps for fucking me out of my usual ready change, and too, the woman and two children that crossed the street to arrive at the closest kiosk five seconds ahead of me. I haven't had an outrageous FU hindrance/obstruction stunt for awhile, and am glad to know that Victoria, BC hasn't lost its reputation as the Most Rude-Assed Gangstalking City in Canada. Like I have said before, in these situations I should be scooped 50% of the time it happens to me, when in fact it is over 95%. In 11.5 years of this sustained insane abuse, I have scooped a potential hindering gangstalker once or twice in 30x or more.

Though I have noticed some Penticton-developed  gangstalking moves to now occur in Victoria; an abundance of road lane straddling (center line, lane line or shoulder line), and L turns into a side street by cutting the corner and driving through the opposite (unoccupied) lane. About three months ago, in Penticton, I saw an oncoming motorcyclist do this about 60' ahead of me, the Fuckwit coming close to the corner and traversing some 30' of the opposite lane. BUT the oddity was that there was a hedge to the sidewalk and there is no way he could of seen around the corner to know that the opposite lane was unoccupied. Even a 10mph collision on a motorcycle would of sent the Fuckwit flying. So how did he know in advance he could make this bozo audacious driving stunt safely? Like I say, it is all arranged, and not just for me.

My perp abetting mother is on an extra dipshit streak thgis visit. And why is it that the perps need to do this, having things repeated, speaking at cross purposes, engendering wholesale "miss the point" stunts etc.

The joys (read, intensified perp machinations) of a new printer; A Brother this time, and no way to set a minimum default font size for crissaskes. A 14 point bold in an email comes out as 6 point plain unless I jack with the email content. Which means one has to print first to see if a small unreadable font size erupts, change the document for some greater font size, and print again. Can we say Do It Twice stupidity? And there is only one outfit that likes to have things done twice or more, often fraught with variations in output each time. Given the perps haven;t let me print color at my residence for over ten years, even with a color inkjet printer, it does not surprise me they wanted to increase the printing follies intensity while at the FFF house.

Sunday, and a quick early (1030h) trip into downtown to pick up two web ordered books at a store. The usual parade; the attractive blonde babe (Favored), then immediately shift my focus to an arranged wheelchair act(much Unfavored) and shiftless males in just-stand-there mode in mid-aisle not looking at anything in particular. More stealthy street theatre is would seem. A five strong black and white vehicular pod., waiting for a pedestrian to make a R turn prevented me from parking at the usual parkade. I couldn't make a R lane change as all these vehicles were in tight/stationary formation. And so, a 270 degree loop on alternate streets so I could park on the street for free. (Free street parking on Sundays here).

After I got out of the book store, with the wretched wheelchair act making a reprise to temporarily obstruct my egress, onto the tanning salon, the one that I frequented for two years (2010-2011) when living nearby. The weekly tanning fix has significant perp interest of course, and perhaps some mild skin browning is what they want from it. Though they tell me that the vitamin D and melatonin activity is important too. Whatever; Caucasian humans have been tanning for millenia, so I don't see why the Psychopathic Juveniles of the Fourth Reich need to take their insane agenda methods out on me.

And a faux car crash at the first major intersection after leaving tanning wasn't too much of a surprise. Two vehicles almost blocking a single through lane one way artery of downtown while they stood around pretending to exchange insurance details. No glass or debris on the road, and no rumpled body work that I could see. I have seen very elaborate faux vehicle accidents, with three police vehicles, surveyors and two tow trucks and not a single dent or item on the ground, so this red and green vehicle (only) bumper bump (if that) doesn't rate. Though, it is the first such one since 2003-2004, so now that I have returned for a month to the Gangstalking Capital of Canada, perhaps the perps are making much of this visit, though, unlike last year.

Digging out a garden bed at the FFF, and the 60' pine trees had their roots running all through this 2' raised bed from some 25' away. And lo, if the backyard neighbors didn't erupt, doing something noisy (no lawn mowers though), with the new backyard neighbor revealing himself to be a skin-headed male (much Unfavored). Then the aircraft, helicopters and fixed wing with the incessant drone noise of the latter.

I shall post this now, as Sunday evenings tend to be amorphous and unmotivated.


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