Monday, November 18, 2013

Sauternes Confluence

A sauterne is a sweet wine made in the Sauternes region of France from grapes that have suffered a botrytis bunch rot and are shriveled up on the vine. This concentrates the sugars and adds additional flavors. Picking is done as a triage process; picking the most eligible shriveled bunches and leaving the rest, often some 5 to 8 passes for harvesting. The yields are very low (less than 1.4 tons/acre) and not all years produce the grapes with the "noble rot", as a different rot may set in.

Anyhow, I had been reading about them for the past month as it is vineyard work relevant, having purchased a used book two months ago online. But I had never tasted one until today, the the vineyard owner gave me a partial bottle that had just been returned from the lab. So what is so important about this particular theme for the perps to have someone phone me this evening, while reading said book and said sauterne wine inside me? As long time readers will know, phone calls are an EMF signal to the side of one's head, and are perp favored at key moments. Not only for the EMF signal in my proximity and at my ear (asymmetric dosage), but also having me get off my seat and cross the room, one of their favorite disruption stunts. And if you concur that every moment of my existence is highly controlled and scripted, then it is most curious that they had to pull this phone call over a particular type of wine that I was simultaneously drinking and reading about.

Listened to Dr. John Hall, on Truthstream Media for an hour; interesting that he has a book out, and a second one early in 2014.

One of the mentioned targeted individual complaints is tinnitus, which came on strong after the perps first outed themselves in their shock and awe show they put on my apartment in Seattle, 04-2002. The Thousand Points of Light show also came on each time I went to bed, then and now,- magnetophosphene reactions to electronic harassment I now learn. I still get the TPL show each time I turn the lights out. Though, even in the daytime there are so many visual and light perturbances at every moment, daytime or night, that I have given up on the classification, apart from the main categories of masers (black fuzzy zingers or streaks) and plasma flashes (any shape or form, but colored).

Came across on account of above interview. I get depressed over the prevalence of organized harassment such that I wither when encountering activist organizations. Maybe my readership will find value in this link. And a link page on their site too. Why are the perps hammering me tonight over making links by screwing me out of getting the intended words selected (Windows copy, cut paste), and the blue selection hopping over the very word I want?

Targeted Individuals Canada is another site that has sprang up in my multi (more than three) year absence from TI activist sites.

Busy at the small winery today, and was about to take lunch at an irregular time, 1130h, and lo, if the boss wasn't waiting for me at the location (seat) I was to have lunch at. He didn't know my plans, nor when I was to be taking lunch, but there he was warming the seat for me. Which turned out to be the second time in the day that he had to sit where I sat, latterly performing some kind of fact finding quest of the futile kind.

A near vehicular highway collision, this dumbshit pulls a L turn from a R side arterial with the most minimal room for error, when he could of gone at least 5 seconds earlier to make it safer. Not only did he have incredibly bad judgement to end up 30' on front of my bumper while I was traveling at 80pkph (50mph), he had the strangest need (read, managed look) to not look where he was going, but to stare at me bearing down on him.

An online order for a NAS now two weeks old, and no shipment yet. They had one in stock but somehow it has not yet shipped and they won't answer my email as to what is going on. I suspect delivery will be timed to when I am away so it gets to sit around in its box for some weeks until I get back.

More online display games; I return to a stereo/cinema equipment review site, and lo, if the stars and the prices didn't disappear. I don't think I have seen an unadulterated page for over 10 years.

After a virtual shut-in day yesterday, I am in the role of house sitting at the place where I am working. Imagine all the correlations they can make with the owners' energies by having me stay overnight here for two weeks. The owners are away in Texas for two weeks, and so that would also fit the long running perps' scheme around air travel, airports and the whole thing they about distances and elevation from Earth.

And so these postings will dry up over the next six weeks as I am house sitting and then travelling to the First Feral Family house in Victoria, British Columbia, the Gangstalking Capital of Canada.


Anonymous said...

And if you concur that every moment of my existence is highly controlled and scripted, then it is most curious that they had to pull this phone call over a particular type of wine that I was simultaneously drinking and reading about.

I figure there are at least two possibilities.
1. this is a repeat of a Past existence and being so, All activities are Known an dcan be manipulated.
Our speed of light being 299792458 m/s, someone else, the ones "Messing with us", have a higher speed of light and can just watch our actions at half speed.

And these Higher speed of light Minions desire the public at large to believe them to be "gods" to be worshiped.

AJH said...

Answer to Anonymous;
I cannot vouch for the speed of light inferences, though the "god" thing is hilarious to me, knowing that us humans can be fucked with action-at-a-distance methods in real time. All this belief about god, and here we have deranged juvenile psychopaths running the show, and TI's in particular, for research purposes to detect an obscure, but all important, cosmological constant. And they have been at it for millenia for crissakes. Do I cry or laugh? Don't know.