Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mild Weather Christmas Season

Boxing Day in these here parts, though a regular work day in the US and of course. And what a fugly Christmas it has been in E. Canada, with an ice storm that took out power around Toronto for some 300,000 homes and businesses, as well as maritime Canada and some of the E. US. And adroitly timed two days before Christmas and adding a huge dose of FUD to those with plans at their own dwelling. As in, "will or won't they fix the power before my guests come or should I bail out now?". (FUD + Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, a seeming perp prerogative to inflict on TI victims and the populace). That amount of weather mayhem wasn't sufficient though, as they soaked the UK and some of France in rain, and that erstwhile perp instrument, (brown) flood waters, again, before Christmas. Ho, ho from the Psychopaths Whole Stole Christmas. I know, it is all very conspiratorial, but I didn't come to this place until it was revealed to me that weather can be messed with from 3' around me, (e.g. wind around me alone as I walk), to the vehicle that I am driving, (e.g. portable rain that lands on no one else), and all the way up to local  cloud bursts and then climatic systems, though I am less certain about the latter as I don't see the personal connection, except from the "browning around" games (e.g. floods) I am consistently inundated with. Though the perps do love temperature variations, having gangstalkers ahead/behind with freezer items and hot items at the supermarket checkout. As I have come to know it, this activity represents more permutations and combinations on perturbing the ether around the victim, me.

A no-underwear drift has erupted over the last few days, aided by the wretched washing machine here at the First Feral Family (FFF) house, where more lint arrives on the clothing that it had when placed in it. Somehow, my perp-abetting mother's ditz act didn't notice all this time, and it is only partially ameliorated by the dryer, should I use it. Which makes this house lint, dust and loose hair heaven for the perps, as in having all or some of these arrive on everything, and just laundered clothing is not spared. And not to forget another key perp research topic is laundering clothes, and having them slathered in their airborne intrusive surrogates (dust, lint, loose hair) as they are removed from the dryer is just too funny for words. And why did I "decide" to spend a month here anyhow? I don't ever forget any perp games, stunts, setups or harassment abuse prone locations, and somehow I "forgot". Though, for the record, they were able to deprive me from recalling all these affronts and vile fuckery since 2006 when it became clear they could manipulate and plunder my recall.

A visit to the old folks hospital to see the FFF dementia case, my father. And getting sucked into spending longer there, as I cannot stand the sights or smells of such places. Specifically, sucked into walking around two wards I hadn't seen before, with some areas having with-it patients such that they had a small library and internet stations. My perp-abetting mother did most of the wheelchair pushing, as the game seemed to be that while she dithered and blocked aisle and doorways, there was someone to be inserted between us. Bad enough dealing with a ditz act, and then insult after injury to have seeming staff member "happen" to be where we were twice more, as in reprise gangstalkings.

Then a ruse over my father's electric shaver as it couldn't be found, and so one of the staff went to look for it, and lo, if she didn't find it and mention it to us as we were about to depart for the above walk, revealling her disgusting tattoos on her arms. Said woman had already walked back and forth 3x while I was kept waiting, but it seems someone wanted me to see her tattoos from a different location/angle/lighting conditions.

I got the dubious honor of cleaning up my father's electric shaver into the sink, as it seems hospital staff haven't much time for it. Given the large perp efforts devoted to shaving and hair tweezing (face mostly), I suppose it was yet another FFF shaving encounter.

A morning visit to a certain store, PA for now, who sell farm and auto equipment. It was a new part of town for me, though one I could readily figure out, save the perps screwing me around with an incorrect interpretation of the map before we set off. The perps just love screwing me around with incorrect maps and incorrect geographic recall. Back in the Extreme Fuckover Days of 2002, they even spoofed a street map I had of Richmond, BC (part of the greater Vancouver area). I wanted to go there for a specifi address/reason, one no doubt planted, and I could not find it anywhere for at least five minutes. Then I noticed that the street names were all wrong, on the index and on the map labels. It was totally useless and spoofed map. What kind of assholes would set that up and then fuck with a city street map in that manner? The sickest and most juvenile Fuckwits this planet has ever known. Other related stunts of that time were to kill the lighting on road signs at night, and even replace signs with others in unusual font. Kind of like in the movie(?), the Bates Motel.

And with respect to the above store visit, my perp-abetting mother needed a stainless steel bucket for her dye making activities as her enamel one had a chip in it and leached color from the steel. It just "happened" to be the identical make/size of the ss. buckets my boss had for the winery. He bought them at the same store chain, different branch, in 2012, and bizarrely, had me stand around waiting for him to come back while he toured the rest of the store. I hadn't been to a PA before, so it would of been more appropriate to show me around instead of this odd command.

A surge of six males came on when my mother was purchasing the item, with me and the cashier been given a ruse to vacate the checkout to search for a frigging flashlight, a seeming perp obsession given my mother's use of one and making sure her dipshit cover act serves to point in into my face. Can we say pit-lamping by a FFF member; I wonder if this Fuckover atrocity would of happened without her unstinting support all these 11.5 years and longer. That seems to be the burning question of late.

Next, a long known tool store, going back to 1980 when they were mail order only. Now, with some 16 branches across Canada and a tool development arm, LVT has come a long way. And lo, another dude surge, with a few cell-phoning assholes hounding me. I wanted to check out spirit levels, as they have a digital one on sale, but lo, if there wasn't any and one display wall in the relevant product area was bare. Most strange, though I should expect as much, as I was there two weeks ago, and I couldn't find the levels then.It would seem someone wanted back-to-back visits to tool stores, one I have known for some time, and one new to me as of 2012. I got to thinking how utterly insane this abuse is, putting on the above nonsense for 11.5 years.

Then out to get a tanning salon, and stop at the nearby stereo dealer. The much vaunted audiophile gear was not on sale as it turned out. Again, abounding  shiftless males inside, and a choreographed dude convergence, but no purchase on my part. As if this long running, some two months now, imposed "need" to intensely review home audio gear wasn't enough, the perps now have me fussed over looking at car audio gear too, as this is also on sale at the discount stores during this Boxing Day week long sale until year's end.

Last night dinner at the ex's and our daughter. Of special note, there were a couple (joint friends) there who I haven't seen for 7 years. Of course they look older, but did they say anything about me looking 20+ years younger? Not a bit of it. The perps kept me dulled and stupid at times, and threw in the odd stutter for good measure.

New/continuing games today; wearing a one-time laundered new shirt (teal green) I got from my out-of-town brother, and the underwear games continue, with a least two pairs gone missing, meaning another no underwear day. Funny how these keep "happening" now. Once can be sure that these advances in perp harassment and clothing color fuckery will continue when I get back to Penticton. I assume that their research games/results are most advanced and that they wish to correlate them when at my normal residence location.

At the FFF house mostly today, doing digging, weeding and plant transplanting. As always, this is of high perp interest, especially when cutting or digging up plant roots. The dog barking eruptions, the near continuous overhead extra aircraft noise (single engine prop + one helicopter), the neighbood sawyer cutting up wood on a table or chop saw, and even my own perp-abetting mother was in on the tapping thing. These "tapping attacks" erupt wherever I go, nearly always "from" roofing jobs or ridiculous house construction activity. (What builder taps once per second, assuming they are driving nails with a hammer, which they rarely do nowadays?). Though today, it was my FFF mother up to something, though she never explained why or what she was tapping. This is aided by the fact that the resident claw hammers (2) have gone missing and the one she now uses is a small school shop hammer I made in about 1970. Somehow, she had a need for this particular one, that is rarely used and kept in the basement utility room. Now, it is elevated for kitchen storage, lying on the counter. I suppose there is some kind of energetics "vibe" change in moving it from a wood desk drawer to sit on the laminate and the MDF composite wood underneath it. Woo-hoo, here we are some 11.5 years of this fucking insane abuse, and the sick-asses are moving my school-made hammer from basement to kitchen (a half story apart).

And I see that two pairs of my underwear arrived somehow, having disappeared yesterday. They were in my suitcase where I keep the fresh folded pairs, and it would of been only me who would of folded and placed them there. It was a rare case of temporarily missing clothes, though for the most part, the perps cause premature wear and color bleachings if they don't want a certain garment (purge duplicates) or bed sheet items. But as I am visiting at the FFF house, and the perps needed a no-underwear day yesterday, why, they just disappeared when I needed them. That didn't stop them from pumping me all day yesterday as to what I was going to do about this, and the most sensible answer I had was to go and purchase more, though with the intent of getting briefs without the ridiculous extra panels they so like me to have. Regular readers and TI's will know the perps are totally berserk over what pairs of underwear I have, and will obstruct any efforts to rationalize them or acquire a more desired design. It would seem the perp assholes cannot get enough of having my underwear with doubled panels, which might of been the reason they blanked me out from recalling to get more when I was out in the shopping areas yesterday.

And the powerline maintenance dudes came by today, "happening" to continue work in this neighborhood on Dec. 24. These are the ones in a boom truck and with portable powered saws to cut away at tree branches and foliage that is overtopping the powerlines. I didn't think anything of it, save it being perfectly predictable gangstalking methods owing to the plethora of boom trucks I pass by since this fuckery began in 04-2002. (I have even seen extra boomtrucks that are sitting doing nothing on the job, while two others are at work). Then when the TV news imagery from Ontario and the Maritimes came on, why, no end of boom trucks cutting down trees and debris on the powerlines due to the above mentioned ice storm.

A new method of foiling online shopping erupted today; the "shopping cart" plain didn't work. I add a certain car CD deck by clicking the "Add to Cart" button, and it comes back and says nothing was added to the cart. I have had many, many screw-ups and adversity over online shopping over the past 11.5 years of this insane abuse, but taking out a shopping cart is a new one on me. It is W. Canadian chain of stores, and I especially wanted a certain deck on sale, as it did not have any red illumination on it. I am totally fed up with the amount of red flashes I get from all sources including when my eyes are closed, and don't need one travelling beside me. A certain favored make of long ago had light green and white illumination, but has now changed to blue and red. Though, they aren't the only ones. The manufacturer of interest has just blue illumination, though I do see a new entry level model with blue and red. So perhaps they are selling off the only-blue ones and don't want me want to have me. That is how it goes, or it could be a ruse to shake me down for another $50 for the next model up, also blue-only illuminated. Who knows.

A pokey day at the FFF house, having got onto running a chop saw this morning to cut a number of pegs from old broom and tool handles. It is part of a wall hung rack to have the garden tools finally hung up instead of littered in a pile. In other words, it was my turn to make wood sawing noise in the neighborhood, instead of others who noise stalked me most times I have been outside in the last two weeks. I got my usual dog barkings, aircraft noise and loud muffler noise. My perp-abetting mother sprung a meet-and-greet this afternoon, one possible time to see my daughter before she heads back to Vancouver to re-start work. No advance notice, and of course I am expected to be social and make pleasant.

And stood up; daughter and ex don't show up, all to fuel FUD or whatever the perps get from broken appointments and invitations. Also artfully managing my knowledge and anticipation, by springing this on me this morning, and not three days ago when we visited their place for dinner, per above.

What a way to spend one's time. I can hardly wait to depart this gluten-palace; all the cakes, cookies and every like British dessert has been trotted out every day since before Christmas, and for one who avoids it, this holiday season has been a gluten-feed. The perps seem to like me to have these gluten binges, as I surmise that normal mealtime portions of bread weren't sufficient for whatever toxicological objectives they have in mind. I went off gluten in about 1994, and feel the better for it, until arriving at this UK cuisine island. Or more likely, a perp arranged event, and they want me to dose up on it for whatever gluten purging research they are doing. (And likely, the human species as a whole). I am not a celiac, but have read various books including Primal Mind, Primal Body, and the author is uncharacteristically dire as to the horrors of ingesting gluten. Anyhow, these FFF visits are a cast back into the UK cuisine of old, though thankfully without the greasy foods. The "breadstalking" I sometimes get in public is one such arranged event that has a part in the gluten games, the most egregious example being a male Fuckwit carrying/balancing a loaf of sliced bread, still in its original plastic bag, on his bare horizontal forearm. I get plenty of bakery deliveries/arranged stunts when visiting supermarkets, as it seems that the loading bay at the back isn't good enough for them. So they deliver it about the time I am exiting or entering the store, and make sure there is a stack of bread in the supermarket aisle for me to walk past. And if walking past a bakery, I get the supplies delivery, e.g. a pallet of flour delivered to the street (in a parking stall) for it to sit there for half a day until unloaded.

More of TV inundation tonight; it seems they wanted me to see a repeat of 60 Minutes from various shows in the last two years; the daredevils in wing suits, the in-close polar bear photography methods, and swimming with crocodiles. All seen before, but why now when this is the middle of their season? Could be legit I suppose, e.g. low viewing numbers at this time of year, so throw a who-cares piece in.

Though, the negros-on-TV hasn't let up, with Mandela's funeral a few weeks ago, and now, advertising for the Mandela biopic. That smacks of coordination to my mind, getting a real world demise to build an audience for a film depicting the just-deceased .

Sunday night now, and I shall get this posted for another week.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Mandela Droning noise from the media. With many counter stories of how the Negros were much worse off with Mandela and the abolition of apartheid.
I am starting to see that Mandela is a Simile for The USA with "Obama LLC".
Many Anti Corporation Shows coming my way of late.


Very apparent now The corporations are actively attempting to Bankrupt the lower class citizens there by enslaving them. They are using Medical debt and real-estate debt.

Anonymous said...

Continuum Season 1

Even an episode about corporations implanting Thoughts in people heads.
They are Leaving Hay Stacks to cover the Needles.

The TIs will be accused of just watching too much TV

Anonymous said...

Pretty simple strategy in use on us. Miss-inform, confuse, poke prod, pester, Annoy, Institutionalize, Medicate, Arrest, Prosecute, Incarcerate, eliminate.

AJH said...

Answer to: Pretty simple strategy...

Certainly Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt -(FUD), and all that relates to information; learning, forgetting, knowledge application, rejecting (misinformation)and re-validating and updating knowledge in light of new relevations. I don't think many TI's get the relentless physical pokes, prods, sensations, hyper-kinetic objects in motion and physical adversities that I get, though I could be wrong. As for getting the TI annoyed and vexed; again, I don't have a handle on how many TI's get this treatment over and above what they perceive as normal before the perps outed themselves. And like you indicate, the entire clinical arena is a play-garden for them, especially if they can jerk someone inside for a few months. Though, TI elimination is relatively rare IMHO, as it seems they get much more mileage by tormenting them. I suspect the premature death rate might be higher in the general population, meaning the naive/unaware (and disbelieving) majority. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

This series covers almost every aspect of Targeted individuals life.

Watch it if you can.