Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On Phone While Recieving Email

A bit of gangstalked shopping while on my way back from the vineyard. And for all the day, there were plenty of planted ideations about not sufficient work over November though January, a new (planted IMHO) theme all week.

And so, after getting back and putting some items in the fridge, why the phone rang. And I do take notice of high perp harassment events and their timing, and arriving (just getting through the door) is one of them. It was my farm worker friend, and she was lamenting the lack of work, and the related tales of woe associated with this prospect. Though to be fair, she did elevate her training to horticulture work, and away from farming, but still, it is a seasonal prospect. Other jobs are filling in the winter time gap, but not enough of them it seems. Ditto for her negro friend, who has also been on some of my work crews at two different employers. And so the perps' employment theme is re-affirmed at this critical timing (to them), when I just arrive back at my residence.

She also asked me if I was interested in a Vancouver Island viticultural assistant job, to which I said "perhaps", and she asked if I wanted the online posting link. I said sure, and she sent it to me while I was on the phone. While this is an everyday occurence anywhere in the world when one has simultaneous phone and internet communication, it takes on special significance if one is a TI. As in Targeted Individual, harassed and abused all day long by arranged circumstances and relentless physical adversity brought by action-at-a-distance (aka, telekinetic) technologies with real-time interaction. I cannot make a move or draw a breath that isn't arranged, let alone have any cognitive indepedence. And as it seems that phones are a means of generating an EM field around one's head/ear, and that I seem to be under study for neural energies relating to everything I do, see, say or think, therefore phone calls take on a significant role in this abuse/covert human experimentation.

And too, I get routinely noisestalked, fart stalked or other imposed perturbations anytime I send or receive an email or phone someone, I find it most curious that I get a call from my one regular "friend" (always a moot term when I am so highly governed and scripted), and am sent an email in the course of the phone call. So it would seem the perps are attempting to discern the neural energetic signature of receiving a phone call and an email, though the latter wasn't seen, heard or otherwise directly observed. This is only a small part of what they seem to be looking for, but I would suggest that there is a huge realm of "normal" psychic energies (not paranormal) they are attempting to remotely detect and quantify, and this is but one example. And here they are, closing in on 11.5 years of this insane abuse since 04-2002, and as previously mentioned in past postings, likely since birth in 1954.

Another near all-fog day at higher elevations, as it cleared at 1500h, about the same as yesterday. Everything in different colors, fall colors of course, all that red and yellow that the perps cannot get enough of around me.I notice that the fog height is arranged to allow the sighting of close by hills, but the larger and further hills/mountains are blotted out. The perps cannot get enough on this selective presentation theme, be it landscape mountains, or Unfavored Fuckwits who slowly move out from behind an obstructing feature.

I was doing water line work; winterizing the system, such as it is, by opening valves, visiting the main pipe and dam head. Again, it is the water theme and how it is delivered and from where it came, its provenance. 

And what is this latest escalation of blatant head-on driving? I have roundly complained of road traffic incursions, as in oncoming vehicles over the center line, pretending they are making a wide bend or giving and adjacent cyclist extra room, but the latest and most egregious event was today, when an oncoming vehicle pulled into my lane by three feet some 60' ahead and then pulled back. There was no reason, or even a semblance of one.

Yoga after class with the gangstalkers. This time the much tattoo-ed long haired male was back again, and they placed him behind the cute young woman, as a way of drawing my attention and then spotting this Unfavored (male over 20, long hair, tattoos, dumbshit shorts) creature behind her.

It is interesting that I had recieved a parcel beforehand, while at my residence. The $80 forceps and tweezers with serrated teeth were expected to be the solution to plucking the myriad face hairs I now get. The regular tweezers were slipping and so I thought that "grippy" tweezers would do the job. But as it "happened", the hairs would slip through the serrated teeth and these items seemed to be perfectly useless. It was on the heels of this that I went to yoga, and I always find it interesting as to what is arranged around this activity, as spinal flexion and twists seem to be so important to the perps and gangstalkers.

10-27-2013,  10-28-2013
Overnight rain for both days, catching me by surprise as it had been foggy all week, with hardly any sunshine. But then again, the perps just love to keep me clueless, and one consistent theme is not have me look at the weather, or else have the forecast (that I get to see) be totally wrong.

The rain landed on the plastic sheet covered picking bins that dragged the sheet down to rest on the fermenting wine that I make as part of my duties. I have remarked often enough in past postings that the perps just love to have water spills and messes erupt, and all the better if they come from one source to land in water from another source, say, pooled rainfall to spill onto tap water. In the kitchen, the perps often have water from the faucet jump sideways to land on something that was wetted earlier. Anyhow, all the water clean up, and some got past the plastic sheet cover to sit on a floating lid of a tank, took at least two hours, as I had to be careful not to have it run into the fermenting wine.

Other rain water got on the some 60 picking buckets that were sitting out to dry from the prior day's cleaning, and so entailed more effort to get these plastic (HDPE) 5 gallon buckets re-cleaned and dried before being put away until next year's harvest.

The perps love to have their victims break habits and routines, and one would be screwing me from posting it two days ago, on my typical Sunday night (Oct. 27th) weekly wrap up. And of course, having folks look for a new installment when there isn't one (aka dashed expectations) is another game of theirs.

I got busy on salsa making on Sunday, and yesterday, as 15lb of tomatoes just off the plant came my way on the 25th. I am removing all the plants from a small vegetable garden at the vineyard as it is the end of the season, and harvested tomatoes and some peppers. This turned into a huge "cook up", no actual cooking save for the garlic slices, and overwhelmed my food handling capabilities to the point I had to stop in mid activity and buy a bigger mixing bowl and a hand blender. Both proved to be the perfect item to facilitate processing the latter half of the salsa verde I was making. Last night I was converting the red tomatoes to salsa, though it took three hours, I was glad is was only some 5lb of tomatoes. All the above is in the freezer, and so I will have salsa for much of the winter.

Apart from the red colors, tomatoes and onions, I don't know why the perps find food processing so interesting. It could be whirring cutting blades as they have a fixation on cut fruit and vegetables, as I am routinely stalked by food processing deliver trucks, even in this small town.

And today I was pulling weeds, and then plastic fabric from this same vegetable garden, and the perps were all over me today with a rare police (RCMP; Royal Canadian Mendacious Plods) escort all along Eastside Rd, leading ahead of me and the Fuckwit pulling a 180 degree U-turn where I turn off and go left. And I had to obey the speed limit too of course, something that is very rare, as the perps like me to drive fast, perhaps for the same reason that swiping a magnet past a coil faster makes for more electrical current generation.

The noise games were also increased today, featuring the silly tapping noise, as if someone is building a house by swinging a hammer on a beam (or other large timber) once every two seconds. Every outside job I have ever had since the perps first went berserk/overt in 04-2002 has featured this improbable house building noise.

Other noise were single engine aircraft, though the odd helicopter too. Yesterday I got a two helicopter formation going by, though different makes and models. Last year when in the vineyard, I got two identical black helicopters on a low fly past one day. As always, the hot-rod muffler noises from passing pick up trucks played every few minutes, and they even had it penetrate the house when I was inside, another noise first.

Now to post this before it comes a run-on account,


Anonymous said...

I had a boring, menial, physically destructive, uncomfortable (temperature and weather extremes), thankless job and they still had to mess with me.
Purposefully Assaulting me with lazy insubordinate temporary helpers, stupid repetitive problems that should have been easily fixed. They would specify proper procedure for something then Call me Demanding for following through with the procedure they Specified.
Now soon I will be forced to return to the slavery of the Temporary Agencies for Employment.
Which means Shut up and work for $9 an hour and we may arbitrarily re-assign you at will just to mess with you. (F.U.D. Fuck Wits) !!
And we are supposed to WORSHIP them for their Benevolence of providing a Place to Labor for Value manipulated FIAT Monopoly money.

WORSHIP YOUR ABUSER or you will be PUNISHED until you do.

Hmmmm ????

Maybe I can figure out a way to get them to Poison themselves willingly.

Anonymous said...

My cell phone voice mail notification went off last night, and when I checked my voicemail, the perps had a little "present" for me: a perp left an expletive-filled rant that lasted for a while, until the end of the voicemail. I stopped listening at some point. Basically, it was an angry rant to the tune of YOU MOTHERF--ERS F---ING LIED TO ME!!! And it had phrases with words like cocks---er and cocks----ing sh---t. It was one of those deals designed to sound like a wrong number, and it's interesting that my phone never actually rang, nor does any number show up at all. It's like a perp working for the cell company recordeded this rant as per the perps' behest, and transferred it directly to me voice mail account, causing my notification to go off and the message they left for me to hear.

I know they hired an operative somewhere to leave the message. I think it was left to cause duress, and stress me out, as well as revisit some of the bullying I received during Bush from gangstalkers. Interesting the intensely angry sentiments of some people lying to him. I know the perps are dropping me info. Someone lied to me somewhere, and they are letting me know with voicemail stalking. I'm trying to figure out who it is that lied to me, or the second possibility, the perps are simply mirroring my angry rants towards them back at me. Many times I have gone off in various places about the perps lying and deceiving me. I suppose it has the dual-purpose of letting me know certain people around me are lying to me, as well as mirroring my angry rants against them.

Anonymous said...

And I did get the people messing with me a whole deal, especially on my walks. It seems like every other vehicle has perps doing hand to the face gestures. Most of the time, it seems they're miming someone holding a microphone. Lately, they have people wiping the bottoms of their faces with one hand.

And then, they had a big dude positioned outside a Tattoo place. Real big dude, looked like a mountain man complete with matching beard. And this guy just stands there, looks at me as I'm approaching, and gives me this icy cold hard ass stare. And he wouldn't stop, despite me starting to rant a little bit, leaving out desparaging remarks for this fuckwit to hear. And yet he still persisted. And there was a brunnette punk looking bitch standing next to him, and she was messing with me trying to get me pissed as I passed.

There are just hundreds of people like this that mess with me in the course of one day. It seems the gangstalkers though are lazy, and if I get to a place early enough, I never see them. If I wait too long, like say I set out at 10AM or later, it's too late, and I get greeted by dozens of them messing with me with hand gestures and directed conversations.

And this went on all day long. But I figured the perps are controlling all of this, so I can relieve some of my stress and anger by realizing that some people are in control of the whole deal and if they wanted, they could call off the dogs at any time. Well, they did let up, but even then, they had some cop friends of mine stop by for a "chat".

Anonymous said...

My dad told me that when he was stationed at Fort Rucker, AL, in '65, he would get fighter jets in groups of 3 passing overhead all the time. Of course, this is near an Air Base, but still, I'm wondering if he too was subjected to the perps' schemes of sending out low-flying fighter planes overhead.

If so, then maybe he was a target too before I was born some years later. Interesting that it was always consistently groups of 3. fighter jets.

AJH said...

Answer to: My dad told me...

The aircraft flyovers in my harassed and governed existence are usually accompanied by blackish projections and plasma (light) flashes in addition to their running lights. There is something about the atmosphere's properties that the perps wish to correlate to whatever they are doing to me. Helicopters are another variation of this same perp research "need" objective.

On the topic of military personnel though; I have a notion that most, if not all, are at least covertly monitored, and perhaps even to the level of stage managed in the course of battles, missions and other like operations.

My father was in the RAF in WWII, as a bomber navigator, and even earned a George Medal for his actions in returning a damaged aircraft to safety. I suppose the perps were into him, though he likely didn't know it at the time. Interesting, this human panalopy in all its facets, and very possibly about some kind of cosmic human experimentation, along with the devices and weapons of war in the more extreme example. Thanks for the comments.