Saturday, November 02, 2013

Soil Digging & Plastic Bagging

At the vineyard I dug over the vegetable patch, 12'x12' or so. The aisles between the row of plants had been covered with black plastic as well as a landscape fabric all summer long. And as the perps are so berserk over plastic and soil independently, why this was a perfect set up for them to apply extra aircraft (and noise) as well as other noise events, like the hot-rod like muffler noise of vehicles "happening" by. And of course, the noise is arranged for much longer durations it once did (last year), along with the etheric disturbance of the vehicle itself, its color, as well as the driver and passengers. It all begins to make (some) sense when one applies the notion of an energetic ether, and that all objects and life are perturbing the ether, and the case of the latter, serving as unwitting, save for gangstalkers, bio-field interaction agents.

The grocery and organics specialty store in town has a 20% off on the last Wednesday of the month. Which is an excuse for the perps to pack it full of gangstalking personnel, and have them show up at every turn and swamp the checkouts. Though this time, they put on at least six Tall Girls/Women who had an inordinate ability to find me in the next aisle or wherever I was, even the checkout, and keep at least one of them around me. And only one was decent looking to warrant a second glance, she of some 20' away and for some reason, scratching her hair as if undecided, though it did appear rather force. And then they placed another tall woman standing near the checkout, somehow finding room to converse with their "pal', and doing a slow rotation for me to witness her from various head angles. It would seem the the perps are still looking at how I process facial shapes, edges and lines from various angles. Back in 2008 they could defeat my visual processing of attractive women; I once read that humans can determine attractiveness in 0.006 of a second, which seemed to me mostly correct, being a near instant determination. But as of 2008 they could freeze/obstruct this determination and leave me such that I just wouldn't know.

The Halloween thing today, but thankfully I am spared from this, as I live in a self-contained suite that has no road front.

A busy day of red wine pressing, with the key helper being unavailable, which meant that yesterday's cleaning was negated as we went with the less labor intensive alternative of using the tractor to press down on the grapes with a board over them in a holed bin for the juice to flow into a receiving bin below. It works, though not to the level of a proper winery press.

There is a local handyman employed to run the tractor when the owner is away, and he gave me a lesson on how to do this in his absence. (Grape pressing is usually done over several hours of incremental additions of pressure). I got my first tractor lesson, one lever in one direction only, after turning in the machine.

With all this red color activity, the perps had a field day in adding extra aircraft noise and neighborhood dog barking and vehicular noise.

Then this silly nonsense over the pH meter, normally a winemaker's instrument of first recourse. It was borrowed by other family members twice this year, coming back without the manual, and then being re-borrowed again, but finally returned with the manual. But as I have been so busy, I hadn't set it up, and family members have taken the pH and other measurements at their business. Today, a local neighbor needed a pH on his tractor oil, and when I set it up, after answering a phone call from the remote vineyard owner, why, the pH meter wouldn't work as the DC transformer connection was so loose. Anyhow, that was all that could be done.

The vineyard owners and family kept me hopping from task to task, constantly coming and going leaving me to run something that shouldn't of been abandoned. As we had bottling and red grape pressing going, and relative newbies to the bottling, I was kept in constant task switching. And one of the family members was on the cell phone most of the time, a localized asymmetric EMF field at the head as I have come to know by way of the much intensified occurence of this event in my proximity. And in all this, the perps managed to have red wine spill down the side of my pants, onto and into my gumboots. One could say they were intensely managing for this extra red color on me, as they haven't allowed red clothing colors on me for at least 15 years.

And more messing with the pH meter again, after I had given it up for good, as the local handyman brought his electrical test gear. It seems to be fixed now, though I had no time to calibrate it, only to put it in cleaning solution, and later, storage solution.

I had so many loose ends to attend with at the end of the day that I missed yoga. That is, the exercise and not the weird instructor nor the odd weirdo male (usually male, save the tattoos on some females) that "happens" to disturb the esthetic (ether too?).

And what is with the increased, as in doubled or more, instances of vehicular gangstalkers driving over the yellow  center-line (oncoming and lead-ahead) as well as over the white shoulder line? In the lead-ahead situation, the diver will straddle the centerline and then come back to then straddle the white shoulder line. Could they be testing the vehicular interaction, and possibly the occupants, with the colored road surface, alternating between yellow and white?

And pit-lamping is rife; anytime I get into or or out of my vehicle in a parking lot, I can now count on some asshole aiming their headlights on me. And they raised the ante this week, by having a close pit-lamper (under 50' away) and one further (250' away) at the same time. And it would seem to me that vehicle color is also important in this insane exercise. Even the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mendacious Plods) were at it, pointing their headlights from a stopped vehicle oblique to the road direction.

Which then led to the MIB Suburban that likes to crawl around me sometimes. Not only black colored but blacked in tinted windows, and some kind of extra aerial on it. The driver/operative was making a L. turn in front of me as I was stopped at a traffic control, and while doing so, the male driver was staring at me while making his turn off the highway.

evening; pit lamping galore, bum at tanning salon, RCMP and the MIB Suburban that crawls around sometimes (no military here, not RCMP, so who are they?), with the driver/Fuckwit staring at me as he was making his L. turn in front of me as I was stopped at the traffic control. Like WTF; a mean assed bend on the highway limits the distance by which one can gauge oncoming traffic speed, and here his is finding time making this turn to stare at me. As far as I know, there is nothing to usual for anyone to stare at me, and her is another example, this time a likely operative Fuckwit.

More rage-ifications come on, as in screamingly infuriated, ten or so times when returning via vehicle. Twice this evening when returning first from the vineyard, and later from the tanning salon. Funny how that "happens".

An evening of music listening and pondering if there is some kind of planned sonic similarity between Lorde, a recent pop phenom, and Katie Mellua. In addition to this, the recent infatuation with Basia Bulat and her recent album begat much listening to music tonight. I don't know what the perp's angle is on arranging my music is, but in the least, they have a profound need to research why I like some female singers and their songs, and song phrasings, and not others. Not my problem; so why am I the centerpiece of a 11.5 year non-consensual research experiment that delivers relentless abuse as it main means to further the objectives of the Psychopathic Division of the Fourth Reich?

Maybe it is the onset of daylight savings time that has caused the perps to go so extra silly and abusive. It is a Saturday, and a day off, though I work tomorrow as the winery is so behind on things; we need to bottle to free up a tank of 2012 vintage so the 2013 vintage, alcoholic fermentation completed, has a place to go. That is, has a tank with no air space above it, as the boss had to learn the hard way that one should not do that. Ergo, 900L of cider got spoiled from an Acetobacter  that he tried to limit with keeping it cool and not letting me deal with it. Imagine; bottling, fermenting and harvesting all at the same week.

Back to the perps, who also nailed me with a two hour nap attack when I did not need the sleep in any way. They timed it so that I would take my glass bottles to the recycling center only to find them closed down at 1630h. All day they have been rage-ifying me with pokes and jabs from no visible source, sending me to the wrong drawer/cupboard, having me retrieve the wrong item, initiate things that just don't work, (e.g. using the hand blender to reduce some green tomatoes, which didn't work as they were too hard), and plenty of other abuses, down to obstructing the acto of inserting items in an envelope.

In a fit of irregular post-lunch diligence, I cleaned the bathroom shower stall, sink and floor today, and the perps had the sponge or cleaning cloth "happen" to catch on something and thereby flick a spray of its contents at me. After most lunch times, even if I eat very little, the perps have me de-energized and listless, all to coral me to go online in a much more passive activity. And in doing so, they run all those beams of whatever they put through the LCD monitor, as well as the color contents and all what research they extract from that.

As regular readers will know, the perps are totally managing the ambient light levels as well as all the pit-lamping headlights I get so much more of now. And going to work in the vineyard a half hour early (in the dark) this week brought on a doubling of the seeming commute traffic as well as the equi-spaced oncoming vehicle trains on the two lane road I take. That is correct; as of this week, traveling earlier in the morning begets more vehicular gangstalking road traffic. And as most vehicles have their headlights on, why, it is a perfect perp setup. And of course, there are the strange exceptions where someone has only their running lights on, seen as yellow lights when oncoming. In this long-time mandatory headlight country, how is it that they can do that? My vehicle is a 1998 Toyota Camry, and there is no way I can turn on the running lights alone, the headlights stay on. But as the perps like to change up the headlight kinds from LED, halogen, tungsten filament, so do they like to change the colors. A recent motorcycle had six lights on it, something that is exceedingly rare here, and possibly illegal, as I have never seen it before, though they do it in Europe.

And I see my daughter and my ex didn't want me to attend our daughter's convocation next week, giving me a whole 5 days notice, which wasn't doable in travel terms. As she graduated in June, I would imagine the convocation date was known by then, though no one gave me a firm date when I asked at the time. Just another jerkaround in the First Feral Family, aka the Quisling Family.

Posting early this week as I will be busy tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I really don't see what this place is trying to accomplish. I live in a Smallish town, meaning an oddity like a T.I. will slowly be known to everyone in the town by word of mouth. The difference in a Big town is Anonymity. I will go Months with out seeing an Ex-Coworker, then yesterday, I am Gang Stalked with two of them to illicit the "Negative Aura" emotional response. I guess because the Holidays are coming and that is when the Perps seem to like to traumatize me. I am tired of the Pestering of these Shadows of this Plato's Cave Prison experiment. When an honest emotional response is desired from the rat in an experiment, the experiment is finished when the rat know he is just a rat in an experiment an just being PESTERED.

AJH said...

Answer to: "I really don't see..."
Small town, big town, it makes no difference to me as the driving habits (e.g. running late yellow lights and early reds at high speeds) are essentially identical between Victoria, BC (greater area pop. of 350,00; and Penticton, BC (pop. of 33,000; Ditto for being publically rude.

The perps, in my experience, have no qualms about informing everyone in a town this size, and that includes children who often go strange around me, though not looking at me or in any way being a reaction to seeing me.

There is no question the perps like to lay on the abuse around holiday seasons, as it fits their long known habit of needing to piss on a parade. That is, a normally happy or uplifting event/holiday gets negative treatment for a TI, (e.g. being pestered). Or, in the case or regular folk, ever wonder why the US military seems to get wrong information and unilaterally attacks weddings in Afganistan? I have long given up on feelings of being persecuted or a pariah, as I know the advance PR job has been handled by the Thems. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Around here, they are really pushing the "Honor / Worship of military / veterans". They are really whipping up the emotion for "terrorists". It seems they are trying to portray this "Threat to the FatherLand from the terrorist Goat and Sheep herders" as something equal to a world war 2 type event. They are Milking this "Bow to military", Its ok the military is spending all your money", Its ok your rights are being taken away", "You must suffer so you can be protested" Non-sense for all its worth. Their Propaganda is Lame, Fake, Stupid, embarrassingly Bad Acting. The next set of history text books in elementary school will probably have Osama Bin Laden himself crouching outside the windows of Oklahoma school children. The Perps running our country are Retarded.

AJH said...

Answer to: "Around here..."

It is Remembrance Day, Nov. 11, aka Armistice Day in the US, so there may be some theme connections going on in the managed "thought-scape" I am calling the media. Canada is less militaristic than the US, but it always seems odd to me that US citizens are so vigilant about reducing taxes and yet have a collective amnesia as to where the military gets its funding. (That is, when they aren't involved in arms trafficking, e.g. Iran-Contra dealings.)

Though there are some worrisome trends in the US, e.g. in the last 10 years of military training (well funded) of civic police forces (usually underfunded).

I don't have any particular specific notions as to where all the police, military and spy agencies fit into the Grand Perp Objective, whatever that is- though clearly evident to TI's. It is my suspicion that such agencies are perp controlled and enacting unwitting experiments on the populace, and maybe mind-controlled. The police have no qualms about doing the perp's bidding in my experience in two cities since this outrage began for me in 04-2002. Thanks for the comments.